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Send A  Smile  Mobile  Application  

Objective: To  create  a  phone  application  that  would  promote   global  sharing  and  gift  giving  around  the  world,  while  enhancing   McDonald’s  goal  of  creating  global  and  local  communities.  


Goal of  the  application:  The  application   would  allow  people  to  create  an  online   persona  and  profile  that  is  accessed   through  Facebook  or  Twitter  integration   which  includes  their  name,  location,   preferred  McDonalds  location,  and  top   three  favorite  McDonalds  menu  items  in   their  area.  It  would  also  include  information   pulled  from  the  social  media  accounts  on   favorite  movies,  music,  events,  and  pages   liked  to  search  for  common  interests   between  different  people  using  the  app.   From  there,  people  would  have  the   opportunity  to  send  “smiles”  to  other   people  signed  up  for  the  program.    People   would  have  the  ability  to  see  people  who   share  common  interests  with  them,  then   have  the  option  of  sending  them  an  item.   These  “smiles”  would  be  free  menu  items   off  the  menu  of  their  preferred  McDonalds.  

McDonalds menus  vary  by  countries,  so  it   would  give  people  the  opportunity  to  see   what  McDonalds  in  Venice  is  selling  in   comparison  to  a  McDonalds  in  the  Bronx.   Along  with  the  menu  item,  you  can  send  a   message  to  someone  like  “enjoy  the   coffee!”  It  would  then  be  translated  to   their  language  and  sent  to  them.  If  they   accept  the  item,  they  have  the  option  of   returning  a  thank  you  message  in  their   language,  which  is  translated  into  the   giver’s  language.  After  you  send  a  smile  to   someone,  your  profile  is  featured  on  the   app’s  main  page  as  a  reward  for  your  good   deed.     In  a  global  perspective,  the  app  could  be   random  acts  of  giving,  connecting  with   those  who  have  similar  interests,  or   searching  a  particular  country  that  you’re   interested  in.  

EMERSON COLLEGE   Global  Marketing  Communication  and  Advertising   GM  630  

the McDonalds  on  300  Main  St.  and  that   her  favorite  item  is  the  McCafe  iced  coffee.   In  Venice,  that  coffee  costs  3  euros,  which   would  cost  $3.91  in  USD.  So  Sam  pays   $3.91  USD  and  sends  this  item  to  Alice.  If   she  has  a  smartphone  and  downloaded  the   app,  she  accepts  the  item  on  her  phone.   She  can  bring  the  phone  into  a  McDonalds   and  scan  it  at  the  register  and  redeem  her   prize.  If  she  doesn’t  have  a  smartphone,  

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