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SSNORTH NEWSLETTER Rubbish & Litter the no-frills info The committee feels that the information is not freely available to the people living on the street about litter and litter management. Here is the no-frills info. Illegal dumping is the dumping of any rubbish (in a bag or not) that is not left out for collection and has not valid tags on it. There is an on the spot fine by the Gardai or the litter warden will fine you an on-thespot fine of 150 for illegal dumping. Here’s how you can avoid it: Recycling: Green bags are for recycling only. These are collected every two weeks on a Wednesday morning, so get your green bag out the night before. Make sure the bags are tied. These bags take paper, plastic and tins only. Please use these. A full list of what can and cannot be recycled is on the outside of the bag. The bags are free and the collection is free! If you do not have any bags, you can call Greyhound Recycling on (Lo-call) 1890 342342 and they will deliver them to you. The dates for Green Bag pick up are as follows: July 1st, 15th and 29th August 12th and 26th September 9th and 23rd October 7th and 21st November 4th and 18th December 2nd, 16th and 30th.


Household rubbish: General household waste is collected early every Thursday morning. Bins or Tagged Bags should be left out Wednesday night. A tag costing 1.80 can be bought at Benny’s on Emmet St, or Gala on Summer Hill Parade. If you forget to put your bin or recycling bag out on the appropriate day, do not put it out until the night before the next pick up day.

July 2009

Volume 1

Summer St North Cleanup Day

If you are in rented accommodation, It is your landlord’s responsibility to provide you with a bin for your rubbish. Please respect this and let’s keep our street clean. Get in touch if you have any questions. We would be happy to answer them. Email us at

Introduction – Who we are We would like to take this opportunity to introduce ourselves and tell you a little about who we are and why we are here. You may have noticed that a lot of work has gone on in the street over the past two years (new street lighting, trees at the bottom and top of the street and hanging baskets).

This great work was introduced by Kevin Downey (thanks Kevin!), but it is an ongoing thing, and a lot of work.

This Issue: • • •

Street Residents Committee - Introduction Summer St Cleanup day Rubbish, Litter and how to help

SSNORTH Neighbourhoods Competition

It was therefore deemed necessary to get more people involved in keeping the street clean and pleasant to live in, whether you are a home owner or a tenant.

We have entered The Neighbourhoods of Dublin Competition which means we are in with a chance to win cash prizes to aid community projects in our area. Judging is based on the cleanliness of our street, absence of litter and graffiti, the presence of hanging baskets etc.

Our objectives as the residents committee is to protect and improve conditions and amenities in the street for the benefit of members and their families. We have more work planned and this monthly newsletter is designed to keep you informed of what we are doing. If you want to get involved or have issues, or have any questions about the articles in here or would like to say something, please send us an email to, and we will gladly respond to any questions you may have.

Street Clean-Up The cover photographs are from our street scrub that we had in June. Thanks to all of you who turned out for it. As you can see it was a huge success. We will have another cleanup on in a few months. Details will come in future editions of this newsletter. Dublin City Council will provide bin tags and bin bags for the clean up. Here are some photos of our last successful scrub

The street was weeded from top to bottom, swept and disposed of to leave it like few have ever seen it. Clean!

Therefore we are appealing to all home owners to brighten up the fronts of their houses. Most of the houses are made from brick and all that is needed is to paint the window surrounds, plinth, front door and door surround. The owners of the house across, paid 300 for the work done on their house. This included all labour, glass to replace broken panes, putty, net curtains etc. This is a very small amount of money, and goes a huge way to make our street more appealing to the eye. Please contact our local handyman Colin Kelly on 086 0588029 for all your painting, carpentry and gardening needs at recession friendly prices.

Transformation that cost under 300 • • •

Lick of paint on window surrounds Door painted New curtains

Newsletter 1 - July 2009  

First Summer St North newsletter. Emphasis on clenaing up the street, rubbish and introducing ourselves!