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The Wine Bottle Opener

If you love the sound of a wine bottle being opened then you may want to familiarize yourself with the wine bottle opener and learn how you can do it right every time. There are a plethora of wine bottle openers out there, each proclaiming to be able to open wine bottles with ease. And for the most part these devices do as described. The only thing you really need to be concerned with is which is easiest for you. If you have a hard time grasping things then a standard opener may be too difficult. There are some flip flop bottle opener that all you have to do is place the wine bottle in the device and it opens it for you.

First let's talk about the wine opener we are all familiar with: the waiter wine opener. This is the one with the blade on one end that is used to cut the foil away from the bottle neck and the corkscrew at the other end for opening the bottle. Each tool folds conveniently into a plastic sleeve so that it can be easily carried around poking yourself. For someone not used to this old fashioned tool it can be quite difficult and leave you with many broken corks.

Next is the screwpull wine opener. This is the one that looks like a clothes pin. It fits over the mouth of the bottle and twists down into the cork with the corkscrew within the clothes pin frame. It has a handle on the top so you can easily screw the corkscrew down while you hold the frame. Once the corkscrew is all the way in, you just twist and pull and out comes the cork. It's more difficult than that as like the waiter style opener it can break many corks before you get the technique down.

The third wine bottle opener we will talk about is the winged opener. This is the classic red wine opener that has two arms that look like they flap which actually work to extend and retract a corkscrew. It has a loop head for a handle and a metal body that hoops at the base to fit over the bottle. This is the easiest of the three devices as it provides more leverage. Once the corkscrew is all the way in you just push the arms down and it pulls the cork out for you. es/p-11084na-ka.html

The Wine Bottle Opener