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International catalogue | Frankfurt Book Fair 2013

Learn more about Grupo Editorial Summus Grupo Editorial Summus was founded in 1974 with the creation of its first publishing company, Summus. Today, the Group is composed of the following imprints: Summus, Ágora, GLS, Selo Negro, Plexus, MG, and Mescla. Our current catalogue includes more than 1,200 titles. Summus has always been driven by a daring and pioneering vision, which is clearly reflected in its various editorial lines – psychology, body and movement, lifestyle, education, communications, business administration, and human resources. In all these areas, Summus is concerned with bringing readers innovative concepts and practices. With themes related to healthy living and a fit body and mind within a holistic view, Ágora is committed to publishing books that raise people’s awareness and enhance their personal relationships and

quality of life. Ágora is the world’s largest publisher of psychodrama books. GLS publishes books aimed at gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender audiences, besides educators and health professionals. GLS is concerned with publishing educational books that help combat prejudice and reaffirm the rights of the LGBT community. For this end, GLS has a list of high quality LGBT titles including exciting and thought provoking novels, short stories and chronicles. Selo Negro aims to give visibility to the black community by valuing their Afro cultural heritage. The company publishes fiction and nonfiction works, with a focus on history, education, literature, and human rights. MG follows two distinct editorial lines. One is focused on psychology and is

headed by the renowned Brazilian psychiatrist and psychotherapist Flávio Gikovate, author of many related works. The other line is focused on healthcare with books about obesity, sleep disorders, hormonal problems, integral health, and healthy eating written by doctors for lay people. The books published by Plexus are geared to professionals working in the fields of speech therapy and special needs education. In an effort to bridge the gap between the academic and the professional world, Plexus makes high value, complex scientific information easily accessible to the general public. Mescla was created initially to cater to a wider and broader market segment. In recent years, the company has published books on diverse topics, such as everyday living, law for lay people, biographies, and chronicles.

NONFICTION Psychology, Psychotherapy / Society and human behavior


J. A. Gaiarsa



J. A. Gaiarsa Psychology, Psychotherapy / Society and human behavior

Contrary to the philosophical tradition of rational psychology based almost entirely on verbal communication, this book broadens and deepens the works of Wilhelm Reich and proposes a new psychology and a new psychotherapy based primarily on vision, which is always reciprocal, in nonverbal communication (ditto), in motricity and breathing.


ISBN 85-7183-021-5 440 pages

J. A. Gaiarsa

In this book, Gaiarsa addresses a topic that is familiar to his readers – the importance of self-improvement through ongoing practice and the practice of opening your vision to get a better understanding of yourself and the world around you. Here the author focuses on the application of these principles to the psychotherapists’ practice for which this habit can bring especially beneficial results. By illustrating his analysis with Reich’s and Freud’s works and complementing it with observations based on their own clinical experience, Gaiarsa once again delivers a book that is at once timely and timeless. ISBN 978-85-7183-055-4

ISBN 978-85-7183-120-9

248 pages

216 pages

J Stefan Patay

Biographies, Testimonies, Experiences / Body, Movement, Health Living / Psychology, Psychotherapy

J. A. Gaiarsa was a harsh critic of the family and the social hypocrisy surrounding family values. To him, the set of rules to which people obey from birth – rules that are passed on to children even though parents themselves are a victim of the very rules they live by – serves only one purpose: oppression. In this book, the author shows that love cannot be restricted to certain restraints. As you read on, be prepared to challenge all of your pre-conceived notions of loyalty, family ties, relationships, and happiness.

.A. Gaiarsa died in 2010 at the age of 90 leaving behind several disciples and hordes of fans of all ages. Known as one of the most iconoclastic Brazilian psychiatrists, he is a pioneer in body psychotherapy in Brazil. In his oeuvre Gaiarsa addressed topics such as family, sexuality, education, and relationships. Twenty of his books were published by Ágora.



