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Kelly Terrien selected by U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) as the 2011 Colorado State Small Business Person of the Year. The entire press release can be read at: press.cfm?prID=9 FYI - ( index.ssf/2011/03/ ml)

“I share this award with the family of STS employees who deserve the credit for success in everything we do.” “I am indeed humbled and honored by this selection”, Kelly Terrien said.

In 2011, Summit Technical Solutions celebrated our 10th Anniversary of providing customers with firstclass technical support and services, outstanding quality, timely and innovative solutions, and responsive and helpful support. To commemorate this milestone, celebration parties were held in Colorado Springs, CO, Norfolk, VA, Lee’s Summit, MO, Monrovia, CA, Oklahoma City, OK and Ramstein, Germany. The event in Colorado Springs was at the Garden of the Gods Country Club on a beautiful Oc-

Mr. Brian Sutton, the Chief Operating Officer, welcomed everyone, offered remarks and introduced Kelly Terrien, our President and CEO. Kelly highlighted some of STS’ significant events, recognized people in her life who provided advice and opportunities that were instrumental to our success. Kelly concluded with individually recognizing several STS employees for their dedication, hard work and significant contributions in helping to make STS what it is today. Those who received recognition included Marjori Langhoff, Catherine Mitchell, Kendora Rockett, Glenn Anderson, Joy Arnold, Philip Hoyle, June Gaston and Brian Sutton. All participants thoroughly enjoyed the festivities and vowed to return in another 10 years to celebrate again.

tober evening with a fabulous backdrop of Pikes Peak and the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains. The evening began with STS employees, our industry partners and other friends socializing and enjoying beverages and delicious hor dourves. Throughout the evening, a continuous presentation of our employees performing their various jobs, receiving awards and participating in activities to benefit the communities where we work was displayed on a movie screen in the party area.


Leaders are confident and modest.


Leaders are authentic. Know who you are. Walk your talk.

 

Leaders are listeners.


Leaders are good at giving encouragement, and they are never satisfied. Leaders make unexpected connections.

 

Leaders provide direction.


Leaders make change -and stand for values that don’t change.

 

Leaders lead by example.


Leaders look for and net-

Leaders protect their employees from danger and expose them to reality.

Leaders don’t blame—they learn.

work with other leaders.


The job of the leader: To make more leaders.

C O N T R AC T O R O F T H E Q UA R T E R R U N N E R U P ! J O RG E F R A N C O Jorge Franco, STS Engineering Technician Three, was selected Runner up for the ATMO Norfolk Contractor of the Quarter for the first quarter of fiscal year 2012. Jorge serves our project as Assistant Engine Shop Lead and as Contractor Team Lead during assigned operational events. His role as Assistant Engine Shop Lead encompasses the daily responsibility of directly supervising eight employees. He is also responsible for the engine rebuild shop and the shop and boats slips located at Bldg V-50 for ATMO Norfolk. Jorge is a USCG licensed Captain and is qualified to drive the QST-35, HSMST, Harbor Security Boat, Personal Water Craft and has been recently hand selected to train for qualification as a Contender operator. He serves as Contract Team Lead for local operations. Specific Engine Shop related accomplishments this quarter:

 As Assistant Shop Lead he

personally accomplished 40 maintenance actions equating to over 120 CMMS hours while supporting his lead with the supervision of 8 employees who accomplished 253 maintenance actions equating to over 1,500 CMMS hours of maintenance.  Assigned as Collateral Duty Inspector (CDI). This position singles Jorge out as one of our “trusted agents” accomplished in skill and trustworthy of verifying the accurate completion of jobs assigned to his shop. Ongoing initiatives  Currently enhancing his knowledge and skill levels through experience and OJT to assume the prestigious role of MSR based CTL as well as earning the role of one of the select few Contender Coxswains.

 Key Player in the Engine

Shop’s efforts to evaluate and make ready for use the extra JP 5 outboards and parts therein we received for free from outside sources. This initiative greatly enhances our ready spares and thus directly increases our readiness. Jorge is rapidly evolving into our absolute “Go to Guy” when we need a CTL for local operations and has been hand selected for training and qualification as a MSR based CTL. One of Jorge’s recent missions of note was FPEX 11 -12. This was Jorge's first time as a CTL for this particular type of event. Thanks to his levelheadedness and quick thinking he was able to lead his team through the event despite all of the road blocks his team encountered. This particular high speed night time event was filled with issues such as the lack of good communications with CSFTL reps, changed launch location from the Norfolk Marina to pier # 5 ramp which was considered a less than advantageous launching point by him due to the strong currents and short distance for attack profile set up as well as logs across the road to the ramp. Jorge persevered until communications was established, he contacted base Port Operations and had them remove the logs and then rebrief his team on safety considerations / profile changes. His actions permitted him and his team to continue on mission. The CSFTL observers also brought the wrong rider safety brief forms but because of Jorge's preplanning he did have the correct forms. In the end his team was still able to safely and professionally provide the service as requested vice cancelling the event. He always stands ready for any challenge.

