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s Contains College Of The Rockie Adventure Centre Locations

ROCKIES Golden, British Columbia



Tourism Golden is proud to present the latest editions of our Outdoor Discovery Map & Bike Trail Map. These detailed maps will help you explore our vast natural surroundings. Discover out-of-the-way places and the many hidden gems that make Golden BC special. | 1.800

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Chancellor Peak Chalets aims to give all our visitors a deluxe lodging experience. Luxurious, yet rustic log cabins with all the comforts of home await you.

Enjoy unforgettable spectacular views of the Rocky Mountains from your spacious hotel room. Days Inn Golden is the ideal destination for travellers, families and outdoor enthusiasts.

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WHO WE ARE KICKING HORSE COUNTRY is defined as extending north to Mt. Columbia, south to the Howser Towers, east to Mt. Stephen and west to Mt. Sir Donald. The Town of Golden is smack dab in the middle of this amazing mountain paradise.


COVER: A group getting their thrills with Glacier Rafting Company on the Kicking Horse River. Dave Best photo.

Steve Crowe




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CONTENTS: Dave Burns enjoying an evening fly fish session on the Columbia River. Dave Best photo.


Dave Best, Barry Cox, Ryan Creary, Steve Crowe, Claire Dibble, Tim Grey, Jessica Grey, Jan Kotyk, Teagan Kotyk, Nick Marks, James Martin, Clayton Racicot, Lois Soper

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erfection doesn’t exist. Anyone who says differently is selling something. Despite what we’re told, there’s no perfect place, no perfect people and no perfect product that can hide the fact that our world is actually a sharp and rugged place. Once we get over this fact we can start talking about Golden BC: an emerging resort town that’s still a bit of a diamond in the rough more than a polished stone. At this moment, we have Golden BC in common. Maybe you’re just stopping by, getting gas and food en route to some other place. Or maybe you’re a traveler and you’ve found yourself here for however long you’re staying. Maybe you’ve lived here for years. However we came to be talking today, I would say it doesn’t matter. We have more important things to deal with, like what do we do with Golden BC, right now? May I make a suggestion? Let’s recreate. And let’s do it like we believe recreation is the key to life. Because it is, isn’t it? I’ve thought long and hard about this statement and I’ve come to realize how true it is. Recreation is like a jewel for our souls. It’s the culmination of everything that’s good in life like relaxation, intrigue, desire, discovery, fulfillment… the list goes on and on. And the best part is, that no matter how differently we choose to recreate, it means more or less the same thing to us both. Yes recreation, when it works

out well, satisfies our human condition of needing to be in the moment. And when we are in the moment, we use the knowledge we gain from understanding it to pad ourselves against an abrasive world. The really good news is that Golden BC is one of the best places I know of to recreate. There’s a staggering amount of activities you can do here and many of them can happen in a single day. The in-town recreation hub on 9th street offers more options than most 5 star resorts alone. Once you layer in the possibilities at Kicking Horse Resort you’ve got yourself a full week of hanging out to do. But things really get good when you open your mind to the back country and the rivers and the wondrous amount of adventure that awaits off the beaten path. Now you’ve got a must-do list to last a summer and for many us, a lifetime. Golden isn’t perfect but that doesn’t mean I’m not trying to sell it to you. I can’t help it. It’s a natural by-product, of the high I have from living here, that I want to share it with you. And I’m not alone. The world is sharp and tough but that doesn’t mean there’s not a way through it. The path of recreating in Golden BC forces you to discover and explore but it’s full of precious milestones and it may surprise you how perfect it can be here. Tim Grey



4:31 am on August 25, 2011, watching valley clouds move in on the glowing town below from the Mt. 7 launch. Barry Cox photo.

An education as spectacular as the mountains that surround us . . .

Adventure Tourism Business Operations Diploma ATBO_halfpageSept2011_#2.indd 1

9/6/2011 2:10:54 PM

‘All You Can Play Everyday’


Tee Times: 1.866.727.7222 or 250.344.2700 18 Hole Rates: $56 – $65 (+tax) (twilight rates available) Course Services

Power carts, club rentals, CPGA lessons, full-service golf shop, practice facilities, licensed dining RV Park, soft spike facility, ‘All You Can Play Everyday’ details on

zones Gorman Lake

Gorman Lake Trail (3.5 km)

Camping at Gorman Lake

Upper Parking Lot Bumpy logging road.

by Tim Grey For more hike ideas visit &

Disclaimer: Map, photo and write up for promotional purposes only

James Martin Photo

High clearance recommended.


trip to Gorman Lake is the quintessential Golden BC, outdoor experience. It is a 3.5km, half-day (minimum) trip that takes one from the bottom of the Columbia valley (in town) to a beautiful, pristine, alpine lake, surrounded my majestic quartzite peaks. This is a yearly, must-do, trip for many Golden locals and also a perfect fit for travelers who want to get off the beaten path and have an authentic hike. When we say authentic, we mean it, because right from the get go, you’re into a great adventure. This hike is easy and not easy at the exact same moment, which is kind of like our special town. The access to the trail head can be rugged and the hike can be strenuous, but you can park lower down and it’s not very long. The weather and environment can be welcoming and hostile in the same day so it’s best to be prepared. WEATHER: It may be warm and sunny in town but be aware that Gorman Lake sits at 2,104m, (6904ft) and one should be prepared for being high in the mountains. Pants are essential, as is a windproof (waterproof ) jacket. The snow lasts a long time in this valley and so does the ice on the lake (usually not gone before July 1) so the best time to go is in July and August. TRAVEL: The first big hurdle is getting to the trail head. To do this, you must drive on the Dogtooth Forest Service Road. It is recommended that you park at the 15.5km parking lot but you can drive further at risk to your vehicle (welcome to Golden, where all the good stuff is down a bumpy road). Next you will hike on a deactivated logging road until you encounter a worn path amongst large boulders that leads to the lake. or are the best place to get specifics on this hike. COMMUNICATION: There is now cell service for much of this trip but one should not count on it. At the actual lake it is very likely that you will not have reception. ANIMALS: This is bear country and specifically this is grizzly bear country. A big group, that makes a lot of noise, that doesn’t leave food around and carries bear spray should have little or no problem with any bears. Apart from the bears you have the potential to see marmots, ptarmigans and eagles, which are all

common on this trip. FISHING: Don’t forget your fishing rod: the lake is stocked with small but feisty rainbows. They seem to like small, black colored flies, with a flash of green, sunk 2-3 meters below the service. AMENITIES: There are a couple picnic tables up at the lake as well as an outhouse. Bring your own toilet paper. There are no trash bins and you are expected to pack out everything you pack in. PEOPLE: If it’s nice out, don’t expect to be alone. INSECTS: Expect to be swatting mosquitoes down low and black flies up high. It is often breezy in this valley and that helps. DOGS: This is a great hike for most dogs as there’s not much scree. Small ones may need to be carried through the boulders. DON’T FORGET: Sunscreen, bug spray, bear spray, swimming shorts, camera, map, lunch, hiking pole. OPTIONS FOR MORE: There are a lot of options beyond the lake. If you have a couple days you can even go from or to Kicking Horse Mountain Resort, which is only 11kms (as the crow flies) away. Climbing up to the Holt or Lang cols will get you an excellent view of 3 mountain ranges. KICKING HORSE MAGAZINE





