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Virtuosity! Handbook 2021-22

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Table of Contents Philosophy and History of Virtuosity!


General Lesson Information The Enrollment Process Virtuosity! Teachers - Who are they? December and May Recital


Financial Information Registration and T-shirt Fees Lesson Fees Lesson Books, Music and Materials


Policy Absences and Makeup Lessons Withdrawal from Lessons Non-compete Clause


Virtuosity! Expectations Student Responsibility Parent Responsibility Teacher Responsibility Director Responsibility


Teacher Biographies



Experience Virtuosity! Philosophy and History of Virtuosity! In January of 2011, Summit Christian Academy began a new program celebrating and emphasizing excellence in the arts called Virtuosity! Through weekly thirty-minute private lessons and authentic performance opportunities, students are encouraged to develop their talents and use them to glorify the Lord. Students participating in Virtuosity! uphold the highest standards in a personal commitment to both refine their skills and appropriately experience the arts. SCA is blessed to continue building on the vision cast by our strategic planning committee that called for emphasis on "Academics, the Arts, and Athletics." To God's glory, our school has now taken more students to the state level of music competition than ever before. We attribute this to the drive for excellence as unto the Lord within our faculty and students. Virtuosity! plays a part in this excellence as students begin to fulfill their potential in the area of the arts. General Information The Enrollment Process Music lessons are available before, during, and after school. Lesson availability depends upon teacher hours, rooms available, and student schedule. Students will be assigned on a first-come, first-served basis, and lessons received during school hours will be subject to principal and in some cases, classroom teacher approval. Secondary students, who have chosen Life Prep as an elective, may be able to take lessons during this assigned hour if a teacher and lesson room are available. Lessons are offered in piano, voice, guitar, strings, winds, and percussion.. If you are interested in signing up for Virtuosity! or want more information, please email Virtuosity! Director Trissa Lucht at Registrations will be accepted until available slots are filled and then students will be placed on a waiting list. It is recommended that students who are interested in lessons request enrollment as soon as possible, as there is a constant waiting list and limited availability. Virtuosity! Teachers - Who are they? All private lesson teachers are just as thoroughly vetted as all faculty and staff at SCA. Teachers are required to sign a statement of faith, provide information on their home church, submit transcripts from colleges, and provide letters of recommendation. These teachers could have easily chosen to run a successful studio in their homes, but they chose to work with SCA because they love your students and the warm Christian environment that SCA creates. Most Virtuosity! teachers also perform professionally in the greater Kansas City area as well as serve in their churches. They are excellent role models for your students and take joy in being able to pour into them on a weekly basis. For more details on individual Virtuosity! teachers, please see the SCA website for their biographies. Performance Opportunities: Recitals, Studio Classes, and Master Classes To encourage a commitment to excellence in musical study and performance, all Virtuosity! students will have a variety of ways to showcase their hard work and talents. All students have


the opportunity to participate in two annual recitals, one in December and one in May. Students have the opportunity to participate in studio classes on the Elementary Commons stage twice a semester. Finally, Virtuosity! hosts a Masterclass once a semester with a highly trained professional in their field. Lesson Schedule and Billing Procedures Virtuosity! lessons take place once a week for 30 minutes on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday. In the Fall Semester, Virtuosity! lessons begin the first week of September and go until the first week of December. In the Spring Semester, lessons resume the first full school week of January and go until the first week of May. Make-up lessons occur the second week of December and the second week of May. Families are billed for these lessons on a flat monthly rate of $95 per month. In the summer, students have the opportunity to continue their lessons and schedule them directly with their Virtuosity! teacher, unless otherwise specified. Summer lessons are $25 each. In addition to paying our wonderful Virtuosity! teachers, the Virtuosity! monthly fee also covers the care and maintenance of all eight acoustic pianos as well as the expenses for the recitals, studio classes, and master classes. Financial Information All fees are invoiced via the family FACTS account. Registration and T-Shirt $35.00 New families only $10.00 T-Shirt fee, invoiced on an as-needed basis. Virtuosity! t-shirts will be worn with dress code bottoms on the Friday before each recital as well as in the annual yearbook photo Lesson Fees $95 per month during the school year, billed monthly from September to May $25 per lesson during the summer Lessons are billed on a monthly basis and the flat rate takes into consideration school breaks and holidays. Lesson Books, Music, Materials, and Instrument The individual Virtuosity! teacher will discuss with the parents what teaching materials and book purchases need to be made. Parents must also provide a good quality instrument for athome practice. If parents have any concerns about the quality of their home instrument, please contact Mrs. Lucht or the Virtuosity! teacher. Policies and Procedures Absences and Makeup Lessons Lessons will be given on a weekly basis following the SCA calendar. Each student is allowed one makeup lesson for a student-initiated absence per semester. All other student-initiated absences will not be made up or refunded. Out of courtesy to your teacher, please be sure to