Specific detachment accomplishments this quarter:

 Deployed for a total of

27DAYS in 1st QTR FY2012 (9 OPS with 19 days out of area).  Assigned as a detachment member and embarked on NS HUGO in support of the Oct ‘11 Commander Strike Group Eight Group Sail.  Contractor Team Lead (CTL) for the Oct 2011 HSC-28 Search & Rescue Exercise.  Assigned as a detachment member and embarked on TSV-1 PREVAIL in support of the Oct 2011 Commander Amphibious Squadron Eight PHIBRON/MEU Integration (PMINT).  CTL for the Range Clearance and BQM Recovery support for the Nov ‘11 live fire portion of CG-56 CSSQT.  Assigned as a detachment member and embarked on NS HUNTER in support of the Nov 2011 HSM Weapons School Commander Hellfire live missile exercise AKA Grey Fox 12-1.  Assigned as a detachment member in support of the Nov 2011 C2X Outbound FIAC.  CTL for CSFTL’s FPEX 11-12.  CTL for the Dec 2011 C2X Outbound FIAC.  CTL for CSFTL’s FPEX 11-13.  Deployed for a total of 141DAYS in FY2011 (26 OPS with 113 days out of area). In summery Jorge Franco is most deserving of the recognition as ATMO Norfolk Contractor of the Quarter. He is constantly thinking of ways to improve our team. He is a safety conscience, hands on, free thinking and energetic leader who sets the standard for all to emulate. He is highly deserving of this honor.

SUSTAINABILITY – GO GREEN As you know the STS 2011 goals as a Responsible Citizen are to Support Sustainable Initiatives, Achieve a Minimum of 10% Consumables Reduction across the Company, and to Implement a Company Wide Recycle Program. To support these efforts in the Lee’s Summit community Emma Euell, Program Manager at the National Records Center was asked to join the Lee’s Summit Chamber of Commerce Sustainability Committee as STS is a certified “green” company and recycles on a regular basis. Some of the goals the sustainability committee hopes to accomplish are: Develop strategies furthering sustainable initiatives including conserving and reducing energy usage; create new partnerships with government and the private sector to reduce costs, share expenses, and leverage fiscal resources; reduce local air pollution from mobile sources; create programs that allow citizens to interact on multiple levels (e.g., housing, retrofits, public transit, additional pedestrian and bicycle opportunities) and collectively realize benefits of City actions.

at Boulevard finally got tired of being part of the problem. So, with the support of local companies and community organizations, they came up with a solution - Ripple Glass.

At the most recent meeting, a presentation was given by a local glass company, Ripple Glass, Inc., their story and the “Ripple” effect is compelling and should motivate all of us to recycle at least one more item each day;

It's a great way to close the loop, protect the environment, support area businesses and even make homes more energy efficient.

In 2009, Kansas Citizens threw away 150 million pounds of perfectly good glass. To the dismay of the people at Boulevard Brewing Company (local brewery), this included some 10 million empty Boulevard bottles - lost forever, buried in local landfills.

Why recycle glass?

Area businesses use nearly 200 million pounds of recycled glass every year, so why was it so hard to recycle glass? Because there was no nearby facility to process the glass, the folks

Ripple constructed a state-of-the-art processing plant, and placed dedicated glass recycling containers throughout the metro area. We found a local customer that converts the recycled glass into fiberglass insulation, saving enormous amounts of energy and dramatically lowering emissions, and a business in Tulsa that turns amber glass back into bottles, including those used by Boulevard! The Ripple effect has spread, with containers in Jefferson City and, soon, Branson. Ripple's facility is processing glass from all over the region, helping other communities keep glass out of their landfills while giving it the new life it deserves.

But it only works with your help. Help us do the right thing. Help us give glass a second chance.

Here are some important facts you should know about glass recycling. Container glass is 100% recyclable, can be recycled endlessly, and is a primary ingredient in fiberglass insulation and new glass containers. Plastic only once!

 Burying perfectly good glass in the landfill wastes all the material, energy, and labor that went into making it.

 Using recycled glass produces 20%

less air pollution and 50% less water pollution than creating new glass (or fiberglass) from raw materials.

 Every ton of glass that's recycled results in more than one ton of raw materials saved. That's 1,300 lbs. of sand, 410 lbs. of soda ash, 380 lbs. of limestone, and 150 lbs. of feldspar.

 Recycling just one glass bottle saves enough electricity to light a 100-watt light bulb for four hours. (Imagine how long it would light a compact fluorescent!)

 A six-pack of recycled beer bottles produces enough fiberglass insulation to fill a standard wall cavity.

 Kansas Citizens consume approximately 80,000 tons of container glass each year. In the past, because of the difficulty and inconvenience, only about 5% was recycled. (Nationally, the average recycling rate is over 30% and climbing; in many places in the world, its north of 90%!) Glass isn't collected in most area curbside recycling programs, and for good reason. When mixed with other recyclables, broken glass degrades and contaminates those materials, causing them to be "down cycled" into lower quality products. Community Sponsors Because of the cooperative relationship the NRC and STS have with the local American Legion, Ripple Glass, Inc. was put in touch with the Legion and as a result an arrangement is in the works to have a large container placed in the parking lot of the Legion to collect all glass containers which were previously thrown out. This contact also resulted in other American Legions considering the joint venture.

