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Promotion Of The Craft

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With its heart set in one of the most antique settlements of the Konkan region, Kudal, Chitrakathi is one of the most unique and beautiful performing arts of Maharashtra and the world definitely deserves the honour of being an audience of this pure and pristine art form. Through this project we aim to reach out to a larger and diverse population of our country and contribute towards keeping the essence of an evolving art intact in the current fast paced lifestyle of the world. Modern Indian identities are tremendously proud and inspired by the remarkable ancient art and culture that the nation has. In its endeavour to marry the ancient extraordinary art form and the modern ways of travelling while delighting the visual imagination of the audiences, this project proposes to employ visual elements of Chitrakathi on the food packaging for Indian Railways . The packaging would be meeting great standards of cleanliness, utility, design, and health and also act as a strong promotional tool for the MTDC department to promote Maharashtra tourism within the state. The eating experience of the passengers would be enhanced by the attractive illustrations of the popular and iconic places of Maharashtra which will leave you wanting to travel more and explore. The packaging are set on the backdrop of prominent places of Maharashtra, for this particular campaign three cities are chosen and i.e Mumbai , Nagpur and Aurangabad. Simple graphic elements of the most significant monuments are sketched to create silhouettes in Chitrakathi style and fit in a frame and put together on the packaging of Breakfast, Lunch/Dinner and Snacks respectively. This particular concept was chosen as it depicts the culture of the state best in Chitrakathi format and creates a recall value for the craft and also helps drive in a lot of tourist footfall to these places. The primary aim was to look at the different ways in which food is currently served in Indian Railways and find avenues to promote the art by using design parameters that can be relevant and appealing to the modern Indians.

Project Brief To come up with a promotional strategy to enhance general awareness about the craft of Chitrakathi from Pinguli and devise commercially viable means to introduce elements of the art in the psyche and life activities of the people.

About Tejas Express The design is going to be implemented for the food packaging for Tejas Express, which runs from Mumbai CST to Karmali, Goa. Tejas Express is India’s first semi-high speed full Air-Conditioned train fleet introduced by Indian Railways, It features newer modern on-board facilities.These trains are among the fastest trains in India along with Rajdhani Express, Gatimaan Express, Shatabdi Express and Duronto Express and get the highest priority on the Indian railway network. Coaches have water level indicators, tap sensors, hand dryers, integrated braille displays, LED TV for each passenger with phone sockets, local cuisine, celebrity chef menu, WiFi, tea and coffee vending machines, magazines, snack tables, CCTV cameras, fire & smoke detection and suppression system. The fares will be 20% to 30% more than Shatabdi fares.The Tejas Express has redesigned seats with e-leather.

Food Menu List

Materials used Existing material :

Material used in current railway food packaging is mostly aluminium foil boxes served on top of fiber glass tray and plastic plates.

Costing for existing packaging Existing Packaging

Pvc tray - Rs5/- each Aluminium case - 90 paise/- each Paper cup 170 ml- 55 paise/- each


FUNCTIONALITY No segregation for glass/ Cup


Not sturdy

Very generic Dull and boring


Poor Affordance

Not ergonomic

-Shape and dimensions not perfect for all type of consumers -Need of easy usability Sharp Corners


- Leakage is possible - Non eco friendly - Quality not up to the mark

- Less durability

Poor indication of difference between vegetarian and non vegetarian.

- Sometime affect the taste of food item

Popular for its rustic and pockmarked exterior and sweet and juicy pulp oranges, it gives Nagpur a pseudonym of Orange City. This has also got the city listed under geographical Indication. Another significant and sacred monument of Buddhism in the city of orange is Deekshabhoomi which is the largest hollow stupa amongst all Buddhist stupas in the world with an idol of Buddha placed in the center of the hall.

Story Line and Print Development For Breakfast Meal

Surface Development & Colour Scheme



C: 30%, M: 69%, Y: 79%, K: 19% 4.5cm




C: 9%, M: 20%, Y: 30%, K: 2%

1cm 26cm






1cm 4.5cm

Cut out space

Spoon, Salt, Pepper, Butter, Jam and Bread x 2

Corn akes + Milk/ Idli+ coconut chutney/ Upma/ Poha/ Omelette/ Akuri

Tea / Coffee Kit

French Fries

Recently declared the ‘Tourism Capital of Maharashtra’ by UNESCO World Heritage Sites, Aurangabad is an important hub in the state’s tourism sector with its close connection to such significant tourist destinations as Ajanta and Ellora Caves, rock-cut Buddhists cave monuments which date from the 2nd century BCE to about 480 CE which also includes cave paintings and sculptures. Minimal outline of basic outer structure of cave is graphically carved in the scene to signify the Ajanta and Ellora caves.

