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Introduction • Today’s lawns, gardens and landscaping are more

innovative than ever before. • There are so many things you can do to make a backyard

shed a beautiful, useful part of your home.

Check Local Restrictions on Unattached Structures • One thing to be aware of, before you start to remodel or

build any unattached structures on your property, is to check for details on your local building codes. • Most codes are there for a reason and often are meant to

protect you, your family, your neighbors and guests. • You will find information on limits for heights for fences

and walls.

Check Local Restrictions on Unattached Structures • There will also be details on how far setback a backyard

shed should be from your property line. • Codes cover wiring, piping and sometimes the type of

things that can be put in the shed. • Remembering that normally these codes are meant to be

helpful, make sure you get all the details to avoid problems in the future.

Ideas to Consider For Including a Garden Shed in Landscaping • The wonderful thing about a well designed garden shed is

the fact that it can be much more than a helpful and needed workspace. • Properly designed and built, it blends into your landscape

and becomes part of the overall decoration of your home.

Ideas to Consider For Including a Garden Shed in Landscaping • During your landscape and garden design process, the

garden shed should be the first thing placed on the plan. • Then you can plan other sections of the garden, yard and

pathways in between. • Remember to include integrated avenues of access to all

parts of the yard.

Ideas to Consider For Including a Garden Shed in Landscaping • The cost of a shed can fit almost any budget, without

sacrificing great looks and usability. For example, putting lights in a shed can be much less costly than you might imagine. • This is because inexpensive solar lighting requires very

little, if any special wiring. Adding the lights is a great way to turn a simple shed into an architectural plus for your yard.

Ideas to Consider For Including a Garden Shed in Landscaping • Simple short benches look great near a shed. They can

blend into both the design of your shed, as well as provide a shaded place for some rest. • If one side of your shed seems plain and tall, remember

the possible use of some large containers for vertically growing plants. • This would save garden space and highlight an area of

your garden while shielding view of a part of the shed.

Ideas on Materials for Construction of Your Shed • Garden sheds can be built from any type of material. The

design possibilities can let your imagination run wild. • Even materials from vintage old buildings can be turned

into a magnificent shed. • Old doors, carved cornices, old stained glass panes and

shuttered windows, all could have a place in your shed.

Ideas on Materials for Construction of Your Shed • If you found some old windows that, at first, seemed to

large, remember large windows could eliminate the need for interior lighting. • If you found an old cupola, to place on the roof of your

shed, it will add character and ventilation to the interior of your shed, at the same time.

Conclusion • Whether designing or redesigning your garden and yard,

including a backyard shed is the most important part. • Well designed, it is the keystone that binds the entire

design and use of your yard and garden spaces.

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