GREEN INITIATIVE Here are some actions and accomplishments at STS Work Sites. OPMAS-E Green Initiative

FAA Green Initiative:  Recycle cans at location for paper, cardboard boxes etc....

OPMAS-E is meeting the Green Initiative for STS as follows:

 Use of recycled items  Artificial lighting accounts

 All Computer workstations not required for 24x7 operations are turned off at the end of each duty day.

 All lights and environmental equipment (fans in summer, heaters in winter) are turned off upon leaving or at the end of the duty day.

 Continuous monitoring of air conditioning equipment to ensure proper performance while maintaining the required temperature for 24x7 operations of critical telecommunications equipment.

 Water heater in restrooms set at the economy setting.

 Separate and Recycle of paper, plastic trash from other non-recyclable waste.

 Battery disposal containers are located throughout the facility, these containers are checked and emptied by the DPW on a monthly basis and, the batteries properly disposed of not just tossed in the trash.

for roughly 44 percent of the electricity use in office buildings, So we make sure to turn off lights when we leave rooms such as break rooms or offices.

 To eliminate waste of paper plates or paper cups we try to mainly use reusable dishes. NBC Green Initiative: The NBC is very in tune to being Green. The government handles all of the waste here at the NBC. There is a committee and a director to oversee the recycling of all materials. We recycle all shredded paper. We reuse all file folders. We reuse all paper clips and rubber bands and boxes. We have no glass products here. We separate plastic from waste. Anything that can be saved and used again at this location we do. What cannot be reused is sent to recycling facilities.

Huntsville STS Branch Initiative

 Recycle bins have been set up for recycling of all plastics, Paper, Cans.

 End of day activities include turning off of electronic equipment for energy conservation. FSF Green Initiatives: The FSF has implemented recycling of paper, cardboard, file folders, rubber bands, binder clips, and aluminum cans. The following are example of the cost savings for DHS.

cle, use recycled and energy efficient products, and be environmentally savvy. There are 24 questions concerning topics like energy use, building construction, office sup-

17 mature trees 7,000 gallons of water 3 cubic yds of landfill space 2 barrels of oil; and 4,100 kw hrs of electricity (enough to power a home for 5

 18,552 boxes were saved

to be reutilized. This resulted in cost-avoidance to DHS of $3 per box, for a total of approximately $55.5K.

 12,176 boxes, or 21,308 lbs, were recycled.

 Removal of rubber bands

and binder clips from folders ,resulted in 21,060 rubber bands and an estimated 175,000 binder clips being saved with the cost-avoidance of $1,600 for rubber bands, and projected cost-avoidance in excess of $21,000 for binder clips.

STS RECEIVES GREEN OFFICE CERTIFICATE GreenLine Paper Company offers the Green Office Certification to organizations that meet certain environmentallyfriendly criteria. The applicant must use energy wisely, recy-

Recycling just 1 Ton of paper saves:

plies, waste reduction/recycling and transportation. Summit Technical Solutions scored high enough to receive the Prestigious Green Office Certificate.

Earth Day is April 22, 2012 Remember Earth Day isn’t just for those infamous tree huggers. All of us can benefit from living a life that includes using and re-using resources wisely!

S T S T A L E N T I N V E N T O RY We are very happy to announce that STS now has a talent inventory as part of the Halogen Software! What is a talent inventory? The STS talent inventory is a new feature of our Halogen e-appraisal software that allows each individual to enter information about themselves, very similar to a resume. The information can and should be updated throughout the year as new skills, education, etc. are acquired. This information will be visible to HR, Supervisors and the Business Development Department. The system asks for information such as: Education Professional Development Career Goals Language Skills

External Work Experience Professional Memberships Skills Employee Reward Suggestion

Internal Work Experience Certifications Security Clearance

Who can use the talent inventory? This feature is currently available to all employees who have used Halogen in the past and have a login and user profile already set up. Why should I input and update my information and what is it used for? The information will be available and searchable by STS Managers, Human Resources and the Business Development Department for various business opportunities for the company. Our Business Development department looks for new business opportunities for every day, and makes determinations, if a certain opportunity is a match for our company. Sometimes, they may need help, such as talking to someone who has hands-on experience. For example, let’s assume STS was looking at an opportunity to do business with the US Air Force in Italy. STS employees who have lived and worked in Italy at some point in time, could be a great source for information. We may even have an employee who speaks Italian and is familiar with the challenges that come along with working oversees. Human Resources and your Manager may search the talent inventory for similar reasons. While planning for possible contract awards, do we already have experts within STS who would be able and willing to help plan for a contract startup? The information that you provide in the STS Talent Inventory will let us know! Keep in mind, STS might be looking for expertise that you have, which is not related to your current position. How do I update my talent profile? Simply login to Halogen and click on the “My Performance” tab on the top left corner of the screen. Add your information in each section and save your changes. Again, if you currently don’t have the login information because you haven’t used Halogen in the past, we will setup your profile in the upcoming quarter. By Catherine Mitchell

