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THANK YOU for your many years of service to the town of Summerville and 49 years as a faithful board member of FNB. Holly Hill

Main Office 801 Gilway Ave. (803) 496-5011


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Congratulations Mayor Myers!


Myers will keep a loving eye on ‘God’s country’ BY LESLIE CANTU The Journal Scene

ayor Berlin G. Myers handed the gavel over to newly sworn-in Mayor Bill Collins on Monday, but Myers's legacy will continue to resonate for years. Myers presided over town council meetings for 39 years as mayor, quietly and resolutely moving the agenda along and keeping an eye on the bottom

And the Mayor had a plan…

line. Even up to his last finance committee meeting, Myers was focused on finances: use any leftover town hall bond money to pay down the debt, he told staff members. Myers is truly a son of Summerville. Born in 1917 in Knightsville -- then far out in the country - Myers showed his entrepreneurial spirit early, selling cold drinks, bread and cigarettes at the age

of 10 at a roadside stand. In 1939 he established his lumber company, but temporarily shuttered it in 1943 to go to war. Upon his return he reestablished the company and the rest is Summerville history. The Berlin G. Myers Lumber Company became known far and wide as the neatest, cleanest lumber operation around. Stacks of lumber line up precisely; the floor is swept pristinely clean. Myers's focus on cleanliness extends to the town. Through his last year as mayor, he was driven around once a week to inspect the town's appearance. Myers loves his town, but he decided this year, after much reflection, that it was time to move on. But the new mayor can be sure that Myers will keep up with town business, even if he keeps his opinions to himself. What he doesn't mind sharing is his love for Summerville. "I think it's more than a good place. I think it's God's country," he said.



‘He cares deeply about the citizens...’ BY JIM TATUM The Journal Scene

hat is the secret of Mayor Berlin Myers’ success? The man has often been described over the years as tough, fair, frugal, hardworking, caring, straightforward, plainspoken, and honest. All are admirable traits and testify well to the character of a man who has spent so much time in public service. To Harry Avant, who has run the Town of Summerville’s Streets and Sanitation Department since 1985, those traits are both admirable and integral facets of the Mayor’s character, but ultimately, the fact that Myers cares deeply about every citizen – and they know it – is what truly defines his leadership. “He really cares about the little people,” Avant said. “His office is always open.” Myers’ door – and ears – have always been not only open, but he always has acted on a citizen’s request immediately, Avant said. “He was big on making sure those little jobs for citizens got done – he always said a $25 job for a taxpayer is just as important as a new million dollar big road project,” Avant said.

Myers, like all of us, has his quirks. Nearly once, it worked too well. everyone has a story about the mayor’s insistence The mayor was on his way to work one day on cleanliness and orderliness. when he passed a house where a lot of trash “He had a saying, “what grows, pull and refuse had been placed on the it, what lies, pick it up. Be clean, street, Avant said. Apparently, be neat, or be gone,” Avant someone had moved out of a said. home and had left all this But that is simply an on the street. illustration of the man’s By the time the mayor desire to do the best job got to city hall, he was possible, Avant said. seething. He immedi“He always said, ‘if ately called Avant to you get up in the his office and morning to go to informed him they work or to church needed to take a ride and you put on a to see this situasuit but no tie, tion. then you’re not Meanwhile, a dressed,” Avant street crew who added. had just finished Myers’ insistence its route was headon cleanliness could ed back to town hall and did spill over into when they saw all the the workings of the refuse in front of that town, so much so that house. They stopped, Avant eventually had his picked it all up, and went on street crews go back over areas their way. Photo b they had already picked up and to “When we got there, there wasn’t y Jo e Christie look out for new potential problems that a thing on the ground,” Avant said, chuckcould come to the mayor’s attention. In fact, ling. “He looked and looked, but our people had