Biographies, Testimonies, Experiences / Body, Movement, Healthy Living


Enamar Ramos

In addressing the work of Brazilian dancer and choreographer Angel Vianna – Klauss Vianna’s companion and partner and one of the most important references in Brazilian dance, movement and performing arts – this book draws a parallel between Angel’s body work and actor training. Among the topics covered are the techniques created by the dancer, her teaching practice, the courses she offers, and the use of creativity and movement in drama. ISBN 978-85-323-0336-3 160 pages

THE ANIMALS AND THE PSYCHE (OS ANIMAIS E A PSIQUE) Whale, sheep, horse, elephant, wolf, puma, bear

Denise Gimenez Ramos et al.

Animals are part and parcel of humans’ everyday life, dreams, fantasies, myths, tales, folklore, and the arts. The animal is one of the most powerful images for human beings, both in their outer and inner world. This book provides an insight into humans’ relationship with animals and serves as a tool for self-knowledge and comprehension of the world around them. Readers will realize how the relationship between men, animals and the environment forms an indissoluble unity critical to the balance of individual, ecological or societal bodies. Only now is humankind awakening to the strength of these connections and is beginning to understand their deep and rich meaning. Special illustrations accompany this book. ISBN 85-323-0193-2 272 pages

Psychology, Psychotherapy

BLAME IT ON THE MOTHER (A CULPA É DA MÃE) Reflections and confessions about being a mother

Elizabeth Monteiro

In this exciting and cathartic book, Brazilian psychotherapist Elizabeth Monteiro relates some of her often disastrous experiences as a mother of four. Based on her own family ties dating back to her grandmother through to her childhood, the author shows that mothers, regardless of the generation they are born in, make mistakes but should not feel guilty about it. More than 30,000 copies sold in Brazil in just 12 months. ISBN 978-85-323-0803-0 280 pages

A tato ghiurghi

Psychology, Psychotherapy / Society and human behavior

s an educator, Elizabeth Monteiro specialized in Pedagogy and she also has a Psychology degree. Elizabeth has been married for 40 years, has four children and four grandchildren. Works in her private practice in the city of São Paulo with children, adolescents and adults and gives lectures throughout Brazil. She is the author of Raising Adolescents in Difficult Times and Raising Children in Difficult Times, both published by Summus.


Revised edition

Nei Lopes

African Issues / Education / Current News, Politics, Human Rights / Reference Works / Religion, Spirituality, Philosophy / Social Sciences / Society and Human Behavior

This work, written by the Brazilian musician and essayist Nei Lopes, draws together in a single volume a significant body of multidisciplinary information about the universe of African culture and Afro descendants in Brazil. Issues hitherto restricted to specialists or hardly accessible to the lay person are introduced to the general public. Entries in alphabetical order cover a wide area of ​​ knowledge, including Afro personalities, historical events, countries, religions, flora, fauna, festivals, institutions, languages​, ​etc. This book has been adopted by Brazilian state and city governments and by the Federal Government.

bruno veiga

BRAZILIAN ENCICLOPEDIA OF THE AFRICAN DIASPORA (Enciclopédia brasileira da diáspora africana)



orn in Rio de Janeiro, Nei Lopes, former attorney, began his artistic career in the early 1970s, when he became a professional composer of Brazilian popular music. He also stood out for his activism for the civil rights of black people and published several books, articles and essays on the theme. Is an established songwriter and singer. Has recorded and performed versions of his own songs as well as other composers’ songs.

ISBN 978-85-87478-44-3 720 pages


Vagner Gonçalves da Silva

This book provides readers with a historical perspective of the development of two most popular Afro-Brazilian religions – Candomblé and Umbanda. Using the social and religious context of colonial Brazil as a background source, the author extends his analysis of social, political and economic relations established among blacks, indians and whites throughout history which led to the spread of these religions in Brazil. African Issues / Religion, Spirituality, Philosophy / Social Sciences / Society and Human Behavior

ISBN 978-85-87478-10-8 152 pages

Current News, Politics, Human Rights / Society and Human Behavior


Paula Pfeifer

In her work, Brazilian sociologist Paula Pfeifer, who is an oral deaf, brings to light an issue that remains a social taboo and affects both human communication and interaction – hearing loss. However, the author refrains from self-pity and candidly shows that deaf people can and should lead a happy, independent and productive life. Divided into three parts, the book recounts how Paula dealt with the difficulties and barriers of being deaf and also features touching comments from readers. Topics such as social prejudice, technology, labor market and bullying are presented in a lighthearted, non-judgmental way, allowing the hearing impaired, their families and health professionals to reflect on their everyday experiences and readers to ponder on their ability to overcome their own obstacles and difficulties. ISBN 978-85-85689-92-6 152 pages




