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Sum Yi Ren 2010 Architecture Portfolio

Outline Group: Architecture ASA Chosen Site: Jerudong International School, Brunei. Computer Programmes used: Prodesktop Target market: Junior school students aged 2-10 Quick Description of Project: JIS is a rapidly growing school with an ever growing student population. As a result, a new junior school is required. Thus, the aims of this project is to design a new junior school.

School Plan Proposed area for the new junior school.

Current junior school

Current construction of the new art centre

Current Architecture

The pictures show the current design of the school buildings and as can be seen, most of them make use of the color red-orange. Another feature is that the buildings are usually have a straight and rectangle form. The buildings are also very unsustainable and makes use of only electricity from the main grid.

Current Construction

This is the construction of the multi-million dollar new art centre which also contains a theatre. The art centre is estimated to finish in January 2011. The centre will not serve just the JIS students but also the local community.

Current Junior School

The normal junior classroom is about 6 meters by 5 meters and has a height of about 3 meters. Each classroom is also connected with one the next door via interconnecting doors. Every classroom is also single floored. The buildings also have very wide roofs which provide a lot of shade. This is good as the midday sun in Brunei is very hot and temperatures can reach up to 40 degree Celsius.

Constraints of the New Junior School  1). Number of classrooms – 30 plus special rooms for Science, DT, PE, Art,

ICT etc plus offices, storage space, meeting room/assembly room, After School Care Club and Gecko’s room – single storey buildings only – wheelchair/disabled access.

 2). Working Area-

with around the current Kindergarten car park possible as far as R block and must link with and blend with current junior blocks .

 3). Outdoor play area -

needed for both young and older children plus playing field and hard play area .

 4). Energy/Sustainability – should be a real focus. The use of solar energy

and materials chosen from sustainable sources.

 5). Cost –

no restrictions on this at the moment.

 6). Landscape –

will need seating and grassy areas, waiting areas for parents, drivers etc.

The Mood Board Sustainable element

Modern element

To help with creating ideas, a mood board was made and it aimed at using modern and sustainable designs.

New Junior School

Junior School Architecture  

A short presentation of the work done to create a junior school