already picked it up. He never said a word.” Ultimately, the fact that Berlin Myers would take all that trouble, insist on that level of service, and be so accessible and responsive to his constituents is what has shaped the man’s life, career, and brought him accolades over the years. “He’s done so much for this town – he’s really looked out for the town and everyone in it,” Avant said. Myers also was very careful with money, Avant said. The first thing he did was refuse his salary, directing that the money be spent on equipment instead; he did this until council voted several years ago to implement salaries for mayor and council. Over the years, he has worked to ensure the town stayed fiscally sound – even in boom times – so that it could weather any economic downturn. Another point Myers always insisted on was that no city employee would ever do any work on any of his properties, even in such situations as Hurricane Hugo. “I’ll tell you what kind of a man he is,” he added. “He’s only mayor for a couple more days,” Avant said last week, “But he’s still working hard on a couple of jobs that have come to his attention. He’ll be working as hard during his last hour on the job as he did the first day he was on the job.”

Mayor Myers, The example you set as a community leader will live on for years to come through others like myself who have had the great pleasure to work with you in various capacities. We appreciate all you’ve done to make the Summerville community a better place to live and work. We wish you the best in your retirement.

1661 N. Main St. Summerville, SC 29483 843-851-2222 Providing Insurance and Financial Services


Sincerely, Tony Pope, Agent



Marlena Myers “

t’s been an honor to be the first lady of Summerville and work beside my husband. I’ve met so many wonderful people,” Marlena Myers said. Summerville is a special place to live, and I’ve been honored to do my little part to help. One of the highlights for Mrs. Myers was the ceremony for the bust of Mayor Myers in front of Town Hall. “I thought that was such a beautiful thing to do. The entire family was very touched by the folks who thought enough of him to do that.”



Photo provided

Left to right: Jimmy Myers, Berlin Myers, his brother John Myers and Berlin Myers Jr.

Berlin Myers, Jr. erlin Myers, Jr., started working at the family business from the age of seven or eight. That’s a long time, but still not as long as his father, he says. Berlin Jr. helped out with tasks like running errands or bagging nails in the days before prepackaged hardware. Of course, once he got to high school, he

started wanting to go out on Friday nights and the question of curfew came up. He remembers his father told him, “If you’re old enough to stay out late like a man, you’re old enough to get up and go to work.” And that was the end of the curfew discussion. Back then, the business was in Charleston, and the younger Myers remembers getting up early on Saturday mornings to get to work. His parents were always very supportive, but they also had very high expectations, Myers said.



Is routine the key?


erhaps the secret to becoming a political icon, as well as longevity, is a good routine. Shortly after Berlin G. Myers became involved with the Town of Summerville, he became a regular at Eva’s Restaurant. Before long, he was having breakfast there nearly every day the diner was open. All these years later, it is a routine to which he remains faithful. If he knows you, and more times than not he does, he’ll wave. If he doesn’t know you, he is still glad to talk to you if you have something to say. One might think a person would get tired of eating in the same place over and over, but Myers says he doesn’t. He likes the food Roger Lee/Journal Scene there, the service there and the company there Myers enjoys his breakfast at Eva’s Restaurant on Main Street. Myers’ daily routine for decades has included breakfast at the – so why change. hometown restaurant.



Dorchester District 2 Superintendent Joe Pye “

consider Mayor Myers a friend. I first met him when I first came to Summerville in 1973. He came to speak to one of my classes. He said he once sat in my class and pointed out where he’d sat. He told my children he sat in this desk in

room 201 in what is now Rollings (Summerville High School at the time). “He said school had changed, and how much he enjoyed his job as mayor. I was in awe of him that he would come out and speak. “He’s a great role model for anyone in public office. You can’t be popular, you have to do what’s right.” Pye, his wife and Myers and Myers’ son once went to a

Gator Bowl game in Jacksonville, Fla. “He’s a big supporter of Clemson. I’m a Carolina fan but a football fan first. Clemson did not win. He was so concerned about us having a good time. He wouldn’t let me pick up the bills. “I saw the other side of him, the human side of him. You go out to eat with people and see their various tastes. “I was principal of

Flowertown. Betsy Myers, his daughter-in-law who is married to Berlin Myers Jr., was my assistant principal. They all went to Summerville schools. “When I go to meetings he really looks out to me personally. He’s been straight up and straight down. He’s done things and sent me little notes, he’s so proud of the school system. He’s very supportive.