Summit Photo

‘The water below you can be a muddy puddle, a gentle creek, a raging torrent, a calm bay, a monster wave or anything wet’


eorge asked me if I wanted to build my first Stand Up Paddleboard. He was gracious enough to frame it as a question, implying I had a choice in the matter, but actually it was a statement. I was going to be building a SUP under his direction. George is quite persuasive. He said it would be fun. He said we lived in the right place for one. George is a talented woodworker with a thing for floating on water. It was only a matter of time before he came up with this idea. We had been discussing the proposed whitewater park for Golden’s downtown and his plan to build a board to ride its hoped-for waves. My interest as a videographer was piqued and I asked if I could

stop by from time to time during the construction to document the board’s development as part of a larger project. He contacted me a few days later—his raspy voice animated by conspiratorial enthusiasm—to tell me he had recruited two more of our friends and he was going to make three SUPs, but would rather it was four. That’s where I came into his plan. It turns out he wanted to test different shapes and materials but couldn’t do all the work himself, nor did he want to finance four SUPs. So while I was already going to be there filming, I would now also be making a wooden SUP from scratch with little to no woodworking experience. I was intimidated but didn’t want to disappoint George. I had no idea what I was getting into. I didn’t get much filming done. SUPing, if you haven’t heard, is becoming a pretty big deal in the world of watercraft. There is nothing to guess about in the name. It is a

board you stand up on and paddle— although you can kneel or sit if you choose. The water below you can be a muddy puddle, a gentle creek, a raging torrent, a calm bay, a monster wave or anything wet. Laird Hamilton, the big wave surfing man-god, is probably the best known SUPer out there, having climbed aboard years ago as another way to ride big waves. He gave it legitimacy and now millions of people are standing up around the world. For me the main advantages are comfort, fitness and view. Having stopped kayaking

partly because of the discomfort caused by the sitting position, I appreciate the ability to move my legs around and avoid cramping. I also get a full body workout including the all-important core. And because my eyes are almost two metres above the water’s surface, I can see obstacles far ahead and aquatic delights below. Furthermore, when the weather and water are warm it’s like having my own dock to float around on and dive off. I’m considering ways to attach a cooler and barbecue. Building a 4-metre SUP while needing encouraging direction for every single step is not a task that should be taken on lightly, I now know. Starting in spring, George spent countless hours studying plans and internet forums developing and tweaking his ideas. He figured we’d be paddling by his July birthday. But he did not factor in four of us bumbling around in his shop. Lord knows he’s a gifted man, but that genius does not extend to shop organization. We spent at least 30 minutes at the beginning of each work session just trying to locate tools and maneuver boards into place. He also didn’t factor in that he was the only one who really knew what he was doing. And having never before built a SUP, he really didn’t know what he was doing. Despite all his studying and preparation, he often made

up stuff on the fly. That’s great when you have some experience to drawn on, but when he encouraged me to think for myself I was drawing on an empty well. All I’d usually find in the bucket is the same dusty message: ‘ask George’. George’s birthday passed and life, with its bodychecks and balances, got in the way; progress limped along. Then winter passed. Then George’s birthday passed again and we hung our heads low. As the sun’s warmth again started to wane, George and I resolutely dug in our heels, determined to hold onto summer long enough to finish. The others had taken their boards home to finish in their own time, but I had nowhere to take mine and no idea what to do with it when I got there, so I stuck it out with George. And by golly, and by willful neglect of my family, by the end of summer we were paddling.

Winter SUPing is a great way to break up the long gray days

I started off with a tootle around Cedar Lake to test my lake legs, but mostly to show off my creation to my daughter. Jazzed, I immediately set out for the Nicholson bridge on the historic Columbia to test my gentle-current river legs with

Summit Photo

Inflatable SUPs are a good way to avoid the bulk

a float to the Golden airport. It was the middle of September and the sun was shining. I was keenly aware that this might be the last nice day of summer (it was) and the tension to enjoy it was palpable. The water’s calm surface reflected the mountains and the sun’s warmth. The banks drifted silently by and the wildlife didn’t know what to make of me. The fir and cedar strips beneath my feet felt warm, vibrant and comfortably at home. I was bewitched. And I was thankful toward George and his big ideas. Now, I wonder when those other two guys will be finished; George’s birthday is coming up soon.

LIQUID LOCATIONS TO SUP AROUND GOLDEN FLATWATER: Cedar Lake, Sander Lake, Kinbasket Lake, any of numerous sloughs along the Columbia River, and many other small lakes throughout the valley.

SUP in progress at the shop

TYPES OF BOARDS There are as many kinds of SUPs as there are places to SUP. And they come in a tremendous variety of shapes, lengths and prices. Very generally, here are some basics:

GENTLE MOVING WATER: Columbia River put-ins at the bridges at Golden, Nicholson, Parson or Harrogate from which you can travel to the next bridge, or paddle upstream then back down (you can do this too at the Golden airport). Sections of the Kicking Horse River between Field and Wapta Falls.

MODERATE MOVING WATER: Blaeberry River has some mild whitewater but is shallow.

FAST MOVING WATER: Kicking Horse River between Wapta Falls and Golden. OCEAN WAVES: A long way from here.

• •

Hollow wood with resin: beautiful, resilient, heavy, expensive Hollow plastic: uber-resilient, heavy, can have storage Foam core: breakable, uber-light, maneuverable. Inflatable: easy to travel with (good for remote locations), the best to run rivers with. Light.

BUY OR RENT Paddleboards are available for purchase or rent at Higher Ground Mountain Sports in downtown Golden. You can also check out (Thanks for photo guys)

You never know who you’ll run into out in the bush. But when it comes to amphibians you can be sure they’ll be more surprised than you are. Whether it’s small size, cryptic coloration, or secretive ways, amphibians are masters of not being seen. Still, of the Kootenays’ five species, this Western Toad, Anaxyrus boreas, is the most likely to say hi. The Coeur d’Alene Salamander likes rocky spray zones around cascades; the Rocky Mountain Tailed Frog is a nocturnal ghost inhabiting similar situations, its tadpoles clinging by powerful sucker to the underside of rocks. The Long-toad Salamander spends life underground and the Columbia Spotted Frog never strays far from the lakes and ponds it calls home. Only Mr. Toad likes to pack his bags and get around. Adult toads are stocky (5.5-14.5 cm) with short legs. Unlike frogs, the skin is dry and bumpy and ranges from pale green to grey, dark brown, or even red with a mute stripe down the backs. Behind each eye is a kidney-shaped swelling called a parotoid gland (it exudes nasty stuff when a toad is threatened). Males are generally smaller Only Mr. Toad likes to and have dark pads on their thumbs to pack his bags and get help cling to females during mating—wise around. given the marathon task of mating without a penis. Adults migrate to wetland breeding sites in spring. Then it’s pretty straightforward pub-style cruising: a male searches for an available female, clasps her from behind and fertilizes eggs as they’re deposited in the water (they resemble tiny black pearls laid single file in jelly strings). Since females average 12,000 eggs (99% won’t survive), that’s a lot of fertilizing—and hanging on. Eggs hatch in 3-12 days depending on water temperature. The black tadpoles swarm in groups through the warmest water available feeding on aquatic plants, detritus and algae. After 6-8 weeks they metamorphose into 6 mm toadlets and get out of dodge; you often see these little guys struggling away from ponds in late summer. The toad diet (not recommended) consists of flying insects, ants, beetles, spiders, centipedes, slugs, and earthworms. The Western Toad is found west of the Rockies from Mexico to southern Alaska in semi-arid and wet forest at elevations up to 2250 m. Population declines in B.C. have the species yellow-listed—of conservation concern and protected under the Wildlife Act. The good news is you can learn about protecting toads and their habitat and contribute sighting information at B.C. Frogwatch ( frogwatch). —Leslie Anthony

Cox Photo, Mt. 7 FSR







Why Recreation?

elcome to the Town of Golden endless summer recreation guide in partnership with Kicking Horse Magazine. We are excited to have the opportunity to showcase our recreational facilities by giving you a small taste of the passion that has built our places of play.



