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WITH CLASS WRITER: Philip Goodwin BIO:Philip Goodwin is a sophomore at Saint Mary’s College of California majoring in English and politics. As a lifelong Modestan, Goodwin graduated from Peter Johansen High School in 2012. He plans on being a high school teacher, to ultimately become the Superintendent of Schools for Stanislaus County. You will most often find Goodwin cooking in the kitchen or in line at the nearest Starbucks. With a passion for writing, he also maintains a blog, “Yes, this is real life,” at

As a student in college, I personally know that many of us are constantly pressed for time. With this time crunch, we find ourselves struggling to eat something other than the all too stereotypical Kraft Mac and Cheese and Nissin Top Ramen. While these options may curb our appetite, they are far from anything ‘healthy’ and ‘homemade.’ During my freshman year of college, I quickly discovered that the cafeteria food served on campus would not suffice my almost hourly food cravings. The French fries, the pizza, the pasta, and the cookies just wouldn’t cut it for me! Many times for dinner, you would find me sitting and talking with friends while munching on several bowls of the magically delicious Lucky Charms. Even at 19-years-old, the marshmallows will forever be my favorite part of that cereal. Nevertheless, I knew that I wouldn’t last very long on sugar and carbohydrates. With a suggestion from family members, I made a quick trip to buy my very first Rival Crock-Pot. Although we were not allowed to have these in the dorms, I was not going to allow myself to starve in college while many were gaining their ‘Freshmen 15.’ After searching for meals online and asking my own mother for ideas, I started to master several meals which became personal favorites of friends living in my hall. If you are just learning how to cook or just want simple easy meals, then I’ve got some great recipes for you. I live by the phrase, “Minimal effort with maximum taste.” So many people are often afraid to cook because they are afraid of failure. Even the professionals had to start somewhere. If you’ve ever seen the movie Julie & Julia, think of the way Meryl Streep portrays Julia Child in the kitchen. Right as Streep flips the omelet, she misses the pan, splattering several bits of egg all over the counter. But Julia Child reminds us, “But you can always pick it up, and if you’re alone in the kitchen, who is going

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to see?” That’s my exact point. Start out simple, and work your way from there. It is quite all right if your Beef Bourguignon or your chicken parmesan doesn’t turn out. Just make some adjustments to your recipe for the next time. Above, I’ve included two of my go-to meals for any day of the week. Like I said earlier, these recipes truly require minimal effort. You will be quite surprised with the outcome! These meals can all be prepared in the CrockPot (also known as a slow cooker) before you leave for work or school. They will be ready to go by dinnertime! I hope you find that these meals are as easy and delicious as I say they are. Trust me. It would be pretty difficult to mess these up. If you were trying to feed a group of friends, these meals would be perfect for just that. Your friends will honestly want to come back to your house/apartment/ dorm room for another meal. I wish you all the best of luck in your cooking adventures. Bon appétit! #collegelife

Merced #collegelife  
Merced #collegelife