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worldviews across the world

Worldviews across the World is a specially designed worldview conference held in Oxford and London. Hosted by the Summit Oxford Study Centre, this conference combines both an engagement with ideas and an investigation into the deep history of England, as well as ample free time to enjoy strolling about in a wonderful part of the “old world.� dates May 8 - 20, 2011 lodging The Randolph Hotel | Oxford St. James Crowne Plaza | London

tentative program sunday | 8 may Arrive in London; travel to Oxford High Tea at The Randolph Hotel Evensong at Christ Church Cathedral monday | 9 may ‘Worldviews Across the World’ | Kevin James Bywater We begin with some stories of life in England, of a family of seven evangelical Christian Americans, socially and politically conservative, directing an academic and missional study abroad program in one of the world’s most renowned academic environments. ‘Strolling through Oxford’s Religious History’ | Andrew Atherstone An Oxford tutor of history and doctrine (Wycliffe Hall), Rev. Dr. Atherstone guides us on a walking tour of Oxford, with a focus on its deep and (at times) tumultuous religious history, with glances at saints and martyrs, scholars and ministers, converts and apostates.

tuesday | 10 may ‘C.S. Lewis...Then and Now’ | Michael Ward Clive Staples Lewis was a man of profound devotion and stunning intellect. Chaplain of St. Peter’s College, Rev. Ward will be our guide as we venture into the life, mind and spirit of Lewis, glancing back and looking forward, gleaning insights and inspiration from one of the most able and effective modern presenters of the Christian faith. Group lunch at the Eagle and Child Pub Tour of C.S. Lewis’ home, The Kilns Supper in an Oxford College Hall

wednesday | 11 may ‘The Spirit of Churchill’ | Deborah Brezina Seldom in our world do we encounter examples of profound leadership in times of dire crises. Churchill stands tall amidst a select crowd. Perhaps even more rare is to be invited into the spirit of Churchill by one as knowledgeable and enthusiastic as Debborah Brezina. ‘Defending Churchill’ | Judson Alphin Some men are heroes. Other men hate heroes. Here we are treated to the work of Judson Alphin, a student of history at Oxford University. Introducing his work, he will guide us through the paths of truth and error, illustrating the tensions with respect to history written. Group lunch at Churchill’s Birthplace, Blenheim Palace ‘Blenheim Palace’ | Karen Wiseman Following a delicious lunch at Blenheim Palace, Dr. Wiseman (Chief Education Officer) shall greet us and invite us on a special tour of the palace. This is followed by ample free time to browse the palace or the grounds, and then a trip to Churchill’s gravesite. Visit to Churchill’s gravesite, Bladon Churchyard

thursday | 12 may ‘Christianity and Science’ | John Lennox Oxford University Professor of Mathematics, John Lennox joins us for a wide-ranging conversation about science and faith. Prof. Lennox has distinguished himself as an able mathematician, philosopher and theologian, and also as a defender of the faith (having debated both Richard Dawkins and Christopher Hitchens). Group lunch at the Ashmolean Museum Free Afternoon—suggested: explore the Ashmolean friday | 13 may ‘Why Would Anyone Believe in God?’ | Justin Barrett As an anthropologist at Oxford University, Dr. Barrett has focused significant work studying the prevalence of faith. He is our guide to the engaging field of studying faith among children. Oxford Theatre Production

saturday | 14 may ‘Cultures and Clahses: Islam and the Intelligentsia’ | Kevin James Bywater Sometimes there is a marked difference between what we find in writings and what we encounter in reality. Kevin invites us on a mental tour of the tensions of Europe and the clashes between Islam, secularism and the Christian faith. Free afternoon Group Supper at The Mitre sunday | 15 may Church service at St. Leonard’s Church in Eynsham Village Group lunch at Lane House Walking tour of Eynsham Evensong in Oxford monday | 16 may Travel by coach to London Free afternoon and evening

tuesday | 17 may ‘Watching Big Brother’ | Alex Deane As director of a watchdog organization, and as a Barrister, Mr. Deane offers us a series of vignettes illustrating the lapse of liberties and the entrenchment of tyrannies. ‘Christophobia in Britain and Europe’ | Michael Nazir-Ali Rev. Dr. Nazir-Ali, formerly Bishop of Rochester, is at the forefront of the confrontation between secular culture and the Christian faith in the United Kingdom. As an expert witness on the topic of persecution, he is uniquely positioned to speak with us about the tensions facing Christians in the U.K. today. Group Supper with Sir John and Lady Julia Boyd wednesday | 18 may Free Morning Group lunch with Edward Lucas Tour the Cabinet War Rooms Group supper and Closing Remarks thursday | 19 may Departure


Summit Oxford exists to propel Christian students forward as scholars and leaders in their disciplines and professions, promoting scholarship for the sake of the church and our culture.

Wordviews Across the World  

A worldview conference in London and Oxford hosted by the Summit Oxford Study Centre.