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Getting Started with Summit Learning Summit Learning Program | 2022-23


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Our Vision for Students Our Model



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Getting Started with Summit Learning

Our Vision for Students At Summit Learning, we envision an education system that consistently connects all students to the learning experiences they need to achieve academic and non-academic outcomes. We believe that students from all backgrounds have the same potential for success, and we celebrate the individual differences that young people bring to an educational environment. Rooted in these core beliefs, Summit Learning is a whole school change program that makes achieving both academic and nonacademic outcomes doable for any school. Schools partnering with us have access to a comprehensive digital platform and curriculum, as well as receive training and support on best practice pedagogy and change management.

Summit Learning Program | 2022-23

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Our Model Developed in partnership with nationallyacclaimed learning scientists and researchers, every element of Summit Learning is grounded in what science tells us about how students learn best. Summit Learning is centered around three outcomes: Cognitive Skills, Content Knowledge, and Habits of Success.

Getting Started with Summit Learning

Knowledge Success





Cognitive Skills, such as asking

Content Knowledge is the

Habits of Success are mindsets and

questions, oral presentation, and

understanding and application of facts

behaviors that support academic

interpreting data, are the essential

and concepts. Students need a broad

achievement and well-being. Summit

and transferable lifelong skills that all

Content Knowledge base in order to put

Learning incorporates Turnaround for

students need for success in college,

Cognitive Skills to work. Summit Learning

Children’s Building Blocks for Learning

career, and life. In Summit Learning,

puts students at the center of their

as our framework for defining Habits

students apply these skills—along

learning journeys, empowering them to

of Success, with 16 fundamental social-

with Content Knowledge and Habits

set goals and work through standards-

emotional learning skills that students

of Success—within projects to prepare

aligned content. Students not only

need in order to navigate change and

them for real-world scenarios they’ll

deepen their knowledge of a particular

thrive as independent learners. This

encounter in life.

content topic in each course, but also

social-emotional learning is integrated

build their understanding of how they

into all aspects of school culture,

learn best and explore their academic

including through weekly 1:1 mentoring

interests further — laying the foundation

and self-directed learning opportunities.

for a lifelong love of learning.

Teachers meet students where they

See it in Action

See it in Action

are and help guide them in developing habits such as self-awareness, tenacity, and growth mindset.

See it in Action

Summit Learning Program | 2022-23


How can we achieve these outcomes for all students? Through these teaching and learning experiences: Mentoring



During weekly 1:1 mentoring sessions,

Projects give students hands-on

Across all subject areas and Summit

students and their teachers use a

experience with real-world scenarios like

Learning program components, students

rigorous and customized set of tools

collaborating with a team, interpreting

are guided by their teachers and mentor

to set goals, determine strategies, and

data, and presenting a persuasive

through a cycle that teaches them how

reflect on successes and setbacks.

argument. All projects end with a final

to learn. Students develop the ability to

The content of these conversations is

product. Teachers provide students with

set goals, select appropriate strategies

individualized so that students can see

the right support through 1:1 working

to achieve those goals, implement

how habits support and hinder their

sessions or small-group workshops to

their learning plan, and reflect on the

academic, extracurricular, and personal

ensure they meet or exceed grade-

outcomes. This Self-Direction cycle

success, as well as show areas where

level expectations. Math units provide

promotes a growth mindset and can be

support is needed.

students with consistent opportunities to

applied to any task in life.

problem-solve, reason, and think critically.

Read more

Students learn to solve unfamiliar real-

Read more

world and mathematical problems, identify patterns, make connections between topics, and other complex skills as they build procedural fluency on a foundation of conceptual understanding.

Read more Summit Learning has earned Digital Promise’s Research-Based Design product certification for our platform. We are proud to be recognized as a field leader for continually putting research into practice in education.

Getting Started with Summit Learning


We have been blown away by the success our students have had. Our state test scores have risen, students are engaged, and they are learning skills that will help them in high school, college, and beyond.” Jamie McLing, Educator Eastern Idaho

Summit Learning Program | 2022-23


Program Supports We know that change is hard. Our program works with schools and districts to implement in a way that meets each community’s individual needs and vision by providing robust tools and support.

Getting Started with Summit Learning


Schools in our program receive the following: Curriculum and Assessments

Professional Development

Summit Learning provides complete, standards-aligned

Summit Learning also offers professional development

curriculum for grades 4-12. This includes projects, content,

opportunities for our partners. All new schools participate

and assessments—all of which can be customized by

in an intensive Summer Training to help plan and prepare

educators. Summit Learning is dedicated to adapting

for the change management process of implementing

best-in-field materials and practices that have been

Summit Learning at their school. Throughout the year,

validated through external review, piloting, and revision.

teachers have additional training opportunities on best

Additionally, the Base Curriculum is able to be customized

practice pedagogy. District staff supporting the program

in order to meet your local context and student needs.

can also join relevant training opportunities.