Angela Santos

Proper diagnosis is essential to define procedures regarding body posture. Using biomechanics, osteopathy and physiotherapy techniques, the author presents a single diagnostic language for various scientific fields dealing with human movement, its pathologies, expressions and development. Presented in a richly illustrated format 21 cm x 28 cm. ISBN 978-85-323-0782-8 144 pages Psychology, Psychotherapy / Society and human behavior / Personal Growth

Body, Movement, Healthy Living / Physiotherapy

THE COURAGE OF GROWING UP (A CORAGEM DE CRESCER) Dreams and stories for new paths

Maria de Melo

The journey to personal growth is not always smooth, but can be mitigated with instruments such as self-awareness, intuition and the ability to overcome difficulties. But how to access and use these tools in everyday life? In this book, Brazilian writer Maria de Melo encourages those who seek to better understand themselves and those around them to use their dreams to awaken their conscience. ISBN 978-85-7183-115-5 192 pages


Paola Prandini

Biographies, Testimonies, Experiences / Current News, Politics, Human Rights

Biographies, Testimonies, Experiences / Current News, Politics, Human Rights

This biography of the black Brazilian symbolist poet Cruz e Sousa, also known as the “Black Swan”, depicts the life and times of one of the most important Brazilian writers. In portraying Cruz e Sousa’s most memorable moments like his childhood in Santa Catarina State, his dedication to literature and his struggle for the abolition of slavery in Brazil, the book highlights his oeuvre as an avant-garde poet and brings data on plays and films inspired by the author. ruz e Sousa and ISBN 978-85-87478-48-1 Lima Barreto 136 pages are titles from the collection Black Brazil LIMA BARRETO, A BIOGRAPHY (LIMA BARRETO) Portraits, whose main goal is to explore Cuti the life and works of Lima Barreto (1881-1922) is one of the greatest Brazilian key personalities in writers of all time. Reviled by critics of his day, Lima Barreto Brazilian black culture, has entered the canon of revered cult writers. The author of politics, and activism. novels, short stories, essays, plays and diaries, he was the victim of intense prejudice for being black and poor. This book examines Lima Barreto’s oeuvre and shows the relevance of the problems the author pointed out at the beginning of the twentieth century in Brazil.


ISBN 978-85-87478-51-1 128 pages




Beatriz Del Picchia and Cristina Balieiro

How are the feminine, mythology and manifestations of the sacred intertwined in everyday life? Based on this question, the authors interviewed 15 women whose stories make up this work. Taking as example the phases of the hero’s journey – the mythological model described by Joseph Campbell – the book shares powerful stories of women who had the courage to seek the sacred, sometimes paying a high price for it. ISBN 978-85-7183-071-4 280 pages Biographies, Testimonies, Experiences / Personal Growth / Religion, Spirituality, Philosophy / Society and Human Behavior

Cinema, TV / Communications / Reference Works


Doc Comparato

This book shares with readers the author’s broad knowledge gained from his longterm experience writing scripts for film and television in Brazil and Europe. This revised, updated and expanded edition focuses on script writing ideas, first drafts and the final script. The book is filled with theoretical orientations and practical exercises to test the reader’s understanding of the contents. ISBN 978-85-323-0540-4

bibiana leme

496 pages


oc Comparato is a Brazilian writer, playwright and scriptwriter. Has scripted various films and created the first series for Brazilian TV. Along with Colombian writer Gabriel García Márquez he wrote the script for the acclaimed TV miniseries Me alugo para sonhar (“Rental for a Dream”). His books are read in several countries. Doc received numerous international awards and was a consultant to the European Script Fund. Is a professor and lecturer at Cinema schools worldwide and the creative director for several European TV channels.