Soccer Fields

Swimming Pool


Golden and District Arena

Pump Track (NEW)

Rotary Trails

Tennis Courts

High School Track and Field

Basketball Courts

Golden Municipal Campground

Freeride Park

17 White Water Amenity Hub

Mount 7 Rec Plex

18 Golden Curling Rink

Green Gym

19 Seniors Centre 20 Community Bike Share Hub

Horseshoe Pits


6 5 4

7 8 9

9th Street S

Together we’ve built numerous facilities that when added all up, exceed many of the services offered at a five star resort; however, to play in our facilities no special tag is required! Please enjoy this guide and take the time to find out more about some of our key summer facilities that make up the playful nature of our community and whether you are a resident or visitor to our home, make sure you take the time to do something good for your body and mind by taking a little time to enjoy the power of recreation.


Gushers Spray Park

The physical location of our community is in the middle of a recreation paradise. The mountains and rivers that surround our homes provide endless opportunities for play. With a perfect combination of location and play came the adventure tourism business pioneers who share their passion with countless guests daily. From the stunning views provided through heli-hiking, a gondola ride, or sailing under a paraglider to an exhilarating ride by raft or kayak in the Kicking Horse River and discovering the earth that makes up our mountains on foot or on a mountain bike, Golden meets the demands for a perfect mountain adventure. Despite everything that surrounds us, a day in the mountains is not enough to tire us out and the desire for social recreation environments within our community has grown. The residents of Golden have worked together to form countless clubs and organizations presenting the energy, passion and solutions to create our community recreational facilities.


Keith King Ball Diamonds


1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

can fill several days worth of fun. Turn east at the main set of traffic lights in Golden and start to splash, bounce, slide, your grand slam of activities away.



The eastern side of 9th Street South offers an abundance of recreational opportunities that rivals most five star resorts. There are activities for all ages and abilities here and the options




3 18



17 20


[2] Recreational activities are often done for enjoyment, amusement, or pleasure and are considered to be “fun”. The term recreation implies participation to be healthy refreshing mind and body.

Golden Recreation Hub


[1] The “need to do something for recreation” is an essential element of human biology and psychology.


RECREATION: is an activity of leisure, leisure being discretionary time.

Christina Benty Mayor - Town of Golden KICKING HORSE MAGAZINE





This year the pool is offering consistent lane swim times 5 days a week.




he Golden Municipal Swimming Pool is a locals staple for summer in Golden. The pool is open daily until August 26th 2012. With a great variety of programs, the pool has something for everyone. The Golden Municipal Swimming Pool opened in the summer of 1978. It is a twenty-five metre (25m) six lane heated outdoor swimming pool, with depth ranging from 1.2m at the shallow end to 3.4m at the deep end. There is a wide set of stairs with hand rails at each corner of the pool to allow for easy access in and out of the water. The temperature is kept at 82 degrees Fahrenheit and is the perfect temperature to go for a dip, not too cold and not too hot, just refreshing! The pool also has plenty of deck space for sitting out in the sun. Looking to stay in the shade then grab a spot at one of the picnic tables and watch the afternoon go by. Come practice your cannon balls off our one metre (1m) diving board during public swims. The staff are trained aquatic experts. The lifeguards are always around to help make visiting the pool comfortable and fun. Just ask the guards, and they can pull out some of the many pool toys or give a pointer or two for your stroke technique.


250.344.2118 16



• Early bird (6-9 am) • Lunch hours (12-1pm): 6 lanes • After work 4:30-7:30pm: 1 lane shared space with swim club. • Weekends 1-2pm All ages welcome! Lap swimming is a great way to stay in shape for all ages. The pool has a large timing clocks you can request so that you can set your pace and time yourself. There are also backstroke flags 5m from each wall. Remember to bring your water bottle with you to stay hydrated. Each member of the aquatic team has specialized stroke training and can give you some pointers on improving your stoke.

The Golden Dolphin Swim Club offers something for everyone. It is for the beginner who struggles to swim more than a length, the swimmer who strives for competitive and personal excellence and the individual who swims to improve their fitness level through a program of coached swim training. The club provides a team environment while focusing on the individual’s swimming skills that assist each swimmer in recognizing continued personal improvement and success. Golden Dolphins is a summer swim club running May to August. Any age can join swim club. The only requirement is that the person must be able to swim at least a length. Senior swimmers take a leadership role in supporting, coaching and watching out for the younger swimmers. A number of adults (parents) swim with the club and participate fully in the program: swim meets and all. Competition is a part of Swim Club. Competing is a personal thing; it is the most effective way to test skills and ability. Swimmers will be encouraged to compete only after they have expressed their interest to do so. Coaches will introduce the idea of competing to the swimmer in the fun and supportive environment of regular training sessions, i.e. fun relays, timed workouts, mini meets. Parents run the club, organize the social activities and assist at the meets. Our success depends upon the involvement of all parents. Please help where you can, as it will be a rewarding experience for you and your swimmer.



The wading pool is adjacent to the swimming pool and is a great spot to get small children introduced to the water. The pool is 0.7m. deep and has a length (6m) and a width (2m). It is commonly a little warmer than the main pool.

Introduced in the summer of 2010, the Gusher Spray Park was built in request to community needs. The park is a fabulous place for kids to have fun. There are 6 separate water fixtures that spray onto a concrete surface. The park is surrounded by a nice, large, grassy area with benches, picnic tables and a water fountain. It is located right outside the outdoor pool’s fence line and is a great place to meet up with your friends. The park is operational from June - September, during daylight hours.

The wading pool is open during all public and lane swim times.

LIFEGUARD TRAINING Life guarding is a team-oriented occupation that you can do anywhere in Canada. It’s a great summer or part time job for students that pays well! The pool has experienced, passionate lifeguards leading these courses. Lifeguard club: Drop in $10 Saturdays May 26June 30. Ages 8-12. Come for games and funbased drills and activities led by one of our very own lifeguards. The team will show you how to be a lifeguard! Bronze medallion: Registered program. See next page for dates. Drop by the pool to add your name to the interest list and get your training started in becoming a lifeguard. $130 plus the required manual. Pre-requisites are: bronze star or 13 years by the last day of course. Bronze Cross: Same as above EXCEPT the pre requisite: must have bronze medallion.