S T S G I V I N G B AC K KARS-4-KIDS STS recently donated our Chevrolet van to Kars-4-Kids. The van was previously used for communications cabling projects and to transport medical supplies between Peterson AFB, Schriever AFB and the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, CO. The donation to Kars-4-Kids will benefit a national organization dedicated to addressing the educational, material, emotional and spiritual needs of disadvantaged children and their families. They distribute donated items, including food, clothing, home furnishings, toys and crafts through their own network as well as other charitable organizations throughout the world. In addition, they pay for children’s education, tutoring, summer camp, family mentoring, educational and other support services. The primary focus is on children who, without intervention, are at high risk to experience failure, social challenges, depression and other factors that lead to anti-social, self-destructive behavior. By becoming actively involved in these children's lives over the course of their school years, it equips them with the stability and success they need to build wholesome, functional families of their own.

H U N G E R K N OW S N O A G E Summit Technical Solutions employees at Lee’s Summit Missouri participated in the May food drive for the HARVESTERS Community Food Network. Donated Items included: Canned Vegetable, Canned Fruit, Boxed Meals, Canned Meat/Tuna, Peanut Butter, Canned Soup, Soap, Deodorant, Shampoo and Toilet Paper. HARVESTER believes no child should ever go hungry. Forty-three percent of the people Harvesters serves are children—more than 25,000 kids every week. Harvesters' mission is to feed hungry people today and work to end hunger tomorrow.    

Harvester’s is a clearinghouse for the collection and distribution of food and related household products. They been helping people in need since 1979 by Collecting food and household products from community and industry sources Distributing those products and providing nutrition services through a network of nonprofit agencies Offering leadership and education programs to increase community awareness of hunger and generate solutions to alleviate hunger


O K L A H O M A C I T Y M E M O R I A L M A R AT H O N Summit Technical Solutions, LLC sponsored and participated in the Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon. The Marathon is not about running, it is about life, honoring the memory of life lost through tragedy, celebrating the gift of life given equally to each person, and reaching forward into the future to life yet to be lived. The Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon has contributed more than $3,000,000 over the past 11 years to The Oklahoma City National Memorial Foundation, a private 501(c)(3) organization which owns and operates the Oklahoma City National Memorial & Museum, a memorial to honor the 168 Oklahomans who died during the April 19, 1995 Bombing of the Murrah Building.

TORNADO RELIEF A group of 25 Team Summit Technical Solutions employees and family members of the National Record Center stepped up, to lift up the people of Joplin, Missouri on May 22, 2011. The first part of the day was spent sorting clothing for Forrest Baptist Church Pantry. Half of the group worked to organize donations as they arrived and the remaining set up “stores� inside two homes for victims to obtain clothing. In the afternoon the team volunteered with Survivors Purse (an international church organization) and were assigned clean up for a rural farm house 20 miles outside of Joplin


SCHOOL ADOPTION In the second quarter of 2011 Summit Technical Solutions, LLC (STS) adopted Panorama Middle School in Colorado Springs. With state cut-backs in education funding STS reached out to Panorama and is giving quarterly donations of needed supplies and funding for school programs. STS supplied student planners and uniforms for the 2011-2012 school year and will be assisting with funding for several programs being implemented at the school. “Your company has been wonderful and I feel fortunate to have their support!!” Tina Hackett, Principal, Panorama Middle School

STS teamed up with our customer at the NRC 05/18/2011 to help The Community Blood Center

T H E F O O D P A N T RY Pikes Peak Community College “In the fall of 2007, a food pantry was opened for all PPCC students in need. The Pantry is open on Tuesdays and Fridays from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., just bring your student ID. Students are allowed to take six food items and a toiletry. Baby food and diapers are also available.” – Taken from the PPCC Website Our President and CEO – Kelly Terrien, happened to hear about the PPCC Food Pantry on a local radio station and thought it sounded like a worthy cause. Ms. Debra Willis, the manager of the food pantry gave a tour of the pantry, what it had to offer, and the type of students who utilized it. Ms. Willis explained that the food pantry is open to any PPCC student, and is utilized by roughly 150 students. These 150 students depended heavily on it due to the fact that many are single parents. Ms. Willis spoke of one student who was a single mom working her way towards a degree. She would come in every week to gather baby food and diapers to help take care of her infant. Every time this student would leave the food pantry it was always with tears in her eyes. After a few years of doing this, she graduated college, got a well paying job, and now comes back to the food pantry every week to donate baby food and diapers for other students who need a little help to succeed. Without the food pantry, this young lady would have never had the opportunity to go to school because she would have been forced to take a second job to support her child. STS decided this was a worthy cause and supplied a months worth of food donations for the pantry. The amount of appreciation received was overwhelming. The vice president of the college came down and personally thanked STS the donation. He mentioned that in the history of the food pantry, they had never had such generous corporate support.