View our guest curriculum to explore Summit Learning projects and content in greater depth. You can find more information about how the curriculum was developed in the Summit Learning Curriculum Overview.

Summit Learning Platform This free online tool helps organize the different components of Summit Learning. The platform supports

Ongoing Support

students through the different steps of their projects and

Every Summit Learning school receives ongoing support

On the platform, students take tests and access a variety of

from a dedicated School Success Manager, who provides

materials to help them learn content, all in one central place.

coaching on change management, instructional leadership,

Students, teachers, and family members have access to real-

and implementation. School Success Managers conduct

time information about students’ academic progress on the

regular check-ins and help build school and district leader

platform, creating a strong support system for students and a


culture of transparency. The platform also allows for students

serves as the portal for students to submit each assignment.

to set goals in preparation for their 1:1 mentor check-ins and reflect on their past goals.

Summit Learning Program | 2022-23


How to Apply Application Steps



School Leaders visit the Summit Learning website and complete an Interest Form

Schools that meet the basic requirements are invited to start an application. Our full application goes live in early October and closes in early March.

3 School Leaders work with their teaching teams to complete the Summit Learning Program Application

For more details about the application process and timeline, go to

Getting Started with Summit Learning


Application and Enrollment Process Application Steps Summit Learning Interest Form Completing our Interest Form is the first step in applying. Interest Forms typically take 10–15 minutes to complete and must be filled out by a school leader. After reviewing this document in full, visit the Summit Learning website to complete an Interest Form.

Requirements for Applicants

The Summit Learning Program Application

In order to be eligible to apply, schools must meet certain

Schools that meet the technical requirements listed above

basic technical requirements.

are invited to complete the Summit Learning Program Application. The application process facilitates a deep dive

These requirements include: X Schools must be located in the United States X Schools must be site-based (home schools and online schools are not eligible) X Schools must serve students between grades 4-12 X [For public charter schools] School must have an approved charter or plan for approval by fall 2022 X Schools must have 1:1 technology in place or a plan for obtaining 1:1 technology by the fall of 2022 In addition, schools that implement Summit Learning commit to our program requirements to ensure the success of the program.

Summit Learning Program | 2022-23

into Summit Learning for school site teams and helps them evaluate their level of readiness for implementing Summit Learning at their school. There is an optional portion for district staff who will support implementation. Expect to spend at least 2-3 hours completing the application. School leaders complete the bulk of the application, and implementing teachers submit responses as well. Teachers cannot apply to the Summit Learning program independently of their school leader. To apply, schools need to assemble a school-site team consisting of a school leader, implementing teachers, and a district or charter school network leader.


Enrollment Steps for Accepted Schools Program Agreement

Summer Training

The Program Agreement is the document that governs

Summer Training is a professional development opportunity

our partnership with school districts, as well as the Terms

that allows school leaders to plan and prepare for strong

of Service and Privacy Policy that underpin the Summit

implementation of the Summit Learning instructional

Learning program. We update these documents annually to

approach. Teams will have the opportunity to understand the

incorporate feedback from our community and strengthen

Summit Learning vision and approach, collaborate on how

our approach to safeguarding student information. The

to adapt the program to your school, and make plans for a

Program Agreement describes the roles and responsibilities

successful implementation in the fall.

of the Summit Learning program and our partners. For more information, please visit our online Privacy Center.

Onboarding Pre-Work Onboarding Pre-Work is designed to guide new teams through a deep-dive of Summit Learning, the research and science supporting it, change leadership skill development, and vital structural preparation, all prior to Summer Training. Past applicants have identified Onboarding Pre-Work as the single most impactful activity during the enrollment process. We expect school leaders will spend approximately 20 hours and teachers will spend approximately 10 hours completing this pre-work.

Getting Started with Summit Learning


Join Us! The Summit Learning program partners with over 300 schools across 38 states and the District of Columbia. Our program is free and open to schools across the country. We look to partner with schools that show alignment to our vision for student success and a willingness to engage in long term change management. If you’re ready to take the next step towards joining the Summit Learning program, we invite you to complete the Summit Learning Interest Form at: You can also contact us at Gratefully, The Summit Learning Team

Summit Learning Program | 2022-23


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