KAYAK PRACTICE Golden is surrounded by amazing places to kayak, but learning the sport takes some practice. The Golden Municipal Pool offers the perfect place to come and perfect your barrel roll. Two evenings a week the pool is open for kayakers to come and practice. These times are BYOB, as in bring your own BOAT. No official lessons or boats are provided.


AQUAFIT AQUAFITNESS… An exercise class for everyone! Whether you are young, old or in the middle Aquafitness is for YOU! Why try it you ask? Well this low impact workout can inspire everyone to work at their own pace. The intensity depends on YOU. The FIVE “Magical Properties” of Water: • Buoyancy – decreases shock making is a low impact workout • Turbulence – currents in the water promote circulation, relaxation and engage core muscles for stability • Resistance – intensity of the exercise can be changed by increasing or decreasing surface area • Hydrostatic Pressure – heart rate is lowered without losing cardiovascular or aerobic training • Thermal Conductivity – water “wicks” away excess heat creating a cool workout environment. And with the groovy music, the fresh air, and the wonderful supportive environment of the pool, who wouldn’t want to give this crosstraining workout a try? So grab your kids, grab a friend and head on down to the Golden Swimming Pool this summer to try a workout in water for a change! See you there!

MONDAYS, WEDNESDAYS & FRIDAYS 7:30 - 8:30 PM $6.50 pp

7:30 - 8:30 PM $6.50 pp KICKING HORSE MAGAZINE




SWIM LESSON SCHEDULE SET 1. July 3rd – July 13th ** Begins Tuesday runs Monday to Friday (2 weeks) Program Level 9/10 Level 7/8 Level 5/6 Level 3/4 Level 1/2 Starfish/Duck *parented Sea Turtle Sea Otter Salamander Sunfish Crocodile/Whale

Time 9:00 - 9:55am 9:20 - 9:55am 10:00 - 10:40am 10:00 - 10:25am 10:30 - 10:55am 11:00 - 11:25am 11:00 -11:25am 11:00 - 1125am 11:30 - 11:55am 11:30 - 11:55am 11:30 - 11:55am

Cost * $55 –no class July 2nd * $50 – no class July 2nd * $50 – no class July 2nd * $45 – no class July 2nd * $45 – no class July 2nd * $45 – no class July 2nd * $45 – no class July 2nd * $45 – no class July 2nd * $45 – no class July 2nd * $45 – no class July 2nd * $45 – no class July 2nd

SET 2. July 16 – July 27 Monday to Friday (2 weeks) th


Program Level 9/10 Level 7/8 Level 5/6 Level 3/4 Level 1/2 Starfish/Duck *parented Seaturtle Sea Otter Salamander Sunfish Crocodile/Whale

Time 9:00 - 9:55am 9:20 - 9:55am 10:00 - 10:40am 10:00 - 10:25am 10:30 - 10:55am 11:00 - 11:25am 11:00 -11:25am 11:00 - 1125am 11:30 - 11:55am 11:30 - 11:55am 11:30 - 11:55am

Cost $60 $55 $55 $50 $50 $50 $50 $50 $50 $50 $50

SET 3. July 30th – August 10th Monday to Friday (2 weeks) Program Level 9/10 Level 7/8 Level 5/6 Level 3/4 Level 1/2 Starfish/Duck *parented Seaturtle Sea Otter Salamander Sunfish Crocodile/Whale

Time 9:00 - 9:55am 9:20 - 9:55am 10:00 - 10:40am 10:00 - 10:25am 10:30 - 10:55am 11:00 - 11:25am 11:00 -11:25am 11:00 - 1125am 11:30 - 11:55am 11:30 - 11:55am 11:30 - 11:55am

Cost $60 $55 $55 $50 $50 $50 $50 $50 $50 $50 $50

SET 4. August 13 – August 24 Monday to Friday (2 weeks) th

Program Level 9/10 Level 7/8 Level 5/6 Level 3/4 Level 1/2 Starfish/Duck *parented Seaturtle Sea Otter Salamander Sunfish Crocodile/Whale




Time 9:00 - 9:55am 9:20 - 9:55am 10:00 - 10:40am 10:00 - 10:25am 10:30 - 10:55am 11:00 - 11:25am 11:00 -11:25am 11:00 - 1125am 11:30 - 11:55am 11:30 - 11:55am 11:30 - 11:55am

Cost $60 $55 $55 $50 $50 $50 $50 $50 $50 $50 $50

The Town of Golden reserves the right to combine or cancel classes due to low registration numbers. Every attempt will be made to contact patrons prior to any changes. Payment is required at the time of booking and must be paid in full prior to the first day of lessons. Please bring your lesson progress cards to the first lesson and give them to your instructor.



The Red Cross Water Swim Lesson program has been teaching Canadians water safety and skills for 65 years. Lessons at the pool are for parent & tot, preschoolers, children, youth, and adults. The minimum requirement for parent and tot classes is that the child must be able to hold their head up on their own. The maximum age? There is none! We can help anyone learn how to swim for the first time, or we can provide instruction for more advanced adults. Not sure what level you’re in? The instructors can do a quick swim test to find out before you register for lessons. Speciality and private programs are also available upon request. Phone, e-mail or ask during your next visit to the pool.

BRONZE MEDALLION July 3-7 Mon-Fri 7:30-12pm Sat 12-4:30pm This course includes a combination of wet and dry sessions. Bring your swim gear, towels, something to write on, and a snack. Bronze Medallion teaches an understanding of the lifesaving principles embodied in the four components of water rescue education - judgment, knowledge, skill and fitness. Rescuers learn selfrescue techniques, defense and release methods, tows and carries in preparation for challenging rescues involving conscious and unconscious victims of various types, including spinal injuries and circulatory emergencies. Lifesavers develop stroke efficiency and endurance in a timed swim. Bronze Medallion includes the CPR-A certification.


Golden Swimming Pool Summer 2012 Swimming

HOLIDAY HOURS: July 1-2 & August 6 Open: 2pm - 5 pm

Public Rates & Lesson Pricing


Drop in Rates: Public Swim & Lane Swim Drop in (single use)

2012 Rates Family Adult Student / Senior Child

$10.50 $4.50 $3.25 $2.50

Monthly Pass

Season Pass

$125.50 $55.75 $38.25 $30.75

$261.00 $119.00 $81.25 $63.75

Punch Pass Program: 10 visits for the price of 9 Punch passes are available for all swimming pool programs. Ask at the front desk for details on pricing.

Specialty Programs: Aqua Fitness and Kayak Play Aqua Fitness & Kayak Play Drop In Rate – Single Use $6.50 10 visit punch pass also available *All Kayak Play users must bring their own boat

Red Cross Swimming Lessons Lesson Duration & FEEDBACK POOL CONTACTS

2012 Rates

Per Lesson Set

Starfish – 250.344.2118 Level 4 Level 5 – Level 8 Level 9 / 10

Your feedback is important to the pool operations. If you$50 notice 25 min per lesson something out of place, have a great idea on a new program, 40 min per lesson $55 wondering what is happening when or what to learn more about 55 min per lesson $60 to the pool please phone, e-mail or provide some written feedback For more informationthe on the spring and summer lesson schedule ask at the Golden Pool team anytime!