Summit Technical Solutions, LLC participated in the 17th Annual Day of Caring on Saturday, June 4, 2011 sponsored by the United Way and the Combined Federal Campaign. Our Team was matched up with the Kansas City’s Homeless Veterans Day of Caring is a community-wide service event connecting volunteers with nonprofit organizations to address social needs through special projects or events in the Kansas City metropolitan area.

U. S W O M E N ’ S O P E N Summit Technical Solutions was a Corporate Supporter to the U.S. Women’s Open, July 4-10, and provided the opportunity for military personnel stationed in the area to attend the event. On July 6th Summit Technical Solutions, ITT, Webster College and the University of Colorado teamed up to sponsor a special lunch for some 130 airmen, soldiers and their families at the “Freedom Plaza”, a special reception area near the clubhouse set aside for military members and families

“I’d like to personally thank STS for the tickets to the first round of the Women’s US Open. It was pleasant to have lunch and beverages indoors in a quiet secluded area. Everyone who went had a great time, and it was an amazing event that most don’t get an opportunity to witness. The majority of us went back on Friday and watched all day. Again, thank you and everyone at STS for donating the tickets.” Capt Chaz Langhoff, Peterson AFB

I N D U S T RY M I L I T A RY A N N UA L G O L F E V E N T ( I M AG E ) 2 0 1 1 On August 12, 2011 STS participated in the IMAGE 2011 to benefit the NDIA, AFA, & AFCEA. Started in 2000, IMAGE has grown in size every year and provides the opportunity for military and industry to have some fun and play a round of golf for a good cause. NDIA – National Defense Industrial Association, AFCEA – Armed Forces Communications Electronics Association, and AFA – Air Force Association all work together to raise money for science technology engineering and math (STEM) scholarships for local high school and college students.




 STS supported our Military community by supporting the SMD Golf tournament and providing water to conference participants. The SMD conference was held at the Von Braun Center in Huntsville, Alabama, from 15-18 August. The conferences brings senior defense and industry leaders the latest information relating to warfighters' needs, acquisition plans and future space and missile defense operations.

STREAMS STS has been custom developing tools to help various contracts be more efficient and to trial some fun ideas. Most recently is a website called STREAMS. STREAMS is an online portal, built in-house, in use at the National Records Center and the File Storage Facility which automates some of the day to day functions of the sites. The primary use of STREAMS at these facilities is to automate the collection of labor counts for each worker throughout the day. Employees will login to the website and fill out an electronic "timecard" which details how long they spent on tasks and how many units they produced. These timecards are then submitted digitally to their supervisors for review and approval. All labor records for each facility can then be downloaded by date range for analysis and review at the operational level. STREAMS also includes some automated reporting capabilities to assist senior management and supervisors monitor contract performance In addition to labor tracking, we have added a message board for site and company announcements, functions that allow volunteers to show interest in an opportunity with a single click, feedback submission which acts as a digital "suggestion box", and a company blog. STREAMS has been designed to allow other sites to use its functionality and we hope to use the system to improve the efficiency of all contracts within STS.

Message from STS Safety Department STS will continue to show a strong commitment to safety, there were many safety initiatives and goals introduced corporate wide over the past two years. STS’s main goal is for everyone to work 100% injury free. Attached you will find an assortment of graphs showing comparisons and indications for the cost of injuries incurred, the number of claims, and also the loss ratio for those claims beginning in the year 2009 through 2011, these graphs are an indication of how far we have come, and also how far we still have to go as a company in meeting our safety goals. Hopefully by sharing this information we can make a committed effort in continuing our march towards an injury free workplace. This effort can be reached by all STS employee’s working together, staying focused on safety while performing their daily work task.

Glenn Anderson STS Corporate Safety Manager

D I D Y O U K N OW ? DoD is removing Social Security Numbers from ID cards To protect your privacy and personal identity information, your Social Security Number (SSN) is being replaced with a DoD ID Number on all ID cards. ID Card Changes:  As of June 2011, SSNs will no longer be printed on any new ID card. 

SSN removal will occur in three phases.


Your new ID card will have a DoD ID Number in place of your SSN.

 

Your DoD ID Number will be used as the Geneva Conventions serial number. If you are eligible for DoD benefits, there will also be a DoD Benefits Number printed on your new ID card.

