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his could be one of the most memorable summers of your life as you could not merely learn a language, but actually live it by joining the Loomis Chaffee language immersion program in Spain. This 5-week program combines language study, homestays, cultural excursions and recreation to offer an unforgettable learning and travel experience. The desire for increased competence in Spanish may motivate your interest in our program — and indeed, there is no better method than linguistic and cultural immersion to reach that goal. But if you are like past participants, you will find that learning about life in another culture leads you

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to a much deeper understanding of yourself and your own culture — ­ a lesson we’d like to share with everyone. As you read about our programs, we hope you begin to share our enthusiasm for cultural exchange, international travel and the combination of experiential and academic learning implicit in the design of this program. It is rare to get the opportunity to learn so much while having such a great time. If you are now in high school and have successfully studied Spanish for at least two years, then you are eligible to apply; and if you wish to refine your language skills while joining us in an unforgettable cultural and travel experience, then we urge you to apply.

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OVERVIEW Loomis Chaffee’s Summer in Spain is an immersion study-travel-homestay program in Spanish for students who have at least two years of Spanish. The program features a four-week homestay in Barcelona during which time students will take courses in Spanish language and culture taught by native instructors. Numerous excursions complement the classes. Summer in Spain begins with a threeday orientation in a coastal town near Barcelona and ends with three days in Toledo and Madrid. BARCELONA Barcelona is a northern city of the south. Like the north, it is progressive, industrial, middle-class and European, while paradoxically, it is traditionalist, popular, typically Mediterranean and has the sunny climate of the south. This dichotomy between tradition


and progress is characteristic of both the city and its nearly two million inhabitants. Barcelona is the sister city of Boston, similar both in size and ambience. The selection of Barcelona as the location for the 1992 Summer Olympics was a validation of Barcelona as one of the cultural capitals of a changing Europe. Barcelona is a wonderful resource for the program with its many museums, restaurants, shops, tree-lined “ramblas” and beaches.


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THE STUDENTS To participate you should have completed at least a secondyear Spanish course before the summer. The program attracts and works well with a great diversity of students. They range from those who are struggling in a second-year Spanish course but who are motivated to give their Spanish a significant boost over the summer, to top-level Spanish students in advanced courses who are seeking fluency and an unforgettable cultural immersion. Multiple levels and small classes guarantee an appropriate class for everyone. What we need from you are your enthusiasm and eagerness to immerse yourself in the program and make as much progress as you can. Whatever your level, there is no better way to learn. ORIENTATION The program begins with a three-day orientation in a coastal town near Barcelona. The orientation includes an intensive study of Spanish conversational patterns and an introduction to Spanish culture — especially what one needs to begin a successful homestay. The orientation also provides students with the opportunity to get acquainted with the faculty and with each other, and to prepare for all aspects of the tour. The group stays at a small family hotel and will have opportunities to take advantage of the nearby beach. HOST FAMILIES - THE HOMESTAY Students live with Spanish families during the four weeks of classes in Barcelona. The families have been carefully selected for their suitability and interest in hosting an exchange student. Many of our families repeat year after year. Homestays offer a unique opportunity to immerse yourself fully in the Spanish culture, and to put into practice and reinforce Spanish learned in the classroom. Students eat both breakfast and dinner with their families, and often take trips with them on the weekends. ACADEMICS Students attend classes four mornings per week from 9:00 to 12:30. (Wednesdays are devoted to all-day excursions.) There are three 45-minute classes: Spanish Literature and Composition, Conversational Spanish and Grammar, and Spanish Culture (a multi-disciplinary course incorporating art history, anthropology, history, sociology, contemporary culture and various excursions). The courses are taught by experienced, native instructors and offered at different levels to accommodate differences in preparation among the students. The Loomis Chaffee Summer in Spain classes are held in the facilities of a local private school in the center of Barcelona. EXCURSIONS Barcelona is the capital of Catalonia, an area rich in history: Iberian tribes, colonization by the Phoenicians and Greeks, domination by the Romans, the invasion of the Goths and Arabs. Excursions each Wednesday seek to take advantage of some of the rich cultural legacy in Catalonia outside of Barcelona proper. The group visits the Greco-Roman ruins in Ampuries; the “Barrio Judio” in Gerona, the oldest Sefardic Jewish neighborhood in Spain; an amphitheater

and an aqueduct in Tarragona; the Dali Museum in Figueras; and the Cordoniu Cellars where “cava,” Catalonian champagne is made. Of course there is always time to sample the local food: paella, tapas, flan, and to investigate the beaches. On Monday and Friday afternoons there are local excursions to interesting places in Barcelona including the Picasso Museum, the Miro Foundation, the Cathedral of Barcelona, the works of the innovative Art Nouveau architect Antonio Gaudi and those who wish may see a bullfight. TOLEDO AND MADRID After the four weeks in Barcelona, the tour concludes with a three day visit to the center of Spain — Madrid and Toledo — before flying back to New York from Madrid. The Museo del Prado in Madrid is one of several cultural highlights in this part of the trip. APPLICATION PROCESS DATES AND COSTS The program begins during the last week of June and runs for just over 5 weeks. The exact dates and cost for this year are given on the enclosed fact sheet and can be found on our website at The cost includes tuition, housing, all meals, and excursions within Spain. It does not include international travel to and from Spain. Students and their families are responsible for arranging round-trip air transportation to and from Spain. The flight itinerary of the director is given out several months before the trip begins for those who would like to arrange to be on the same flights. APPLICATION Application forms are available on-line at, or hard copies of the forms can be requested by contacting Curt Robison, Director, by email (, phone (860.687.6122) or US mail: Curt Robison — Summer in Spain The Loomis Chaffee School, Windsor CT 06095

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