KICKING HORSE MAGAZINE For more information about the pool and schedule


Soper Photo



olden is surrounded by great parks and green spaces with a lengthy list of Forestry Recreation Sites, endless amount of wilderness, wet lands and some of the world’s best National and Provincial Parks. But what some of us commonly overlook are the great local parks and facilities located right in our own community. If you are new to Golden or up for rediscovering your own backyard head out for a summer stroll or ride on the Rotary Trail system and discover over 16km of trails in the community. The Rotary Trail system runs alongside our rivers and connect to the downtown core making the trails easy to access and designed for everyone to use. Take some time to get around town, active transportationstyle. Five local family-oriented parks are found in various locations our community, each having a unique character, theme and playground equipment . From trains to clown themes each spot is well worth checking out and a great place to make some new friends while having some outdoor active fun. Golden also has various other green parks with picnic tables and benches. After a casual stroll, take a break and enjoy the nature around you at any of these great spots. BIKE SHARE The Golden Community Bike Share program is the result of an active transportation committee that had a vision for a unique transportation program. Golden was one of the first communities in British Columbia to implement a bike share system and it has quickly become a point of discussion for many other communities. Similar programs have recently been introduced in larger city centres, however, the uniqueness of Golden’s program and river trail system it accesses makes the program one of a kind. Two bike share hubs are presently located in the community, one located at the White Water Amenity Hub at the Golden Municipal Campground and a second in the Spirit Square next to the Kicking Horse River Pedestrian Bridge. The solar powered bike hubs allow users to access the bikes with a special bike share card. Users can purchase these cards at the Dream Catcher Hotel, located downtown Golden or the Whistle Stop Outpost located at the campground and Town Hall. Cost for a six hour rental is $10 and season passes are available to local residents. Operations during daylight hours.



If your desire is a little more sport specific, take the time to find out more on some of our other great facilities in this Around Town feature.






PUMP TRACK & SKILLS PARK Coming in summer 2012, Golden is slated to get a bike pump track and skills park. This project will come to fruition through the joint resources of the Golden Cycling Club and the Town of Golden. Both of these amenities will service a wide age group of participants and will allow for the development of mountain bike skills that can be used on the many other trails near Golden. Located behind the Mt. 7 Rec Plex, the pump track and skills park will fill a 100ft x 100ft space and will allow riders to flow around its corners without the need to pedal. The track will be built in 100% compliance with both the ‘Pump Track Nation’ guidebook and the IMBA/Whistler

Technical Trail Features Guidelines. The pump track will have no mandatory gap jumps and the skills park will feature a selection of low risk obstacles. There is no planned impact to any trees or vegetation. The Golden Cycling Club, is planning a mass volunteer day in June to build the track and anticipating to host the grand opening for the facility on Canada Day! If you are interested to contributing to the building of this exciting new venture, please get in touch with the GCC at: www.

The Golden Freeride Park is arguably one of the most used public amenities in town. Located beside the Mount 7 Rec Plex the park is easy to find and suitable for many different ability levels. Skateboarders, bikers, scooter users and the occasional runner biker can be found challenging the parks numerous features and growing their urban riding skills. The Freeride Park is roughly 40 meters long by 16 meters wide and includes modified wall rides, banks, step ups, wedges, ledges and rails. The park is fueled by the passionate youth in our community but visited by a wider demographic than the average person thinks. On Sunday July 1st, come out to the Freeride Park and see riders in our community showcase their talents in the annual STOMPDOWN event!

TENNIS AND BASKETBALL COURTS Located beside the Mount 7 Rec Plex is the community tennis courts and street basketball court. Both of the facilities are free for public to use and available on a first come first serve basis. The three cement tennis courts are fully fenced in and have regulation lines and netting. There is no official tennis club in Golden, however if you are keen on finding a new partner for a game just swing by the facility and challenge someone to a match. The street basketball courts attracts a wide range of players and court is commonly home to community grudge matches. Washrooms for the facility are located on the side of the Mount 7 Rec Plex.

KEITH KING MEMORIAL PARK Tucked in behind Selkirk heights on a beautiful bench of land is Keith King Memorial park, Golden’s centre for recreational sport fields. The park is home to the Golden Minor Soccer Association, a thriving club with some 300 members. The club plays on two full sized soccer fields that are used in various formats to accommodate different age categories. Softball is a popular evening activity for many ages, four fields are positioned in a circular format providing a great social environment for the players. Two washroom facilities, a play park and rentable concession make a home run for this great park facility. For booking information on either of these facilities please contact the Town of Golden Recreation Department at 250-344-2271 Ext 225 or e-mail

GREEN GYM Golden’s Green Gym is an outdoor gym very similar to an indoor gym. The equipment is installed outdoors so it is robust, weatherproof and colourful. It does not use weights for resistance, but rather one’s own body weight. Golden’s Green Gym features: • Leg Press • Rowing Machine • Warm-up & Stretch Station • Chest Press • Elliptical Trainer • Air Skier • Core Fit 2 • Lat Pull & Shoulder Press • Single Butterfly • Waist Abdomen Stretcher



Kotyk Photo

KIDS ECDC SUMMER FUN PROGRAMS The Early Childhood Development Coalition of Golden is a non-profit group dedicated to meeting children’s and parent’s development needs. The organization is full of passionate people who are working in our community for the community’s benefit. This summer the ECDC has created the Summer Fun program, which will fill a gap in our community services for working parents and travelling families. The program is a day camp for kids ages 5 and up, which will focus on fun and educational activities like painting, crafts and nature exploring. The children will also have time with supervised, unstructured, natural play, which research has proven is excellent for child development. The programming is coordinated by a certified ECE (early childhood educator) and it will feature age appropriate educational activities. There is also programming for smaller children aged 3-5 on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 1pm to 3 pm. Travelling families with parents or parents who just want the day off can pay a day rate fee for their child. These spots are subject to availability. Costs on the Summer Fun programs have been heavily subsidized so that the prices are as affordable as possible. The program is a reality because of generous contributions by College of the Rockies and the Town of Golden.

GOLDEN SOCCER CAMP The Golden Soccer Camp is run by the Baptist Church. The camp takes place August 7 to 10, from 9am to 12 noon at Keith King Park. The camp is open to children ages 5 to 10. Cost is $35.00/player ($25 for 2nd child in family, subsequent children are Free). Scholarships are available. Summer Fun Program

Summer Fun Lite Program

Times: 9am - 3pm, Monday to Friday

Times: 1pm - 3pm, Tuesday to Thursday

Ages: 5+ (must have completed kindergarten)

Ages: 3-5

Cost: $100/week or $25/day

Cost: $30/week

Contact:, 250.439.8388

The camp is limited to 30 players so please notify as soon as possible if you wish your child to participate. Contact: goldensoccercamp@gmail. com or call 250-344-7676 or at http://



HISTORY CAMP : GOLDEN MUSEUM The Golden and District Museum’s history camp for kids provides an action packed week of crafts, games and activities designed to bring the spirit of a B.C. pioneer alive. The kids will wear 19th century clothing, learn in an authentic school house, enjoy our tepee, and take care of live farm animals. They will learn about local plants, make bird houses, prepare food in a genuine outdoor kitchen and more. Children will get hands on experience of pioneer life with small groups of their peers. Both day and week long camps are available. Week long camps run $120 for members and $150 for non members. Price subsidies are available for lower income families. Week long sessions run from July 9- August 20. Camps run for kids ages 6-12. Please visit for more information or call 250.344.5169

GYMNASTICS CAMP Kicking Horse Gymnastics Club is hoping to offer the following summer camps. • 45 minute classes for Parent and Tot and 3 year old independent athletes. • 1 hour classes for 4 & 5 year old athletes. • 1.5 hour classes recreational grade 1-8. • 2-3 hour classes for invitational advanced athletes. The club hopes to offer camps July 9-12, July 16-19, August 6-9, and August 13-16. Please contact for more information or visit http://khgym.

