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Volume 3, Issue 1

September, 2008

The New City School Noticias Ou r M is sio n We wi ll pro vide a th oug htfu l, he al th y, in ti ma te e n vir on me nt i n which co mm uni ty buildi ng is val ued ove r co mpe titi on . Throug h a cu rricu lum e nric hed by the ar ts , tech no l ogy , and the n atura l e n viro nme n t, we wil l teac h s tud ents to devel op i n to i ndepende nt c ritica l thin ke rs w ho dem ons trate e xpertise i n re aso nin g and p ro ble m sol vi ng , E nglish and Spa nish li te racy , c rea tive ex pressio n, and his to rical perspec ti ve. Towa rd these g oals , the fa milies a nd s taff of the Ne w City Sch oo l wi ll w ork toge the r as p artners to u ndersta nd the needs a nd i n teres ts of the s tuden ts , to ac t i n th e service of jus tice, a nd to e xte nd lea rnin g opp or tu nities into the ho me a nd co m mu nity.


Individual Highlights:

Students, both new and old, were welcomed back to the New City School Pine Avenue campus last week finding many changes along with some fresh new faces. What’s new at NCS Pine? New classrooms, new students, new teachers, new garden plans, and new opportunities for community fun are just a few of the items you will find detailed here in the Noticias. For instance, check out the Pine Avenue Community Calendar for the date and time of our new monthly social event—the First Friday Fiesta. This evening is designed to be an inexpensive way for the NCS community to come together for good food and family fun. Our first fiesta will be on September 5th with plans for a Potluck dinner and a night of Lottería and other games and activities. Future fiesta plans include: Movies in the Garden, Talent Night, and a Salsa-Salsa

night with Salsa-dancing lessons and a chance to share our favorite salsa recipes. As always, the goal at NCS is to “reduce, reuse, and recycle.” So in an effort to reduce waste in paper and plastic, we ask that you please bring your own dishes and utensils with you and then pack them home again.

community members who head them. Find that face in the crowd and ask “what can I do? For instance, Tami Bennet, is easy to spot and as the new Chair of the Ways and Means Committee she will need many more hands to accomplish our fundraising goals in a year when budget challenges loom.

Also in this month’s newsletter you can learn about our two new extraordinary teachers and Director José Hernandez’ plans for another wonderful year.

And there’s more: Do you have a green thumb? Ask Chris Phelps about her plans for the Pine Avenue gardeners and what they will need to get things growing again.

Are you looking for ways to get involved this year? Look inside for descriptions of our different committees and the photos of

So welcome friends, both new and old, we are looking forward to making this year at NCS Pine our best year ever.

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La New City Noticias

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NCS 2007-2008 Calendar Day

NCS Multi-Cultural Book Club


September 1

No school – Labor Day

November 11

No School – Veteran’s Day

November. 24 - 25

Student-led Conferences

November 26 – 28

No school

December 22 – January 9

Winter Vacation

January 19

No school- Martin Luther King Day

February 16 & 23

No school- U.S. Presidents & Abraham Lincoln

March 16 & 17

Student-led Conferences

March 18 – April 3

Spring vacation (students)

May 25

No school - Labor Day

June 2 – 4

La Tierra Camp at De Benneville Pines

June 24 – 25

June Conferences

September Selections

The Poisonwood Bible By Barbara Kingsolver

New City Family Spotlight The Harvey Family Where do you live now? We live in Long Beach not too far from the school. We have lived here for ten years-since Trayer was three. Where did you live before coming to Long Beach? Before the kids were born we live in New York City.

We continue our spotlight on an NCS family this year with the Harvey family. Leslie Harvey has a been a familiar face here at New City School for many years as the former head of the Ways and Means committee and a volunteer extraordinaire. Tell us the names of the members of your family and about your children here at New City School. Leslie and Kevin and our two children, Trayer, who is 13 and a student in Las Montanas, and Paden, who is 7 and a student here at Pine Avenue in El Mar.

How did you learn about NCS and what made you send your kids here? Our pre-school teach knew Chris Phelps and she had just been to a community meeting at the local library about the opening of the New City School. We went to an orientation and met Ted and Stephanie. Their energy and confidence was inspiring and everything they said about learning made sense to me. Trayer started when the school first opened and we have been here ever since. What does your family do on weekends? We like to do family activities. We go to the beach, we ride bikes and rollerblades, or we go the movies. Usually one night of the weekend we have game night. We love card games. What languages do you speak at home? We speak English y un poquito español

Next Meeting September 24th 6:00 pm NCS Pine Library

What's your family's favorite meal? Sloppy Joes, that’s definitely our favorite meal. What do you like to do when you are not volunteering your free time to the New City School ? Kevin owns an audio/visual company and production company that puts on theatrical events. I supervise the robotics team at the Long Beach Boulevard campus and I am currently playing a part in a stage production of A Chorus Line. Tell us something we don't know about your family that might be interesting? Kevin and I met while on tour with the musical CATS. I was performing in the show and Kevin was the concessions manager and then a stage manager. When I was in CATS we had very elaborate costumes and it would take over an hour to get my make-up done. Before the show all the Cats would walk through the audience—I guess Kevin liked the way I growled at him. ******** Do you have a family that you think should be spotlighted? Drop us a note in the Newsletter suggestion envelope in the binder in the front office.