communicate at least 24 hours in advance if your student needs to miss a lesson. Please do not depend on school personnel to communicate your child's absence for you, even during the school day. Teacher-initiated absences will be made up at a mutually agreed upon time. School-initiated absences, such as snow days, will be made up within two weeks or credited to your FACTS account. Lessons missed due to school activities, like field trips or special all-school rehearsals, can generally be rescheduled; however, teachers are not required to give makeup lessons under these circumstances. From time to time, students come to lessons unprepared. If a student comes ill-prepared for a lesson by forgetting books and/or instrument, the Virtuosity! teacher is not required to give a lesson that week and a missed lesson under those circumstances will not be made up. Withdrawal Policy The SCA Virtuosity! Parental Agreement is for the entire school year (From September to May) however, if there is a need to withdraw, we ask for a 30-day notice. Noncompete Clause Virtuosity! teachers are independent contractors and have agreed to a non-compete clause in their contracts, which reads as follows: c) NONCOMPETITION. Contractor agrees with SCA that during the term and for a period of one (1) year following the date of termination or nonrenewal of Virtuosity! services, they shall not (i) provide private services to former Virtuosity! students/ families; and/or (ii) actively solicit SCA parents/students/employees to sever their relationship with Virtuosity! Expectations: Students, Parents, Virtuosity! Teacher, and Virtuosity! Director Student Expectations ● Practice on a daily basis in a quiet environment free of distractions. ● Be prepared for lessons with instruments, music, and pencil. ● Attend lessons with punctuality, a learning spirit, and a happy heart. ● Be vocal with the teacher about any questions or concerns about lesson expectations. ● Give their best performance possible at the December and May recitals. ● Wear their official Virtuosity! t-shirt on special days, as noted in the handbook. ● Share their love of music with their friends and family. ● Enjoy creating music and then enjoy it some more! Parent Expectations ● Develop a relationship with their student’s Virtuosity! teacher including communication when a student will be absent for illness, family trip, field trip, or other conflict, or any information that is pertinent to the success of the private lesson experience. ● Contact information must be exchanged with the private instructor. (Please do not rely on SCA personnel to notify Virtuosity! teachers of your student's absence.) ● Provide lesson materials and/or method books that are needed by the student after discussion with the teacher.


● Provide a quality instrument for at-home practice to fully maximize the educational value of taking private lessons. ● Provide a quiet practice space at home that is conducive to uninterrupted focus. The parent will encourage daily practice throughout the week. Without daily practice, there is no improvement. Without improvement, there is no joy in the learning process. ● Assist the student to be prepared for each weekly lesson by reminding students to bring lesson books and materials on lesson day. If a student comes ill-prepared for a lesson by forgetting books and/or instruments, the Virtuosity! teacher is not required to give a lesson that week and a missed lesson under those circumstances will not be made up. Teacher Expectations ● Develop a relationship with both the student and parents, in order to be a most effective partner in the private lesson experience. ● Establish communication with both student and parents, in order to inform and be informed regarding student progress as well as absences and other information that will allow lessons to run smoothly and consistently. ● Discuss with the parents what teaching materials and book purchases need to be made before lessons start and as the student progresses. ● Address questions and concerns in regard to specific students and their lesson experiences, once lessons are in progress. The teacher may appeal to the Director if assistance is needed resolving an issue, but only after sufficient effort has been made by the teacher and the student and parents. ● Keep accurate records in regard to student attendance in order to turn in an accurate count of lessons taught each month. ● Schedule a makeup lesson at the earliest convenience of all parties for each teacherinitiated absence or absence due to inclement weather. If a makeup cannot be scheduled within two weeks of the weather-related absence, then the lesson fee will be credited to the student’s FACTS account. Director Expectations ● Take inquiries regarding the Virtuosity! program, sending out information and availability of lesson times with specific teachers. ● Schedule lessons as allowed by the teachers’ schedule and the specific room schedules. ● Draw up Virtuosity! Parental Agreement forms for each student who enrolls in Virtuosity! Director shall then meet with a parent to review the form, issue a handbook, and complete the registration process. ● Schedule and plan a Christmas Recital in December and a Spring Recital in May. This includes coordinating with the SCA scheduler as well as the maintenance department as to needs for the recitals. ● Communicate with Virtuosity! teachers and families about pertinent announcements in regard to recitals, snow days, and other information needed for lessons to run smoothly. ● Assist Virtuosity! teachers to schedule makeup lessons or resolve any issue that cannot be resolved between the teacher and parents.