JR. GOLF PROGRAMS The Golden Golf club believes that golf should be fun and that young golfers should be taught appropriate golf skills, rules, etiquette and basic strategy. There are several different programs at the GGC that suit different ages and abilities. Junior Swingers: ages 5-8 - $30.00. An introduction into the key concepts (grip, stance, balance and swing) Junior Players: ages 9-12 - $50.00. Emphasis is placed on teaching swing basics and other technical components like balance, flexibility, posture, strength and power. Juniors: ages 13-18 - $50.00. This group concentrates on technical skills while putting, chipping, pitching and making a full swing. This stage is called ‘train to play’ as we prepare this group for competency around the golf course. Visit for more info or call 250.344.2700

CLIMBING CAMPS The Dogtooth Climbing Gym has summer camps for kids ages 5 and over all summer long. Your kids will climb, boulder and take part in climbing games, whilst staff take care of the safety aspects and rope work. For kids aged over 9 years, ACMG certified gym instructor we will focus upon climbing technique and belaying skills. Snack and drink provided. Morning and afternoon camps available. Cost: $44 Please register in advance. Call 250.344.2700 or e-mail KICKING HORSE MAGAZINE



‘ lapping in the breeze at Confluence Park...fluttering in the hazy afternoon heat at Cedar Lake’

Ode to Golden I was raised in Zimbabwe and Canada didn’t feature much on my childhood map. It was there, hovering vaguely above the USA (which I knew thanks to Archie comics) but the shockedcold landscape I imagined Canada to be meant that it stayed on the periphery of my global consciousness. That I came to live in Canada always seemed surprising; I’ve described it as “accidental”. Even more surprising is that now that I am no longer living in Golden, I miss my Canadian home so much.

Golden has a charm that runs beneath the surface, because, let’s face it, upon arrival on Highway 1, you would never guess such a gem existed behind the gauntlet of gas stations and fast food joints. But it does, and I’m not talking about its obvious travelbrochure appeal—you can’t fail to be impressed by the ancient mountain ranges that cradle it, the jubilant Kicking Horse and the lumbering Columbia rivers that dissect it, or the fecund wetlands that blanket it—I’m talking about a spirit, a vibe, a community that thrives within that spectacular space. My Canadian experience began when I was pregnant with my first child, so it’s wound very tightly to my early experiences as a parent. My first lesson was to just get on and do it. At the risk of sounding careless (because I don’t believe I was) I skied KHMR’s notorious Whitewall for the first time with a bunch of other awesome ladies taking part in the Powder Clinic, a weekly meeting of ski-keen girls, with my five-month-old fetus joining me for the ride. Canadians just get on with it, not in a ‘look at me’ kind of way, but simply because they seem to have an inherent blindness to barriers. Perhaps it’s a trait inherited from their forefathers who lived with the most basic of resources through the toughest of winters. And this rough and ready pioneering spirit seems to pool in high concentrations in Golden. We came to Golden for the winter and the skiing, but it was the three seasons that followed which anchored my soul to the place. After all that cold, the arrival of bountiful spring—with the emergence of sun-loving bears and flowers, and the forests humming with new energy—was a powerful and addictive hit. As colour flooded back into the valley floor, it was impossible not to feel high on this life. Next came the liberation of summer and the tonic of watching my children play in naked delight with their friends in the sand and water at Cedar Lake or throwing stones from the muddy banks of the Columbia. I remember summer concerts in the Spirit Square, where, again, my children threw off their clothes and stamped around in the water fountain while ukuleles and the astonishing backdrop distracted their parents. Then the poetry of fall would arrive, with its fiery, everchanging landscape, trees dropping fruit, and that excited KICKING HORSE MAGAZINE 24

by Maev Allen

nibble in my gut as another ski season approached. Golden is the least pretentious place I know. Come Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays, you can find locals perusing the town’s two thrift stores, while catching up on news with each other. The charity stores are widely utilized and generously supported. Use, reuse, renew, and then fix it with a strip of duct tape—the culture of ‘passing it on’ is very much alive in Golden. When we moved into our unfurnished home, the only item we needed to purchase was a bed as an entire household of furniture fell generously and unconditionally into our hands. I’ve exchanged one mountain town for another and the Swiss Alps are now the giants that surround me. Elementally, much is the same, but it takes time to sink oneself into the soil of a new life and in the meantime I find myself missing the very ordinary stuff of Golden life: a coffee at the window seat in Bacchus Books, conversation at the check-out in Overwaitea, the shunting of the trains, the smiling faces of the ladies in the post office, the bank, at the library. I miss the simplicity of this small, dusty town in the Kootenays. I’ve tried to recall a quote I held on to for a while, a long time ago, when I first started travelling, that talks about leaving threads of yourself, like rags caught on a fence (well, that was my visual memory of it) whenever you’ve spent time in a new place. I see myself that way: flapping in the breeze at Confluence Park, ripping in the wind up on Terminator Ridge, fluttering in the hazy afternoon heat at Cedar Lake. I may have left Golden, but a part of my soul stays on.


ENDLESS Marks Photo

Photos by Lois Soper




Kicking Horse Magazine is having an Instagram photo contest. WIN A $50 GIFT CERTIFICATE FROM OUR LOCAL SPONSORS. Take a photo that captures the essence of Golden, and tag it #KHmag and @KHmag. *Only photos taken with an iPhone or Android will be accepted. (Sorry, No DSLR or regular camera shots) Go to for full contest rules and to see our live Instagram feed.

Gallery Nick Quinn, rides the Moonraker Trails on a moody summer morning. Ryan Creary photo.


Local phenom Riley Suhan destroyed the U17 expert class and was the second fastest time of the day at the 2011 Western Open downhill mountain bike race at Kicking Horse Mountain Resort. Follow his career at Clayton Racicot photo.

Unknown rider pulls a no-hander as he boosts out of the wall at the Freeride Park. Check out his handle bars. Dave Best photo.




The Canadian Pacific Heritage Train usually comes to Golden once a year. Here it is nearing town. Photo by Jan Kotyk

Photo by Jess Grey

Summer night time lapse of Bugaboo Spire. Photo by Jon Walsh

Dragon flies are a unique and important part of the ecosystem around Golden, mostly because they eat mosquitoes. Photo by Barry Cox



Resort Municipality Initiative 2012-2016 Golden is one of fourteen resort municipalities in the province of BC. With this recognition the Town of Golden receives an annual, fixed financial contribution from the provincial government specifically designated for tourism infrastructure improvements . The new five-year plan has been approved that will see Golden get approximately $500,000 a year for the next five years. The following is a list of the ten major programs that will see RMI money over the next term.