“I’ve felt that at any time I could go to him. “He’s shared growing up stories with me, like how people had to walk 10 miles in the snow. He’s had great advice about life, no long stories or anything, just about how we’ve come a long way since he was a kid. “He’s often said y’all are the centerpiece of our community. That is priceless to have that kind of relationship.

“We cross paths every so often. I enjoy shaking his hand. He’s always smiling and always positive. When you see a smile you gravitate towards it. He’s a fine person. I know he’s the mayor, but I respect him so much as a person I don’t worry about who’s the mayor. This is his community and he’s so proud of it.” Interview by Stefan Rogenmoser

Frances Townsend Dorchester 2 School Board Chairman e’s a wonderful man. He’s a role model for any citizen. He’s like a super citizen. “I can’t think of a time I didn’t know him. I was born in Summerville. His children are younger than I am. I remember them from school and the lumber company. There weren’t that many busi-

nesses in Summerville. “I was an adult when he was first elected when Mayor Luke died. Through my children’s lives he’s the only mayor they ever knew. “He’s the epitome of integrity . . . and a southern gentlemen. I don’t think I’ve ever seen him without a coat and tie on. He’s got the look and

demeanor of the southern gentlemen. It’s a real image. “A friend told me he was wellknown for his meticulous lawn. It was always perfect. A relative called him one day and said he counted 12 pinecones on his yard. He said, ‘Oh my goodness I’ll go right out there.’ “Everybody has at least made a

comment about how you wouldn’t find a stray leaf in his yard or in his company . . . no sawdust or little pieces of wood. His warehouse is just as meticulous as his very tailored lawn.” Interview by Stefan Rogenmoser

The Randall’s would like to Thank You for the great memories and the wonderful service to the community.

Dr. Robert S. Randall 209 West 5th North Street Summerville, SC 29483 Phone: 843-873-3706 SJ07-549970

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Jason Ward on the Mayor

orchester County Administrator Jason Ward recalls an event not too long ago when the Mayor’s expertise came in particularly handy. The day of the county Emergency Medical Service Medic 1 Station ribbon cutting, the dignitaries were all lined up, the ribbon held loosely in front of them. “Nobody could seem to cut the ribbon using the large scissors that are always used for these events,” Ward says. “The Mayor came over and said ‘what you need to do is pull it tight – pull it real tight – and you should be able to cut it.’ So after his instructions, everyone hunkered down and held the ribbon tight and we were able to cut the ribbon.” Ward says that is just one comical story of File/Jenny Peterson/Journal Scene situations that have occurred. “The Mayor Dorchester County EMS director Doug Warren (center) and Summerville Mayor Berlin Myers cut the ribbon to the county’s new $2.7 has been very welcoming and good to work million EMS center. Helping to pull the ribbon taut for cutting is, from left, Town Administrator Dennis Pieper, County Administrator Jason Ward, Town Councilman Aaron Brown and County Councilman Chris Murphy. with.”



Fair, straightforward, professional – and well loved The Journal Scene

hose who worked for Mayor Berlin Myers over the years seem to have a common thread: they like and respect him immensely and their relationships are deeply rooted in friendship and professional respect. Many who know the Mayor and have worked with him for years suddenly seem to find themselves at a loss for words when asked about the man. “I really don’t have any anecdotes, per se,” Summerville Fire Chief Marc Melfi said. “It’s a weird thing to say because the mayor is a great friend of mine and I deeply love and respect him. But I really don’t have any ‘stories,’” he said. Instead, his memories of Berlin Myers the mayor, the boss, will be that of a man who was tough and fair,