Communications / Journalism

HEALTH IN THE MEDIA (A SAÚDE NA MÍDIA) Medicine for journalists, journalism for physicians

Roxana Tabakman

Health is humans’ number one concern, but the media does not have well-trained professionals in this subject and universities do not teach doctors how to address the media properly. In an era in which patients are increasingly informed, learning how to talk about health issues is of crucial importance. In this compelling work, the author draws on the expertise of doctors, journalists, patients and NGOs to propose concrete ways of interaction between the media and health professionals. ISBN 978-85-323-0892-4 216 pages



100 GROUP GAMES (100 JOGOS PARA GRUPOS) A psychodramatic approach for companies, schools and health clinics

Ronaldo Yudi K. Yozo

Both group psychotherapy and the modern techniques of group dynamics applied to corporations have interactive drama and games as their key allies. However, a huge collection of games and their random application throughout the organization alone is not enough. This work, written by a Brazilian psychologist and human resources specialist, analyzes the different stages groups go through and points out those games best suited for the group dynamics process. With easyto-follow explanations and step-by-step exercises, the book is an essential tool for all those working with groups. More than 100,000 copies sold in Brazil. ISBN 978-85-7183-510-8

Business Administration / Psychology, Psychotherapy / Training, HR

192 pages Body, Movement, Healthy Living / Society and Human Behavior

Healing by balance

Dr. Paulo de Tarso Lima

Today practiced in large hospitals and universities around the world, integrative medicine sees the patient holistically by integrating healthcare, quality of life and self-care. Its goal is not only healing but also getting patients to become active participants in their recovery, while changing their habits for the better. Written by a leading expert in integrative medicine in Brazil, the book provides information on treatment and the philosophy of integrative medicine. Foreword by Andrew Weil.

nilton fukuda



aulo de Tarso Lima holds a master’s degree in Medicine from the University of São Paulo (USP). He also completed the fellowship on Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine and has clinical training in Mind-Body Medicine (Harvard University) and Stress Reduction Based on Meditation Program (University of Massachusetts). Is a member of the Society for Integrative Oncology, part of the medical staff at São Paulo’s Albert Einstein Hospital and coordinator of post-graduation course on Integrative Medicine.

ISBN 978-85-7255-061-1 144 pages

INTEGRATIVE THERAPY (TERAPIA INTEGRATIVA) Yoga, naturopathy, psychology and ayurveda

Ilan Segre

Written by the Brazilian psychologist Ilan Segre, who spent two years in India studying yoga, naturopathy and ayurveda, this book invites us to reflect on health as a global issue. Based on his personal experiences, Segre discusses the dangers of an unbalanced life and points out natural ways of healing based on natural food, on maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and on the teachings and techniques of traditional Indian Ayurvedic medicine. ISBN: 978-85-7183-086-8

andré meller

224 pages


Body, Movement, Healthy Living / Society and Human Behavior

lan Segre is a clinical psychologist graduated by University of São Paulo (USP), and postgraduated in Yogatherapy and Naturopathy in India (PGDYT, by KDHAM). He was certified by the International Yoga and Ayurveda Movement in Brazil, with extension courses in Australia and three consecutive trips to India.



MEDICINE AND MEDITATION (MEDICINA E MEDITAÇÃO) Meditation as taught by a doctor – Revised Edition

Dr. Roberto Cardoso

Meditation is a therapeutic resource that goes hand in hand with medicine. Based on this premise, in his book the Brazilian obstetrician Roberto Cardoso introduces the basics of meditation and detaches it from its mystical or religious character, which turns many people away from it. A physician for over twenty years and a long time meditator, in this work the author addresses various meditation techniques, the best positions to practice, breathing, and initial difficulties. Furthermore, he explains the psychophysical effects of meditation and its potential therapeutic uses. Grounded in cutting-edge research, the book is aimed at meditation practitioners and those interested in learning more about it. ISBN 978-85-7255-065-9 152 pages

Body, Movement, Healthy Living / Society and Human Behavior


oberto Cardoso is graduated in Medicine from the University of Brasilia. Is a specialist in Gynecology and Obstetrics. Holds a master’s degree in Obstetrics and a doctorate in Sciences from the Federal University of São Paulo (Unifesp). Currently conducts research at Unifesp on behavioral medicine and quality of life. He is the author of several medical articles and gives lectures on quality of life and stress management.