La New City Noticias

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Director’s Note from José Hernández Welcome to the 2008 – 2009 School Year Look how far we have come. It is with great pleasure that we welcome you to our ninth year at The New City School. So much has changed since we first opened our doors in August 2000; yet, our mission remains the same: We were a K-3 school serving 80 students in 4 classes; now here at Pine Avenue [one of three New City School campuses] we are a K-5 school serving 160 students in 8 classes! Our total staff numbered five (4 teachers and one office coordinator); now you will see 19 NCS Pine Avenue staffers: 10 teachers, 5 teacher assistants, plus an amazing plant worker Hector who keeps the grounds clean and running. In addition, we are also very fortunate to have Chris, our librarian, who this year will also be working with our students to keeps the organic gardens growing, and our office wizard Daisy who can multitask like no other. The music program consisted of 80 kids singing along as Stephanie played the piano each morning; now we have Gabby, an 18-year-expert in teaching music to kids, serving all El Mar with chorus and

instrumental music theory and practice. Furthermore, this year, Roberto another musical genius will be bringing his teaching talents to La Tierra. Should I mention that there were no walls, restrooms, or furniture when the school first began? The whole school met in area parks for a few weeks making their own lunches and scrounging for books…now we have our beautiful 8000+ sq. ft. campus, our delicious and healthy catered meal program, and a books per student ratio that is approximately one third more than the American Library Association recommendation. Although I was not here when the school first opened, I want to give a special thanks to all our families who were. You set the firm stepping grounds to everything we have done since. A MILLION THANK YOUs What will we be studying This Year? ...A Sneak Peek Our teaching staff spends a great deal of time planning for the school year (3 full weeks each August). This year we worked together with the help of Constance Kamii (Constructivism and Autonomy) and Stephen Krashen (Second Language Acquisition and Learning) to design our trimester and yearlong themes and connect

them to the California State Content Standards. We are excited to share the following units, which will be tied to field trips in and around Southern California’s cultural and natural treasures: In Science & Writing, El Mar (K-1-2) and La Tierra (3-4-5) will explore the amazing bird life in Southern California Wetlands. In addition, both El Mar and La Tierra will be using a communication and guidance program called, “Second Step.” This is a research-based program that integrates academics with social emotional learning. El Mar will also look closely at communities and families, as they explore the lives of actual people who make a difference in their everyday lives and learn the stories of extraordinary people from history whose achievements have touched them, directly or indirectly. La Tierra will, furthermore, set on a journey to learn about United States history and Geography. They will study the development of our nation up to 1850, with an emphasis on the people who were already here, when and from where others arrived, and why they came. We are all very excited to begin this wonderful voyage with your child – please join us. – José Hernández [director]

Development News from the Desk of Debbie Rodriguez Development News September 2008

Long Beach

Greetings New City Public Schools students and parents! Welcome back to school year 2008-09. I hope you enjoyed your summer and are rested and energized to engage this next year together. For those of you who are new to NCPS, welcome to ‘the best school in all the universes’ (please excuse the editorial!) Welcome to our new high school students…Colegio New City is off to a great start!

I am a parent of two NCPS students (Mayu, 4th grade, and Rumi, 2nd grade) and I am also the Director of Development here. I work on creating relationships in our community to advance our mission and share our fabulous school with others, raising awareness for NCPS. I also work on fundraising to help meet our financial needs. The cost of our enriched program exceeds what we get from governmental funding so we work throughout the year raising funds to do the things that distinguish us from traditional public school

education and create an amazing learning environment for our children! I will throughout the year write these articles to share with you what’s going on in the Development area and ask for your help, ideas, energy and support! Please introduce yourself to me when you see me and let me know what ideas you have of working together this year. Thanks for your help and support for last year and I look forward to another wonderful year in Development at NCPS!

La New City Noticias

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The Friendly Faces of NCS Pine

Daisy Office Coordinator

José Hernández Director, New City School Pine Avenue

Héctor Custodian

The Teachers of El Mar





The Teachers of La Tierra





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La New City Noticias

More Wonderful Teachers

Gabby Music Teacher El Mar

Roberto Music Teacher La Tierra

Chris Librarian & Resident Gardener

Teacher Assistants

From left to right Fabiola, Isabell, Esther, Maricela and in front JosĂŠ!