a man who wanted excellence and efficiency, and a man who inspired others to those same high ideals. “In the early days, he would come by the station, wouldn’t really stop to talk and didn’t really seem to look at anything,” Melfi said. “Then you’d get a phone call maybe an hour or so later, and he had a list of things he saw that you needed to do.” But if the Mayor demanded peak performance – and he did -- then he not only led by example, he also gave his full support, Melfi said. “He was very fair, honest, clear, and straightforward,” Melfi said. “You always knew where you stood. He always gave his help and support but you had to prove to him what you needed – he didn’t just give anyone what they wanted.” Ultimately, Melfi said he does things for Berlin Myers, not because he’s the boss, but because he is a friend. “He’s a good friend, and I do things for him because I want to, not because File/Judy Watts/Journal Scene he’s the mayor,” Melfi said. “That’s Fire Chief Marc Melfi leads the 2009 Red White and Blue on the Green parade by driving Mayor and Mrs. what friends do.” Berlin G. Myers.

Hugh C. Lane, Jr., President Ronald L. Strawn, Senior Vice President Laura Wells, Branch Manager Helene Mixon, Senior Vice President







Myers poses outside Myers Lumber on the company’s 50th anniversary.

In 1989, the doors opened for Summerville’s new hospital as Mayor Myers cut the ribbon. Myers’ election was a brief notice on the front page of the town’s weeks-old new publication, The Summerville Journal Scene.









Berlin Myers elected as a town alderman






upon the death of Mayor Allan Luke, then wins the office on his own

Summerville approves a $120,000 referendum to build a new Town Hall



Town Hall dedicated


Trident Regional Hospital opens


Myers holds the office of mayor


Berlin G. Myers Parkway proposed

Azalea Park gets new tennis courts




Rep. Tom Limehouse presents Myers with the Order of the Palmetto on Sept. 13, 1989. 1979



Cuthbert Community Center built


Police department moves into the old waterworks building on East Doty Avenue


The old Dorchester County Hospital becomes the county services building. Myers supported






moving the hospital from the old location to the Oakbrook area








Trolley Road





destroyed and 3,269 sustain damage, including 459 with major damage


Main fire station at West 2nd St. North is built

Summerville joins the Tree City USA program


Interior of Town Hall renovated


Summerville Medical Center opens


Trolley Road fire station built


Summerville annexes large tract of undeveloped land around Old


Hurricane Hugo hits Summerville at 120 mph. Eight homes are

Summerville-Dorchester Museum opens in the waterworks police department building


Luden Drive fire station built

1982 1984

Mayor Myers and his late wife Janie Myers, center, get together for presentations with Marilyn Weber, left, and Dorchester School District 2 Superintendent Bill Reeves.

Myers with President George Herbert Walker Bush at a fundraiser for the presidential campaign of the former President’s son, George H. Bush.

• Member since 1936







DREAM established


Berlin G. Myers Parkway opens


Summerville Municipal Complex opens


Sheep Island fire station built


Wassamassaw Park opens


Chris Zoeller/Journal Scene

Myers held one of his final ribbon-cuttings at Accent on Wine June 16. His last was at Newington Park on his last day in office.






Doty Park opens


Miracle League park opens


ABCC is created in March


Mayor announces in February he will retire at the end of his term in June







June 15 Mayor’s last council meeting


Summerville the fastest growing city in the state


Mayor holds his last ribbon-cutting


Mayor’s last day in office June 20

Thank You for 45 years of leadership and service to Summerville.

• Longest Member

Robby Robbins, Jane Orenstein, Jim Friar, Monica Shows, Betty Settle, Barbara Hill, Don Nye, Buck Inabinet, Brian Mitchum, Sarah Windham, Terry Moore, Becky Ford and Cyndy Jackson.

• Ordained as Deacon 1946 • Served on Sanctuary & Education Building Committees


The Board of the Arts Business Civic Coalition would like to thank Mayor Myers for his long service to the Town and for supporting the mission of the ABCC.

Mr. Mayor, it’s been a pleasure!

• Faithful Servant

Prayerfully leading our community, Mayor Berlin G. Meyers has directed growth, offered throughtful leadership and helped create an atmosphere of community for all who reside in the area. He has served the community, his church and most of all Our Lord and Savior, faithfully and unselfishly.

Proud member of The Chamber & DREAM

Where A

rt & Ideas Mix ...

