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Is Poverty Depriving Children To Attend School? India is a country that constitutes one of the largest populous countries of the world. It is densely populated with people belonging from different castes, religions, communities, backgrounds, races, ethnicity and social statuses. The country is divided into many structural layers due to these factors. The economic and social condition of people from different layers differs to a great extent which is the reason why these differences have become so obvious and inevitable. The availability of necessities and luxuries differ for people with the same country. A thing which might be considered a luxury for someone is a basic necessity for another and something which someone considers a basic right might be a god gifted luxury for the other. This holds true in case of education too. Education is considered to be the birth right of every human and it is a basic necessity but unfortunately it is not easily accessible to everyone. There is a huge number of population that is deprived of this basic right and they do not have access to education because they are poor. It is the prime responsibility of the government to make education accessible to the rich and the poor. But facing the challenge of catering to the needs of such a humongous population, the government has clearly failed. There are striking differences between the education of rich and poor. People who are rich can afford private education and can also arrange for tuitions for their kids but the poor has no choice. His sole hope for education is the public school that is setup by the government. Even though the quality of education that is imparted in such schools is of very low quality but still the poor people have this satisfaction that their child is attending school and is gaining some knowledge. If these public schools are not available for these poor kids then they have no chance at education at all because they do not have the affordability and power to afford private schools. Their poverty deprives their kids to attend school. Given such circumstances, they do not send their kids to school at all. Instead they prefer to put them to some work of any nature which would become a source of income for the family. These people are living from hand to mouth and for them extra income, coming from any source is a source of great delight. People are poor because they are not given an opportunity to improve their condition and elevate their standard of living. Education is their only chance to improve their condition but there is poor state of education in the country. It is their sole hope and chance at a better life. Their circumstances clearly do not allow them to attain private education but basic public education is their right and government should release more funds and invest more in developing public schools for the lower section of the society that will not just help them but also the nation on the whole. About the Author: Sunaina Roy is an active educationist and a career counselor working to improve the standards and practices in education by working closely with

Is poverty depriving children to attend school  

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