Virtuosity! Teacher Biographies

Dr. Harold F. Carl, Trumpet Dr. Harold F. Carl began playing trumpet and guitar at age 12. He was a trumpet section leader in his high school marching band. He majored in Music Education at Malone University and received his BS in Instrumental Music Education (K-12) in 1981. He has been certified to teach instrumental music K-12 in several states in the past. Dr. Carl has played in concert bands, marching bands, jazz bands and various musical ensembles. He has taught private lessons and instrumental classes. He is still an active player. Dr. Kate Choi, piano Dr. Kate Choi is an acclaimed musician, accompanist, and composer. Dr. Choi has played many solo recitals and concertos with the DK Orchestra in South Korea, and KU Symphony Orchestra at the Lied Center. She performed as a member of Orenunn contemporary trio in NJ, Seoul, and Bangkok. Dr. Choi has been active in numerous master classes and music festivals in Aspen, Chautauqua, and summer music schools in France. She holds a DMA from KU and MM from UMKC. Kate is a member of MTAC and has over 20 years of teaching experience. She joined SCA as a Virtuosity! teacher in 2020 after moving from Southern California. She has three children. Kelly Copeland, Flute Mrs. Copeland grew up in Liberty, Missouri and started playing the flute at the age of 11. She started taking private lessons a year later. At the age of 15, she earned the top performance rating at the Missouri State Music Festival for her solo performance. Mrs. Copeland enjoyed competing in Music all through high school. Mrs. Copeland then had the honor of accepting several music scholarships to attend William Jewell College in Liberty. Once in college, Mrs. Copeland enjoyed performing with the Symphonic Band, the Flute Choir, playing flute solos with the Chapel Choir and the Handbell Choir, and later enjoyed playing alongside her Flute Professor, Elaine Brown, with the Liberty Symphony. As a junior in College, she started teaching flute and later that year, won the honor of performing her solo in William Jewell’s Concerto Aria, while being accompanied by the Liberty Symphony. Mrs. Copeland then earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Music Performance with a minor in Music Education. One of her most exciting performances since being out of college, was performing The Nutcracker with the Southside Philharmonic Orchestra in Jefferson City about four years ago. Since then, Mrs. Copeland has continued to teach various flute students and has recently fallen in love with acting in Christian theatre. Mrs. Copeland and her husband recently moved back to Kansas City to be closer to family and she can’t wait to share her love of music, performing, and for her love of Christ with all of you at Summit Christian Academy! Trissa Lucht, Director; Piano and Group Voice Mrs. Lucht has a B.A. in Music Education from Missouri Baptist College and a Master of Education from MidAmerica Nazarene University. She began her teaching career in 1993, after singing professionally and touring the country with The Lesters (a southern gospel music ministry). She taught various classes in K-12 general music, band, and choir from 1993-2002 at