All other times by appointment

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Ricky Waring, formerly of Summerville Fire Department and Town Council our job done, he made sure it happened.” For weeks it seemed like it would never end. But time takes care of things, and now the town is just as good, if not better, than before. The mayor has always been a people person, both in his business and in public service. At his business he often gets pulled back into the office, but you can still catch him at the counter talking to customers. Similarly, with his town work, he keeps in contact with residents. He’s not the type of person to get a position and then hide away from the public. His phone number is still listed in the phone book, and he gets calls from residents, sometimes in the middle of the night. He’s just always been in touch with citizens. Interviewed by Leslie Cantu

File/Journal Scene

In front, from left, Gov. Carroll Campbell, President George H. W. Bush, and Mayor Myers survey the damage to the Town of Summerville following Hurricane Hugo.

Thank you for all you have done for Summerville. We are proud to be a part of this celebration.

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i c k y Wa r i n g said he’s known the mayor all his life. He came to work for the town in 1970, when Myers was on council but not yet mayor. He was a good boss and a close friend, Waring says. “I don’t think anybody could have handpicked a better mayor for the town in those years.” Hurricane Hugo severely tested the town. Fire department personnel were working 24 hours a day, seven days a week. For a while there was no water, so firefighters couldn’t even shower. But the mayor made sure employees had everything they needed. “Anything we needed to get

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Thank you Mayor Berlin Myers

for your years of service to Dorchester County

"Having known Mayor Berlin Myers for over 30 years, I have viewed him as a mentor whom I could always trust as a public leader, as a fellow Deacon at Summerville Baptist Church and a man I admire, respect and look up to". Larry S. Hargett, Chairman, Dorchester County Council SJ04-550471


ayor Myers has always been one of the biggest supporters of athletics in Summerville and Summerville High School. He loves the school as much as he does the community and always talks about what a big part of the community our school is. One thing I always think about when his name comes up is a decision he made that he caught a little flack for. Halloween fell on a Friday one year and we had a big football game that night so he postponed Halloween until Saturday. I loved it. It brought the town some publicity and a lot of people got a good laugh out of it. Everyone didn’t like it, but seriously I think it was a good decision. Football games here bring a lot of traffic to the center of town and you

John McKissick on Mayor Myers

Judy Watts/Journal Scene

Surrounded by jubilant players, Coach John McKissick takes in the moment as his teams gives him his 406th victory, making him the winningest coach in America. ABC Sports was on hand to document the night. Mayor Myers, a big supporter of the team, declares the week in honor of the team. don’t want kids out there in that. I don’t want to toot my own horn, but another thing that sticks out in my mind is that when we set a national record, Mayor Myers declared a whole week in our honor.

File/Journal Scene

The whole town celebrated McKissick’s 406th win.

He is just an outstanding guy and has been a good friend to me. He has been a great asset to this community. He makes levelheaded decisions and always has the best interest of the community in mind.

Appraisal Services Of South Carolina, Inc. P.O. Box 1385 • Summerville, SC 843-875-1487 •

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After years of planning, the Berlin G. Myers Parkway opens.


After years of planning and construction, the Berlin G. Myers Parkway officially opened as Myers unveiled the sign.

Thank you Mayor Myers! Our McElveen Family will be forever grateful for your friendship and support.


978 1 r e b m e Nov ~ g n i n e nd Op

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Preservation Society President Heyward Hutson, Barbara Hill and Mayor Myers lead a forum on the town’s history. File/Peterson/Journal Scene

Barbara Hill on ‘Mr. Berlin’

