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Enrollment in Indian Schools Education in India: India is a huge country with a massive population which mostly comprise of the youth and people in the age of getting education. A larger portion of society is in dire need of education and the key to the success of nation also lies in educating these people. But unfortunately, the fact is not given due consideration and sincere efforts are not being taken in this regard. This is evident from a number of fact sheets and surveys that have been carried out by a number of renowned agencies. They give figures for the GER (Gross Enrollment Ratio). Gross Enrollment Ratio (GER): GER is called Gross Enrollment Ratio or GEI, Gross Enrollment Index. It is a worldwide statistical measure that is used in the education sector to gauge the number of enrollments in schools. It is used by the United Nations in its education index. It is calculated by counting the number of students who enrolled in primary, secondary and tertiary levels of education. They are calculated as a percentage of population of the official school age and other students. GER in India: As per Indian GER, the enrollment figures for primary schools look good but the situation is pitiful in higher education sector. The GER are as follows: Primary Schools – 92% Secondary Level – 52% Higher Education – 12% The reason for higher GER in primary sector is due to the fact Indiana government has [assed an act to make elementary education free and compulsory for the children aged between 6 and fourteen through the Right to Education Act. This improved the number of student influx in the free schools. Rising Enrollment But Declining Quality: Enrollment is not the only criteria for judging quality in education. Although the number of students have improved considerably but on the other hand a decline in quality of learning has been observed. The quality of education being imparted in these schools is of poor quality. These schools are funded by the government. Most of these funds are not employed for improving infrastructure or quality but they are used to pay capital costs like salary of teachers. Students get enrolled in schools but they do not even complete their primary education. The drop out ratio is also high in these schools. India is a nation where poverty ratio is high and people hardly have resources to feed their families. Their prime concern is to earn bread and butter for their families. In such a society, education is a

luxury. The need of the hour is the development of institutes that have regional accreditation and that follows the policies of global education standards which ensures quality in education.

Enrollment in indian schools