Current ID cards should not be replaced until your card is within 30 days of its expiration date. If your ID card has an INDEF expiration date, and you would like your SSN removed, contact your nearest RAPIDS ID Card facility for an appointment. ID cards are available at over 1,500 RAPIDS ID card centers worldwide. Visit the RAPIDS Site Locator at ( to find a location near you. For more information about Social Security Number removal, please visit By Joy Arnold, FSO Assistant

J O B S H A D OW I N G – One investment in our employees that STS will be implementing this year is an employee Job Shadow Program. The Job Shadow Program is the experience of learning about a position or career of interest by experiencing it in the shadow of an employee currently working in the position. The premise behind job-shadowing activities is that they enable a person to spend some time observing an experienced person actually performing the job of interest, and the experience can be invaluable when considering changing careers or positions. STS feels this program is an asset because STS values the work experience for each of its employees. Job Shadowing develops employees' skills, expanding their knowledge, and offering exposure to potential career or job changes, all of course which add value to the STS employee experience. Additionally, you can shadow people in different departments of the same company to see if you would be compatible with the position and team, and job shadowing may contribute towards Succession Planning for the company. There are still several areas yet to be developed, however the program will involve the Trainee and Trainer spending a specified amount of time together and following an agenda that will go over various areas of the job. There will also be opportunity to provide feedback regarding the Job Shadow experience. Several employees have already signed up to shadow Clifford Phillips at the NRC in Lee’s Summit, MO. The Job Shadow experience for the employee included information about contract language and how it is translated to an operation plan; discussion about various meetings and how they work towards our goal of effective and constant communication for all stakeholders on the contract; and discussions on how excellent contract performance can lend itself towards other business opportunities. Cliff mentioned that he really enjoys the experience because it helps to increase employee understanding of the scope of duties and positions. Jacob Fitzpatrick was one of the first participants to Job Shadow Cliff, and his comments to his Supervisor, Darla Hawkins, included that the experience was positive, that he enjoyed seeing other positions in action, and was enlightened by the experience. We look forward to engaging all STS employees with the opportunity to participate in the Job Shadow Program, and will communicate efforts towards this initiative as we continue to develop the program.

T H E F A C T S O N R E P E T I T I V E S T R E S S I N J U RY One of the biggest work safety problems these days is repetitive stress injury, or RSI. America is changing – a few decades ago we were mostly a manufacturing and farming economy. But there are very few family farms left now, and our manufacturing jobs are increasingly moving overseas or south of the border. Today, a very large percentage of our jobs are now taking place in offices and call centers, and the work being done is of a completely different nature than the work done on farms and in factories. It doesn’t require as much strength and actual physical labor, but there are still very serious physical safety risks in white collar work places. One of the main injuries office workers are at risk for is repetitive stress injury. RSI is caused when someone does the same physical movement over and over, for months and years on end. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Typing and data entry are two of the biggest causes of RSI, but they’re certainly not the only ones. The RSI that most people have heard about is carpal tunnel syndrome. Carpal tunnel syndrome affects the wrist and the hand, and is the leading cause of missed work in America. Symptoms include numbness, tingling, pain, and the inability to grasp or pick up objects. It’s very unpleasant and can have a terrible impact on your life. It can require surgery, and possibly even finding a different line of work. Actually, though, there’s some dispute among medical authorities as to whether repetitive motions such as typing cause carpal tunnel syndrome, or merely exacerbate it. In addition, a great many people have been misdiagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome. If you don’t experience numbness in the hand and/or wrist, then what you’re suffering from isn’t carpal tunnel, no matter how painful it is. In any case, carpal tunnel syndrome or not, wrist and hand pain from repetitive motions are work safety problems and are very painful and debilitating. Instances of these injuries are on the rise and you should be aware of them. You should also be aware that they don’t just strike office workers – anyone who does the same thing over and over is a candidate for RSI. Another occupation at high risk for RSI is that of an assembly worker. House painters are also discovering the same safety problem with repetitive motions in their line of work. A decade or so ago, many people were skeptical of RSI claims and thought that a lot of people who claimed to be suffering from it were malingering. There may be a few who are making it up to get out of work, but for the vast majority of people it’s a very real and very painful malady. If your wrists and hands are giving you pain from your work, you need to have it checked out. It won’t get better on its own, and if left untreated your wrists and hands can become virtually unusable Measures to Prevent Carpal Tunnel Syndrome What safety measures should you take at work regarding RSI and carpal tunnel syndrome? There are a lot of things you can do. First off, believe it or not, you should exercise good posture. Sit and stand up straight because a lot of these injuries are affected by nerves that may reach up to the shoulder, for instance. Good posture not only looks better, it’s also better for you. Stretching is another work safety habit you should get into prior to starting your shift. Athletes do it, workers in other countries do it, but Americans rarely stretch at work. This is too bad because stretching has good health and productivity benefits. By stretching, you’re warming up your muscles, joints, and tendons, so they’re not thrust right into full production mode from a cold start. And don’t think that you have to be doing jumping jacks or bending over and touching your toes in order to stretch. You can if you wish, but you can also derive a lot of safety benefit from tiny little stretching movements. Bend your neck this way and that. Shrug your shoulders a few times. Flex your wrists, both back and forth. Wriggle and flex your fingers and thumbs. These all fall under “stretching” for purposes of work safety. They may not sound like much and you may actually feel a bit silly when you first start doing them every day, but they can make a big difference. Once you’ve seen how much of a difference they can make, you’ll want to do them every day, and not just prior to your shift – after breaks, coming back from lunch, or whenever you feel like it. They can’t hurt and can only help, so don’t neglect stretching. In fact, more and more companies are purchasing software for their workers that guides them through a stretching program every day. If your company doesn’t have one, talk to them about it. It’s an excellent investment in worker safety and can greatly reduce the number of days workers miss. If possible, you should also take frequent breaks – not official coffee breaks, but mini-breaks where you stay at your work area but just stop doing the repetitive motion for a minute or two. You might want to explain to your supervisor what you’re doing, but they shouldn’t have any problem with it. You can also do your stretching and flexibility exercises during these mini-breaks. Contributed by Joy Arnold