Visitor Sign Program

Community Wireless Service

This is the continuation of a 2007-2011 program designing and installation a suite of directional and interpretational thematically consistent signs throughout the community. While providing a much clearer, aesthetically pleasing, and informative focus for visitor way finding and information, the program also assists in eliminating existing clusters and sign “pollution.”

The project anticipates the provision of free wireless internet service to visitors in several key outdoor public locations within the community. The infrastructure required will be an adjunct to the Town of Golden’s broadband fibre-optic connectivity areas, which will require hardware installations and network programming to ensure consistency and security.

Highway 1 Corridor Enhancement

Community Tourist Shuttle

The project contemplates aesthetic improvements to the Highway One corridor from junction of Highway 1 with 95 to the western entrance. Often termed “the strip” this section of commercial establishment typifies the “anywhere USA” moniker and a focused revitalization of public space, mobility and use is planned. The project will begin with an outsourced phased capital plan to provide a backdrop of both design and scope potential, with a tactical component based upon time and funding. The remainder of the project will include the capital work component. A 4-year

The project is essentially a best practices research initiative to reveal the various ways resort communities in North America plan, capitalize, partner, and operate shuttle services to accommodate visitors. Through this inventory, an analysis and implementation recommendation more specific to the Golden area will be the end result, based on both the research findings and the economic, social, and environmental factors at play in this specific area that must be considered to ensure success.

Public Art Program

time frame for both planning and operational work is anticipated.

Included in the first RDS as a part of the Visitor Sign Program, the banner program has been separated as a distinct infrastructure component of a resort community, providing animation to streetscapes and positively reinforcing the community brand. The project is a re-capitalization of the banner program in 2014/2015 when the existing stock will be in need of replacement due to normal wear and tear.

Permanent Square Amenity Hub This project will see the architectural design and construction within the Community Square of a structure housing a performance stage, washrooms, storage facility, visitor information, and a possible food concession.

Nordic Centre Completion Singular contribution of funds to enable completion by the Nordic Ski Club of its professionally redesigned, expanded, and competition-ready Nordic facility.



COMMUNITY. since 1882.

Community Banner Program

Based on practices in other communities, expenditures will be predicated on an application based framework, wherein within the context of terms of reference dictating the scope, nature, and location of a proposed public art piece, costs for its production and installation would be provided on a shared basis. In this way, Golden will develop a unique series of cultural expressions and attractions of varying sizes, shapes, colours and materials.

Snowmobile Trail Maintenance Annual contribution of funds toward the costs of grooming popular snowmobile routes in the area, totalling over 50kms.

Bike Share Program Enhancement Expansion of the existing Sandvault Community Bike Share Program with the addition of a third docking centre and commensurate bicycles in another area of the community.



Mayor Benty cuts the ribbon to officially open the new Civic Centre

Dibble Photo


any years in the planning and 15 months for the construction and restoration, the Civic Centre was re-opened the week before New Year’s 2011 with five days of celebratory events. The restored building design kept many of the aesthetic features of the original building but also added a modern flare. There are now events taking place on a weekly basis at the centre and you can check in to see what’s next at

Book the Civic Centre: Kicking Horse Culture manages the Civic Centre on behalf of the Town of Golden. The Great Hall is a beautiful and welcoming venue for concerts, conferences, meetings, memorials, weddings etc. On the accessible lower floor, there is a Board Room available for smaller meetings and presentations and a variety of multi-purpose rooms available for rent by hour or day. For information on booking the Great Hall or the various rooms, please e-mail: civic or call 250 344-0959 and ask for the Civic Centre Coordinator Graziella Costagliola. Watch a video about the restoration and the celebration of the Civic Centre’s opening at: pcPMIvUaVYU

Mid-week evening concerts down by the covered bridge in Golden’s Spirit Square featuring artists from around the world and close to home.

To see what’s happening in our backyard visit our community partners at

Spilli Chilli The best cook off in Kicking Horse Country has been cancelled for 2012 due to location issues (the property is up for sale). But rest assured, the event will be back for 2013 at a different spot. Stay tuned @ C







For the last three summers, Kicking Horse Mountain Resort has played host to the Western Open and set a staggering precedent for downhill mountain bike races in Canada. This past summer saw the event grow to over 280 participants and there was nothing but positive feedback from racers and family alike. The re-worked Pioneer race course provided challenges to experienced racers, thrilled spectators and proved safe for beginners. Moving forward with the momentum of 2011’s unique event, the only BC Cup to show an increase in racers over the previous year, the 2012 Western Open will embody similar course elements with the addition of further resort animation and secondary celebration events in the plaza. This will include the second annual kids race through the resort plaza for ages 2 to 12 hosted by Tara Llanes.


This Summer’s festivities take place from August 3-6. Find out more at -Stephen Exley

SUMMER Store Hours

Golden BC


m 8:00toa pm 10:00

Photos Racicot

Golden District Rod & Gun Club The Golden District Rod and Gun Club recently received a CBT grant for a proposed Skeet Range, Second Trap Range, plus a 5 Standing and mini sporting clay arena. Currently the facilities include a 800m rifle range, .22 riffle range, trap range and skeet range (clays), pistol range, archery area, and a newly renovated club house. This range is excellent for large groups.

June 24 to September 1 804 Park Drive

1020 10th Avenue South Golden, BC


For more info, questions, times, dates visit -Nick Marks

The Miro Micovsky Memorial Bursary

Golden Golf Club RV Park New for summer 2012 at the Golden Golf Club are increased amenities for RV campers. There are now 24 private spots available, all with 30 amp electrical hookups, to insure power demands are met. There is also a new potable water station inside the park where guests can refill their storage tank or fill water containers. The spots, including the electric hook ups are between $20-$25/ night. At this time there are no tenting spots.

For students in financial need at College of the Rockies. It’s been just over one year since we lost our friend, our colleague, Miro Micovsky. Miro was a true adventurist, a strong willed man, who was confident and worked hard to bring Tourism Golden to the forefront. He had a vision for Tourism Golden and was instrumental in setting the foundation for the organization. You may not know, but Miro was a strong supporter of College of the Rockies and in particular, the Adventure Tourism Business Operations Diploma Program. Miro would often drop in to speak to the students. Every time we chatted he told me about another adventure he was getting ready for.

The GGC RV Park is one of the most quiet places to park an RV for the night in Golden and it is right beside all the golf course amenities, such as a driving range, a putting green, a restaurant and an 18 hole course.

This past year, the Golden Student Association set up the Miro Micovsky Memorial Bursary for students at the Golden campus that are in financial need. The students pledged $10,000.00 of their student funds and the college matched those funds to ensure that every year, one or two students at the Golden campus will receive between $500.00 to $750.00 to support their education annually. It is hoped that the Miro Micovsky Memorial Bursary recipient will be presented the award at the Tourism Golden annual general meeting – and hopefully by the Golden Student Association. The first recipient will be chosen in November 2012. I am deeply touched by the student’s generous offer and the recognition they have given Miro, his life and his contributions to this community.

