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Customers are  looking  for   emotional  engagement  from   quick  serve  brands.       91%  of  online  adults  use   social  media  regularly.     83%  of  people  believe  that   Twitter  and  Facebook  help   them  make  new  friends.     Social  media  is  important:   every  minute  of  the  day   100,000  tweets  are  sent  and   684,478  pieces  of  content   are  shared  on  Facebook.     According  to  Forrester   Research,  by  2016  more   than  half  of  U.S.  dollars   spent  on  retail  will  be   influenced  by  the  web.       Social  media  has  a  100%   higher  lead  to  close  rate  than   outbound  marketing.  

EMERSON COLLEGE   Global  Marketing  Communication  and  Advertising   GM  630  

McDonalds is  a  mature   company  in  a  mature   market.     2012  was  McDonalds  first   global  sales  loss  in  9  years.     Special  release  menu  items   create  buzz  and  a  cult   following.     Example:  McRib  and   Shamrock  Shake     McDonalds  is  having  a  billion   dollar  makeup  of  stores  in   the  United  States.  By   making  the  restaurant   experience  better  for  the   customer,  they  are  willing  to   stay  in  the  restaurant  longer   and  increase  their   experience.     McDonalds  is  on  a  mission   to  create  communities,   both  globally  and  locally   (glocal).    

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