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KEY CLUB NEWS ~ KEY CLUB NEWS!!! We will be having lots of fun events this month with the new officers!! We will also be having a farewell party for our previous officers and we will also be choosing heads for committees in our Key Club!!!

The Events of the month…..

DIVISIONAL NEWS!!! Our new Lieutenant Governor of Division 8-A is Martin Rabot!!!! Divisional meeting is on April 11 in Forest Hills Queens Library. There will also be a Divisional charity dance on April 25th!!! Garden School Key Club is organizing it!

April 20th- GOAL Event April 20th – Planting Trees April 21st- Chinatown Earth Day Clean-up April 28th- March Of Dimes walk April 22-27th – March Of Dimes Fundraiser April 28th- Food Pantries

Key Club New York District

Support the New York District in the 2013 Key Club International district fundraising competition. Donate to The Eliminate Project through Causes and your gift will be combined with the other members in your district to increase our impact while keeping the New York District in FIRST PLACE! Visit our Causes fundraiser - Help end maternal and neonatal tetanus (MNT) with Key Club International - to learn more and make a donation.

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Key Club International Scholarship Information While Key Club International is no longer distributing scholarships on an international level, Kiwanis International will participate in matching district scholarships administered by local Key Club districts. Students are encouraged to contact their local district to see what scholarships they are eligible to apply for at the district level. Each district is in charge of its own scholarship application process and distribution of funds. Find your district website. Scholarships available to all Key Club members will be posted in the News on on a case-by-case basis. Contests and awards are currently open to club and individual participation. Check out the Key Club Guidebook for contest and award rules, deadlines, and judging criteria.

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Club awards All club awards must first be submitted to the district and judged at district convention. Winning submissions are then eligible for entry at the International level. The 2013 contest submissions are due to the Key Club International Office by Friday, April 19, 2013. They also can be sent with an administrator to the 2013 Governors and Administrators Training Conference. Scrapbooks will be judged at the 2013 Key Club International Convention. The following club awards will be judged at GATC: •Video Contest •Non-digital Poster Contest •Digital Poster Contest •Major Emphasis Award •Single Service Award Individual awards Distinguished District Officer awards (Governor, Secretary, Treasurer, Secretary-Treasurer and Editor) are also due to the Key Club International Office by Friday, April 19, 2013 and can also be sent with an administrator to GATC. Robert F Lucas Distinguished Lt. Governor awards are judged by individual districts prior to district conventions. Oratorical and Talent contests will be judged at the 2013 Key Club International Convention. All Contest Forms •Club Annual Achievement Report •Major Emphasis Award •Year in review (scrapbook) •Single Service Award •Non-digital Poster •Digital Poster Page 3 of 5

•Video Contest •Member of the Month certificate •Distinguished district officers

To FHHS students !!!! We will be recruiting new members sooon :D

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LTC!!!!! (Leadership Training Conference)

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