The course, once again, has ‘ALL YOU CAN PLAY - EVERYDAY’ rates going on. You pay for 18 holes and then you can golf as much as you want. Visit for more information or call 250.344.2700

-Karen Cathcart


New Bike Trails Old Age & Treachery There are even more, new, sanctioned mountain bike trails to ride this summer around Golden. Old Age and Treachery are a newly added figure-eight loop, tacked on to the new CBT Mainline trail. Finished in September 2011, Old Age and Treachery provide a high quality addition to the already superb CBT trail. From the prominent beaver dam, you can ride the whole loop or choose to go back the way you came. The trails are intermediate in nature, and feature a couple of great downhill pitches as well as good views of Cedar Creek canyon. With any luck, these trails will end up linking an alternate route to the Columbia river and lower CBT entrance by the end of this summer. Currently, the work crew, championed by trail builder Rick Seward, is completing work on the new Take It Easy trail (scheduled to be completed by June 30, 2012). This trail branches off the CBT Mainline trail near the lower entrance and rolls along the Columbia River along an old fisherman’s trail. The hope, however, is that a Section 57 application to link Old Age & Treachery with the Take It Easy trail, which has already been submitted, will be approved by the Ministry of Forestry early this summer. Upon approval, Rick and crew will spend the rest of the summer on this link up, which would mean the CBT trail would

be a full loop. The ministry of forests has committed $20,000 to pay for trail building and maintenance this summer, so one could assume that they will assist in seeing the applied for Section 57 through. These trails are the bright spot for the biking community when it comes to land usage. The other side of the valley is a complete different story. For more info on bike trails visit or -TG KICKING HORSE MAGAZINE



If you enjoy reading Kicking Horse Magazine, we would encourage you to go the extra mile to support the businesses listed here.

Business Listings Accommodation & Lodging

Computers Services


• Hillside Lodge & Chalets

• Purcell IT

• Glacier Rafting 250.344.7281

• Tourism Golden

Arts & Entertainment, • Bizarre Entertainment

824 10Ave South Golden, BC 250.344.6633

• Kicking Horse Culture

Art Gallery of Golden 516 9th Ave. N, Golden 250.344.6186

Catering & Party Rentals • Crystal’s Creations: Baking & Catering 250.272.5678

• Kicking Horse Party Rentals 250.272.8572

• Kicking Horse River Lodge 250.439.1112

• Kickin’ Thyme Catering 250.272.2433

• Whitetooth Mountain Bistro 427 9th Ave N, Golden 250.344.5120 250.344.8992

Flowers • Kicking Horse River Lodge 250.439.1112

Food, Beverage & Cafes •Apostoles Greek Restaurant 901-10th Ave S, Golden 250.344.4906

•Big Bend Cafe

528 9th Ave N, Golden 250.344.6111

• Canyon’s Edge 1416 Golden View Road, Golden 250.344.3693

• The Turning Point Restaurant 906 11 Ave. S, Golden 250.344.2566

• Whitetooth Mountain Bistro 427 9th Ave N, Golden 250.344.5120

Grocery Stores • Overwaitea Foods 1020 10th Ave S, Golden 250-344-5315


Hair & Beauty

• Dogtooth Log and Timber Products

• Mary Kay Cosmetics

• Hüberthaus Timber Frames

• Personal Touch Hair & Body Day Spa

• Mountaincraft Woodworks

• Reflections Hair Studio 250.344.3992 250.344.8956 250.439.8382 250.344.4799 902 - 9th St S, Goldem 250.344.6413

828- 10th Ave, Golden 250.344.5766 250.272.0141

• Hydra River Guides 1.800.644.8888

• Kootenay River Runners 1.800.599.4399

Realtors • Remax Real Estate Team

Bob Tegart – 250.272.4321

Recreational Activities • Golden Golf Club 576 Golf Course Drive, Golden 11.866.727.7222 or 250.344.2700

• Kicking Horse Mountain Resort 1500 Kicking Horse Trail, Golden 1-866-Ski-Kick (754-5425)

Services • College of the RockiesGolden Campus 250.344.5901

• Town of Golden 250.344.2271

Sporting Goods • Golden Gear Exchange & Higher Ground Mountain Sports 420B 9th Ave N 250.344.7980

• Derailed Sports 804 Park Drive 250.439.9959

Tires & Automobile service • OK Tire & Automotive Service 905- 10th Ave N 250.344.2239

If you would like your business featured here in the next issue, please contact us at 250.344.5586 | 34


(250) 344-3693

Steakhouse Patio


Apostoles Greek Restaurant

250-344-4906 Greek, Steak & Pasta Culinary Excellence Award Winner

Apostoles Guest Apartment 2 Bedroom - 2 Double Beds Full Kitchen Satellite TV / Internet Connection

Located in Golden at 901 -10th Ave S Hwy 95 at the lights






















RIDE THE POWDER HIGHWAY First Stop: Kicking Horse Country


SYD FEUZ Tracing the lineage of a local legend THE REAL DEAL What’s in the cards for the Official Community Plan? EATER’S DIGEST Craving the latest culinary craze in the Columbia Valley








A L P I N E S TA R T | L O C A L P R O F I L E S | C U I S I N E S C E N E | H I S T O R Y | V I D E O | M O U N TA I N C U LT U R E | V I S U A L & P E R F O R M I N G A R T S


WIN TER 2011

The the biker on the cover has one follower.

The Smear is Here

New ski designs open the door to new techniques and new terrain

Play Safe

Keep these nine steps in mind whenever you venture off the beaten track

Will the World Cup come to Dawn Mountain?

Upgrades to cross-country ski trails usher in the dawn of higher competition

The De·fin·ing Issue

Stick Rock

KHMR Bike Park’s Signature Trail KICKING HORSE MAGAZINE 01

Will the world cup come to Dawn Mountain?

Upgrades to cross-country ski trails usher in the dawn of higher competition

The Smear is Here

New ski designs open the door to new techniques and new terrain KICKING HORSE MAGAZINE 01


Golden BC A Town With A Lot of Bicycles

K I c K I n G






and many places to ride them.




Golden BC

Grizzly Times Delicious Visits

Mountain Marathons

Journey To SuperBowl

Interview with a Trail Builder


Getting Hitched in Horse Country

The NOT so Slack Country Professional Marketing services

5 Stag(ette) Party Ideas Wedding Business Directory

Buying Fields & Building Dreams media.branding.

INSIDE Town of Golden


Rad Zones Locals Abroad Shredder Profile What’s New BROKEN DOWN SUITCASE Steve Crowe’s Consciousness Photo Gallery

Locals Abroad // Howser Towers // IPPs // Western Cup // Runner Bikes // Farmer’s Markets

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Stick Rock

KHMR Bike Park Signature’s Trail

The De·fin·ing Issue


Anticipation Issue






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We can help.


Rad Zones Climbing Trip Report Fashion Updates Golden Grove High Way Spirit Square Speed Flying Sustainability Awards Lower Canyon Champions Needed


Rad Zones Climbing Trip Report Fashion Updates Golden Groove Highway Improvements Spirit Square Speed Flying Sustainability Awards Lower Canyon Champions Needed


@ KHmag

KickingHorseMagazine #KHMag

Gorman Lake Rad Zones // SUP’ing // Ode to Golden // Business Listings // Photo Gallery // New Bike Trails

Kicking Horse Magazine - Summer 2012  

The Recreation Issue. Gorman Lake Rad Zone, SUP'ing, Ode to Golden, Business Listings, Photo Gallery, New Bike Trails + Town Of Golden Re...

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