SECURITY INSIDE AND OUT Security inside and out of the office is a growing concern. Every day we make decisions and take actions that help or hinder the level of exposure to our personal and company security. These risks come from outside, such as spies, hackers, viruses, and inside such as disgruntled/ dishonest employees and colleagues. The “Focus on Security” Newsletter for April and May explore the methods used for “Getting information Out of Honest People Like Me”. These articles inform about the methods used by individuals inside and outside the work force to collect sensitive information and material by legal methods including unsolicited direct request, open source collection, elicitation, false pretenses, and dumpster diving. Short and Long -Term Foreign Visitors collection techniques are discussed and the necessary countermeasures. Foreign visitors are considered an Insider Threat because they have been granted a degree of access. Insider Threats are a security risk that is drawing great attention. A recent panel at the Government Security Convention and Expo in Washington, D.C. dealt with the full range of threats posed by insiders. While most discussion of insider threats have focused on cyber security concerns, the insider threat can be to facility security and other non cyber data. These types of threats are often the most difficult to detect as they originate from individuals who have already been screened and given access to an organization’s critical resources. Insiders are not just employees: today they can include contractors, business partners, auditors... even an alumnus with a valid email address. And not all insider attacks are malicious; the perpetrators may be unknowing pawns of a malevolent colleague or a poorly-tested system, or simply the careless initiator of unintended consequences. But one thing is clear: insider threats are a costly problem, bedeviling organizations that lack the resources to monitor actions, prevent bad outcomes, or avoid harm when data leakages occur. For instance, a recent batch of leaked cables from the State Department revealed that the world’s nuclear facilities were most vulnerable to insiders who sought to procure radioactive material to build weapons of mass destruction. In one incident, in September 2009, two employees at the Rossing Uranium Mine in Namibia smuggled nearly half a ton of uranium concrete powder, or “yellowcake,” out of the facility in plastic bags. Aside from nuclear plants, businesses, government agencies, and other organizations are vulnerable to a host of threats from insiders including corporate espionage, workplace violence, and the loss of data. Currently the Federal Protective Service (FPS) is charged with overseeing security at 9,000 federal facilities across the nation, but the organization has proven unable to effectively protect employees and prevent illegal materials from being smuggled into buildings. As evidence, an undercover investigation by GAO in June 2009, showed where investigators successfully smuggled bomb making materials into ten federal facilities and were not detected, even as they assembled the parts. Government and Businesses struggle with keeping cell phones out of secure areas. They are often used in the private sector or in government facilities to steal sensitive data, record conversations, or photograph confidential processes. As employees we need to be aware of the actions around us. Cell phone and camera use in secure areas, unconventional movement of material in boxes/garbage bags, new individuals in work areas, recognizing and reporting is vital. By Joy Arnold, FSO Assistant Excerpts from: Safeguarding the private and public sector from insider threats/Homeland Security Newswire.,0

H E A LT H Y L I V I N G QUEST—A SUCCESS The quest for my weight loss started shortly after my wife and I returned from a trip to Jamaica in 2010.

The workouts have been great. But even greater than that is the lifestyle change myself AND my family have made in the past year. Every day, every meal, every snack we make a conscious decision to make healthy choices. We still enjoy eating! It's one of the greatest pleasures God gave us. We just choose to do it differently now.


TO FIT AND SLIM RESULTS Start with just four 30minute walking sessions four times a week. Then sl-o-w-l-y add running to your routine. Best of all, running doesn’t have to be fast to be effective. In fact, if you’re huffing and puffing, you’re going too fast.

I started out at a beastly 298 lbs. It has taken me roughly one year to lose 102 lbs. I was ecstatic to be a part of the Oklahoma Memorial with some close friends. Running the relay we placed 5th in our division. I am stoked to run the half marathon this coming April. Lance West with daughter,

TRAIN YOU BRAIN TO EAT SMARTER! Eat nutrient-rich:” foods, Appropriate portion sizes, and frequent meals.

hard work and determination. From that day on I went pretty hard. Running 5 days a week, as many miles as I could every workout.

Looking at the pictures from our wonderful trip left me feeling nothing but discouraged. Just a few weeks later, I ran a call on a house fire with the Choctaw Fire Department, which I am a volunteer for, and found myself out of gas and short of air. A few days later, during a training session, I was required to have my blood pressure taken and found that it was sky high...nearly stroke level. I was unable to continue the training session and that was it.

