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March of Dimes Fundraiser -Sunayana Limbu We began fundraising for march of dimes the day before the walk event. The goal was to collect as much as money from students within the school cafeteria during our free periods. Many people did sign up. Everyday thousands of babies all over the world are born pre-mature and inorder to help out the families and doctors of these innocent lives, we support them by funding them money and resouces. It was a fun experience. Even though some people were really hesitant to donate amount of money for the good cause, many of them openheartedly gave out decent sum of money. We were even explaining the reason why we were doing, many people didn’t even know what it was. A few students I knew had had siblings who were born pre-mature, they even shared their stories with us. I never had a sibling or a close relative who had been born pre-mature but I got a sense of their feelings about it when they shared their stories to us. Me, Cindy, Elaine, Kaiying, Bagira and a few people I knew were there with me during 5th and 6th periods. Even though I usually study for my tests during these periods, I felt a strong desire to actually help out. Maybe it was because of the fact I absolutely adore children, I spent my precious time for a precious occasion, March of dimes. Definitely doing it next year!

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