NATURE’S WISDOM (A SABEDORIA DA NATUREZA) Taoism, I Ching, Zen and the Essenian teachings

Roberto Otsu

For Taoism and various philosophies, being wise means following the laws of nature. As we contemplate nature with reverence, while attuning to it, we can achieve physical, mental and spiritual balance. Written by a great scholar on the subject, the Taoist professor Roberto Otsu, this book talks about the seasons, the fluidity of the water, the lessons learned from the sky and the trees. This is a subtle way found by Otsu to awaken in people the mysteries of intuition, that little something so deep that transcends human capacity of understanding. ISBN 978-85-7183-020-2 240 pages Personal Growth / Religion, Spirituality, Philosophy


Vicente Augusto de Carvalho et al.

In this acclaimed reference work, which is endorsed by the Brazilian Society of Psycho-Oncology, several experts discuss the scope and specifics of psychooncology, and the transdisciplinarity of its approach. They also talk about its psychosocial aspects and different types of treatment, as well as bioethics and the latest research in psycho-oncology. The book comes in a 21 cm x 28 cm format. ISBN 978-85-323-0383-7 648 pages

Body, Movement, Healthy Living / Reference Works / Psychology, Psychotherapy





Unveiling the enigma of success

Renata Di Nizo

Maria da Luz Calegari and Orlando H. Gemignani

Value-based ethics ​​is still a thorny issue in the corporate world. Today, companies are largely concerned about talent retention. When it comes to successful long-term management, however, beautiful words and sweet talking employees are ineffective to say the least. How to put words into practice? By restoring values s​ uch a​ s open dialogue and skilled listening, Renata Di Nizo provides Business Administration / Society and Human guidelines that can help foster a Behavior / Training, HR desired organizational culture based on leading in a transparent and productive manner. Backed by testimonials from participants in leadership training, the book invites us to reflect on a company’s biggest asset – truly motivated employees dedicated to growing with a sustainable competitive edge.

The temperament with which one is born and which accompanies an individual throughout their life has much more influence on personal and professional growth than psychologists assumed until a few years ago. This work shows the path to success by analyzing human traits such as world view, talent, personal interests and motivations. ISBN 978-85-323-0321-9 248 pages

ISBN 978-85-323-0828-3 168 pages


enata Di Nizo majored in Performing Arts from the School of Dramatic Art in Barcelona, Spain. Gives lectures, individual coaching and training on oral and written self-expression, focus and creativity, leadership, and interpersonal communication. Has five books published by Grupo Editorial Summus.

Business Administration / Psychology, Psychotherapy / Society and Human Behavior / Training, HR

Body, Movement, Healthy Living / Physiotherapy

WATCH YOUR BODY POSTURE (DE OLHO NA POSTURA) Looking after your body in day-to-day life

Christina Ribeiro and Victor Liggieri

Today, four million Brazilians are undergoing treatment due to pain caused by poor body posture. However, simple exercises and body awareness can change this reality. This illustrated, smartly designed, two-color instruction book teaches readers how to perform everyday tasks – such as sitting, typing, driving, brushing their teeth, carrying heavy objects, holding a baby – without hurting their back, knees and joints. ISBN 978-85-323-0704-0 128 pages


EVIL, GOOD AND BEYOND (o mal, o bem e mais além) The selfish, the generous and the fair

A LOVE STORY... WITH A HAPPY ENDING (uma história do amor... com final feliz)

Flávio Gikovate

Flávio Gikovate

Psychology, Psychotherapy / Society and Human Behavior

In this book, Flávio Gikovate states that the union between man and woman is a bond between opposites — that is, a selfish person is bewitched by a generous person and the other way around. Yet this kind of relationship causes both partners problems, for they will ultimately go through situations of sorrow and disappointment. According to the author, investing in one’s own freedom and individuality is the solution. This could bring about couples formed by fair people, more mature to experience love. An English translation of this work is available.

