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Chinatown Earth Day Clean-up 2013! -Sunayana Limbu It was a beautiful Sunday morning as many of our key clubbers gladly volunteered to clean up Chinatown on April 21st at Columbus Park Pavilion, NY. All of us were given green gloves, brooms and other items needed to clean the streets of Chinatown. First of all, we received free t-shirts and we moved on, separated in two groups. As we swept our brooms through-out the streets of Chinatown, (obviously not ALL the streets of Chinatown!) we also got to help and know each other better. It was a great team work! The event started at 10:00 am and we were done by at least 2:30. We were all glad that we helped Chinatown become a cleaner place. When we first

arrived at the park, we heard some important people talk about how grateful they were to have us and we were happy to hear that and be a part of this project. I was mesmerized to see the Chinese artist’s work, sadly I cannot remember his name now, but I thought that it was quite impressive since it was made up of newspapers only. This day was very important for us, because it helped us realize the importance of having our communities clean. Chinatown is polluted but we were going to that change that to a cleaner Chinatown. We were all excited to work on this, I felt that the Chinatown BID, who hosted this was excellent because everything was perfectly organized and we knew we would have a nice time cleaning up ( even though it was crowded and cold) The most favorite part of the day was when we finished our work and the hosts congratulated us with certificates. They also gave us free T-shirts, which I thought was really cool!

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