Volunteers and Committee Chairs

Helena Safety Committee Crossing Guard

Lisa Little Store

Pilar Little Store & Community Council Organizer

Amanda Communications Committee NCPS Board Member

Tami Ways & Means Committee

Madeline & Roberta Green Committee

La New City Noticias

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Got Recycling? What's that you call trash? Here at New City, we think of it as treasure. Last year, we launched our successful recycling program and brought in needed funds for our school! Money earned from your recycled water bottles, aluminum cans, glass bottles and other CRV containers went directly toward programs and projects at Pine Avenue. We'd like to keep up the trash-to-treasure program. With generous help from New City Dad Hector Cepeda, who volunteers his time and effort to sort and haul the goods to our local recycler, we will be able too. Thanks, Hector! And thanks to all the families who bring in their recyclables from home -- and those who collect them from neighbors! -- for donating their time and

Next month the New City World Kitchen corner will resume with delicious recipes from our diverse New City Cooking Community. However, this month we would like to highlight our new and fabulous lunch provider. Revolution Foods was founded by Kristin Richmond and Kirsten Tobey; two friends who met at the Hass School of Business at UC Berkeley. Together they shared a vision for creating a social venture based on the idea that all students should have access to healthy, fresh food on a daily basis. Richmond and Tobey, and their executive chef, Amy Klein, launched Revolution Foods in 2006 to serve lunches to the greater Bay area.

trash to the effort. Here are some tips on how to make recycling easier, more efficient and more profitable: What to recycle at home: Please, no paper, tin cans, foil, or pie plates. We don't get money for it, so it lightens the load to take care of those items at home.

What to bring in: Remember, we don't take everything, but we do take all CRV items. PLASTIC BOTTLES (water, soda, juice, milk) Please divide clear plastic (water bottles, sport drink bottles) from cloudy plastics (like milk jugs).

The Green Committee will be posting signs at the recyclables container -- the big black box out by the gate. But you can also separate and bag up large amounts and set them on top of the box. It fills up fast.

ALUMINUM CANS Bag these up separately from plastic bottles and glass.

Thanks again to everybody for making our school greener (environmentally) and greener (financially!).


If possible, divide clear glass from colored glass.

Lucky for us, their services have continued to grow ever since. Revolution Foods expanded to provide lunch, breakfast, and healthy snacks to LA area schools in February of 2008. Recognizing that less than 25% of children eat the recommended servings of fruit and vegetables every day and that, due to poor eating habits, today’s children are the first generation predicted to live shorter lives than their parents; Revolution Foods is dedicated to changing how children think about food. Their goal is to not only provide healthy meals but to create an opportunity for children to learn that food that is good for you can taste good too. “Each time we talk to a Revolution Foods student who says, ‘hey, that brown rice is actually good,’ or ‘where does this cous cous come from?” we are reminded that the revolution has begun!” Now, you can join the revolution too. Your support for this lunch program will insure

its continued success. Talk to Daisy in the office to learn how to order a Revolution lunch or breakfast and check out below for a sampling of the upcoming delicious and nutritious meals available this month. September 11 BBQ Chicken/Tofu Sandwiches with baby carrots, sunflower seeds & fresh fruit. September 15 Chicken/Tofu Teriyaki with “not so fried” rice, steamed veggies, goldfish pretzels, and fresh fruit. September 18 Pasta w/ Beef/Vegetarian Marinara sauce, roasted veggies, whole grain parmesan dinner roll & fresh fruit. September 25 Roasted chicken/tofu with cheesy potatoes, steamed veggies, goldfish crackers and fresh fruit.


La New City Noticias

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Pine Avenue Monthly Community Calendar

Day September 5 September 5 September 10 September 12 September 17 September 19

Event La Tierra Field Trip to Drake Park First Friday Fiesta 5:00 - 7:00 Communications Committee Meeting 3:30 Green Committee Meeting 3:30 El Mar Field Trip to Bolsa Chica La Tierra to L.A. River Back to School Night 5:00 pm

September 24

El Mar: Walking in our Community La Tierra: Colorado Lagoon NCS Book Club Meeting 6:00

September 24

Community Council Meeting 9:00am/4:00pm

September 25

Ways & Means Meeting 6:00 pm

September 26

El Mar & La Tierra: Wet Day @ MLK Park Bring your bathing suits!

Wondering How to Get Involved at NCS?