Technological advances and changes in society have led to the growth of individuality and the impoverishment of conventional love – which nonetheless prevails in the collective imagination as an ideal. This slow transformation, according to Flávio Gikovate, is excellent news. He believes that adults today have two options, both of which are much better than the possessive conventional relationships of old: to live alone, establishing more superficial emotional and physical connections; or to develop relationships based on what he calls +love, which respects individuality and can create ties capable of lasting a lifetime. An English translation of this work is available. ISBN 978-85-7255-063-5 152 pages Psychology, Psychotherapy / Society and Human Behavior


Psychology, Psychotherapy / Society and Human Behavior

SEX (Sexo)

Flávio Gikovate

Today sex is one of the topics most spoken and written about. According to Gikovate, this is a sign that it is still poorly understood and far from a satisfactory resolution. As such, in this book he rethinks several myths and half-truths about sex and addresses controversial issues. Based on his belief that sex and love are two autonomous (and often antagonistic) impulses, the author points out the strong association between sexuality and aggressiveness (especially in men). At the same time, he shows that desire and arousal are very different phenomena: while the first is elitist, based on elements of a consumer society that is almost out of control, the second is a democratic pleasure easily attainable by all. An English translation of this work is available.

ISBN 978-85-7255-062-8

ISBN 978-85-7255-080-2

144 pages

192 pages


lávio Gikovate obtained his degree in Psychiatry from the University of São Paulo in 1966. His approach is known as brief psychotherapy and he has seen over 9,000 patients in the past 40 years. He is an acclaimed conference speaker and has authored many books, published in Brazil and abroad, of which he has sold more than 1 million copies.




Márcio El-Jaick

“The night has a momentum of its own, an anatomy”, says the protagonist of Márcio El-Jaick’s novel, whose central character is the night with its promises of pleasure, its roller coaster ride full of encounters and mis-encounters, the familiar ground into which one jumps with anticipation and excitement. Henry is 35 years old and has just had his first sip of beer, punctually at 10 pm. ISBN 978-85-86755-49-1 144 pages


Márcio El-Jaick

1989. The teenager Caco is on the eve of his university entrance exams, but doesn’t know which course to take. He is also aware of his homosexuality, but has no idea what to do with it and he can’t even disguise it anymore. In the claustrophobia of his existence, feeling somewhat guilty, scared and filled with will power, Caco creates his own mathematics to solve his equations. ISBN 978-85-86755-56-9 264 pages


Márcio El-Jaick

In this compelling and liberating book, André, a preteenager with acute intelligence, innocence and great sensitivity, faces the biggest challenge of his life: accept and understand his own sexuality. Haunted by troublesome ghosts common to his age – the longing to belong to a group, fear of rejection, the “fight” against boiling hormones – the boy makes the most dramatic and rewarding discoveries. As well as adolescents, the book is also ideal for parents and educators. “In the Present Now” has been adopted by and distributed to more than 30,000 libraries across Brazil, a major editorial initiative in the country. ISBN 978-85-86755-51-4

Ana Luiza Sobreira

144 pages


árcio El-Jaick was born in 1972. He graduated in Journalism and is also a translator. Published the following gay-themed novels through Edições GLS; For Your Jukebox (2010), An Anatomy of the Night (2009), In the Present Now (2008), Basic Matter (2007), in addition to the short story book Once Upon a Time (2001). Currently lives in Niterói, Rio de Janeiro State.


Márcio El-Jaick

“I, 39, a veteran of many lost wars, a seasoned journalist, an obstinate cynic, a collector of anecdotes, a Great Love left behind, many unpronounceable adventures, a well-traveled and experienced man now clinging to disenchantment as the ultimate safe haven. I, delighted at the emergence of a predatory form of disaster for a 22-year-old male intern with his big brown eyes and smiling face. Most regrettable.” That’s how the protagonist of this crisp and clever novel describes himself. A must reading. ISBN 978-85-86755-42-2 136 pages




Nelson Luiz de Carvalho

After fifteen years of marriage, Leonardo decides to sacrifice his steady life in order to discover his true feelings and identity. Outcast from the standards set by mainstream society, Leonardo must face conflicts common to all of us – how to find new partners? what places to go? – aggravated by prejudice and his missing his five-year-old son. ISBN 978-85-86755-44-6 152 pages


Nelson Luiz de Carvalho

In this work, Nelson Luiz de Carvalho masterfully blends everyday elements with central themes of passion and freedom to write a love story of universal appeal. His characters are vivid and compelling, and are deeply immersed in the desire to love and be loved. As they discover love, two young men understand that from now on they need to find the right balance between their feelings and what their family and society expect of them. This is the story of a forbidden love that wants to find its place in the world and two persons in love who rise to the challenge of fighting for what they believe in. Based on true events, this is a novel that defies labels and hypocrisy by revealing the intricacies of emotion in the lives of ordinary young men faced with the urges and sex appeal of the modern world. ISBN 978-85-86755-43-9 208 pages


elson Luiz de Carvalho is a writer and entrepreneur. Together, his two books have sold over 100,000 copies. In 2005, The Third Pillow was adapted for the stage and achieved great commercial success.

