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Choosing The Best Torque Transducer To Meet Your Needs Measuring the torque, or the turning force with a rotating system like a crankshaft of a vehicle will require a tool known as a torque transducer. There are numerous kinds of transducers that have been specifically made for these systems and functions. Many of the different ways that transducers for torque can be classified are rotating or stationary, as well as digital, analog and special purpose. The first step to determine what kind of torque transducer that'll be required for your purposes is to understand and define your application and requirements. Many of the applications for transducers are torque wrench calibration or verification, dynamometers, meeting required viscosity by checking out the mixer torque, motor control and much, much more. When you know what your requirements and applications are you can look for transducers which are designed to meet those needs. The next step in determining what type of torque transducer that you will need, is to find out whether you require a reaction or rotary transducer to measure your torque. Some of the main differences between these two types of transducers is that a reaction transducer has moving parts where a rotary one will generally not have them. Also, although the rotary transducer is normally placed in-line with the rotating parts and actual force is measured, a reaction sensor is normally put over the shaft and will measure the exact level of force that'll be required to stop it from turning. Often times a rotary sensor will be small compared to a reaction one and can sometimes be placed closer to the point of torque; this will make a rotary sensor more popular in vehicles and vehicle maintenance than a reaction sensor. One more step to figure out what kind of transducer you will want to buy is to find out what size and specification requirements your sensor will need to have. If the transducer does not have the right length, width, height, etc. then it won't fit where it needs to be. Here are a few examples of the specifications that your sensor may require: submersible, output, temperature range, bridge resistance and much more. Each manufacturer and model line may have a range of different specifications and the secret is finding one that includes what you are looking for. Usually you will be provided with a list of the things which your transducer will need to be able to perform from the manufacturer, along with the ranges that it'll need function within, although other times you may need to do some research on the system and the available sensors. One key to finding the right sensor for your needs, and one that can last longer is to make sure that the torque that it is equipped to handle is more than your maximum torque output. This helps reduce breakdowns and false readings. When you're deciding on a transducer, you will also want to consider the monitoring instruments so that compatibility issues won't arise if you try to get one down the road. The final step when purchasing a torque sensor or transducer will be to check the manufacturer itself. You will want to find a company that has experience making transducers for your industry or intended purpose. Often you will find, particularly with new applications that it could be difficult to find a company that has experience dealing with these systems and you'll want deal with a company with a good reputation for these unique requests. Many times you can conduct all of the research that you need on a company through the internet, as many manufacturer websites or third-party blogs will have reviews and testimonials. S. Himmelstein And Company

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Choosing The Best Torque Transducer To Meet Your Needs

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Choosing The Best Torque Transducer To Meet Your Needs