While appearing on the same Summerville Preservation Society program about local history with Berlin G. Myers, a few years ago, I told the audience he was a perfect example of preservation. My remark was initially met with dead silence. For an extremely long moment I mentally packed my bags and moved to suburban Siberia. Then bless him, he burst into laughter and

the rest of us could comfortably follow suit. This 94-year-old has teased me about that since. And as is his wont, he is also happy to tease himself. Some 20 years ago to publicize a Summerville High Marching Band contest I had band officers bring their horns to Town Hall for a photo. Initially I lined them up flanking the mayor, holding their horns. Suddenly I decided to have His Honor pictured playing the trumpet. He loved the idea, enthusiastically bringing the instrument to his lips to the delighted applause of uniformed students. That framed picture

is still hanging in his lumber company. He likes to see himself blowing Summerville’s horn! And horn blowing is what I had in mind when I matched Mr. Berlin with preservation. He represents that word in every special sense – to care for, conserve, defend, maintain, safeguard and save. He has done all of that and more over four decades, helping keep our Summer Village aura. He’s done it effectively and with a quiet, dogged determination paired with a subtle sense of humor. For all that, he’ll be remembered with admiration and affection. And a smile.

File/Hill/Journal Scene

The Mayor takes his turn with the trumpet in a photo to help publicize the Summerville High School Band’s fundraiser.

Thanks, Mayor Myers for your outstanding service to the town of Summerville!




Mike Hinson – Parks and Rec director

Photo by Joe Christie

Mike Hinson, Summerville Parks and Recreation Director, and his crew install the sculpture of the Honorable Mayor Berlin G. Myers in the courtyard of Town Hall.

Congratulations Mayor Berlin G. Myers for 40 wonderful years of service!


ay back in January 1990, when one of Tom’s clients was Mayor Berlin G. Myers (no relation) who, with his two sons, owned and operated their lumber company, Berlin was serving his twentieth year as mayor and the fiftieth year in business, Tom had the privilege of being the family’s business and estate planning insurance advisor.

Thomas W. Myers, CLU, ChFC and Associates 105 South Cedar Street, Suite D Summerville, SC 29483 Phone: (843)-873-4914 Fax: (843)-871-8235 Consulting in Wealth Management, Wealth preservation and Wealth Transfer





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ome years ago the Flower Town Garden Club invited Mayor Myers, Jerry Blackwell, who was the Town Engineer at the time, and myself to participate in a round table discussion at a club meeting, which we agreed to do. When we arrived we were seated at the head table and the President called the meeting to order and promptly turned the meeting over to the Mayor, who did an excellent job under such impromptu circumstances. The Mayor began by commending the garden club on their various civic beautification projects. He then introduced Jerry and described the various responsibilities of the Town Engineer. He then introduced me and explained my role as the Parks & Playgrounds supervisor. He went on to say I did a very good job except I planted too many Magnolia trees and instead needed to plant more Pine trees because we need the pine straw and 2 x 4's. Needless to say all of us busted out in laughter as we know the Mayor is in the lumber business. I know the Town of Summerville is a better place because of the leadership, dedication and loyalty Mayor Myers has continuously demonstrated. I am proud to have worked with Mayor Myers. He has influenced my life in such a positive manner and I am eternally grateful.


Pastor Joe Wren: ‘He’s an inspiration’ BY STEFAN ROGENMOSER The Journal Scene


Summerville Baptist Pastor Joe Wren presents Mayor Berlin G. Myers with a plaque recognizing his dedicated service to the Summerville community for the past 45 years.


ummerville Baptist Church Senior Pastor Joe Wren says Berlin Myers has attended Summerville Baptist Church just about as long as anyone. “The mayor has been a member of this church for a long time. He joined here in May of 1936..” “He was ordained as a deacon in 1946. He was also selected to be a lifetime deacon of the church, which is an honorary position. “He is at church every Sunday unless he’s out of town or ill. He sits in the same area. He’s there every Sunday and is in Sunday school. “He supports the church. He served on the building committee that built the new sanctuary here in the early 1970s. He’s always been very helpful and supportive. “We did a special recognition for him here at the church. He loves his Lord, loves his family, loves Summerville and Summerville Baptist Church. He has been very faithful to the church. “He’s a strong man with strong conviction, strong beliefs. He’s an inspiration to me. I’ve been here 20 years. “He’s one of these ‘hitching post’ guys. A long time ago people had hitching posts to tie their horses onto. He’s one of those people you can tie onto. He has strong values, morals, principles. He can hitch onto what he believes. “He shares and supports every aspect of the church. He’s been an See WREN Page 21



Mayor Myers announced in February he would not run for another term. He said farewell at his last town council meeting on June 8.