THE B SIDE (LADO B) Women’s stories

Lúcia Facco

“I saw it. Or rather, I saw her. She was walking with a friend and she was soaked. Her wet clothes clinging to her body, but that I did not see. I just saw her clearly through the rain in her short straight black hair, drops of water trickling slowly down her neck…” Sensitive, clever, subtle stories of women who share their love with other women without fanfare or guilt . ISBN 85-86755-39-7 104 pages



THE BLACK LEGION (A LEGIÃO NEGRA) The struggle of afro-brazilians in the 1932 Constitutionalist Revolution

Oswaldo Faustino

A century-old black man sits on a park bench in the city of São Paulo, looking around him. This old man’s mind is focused on a single and unique moment in time full of facts and details – the São Paulo 1932 Constitutionalist Revolution, which he was a part of. In this event, he lost many friends, lived among heroes and cowards, learned about pain and courage. Facts and characters wander through his memory, like a movie in episodes that blend excitement, struggle, prejudice and patriotism. A historical novel adopted by the Brazilian government in its educational programs, The Black Legion tells the story of a platoon made up of Afro descendants who fought against president Getulio Vargas’ dictatorship claiming a constitution for Brazil. ISBN 978-85-87478-52-8 224 pages


Naomi Conte

From Rio de Janeiro to Scandinavia in the scorching heat between female cousins on a Brazilian farm or playing in the snow in a Nordic forest, Naomi Conte’s characters of varied backgrounds and ages experience love, intimacy and sensuality. Throughout the eighteen stories that make up this book, women find their voice and make themselves heard, whether going through PMT, through their doubts and hesitations or through their passion. ISBN 978-85-86755-40-8 96 pages


Renato Kaufmann

This book tells with disarmingly candid and pitch-perfect humor how muddled and awkward pregnancy can be from the male point of view. From the panic of the news through to the first ultrasound, the missing obstetrician, the intriguing placenta, meeting other expectant mothers, and hormones gone crazy to when the baby is born, this work brings a fresh look on a universal theme. ISBN 978-85-88641-10-5 112 pages




Ana Paula El-Jaick

In a concise, direct and engaging prose style, combined with intelligence and sense of humor, this beautiful book by Ana Paula El-Jaick spins short and irreverent tales. The author talks about ordinary women who fall in and out of love, face prejudice, discover themselves, camouflage themselves, have fun, and change. Compelling reading. ISBN 978-85-86755-46-0 88 pages


Luiz Carlos Lisboa

Adriano Miller, aka Muça or simply The Cat, lived through the nineteenth century and the changes that occurred in sub-Saharan Africa, Brazil, the Middle East and some countries in Europe during that time. The Cat participated in those changes which shook the souls of the men he met. The things he learned in that time became a part of our own personal history – from possible love to the shocking injustices that were raging everywhere on the planet. A prince in his homeland, a slave in Brazil, and fascinated by the religions he came across along the way and the lands he visited, The Cat looked at death in the eye and lived his passion passionately. Between his birth in Timbuktu and his disappearance in the Canudos War, in the Brazilian backlands, alongside the local preacher and hero Antonio Conselheiro, The Cat had become a warrior and a missionary, a freedom fighter on behalf of peace and better understanding among his fellow men. A few chapters of this trilogy are available in English for analysis.



ISBN 85-87478-16-8

ISBN 85-87478-22-2

216 pages

176 pages


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Grupo Editorial Summus - International catalogue | Frankfurt Book Fair 2013  

Grupo Editorial Summus was founded in 1974 with the creation of its first publishing company, Summus. Today, the Group is composed of the fo...

Grupo Editorial Summus - International catalogue | Frankfurt Book Fair 2013  

Grupo Editorial Summus was founded in 1974 with the creation of its first publishing company, Summus. Today, the Group is composed of the fo...