I credit a lot of my weight loss success to my wife and friends. My wife, Tiffany, was always there to push and encourage me to continue working hard when I lost motivation. Without her support this journey would have been difficult. A great group of friends and workout partners also pushed and encouraged me on a regular basis. As a family, we have lost a grand total of 168 lbs. We have gained however, the knowledge of living a new healthier life. By Lance West

The next day, on my way home from work, I stopped and bought some running shoes and began day one hitting the treadmill. I knew what I had to do to get myself back in shape. It isn't rocket science, just Before

H E A LT H Y L I V I N G INSPIRED What Lance may not know is that he inspired others at STS to get moving and get healthy. When I called Lance to ask about a strange charge on the corporate credit card for the OKC Marathon (STS sponsored the FAA relay team) back in May 2011, I learned about his lifestyle changes. I’d worked with Lance for over a year and had attended Manager and Supervisor training with him. I knew him pretty well and thought, if Lance can do this, so can I. Six months later, I’m 40 pounds lighter and a whole lot healthier. So what’s the secret? Watch what you eat and start moving. Pay attention to what and how much you are eating. You can still eat what you like just have to limit how much of it you have. For me, fast food lunches are now rare and are usually replaced by frozen meals because they’re convenient and easy. (Plus, this change saves money.) I also figured out that just because I cooked dinner for my family didn’t mean I had to eat it. It was okay to have salad while they ate spaghetti. Lastly, watch what you buy. If it’s not in the house, you can’t snack on it. The second step is to get off the couch and move. I have a golden retriever that was using her extra energy trying to eat the dining room table (and all six chairs). Walking 45 to 60 minutes daily solved two problems. It wore out the dog so she didn’t chew as much and it wore off the extra pounds off of me. It is easy? Not always. Sometimes you get discouraged and fall back into old habits. When that happens, you have to remember you didn’t get out of shape overnight. It wasn’t just one

Inspired Results

PILE ON THE PROTEIN FOR HEALTHY WEIGHT LOSS If you want to build more muscle...stop hunger pangs...and ignite your metabolism, you need a healthy amount of protein in your diet.


What's the Burn? A Calorie Calculator You can use the formulas below to determine your calorie-burn while running and walking. The "Net Calorie Burn" measures calories burned, minus basal metabolism. Scientists consider this the best way to evaluate the actual calorie-burn of any exercise. The walking formulas apply to speeds of 3 to 4 mph. At 5 mph and faster, walking burns more calories than running. Your Total Calorie Your Net Calorie Burn/Mile Burn/Mile Running .75 x your weight (in .63 x your weight lbs.) Walking .53 x your weight .30 x your weight Adapted from "Energy Expenditure of Walking and Running," Medicine & Science in Sport & Exercise, Cameron et al, Dec. 2004

FEEL THE MOTIVATION AND ENJOY THE SUCCESS! The more you run, the more weight you lose and the easier it is to keep running. Then you’ll get a little faster, go a little further, and torch even more calories. It’s a happy circle!

Name: Kendora Rockett STS Job Location: Payroll Accountant, Corporate Office, Colorado Springs, CO Home Town: Canon City, Colorado Favorite Vacation Spot: Las Vegas, NV Favorite Movie (s): It’s a Wonderful Life, Grease, Top Gun, Urban Cowboy and Hope Floats Favorite Music: Usher, Kenny Chesney, Justin Timberlake, and Michael Jackson. Favorite Sports: Dallas Cowboy Football Favorite Foods: Grilled cheese sandwiches, Chili’s chips and queso, nachos, fish and chips, and hot dogs. Hobbies: Fishing, camping, spending time with friends and family, listening to music. What is your Pet Peeve? Late time cards! People who clip their fingernails in public. Tell us a little about your family (including any Pets). I have been married to my husband John for 12 years. I have two sons: Trever and Tyler; two puppies: Lilly and Maizy, and two cats: Odie and Pookie. What do you like best about your job? I take great pride in knowing that my job affects all the STS employees in such a positive way. I make a difference in people’s lives. Sure there are times when my job gets stressful, but at the end of the day it is very interesting, constantly changing and personally very satisfying. What makes you Happy? My Boys

Name: Linda Peeler STS Job Location: NRC, Lee’s Summit, MO Home Town: MO Favorite Vacation Spot: California Favorite Movie (s): Drama Movies Favorite Music: Blues Favorite Sports: Basketball Favorite Foods: Shrimp, Lobster, Crab Hobbies: Dancing, & Sewing What is your Pet Peeve? Driving in snow. Tell us a little about your family (including any Pets). Two children—boy and girl, 3 grandchildren, 3 pet turtles What do you like best about your job? Keeps me busy. What makes you Happy? Money and shopping.

The phonograph, record player, or gramophone is a device that was most commonly used from the late 1870s through the 1980s for playing sound recordings. The recordings played on such a device generally consist of wavy lines that are either scratched, engraved, or grooved onto a rotating cylinder or disc. As the cylinder or disc rotates, a needle or other similar object on the device traces the wavy lines and vibrates, reproducing sound waves

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