Mayor Berlin G. Myers is sworn in for his final term, with his wife Marlena holding the Bible, by Kelly Knight, right.


from page 20 inspiration and a help to me. He’s just an amazing person, one that we can look up to and wish we had more of. “I went to his office before he made the decision not to serve again. We

were talking about it. He said, ‘Pastor, this is one of the toughest decisions I’ve ever made.’ I said I can imagine. “He said if he were to serve this next term he would be 98 when it was completed. He said he’s got other things he’d like to do.”

Mayor Myers – As we celebrate the 100 Year Heritage of the Chamber, we recognize how important leadership is in the community.Therefore, we sincerely appreciate your leadership, loyal service and commitment to our community.You have made and continue to make a difference for all of us!

843.873.2931 | 402 North Main St. | Summerville


The Greater Summerville/Dorchester County Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors, Membership and Staff


green scrub suit, complete with surgical mask and gloves. In my introduction I told the gathering that I was so afraid I would contaminate Berlin who is a stickler for cleanliness that this was the best I could do to make my point. It was a fun evening. The mayor enjoyed himself immensely and those who took the podium to toast and roast him provided a wonderful evening of entertainment. Berlin G. Myers not only is a good man, a wonderful public servant, but a good sport as we all found out that evening. Mayor Berlin G. Myers

129 South Main St – Summerville 843.873.5081 Southern Home cooking at its best!




Mayor Myers for 45 Years of Leadership and Service to the City of Summerville!


nyone who knows Berlin G. Myers knows how meticulous he is about his appearance, his home, his office, his lumber company and his hometown of Summerville. I’ve never seen Mr. Berlin without a shirt and tie. His desktop is clean as a whistle. The two-by-fours in his lumberyard are stacked flush and you could eat off of the floor there. The yard at his home is neatly manicured and he has seen to it that Summerville’s streets and parks are equally clean. Imagine then how uneasy I was some years ago when asked to emcee a celebration for his 80th birthday. I pondered how I might do His Honor justice for this milestone event. Suddenly it hit me. I contacted a friend of mine who was a physician and asked him to procure a scrub suit for me. He did. And on the night of the birthday banquet I showed up at the head table dressed in a

Your vision and dedication has made Summerville a model for South Carolina and the USA! Thank you for all you have done for so many people in Summerville and the Low Country. A special thanks from me for your friendship and council for these many years. While you enjoy your retirement, I know you will always be our Mayor and Leader. GodSpeed


Mayor Bill on Mayor Berlin

Congratulations Mayor Myers on many years of dedicated service to Summerville! Your friends at Eva’s will always have your table ready!

Senator Paul G. Campbell, Jr. Republican - Senate District 44



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Mayor Myers…

Thank You Mayor Myers!



Mayor Myers

for all your years of service from the Bufort Blanton Family at Miler Country Club 400 Country Club Blvd. 843.873.2210




Thank you for your service. Enjoy your retirement!

Best Wishes on Your Retirement From Fred and Maxine

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Carol Sobieski – Owner 1525 – K Old Trolley Road Summerville, SC 29485

Thank you Mr. Mayor for your dedication and outstanding true public service work. You will never be replaced. Thank you! 610 N. Magnolia, Summerville • 875-5728

Former Mayor BERLIN G. MYERS We send Best Wishes to you on your retirement. The Town of Bonneau Mayor Rembert E. Wrenn and The Town Council

(843) 871-8355

183 East Meadow Dr. | Ridgeville, SC 29472

110 West 9th North St. • Summerville Behind BB&T, near the Presbyterian Home 843.333.7348


Thank You Mayor Myers on 40 great years


The Squirrel’s Nest LLC



BI01-551854 SJH-552103



for the

Home & Garden SJ07-549954

You have been an outstanding mentor and have helped us all set our standards higher following your lead.


Mayor Berlin G. Myers Special Publication  

Mayor Berlin G. Myers Special Publication

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