Story Line and Print Development For Snacks Meal


Surface Development & Colour Scheme

C: 7%, M: 37%, Y: 71%, K: 1%

6 cm 22cm 1cm

C: 32%, M: 49%, Y: 80%, K: 21% 12cm

10x18cm r=3cm 1cm




27cm Cut out space

Cookies, Bhel/Sev/ Chiwda, Samosa, Salted Kaju Tea / Coffee Kit

The first banner welcomes you to the visual delicacy of our very own magnificent Mumbai. Simple silhouettes of the significant monuments are graphically shown in a series of Chitrakathi illustrations. 26m-high structure that has four turrets which is otherwise known as the pride of Mumbai- Gateway of India is sketched first, followed by the significant Tetrapods of Marine Drive. The best way to discover Mumbai is to take a stroll down Marine Drive. Finally, the frame ends with the famous cable bridge that becomes spectacular at night, admiring the skyline and the majestic sea flowing underneath- The Sea Link. The Ambassador or taxi in the frame is significant of the touristy nature of the city.

Story Line and Print Development For Lunch & Dinner Meal


Surface Development & Colour Scheme

C: 75%, M: 31%, Y: 97%, K: 17%

27cm 4.5cm 1cm



C: 9%, M: 20%, Y: 30%, K: 2%

6x5cm 27cm











34 cm Cut out space

Yellow Dal

1 Curry Peda / Motichur Laddo

Dinner roll, Pickle, Butter, Spoon

Pulao, Paratha/ Roti

Alternative design

Several important festivals of Maharshtra that are celebrated with so much fun and flavor could also be illustrated using Chitrakathi art. It is important that the designs be modified so that the optimum level of expenses, aesthetics and appeal be reached. Hence, the cost cutting measures of the Metro Railways must be applied to modify the designs accordingly. Few design alternatives are also depicted here.

Chitra-Reel Come visit Maharashtra

Responsible for all the systematic development of tourism on commercial lines, Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation initiates & supports various cultural and advertising campaigns across and beyond Maharashtra with the objective to improve tourism in the state. One of such initiatives is the hypothetical collaboration of MTDC with Delhi Metro Rail Corporation to further promote tourism points in Maharashtra using Chitrakathi based illustrations which is one of the prominent crafts of the state. The proposed idea is to have posters or banners designed for Metro stations to be put across the tunnels of Metro network along with a Chitrakathi mascot stuck to the window of the train just to give the feel that the mascot is a happy tourist trotting around Maharashtra and going places. This is a part of collaboration campaign with the MTDC to drive in more tourist footfall and also create awareness about the richness of the crafts of Maharahtra. (We have a video reference for the same, a two minute video to take you through the whole new experience of travelling through metros and watching all the Chitrakathi visuals pass by).

Graphics in Chitrakathi Style on top of Metro Train

Frame by Frame

Print Development for the tunnel

WHY ADVERTISE OR PROMOTE AT DMRC ? •Fast Growing Advertising Medium: With a large captive audience •225km of operational network: Covering significant commercial and residential locations in the city •3.5 Million daily commuters •4.5 Million daily commuters: Expected by 2017 across 310 km •114 Metro Stations, spread over the Red, Blue, Green and Violet lines of the wide Delhi Metro Network •Cost effective way Running at the speed of 80km/h (50mph) with a 20-second dwell time at stations, the trains are usually of four, six, and eight-coach length, DMRC operates over 3,000 trips daily offering greater regional flexibility.

Proposed underground metro stations in Delhi where the campaign can be enforced are: •Barakhamba Road •Central Secretariat •Chandni Chowk •Chowri Bazaar •Civil Lines •Delhi Aerocity •Delhi Gate •Dwarka Sector-21 •Green Park •GTB Nagar •Hauz Khas •Indira Gandhi International Airport •ITO •Jama Masjid •Jangpura •Janpath •Jor Bagh •Khan Market •Lal Qila •New Delhi •Patel Chowk •Rajiv Chowk

Screenshot of Animation

Reference for images: - QSlwEJemNFBI7uuJMaiwELEKjU2AQaBAgVCAgMCxCwjKcIGmIKYAgDEiiODLML4wyxF7IXrgueFp8WtBbkDO o0qSflNOg05jTpNOc0qCeKIqUnGjAAmiudPVTNRvkHjcjchjQC6vVy23apHa1Pcae-YhO_13S6S-9qTRbNXtWz17 7YuQuggBAwLEI6u_1ggaCgoICAESBJYw9Q0M&ved=2ahUKEwjRr4mRhYLbAhVJLI8KHR7kB0YQwg4oAHoEC AAQJw&biw=1427&bih=674#imgrc=yOMJYJcfMRhmhM: - bAhWJKo8KHUSMDF4QvQ4oAHoECAAQJw&biw=1427&bih=674 -file:///Users/macbook/Desktop/Craft%20food%20packaging/Indian_meal_in_Duranto_Express_01.JPG -file:///Users/macbook/Desktop/Craft%20food%20packaging/train-meals.jpg - &ei=7kX3Ws63DMXOvgTmnqjQBg&q=tejas+express&oq=tejas+express&gs_l=img.3..0l10.3027.6133.0.6380.13.6.

Chitrakathi inspired Railway Food Packaging  

A hypothetical collaboration with MTDC and IRCTC to redesign the Railway Food Packaging and to promote the crafts of Maharashtra within the...

Chitrakathi inspired Railway Food Packaging  

A hypothetical collaboration with MTDC and IRCTC to redesign the Railway Food Packaging and to promote the crafts of Maharashtra within the...