two Christian schools in St. Louis and Kansas City. In 2005, Mrs. Lucht joined the SCA faculty. Since that time, she has developed and maintained a top-notch, vibrant choral program that is highly respected in the KC Metro area. Mrs. Lucht directs secondary auditioned choirs and is an active member of NAfME, ACDA, and MMEA. Mrs. Lucht has served as the coordinator for the Women's Honor Choir in the KC Metro District. Mrs. Lucht was named Teacher of the Year for SCA in 2017, as well as the regional winner for the Great Plains Association of Christian Schools. In addition to teaching private piano lessons, Mrs. Lucht also offers group voice lessons for students entering 6th grade and above in the summer. Caroline Munlin, Piano and Voice Mrs. Munlin recently joined the SCA faculty and is originally from Springfield, Missouri. She received her Bachelor of Music in vocal performance from Westminster Choir College of Rider University in Princeton, NJ where she studied voice with Margaret Cusack. Before discovering her love for teaching, Mrs. Munlin participated in several vocal festivals and Masterclasses in Vienna, Austria and Nice, France, while studying with Wolfgang Holzmair, Norman Shetler, and Dalton Baldwin. While pursuing a vocal career in Germany and Austria, she began teaching piano and voice lessons and soon fell in love with helping others find and cultivate their own musical potential. In December 2020, Mrs. Munlin received her Masters of Music with an emphasis in Music Education from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth, TX. She has been teaching piano and voice for the last five years. She and her husband are members at Liberty Baptist Church and enjoy serving where help is needed. Mrs. Munlin is excited to begin teaching piano and voice at SCA and help students find new ways to develop their musical gifts. Joy Parke, Piano Music has been a part of Mrs. Parke’s life for as long as she can remember. She learned to play piano, violin, and flute as a child and was involved in school band, choir, and high school musicals. In college, Mrs. Parke studied piano and voice and completed her bachelor's degree in Music Education. She has taught piano lessons for approximately 20 years. She is thankful for the opportunity to teach piano at SCA. It is a joy for her to work one-on-one with the students and to see their progress in piano as well as their growth as individuals. Joy has been married to Phil Parke for 31 years, and they have three sons, one daughter, two daughters-in-law, two grandchildren, and one on the way! Joy sings and plays synthesizer on the worship team at her church, KC First Church of the Nazarene. She also helps her husband Phil with the church’s teen Bible quizzing program. She is working on her master’s degree in music--piano pedagogy emphasis--at UCM. Libby Pierce, Violin & Guitar Libby is in her 20th year of teaching private music lessons. She began learning the violin at the age of four, as well as singing in churches, growing up as a missionary kid in Mexico City, Mexico. She picked up playing several more musical instruments through the years and now performs weekly with multiple groups in the KC area. After a vocal performance degree from William Jewell College, she also received her education degree and certification in Vocal Music and Spanish. Libby has sung with the Kansas City Symphony Chorus and has served as music director at multiple churches. Currently, she is the vocal coach at Life.Church Northland. She


runs a full private music studio out of her home in the Northland, where she resides with her husband, three beautiful children, and black lab. Haley Roberts, Voice Miss Roberts has taken voice lessons for 18 years and enjoys performing in various settings such as musical theatre, church, and cabarets. She graduated from Baker University in 2018 with a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education with a minor in music. Miss Roberts has been a cast member in over 30 theatre productions (a combination of musicals and plays). Recently, she played Sophie in Mamma Mia! and Miss Honey in Matilda: The Musical. Miss Roberts is excited to share her love of music with students and help them hone in on their craft and Godgiven talent. Kristy Ross, Piano Mrs. Ross has been teaching piano with Virtuosity! since its inception in 2011. She enjoys teaching students of all ages and has one of the strongest retention rates. Mrs. Ross also teaches our elementary and Jr. High worship team classes that help lead worship for the elementary chapels. Mrs. Ross received her education from Central Bible College/Evangel University with a major in music-emphasis in piano and voice. She sang and traveled with Revival Time Choir and provided music for its radio broadcast during her college years. Mrs. Ross’ experience comes from 30 years of music ministry positions in churches across America. Mrs. Ross currently attends Evangel where she volunteers for the worship team and choir. Mrs. Ross has taught preschool through 12th grade music classes and was the chapel coordinator for Grandview Christian School. Mrs. Ross is looking forward to many years to come at SCA! Dave Sager, Percussion and Drum Set Mr. Sager is a Kansas City native and has been playing drums since the fifth grade. His formal education includes a Bachelor of Music Education and a Master of Music Performance, both from the UMKC Conservatory of Music. He has performed with the Kansas City Symphony, St. Joseph Symphony, Lee’s Summit Symphony, Kansas City Wind Symphony, and the UMKC Percussion Ensemble. Mr. Sager is currently the principle timpanist for the United Methodist Church of the Resurrection in Leawood, KS. He is on the Board of Directors and past-president of the Mid-America Music Association. Mr. Sager also maintains a private studio and performs in local professional groups. He has been teaching for 30+ years and enjoys inspiring percussionists of all ages. Dr. Greg Turner, Voice and Piano Dr. Turner joined the SCA faculty in 2018. He has a D.A. in Music and an M.A. in Music/English from Ball State University and a B.A. in Music/English Education from Indiana Wesleyan University. He began his career teaching junior high (7-9) music and English at Santa Barbara Christian School (CA). Since then, he has taught music in public schools in Nebraska and Wisconsin. Prior to coming to SCA, He was the division chair for humanities and fine arts at Fort Scott Community College (KS), teaching music and English. He is the music director (choir director and organist) at First Presbyterian Fort Scott (KS). He and his wife Emily have been married 47 years and they have four daughters and nine grandchildren.

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