Consider Joining One of Our Community Council Committees Ways & Means Committee The committee for Ways & Means is the engine that drives fundraising at the school. If you are interested in taking part in event planning for gala evenings such as Noche de las Americas or Peace and Human Rights Night or you have exciting ideas about other ways to generate revenue for the school then this is the committee for you. Funding from the Ways & Means committee fuels enrichment programs for the students like weekly field trips and special enrichment programs for all NCS students. The Ways & Means committee also organizes and sells snacks at La Tiendita n Thursdays. Contact: Tami Bennet or Debbie Rodriguez at 562.436.0689 Communications Committee The communication committee works to improve the flow of information regarding school events and objectives. The primary work is to put out the newsletter every month with articles that detail past and upcoming events, highlight student work, provide calendars and dates to remember, and notify the NCS community of opportunities for involvement. The

committee also focuses on other ways to keep the community informed of pertinent information. We are also working on improving the website, maintaining the NCS community phonebook, and many other exciting projects. Contact: Amanda by email at, or La Tierra teacher, Claudia Sol贸rzao,, or drop a note in the newsletter binder in the front office Green Committee Anybody interested in school recycling, gardening, local environmental issues and living up to our school's fundamental green mission is encouraged to attend. We want to know the ideas, hopes and concerns of parents and teachers from both campuses! For more information, Contact: Madeline Holler (562) 494-4740 or or Roberta Denis Safety Committee This committee has been organized to address the serious traffic safety issues surrounding the Pine Ave. School. The goal is to petition the city to install designated crosswalks at the intersection of 12th and Pine, as well as determining any other safety measures that can be implemented during the drop-off and pick-up hours.

Volunteers are needed to get petitions signed and to follow through with whatever steps are required by the city as well as taking part as crossing guards during those busy times. Contact: Helena Social Affairs Committee This committee hopes to better facilitate fun and informal bi-lingual social events for all members of our NCS community in order that we can get to know each other better. The goal is to think creatively about ways to bring the community together despite obvious language barriers. Some ideas already in the works include planning fun activities at Community council meetings that people of all languages can take part in, a multicultural book club with bilingual book discussions, and also the possibility of creating second-language classes at the school. If you are interested in heading up this committee contact Jos茅 in the office or email If you have an idea for another committee that will serve the school in fulfilling its mission statement, come to the next community council meeting and let us know. Or contact Pilar Wright at

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The New City School

La New City Noticias

Reminders, Tips, and Wishlists Wishlist

other subject.

Office: Band Aids and school supplies La Tierra: Books about birds and any


More than 1,000 people are expected for each day of cruises.

Port invites public to tour nation’s busiest seaport

1230 Pine Ave. Long Beach, CA 90803 Phone: 562-436-0689 E-Mail: amanda@

Passengers will see state-of-the-art terminals capable of accommodating megaships It’s fun. It’s fascinating. And, best that are longer than three football of all, it’s free. fields and wider than the Panama Canal. They will The Port of Long Beach will host free 90-minute harbor cruises for the also see cranes capable of lifting as much as 50 tons of cargo. They will public on Sept. 18 and 19. The narrated cruises will set see ships sail from Rainbow Harbor Dock #6 traveling from all corners of the globe to move their cargo into and out of the between the United States. Aquarium of the Pacific and Shoreline Village, departing every Free parking for harbor cruise 45 minutes from 9 a.m. participants is available at the Long through 3:45 p.m.

Port Fest 2008: Save the Date! Green Port festival scheduled October 4 Be part of the adventure! On October 4, the Port of Long Beach will hold its fourth annual Green Port Fest, a behind-the-scenes visit to see giant machines and a modern marvel. This year's Port Fest is a street festival, on Harbor Plaza, in front of the Port Administration Building, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Beach Convention Center lot at Pine Avenue and Shoreline Drive. Cruises are on a first-come, first-served basis. Tickets for each departure will be available only on the day of the cruises at the port’s information booth adjacent to Dock #6.

A key word at the fest will be "free" -- free parking at the Queen Mary, boat tour, train rides, entertainment, more than 80 interactive booths and environmental exhibits, and more for all ages to enjoy. Bring your family and friends to the event, which is sure to be hugely entertaining and educational. Be sure to check out our Green Port Fest page by going to

FREE SATURDAY FAMILY THEATRE SERIES presents Theatre Through the Ages When: September 13, 11:00 AM Where: ICT at the Long Beach Performing Arts Center What: Travel through history from ancient Greece to the modern day as talented improvisational actor, David Herbelin skillfully uses humor and magic to bring to life the stories that lie at the heart of the theatrical mediums in a visual journey through the evolution of theatre. Fun for the whole family!

September 2008 - English  

Who’s Who at NCS 4 Pine Ave. Calendar 7 Ou r M is sio n Wishlist & Reminders 8 Towa rd these g oals , the fa milies a nd s taff of the N...

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