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Established December 2013 as a Facebook media source that reports and shares local, county, state, and national news and events in the Guilford County area. Our Summerfield Scoop Facebook page has over 8600 followers and growing.





Share or publish a story or event that may be essential or of interest to the local community, even when it is not a politically correct issue.

Scoop has a unique and different way of reporting, sharing, and making a point. It is intended to be different than other outlets. Dry, silly, controversial, and serious to ensure followers get it all. We can be biased, and we don’t hide it, but we also “attempt” to be as fair as possible. You will not agree with us on everything (if you are married, you understand) and do not expect you to. We offer personal opinions, videotape public meetings, provide information related to news, politics, and share the local story that may impact our area. We aren’t shy when it comes to controversial issues. We call it as we see it, give our non-journalistic opinion, and provide video coverage.


NEW Committee! Mayor BJ Barnes directed formation of Summerfield Tomorrow Committee that will guide the council regarding the future direction of the town. Will you be represented on that special committee?

WATER! New mayor and council took office on December 10, 2019, and quickly adopted a Resolution for a “Summerfield Local Water Investment.” They view that the Town of Summerfield most pressing need is local water improvements for fire protection. Every meeting since then they repeat that WATER is #1 on the needs list.

Summerfield Scoop recommends that everyone should respect Handicap Parking areas wherever they may be, and not park in Handicap Parking without the required permit.

Summerfield Scoop for rapid response news & videos.

Summerfield Scoop for videos of town meetings.




Tuesday, March 17, 2020 6:30 pm, at Town Hall. Special Called Budget Planning Meeting** Wednesday, March 25, 2020 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm Trails and Open Space (TOS) at Town Hall Tuesday, April 14, 2020** 6:30 pm at Community Center in the park Monthly town meetings are second Tuesday of each month. ** Public comments allowed.

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MARCH 2020


STATE OF NORTH CAROLINA, COUNTY OF GUILFORD TODD EDWARD ROTRUCK, PLAINTIFF V. GUILFORD COUNTY BOARD OF ELECTIONS AND JANELLE ROBINSON, DEFENDANTS. Town should have complied with this Court Order and NOT spent all that money on lawyers! Read on to learn more. Town of Summerfield should have complied with the COURT ORDER issued by Judge Anderson Cromer, May-June 2018, to “stay” the Board of Elections quasi-judicial ruling, and the specifics to expedite the appeal. Compliance could have prevented the lengthy and excessive legal fees for the town. The legal action was a result of the April 17, 2018 Board of Elections, not with the Town of Summerfield. May 7, 2018. Court Hearing regarding TODD ROTRUCK, Plaintiff, v. GUILFORD COUNTY BOARD OF ELECTIONS, and JANELLE ROBINSON. Defendants.



May 10, 2018. Judge Anderson Cromer issued a ruling telephonically to “stay” (halt the process of) the Guilford County Board of Elections (BOE) quasi-judicial residency challenge to Todd Rotruck that would have “no present application” until the appeal is heard. Board of Elections hearing was April 17, 2018 and the BOE decision and order dated April 24, 2018. May 24, 2018. A second Court Hearing with Judge Cromer upheld his decision to “stay” the BOE decision and direct an expedited appeal. We assume that the Superior Court has higher authority than quasi-judicial Board of Elections and higher authority than the town. For over a month the town was running up huge legal fees to oppose the Cromer Order, inserting the town, when the legal action was as stated above, with the Guilford County Board of Elections. Compliance with the court order was no cost

to the taxpayers. That decision to not comply with the Court Order and run up legal bills, was made outside of any known public record by Town Manager, Scott Whitaker, mayor pro tem Dena Barnes, and council members John O’Day and Reece Walker, and town attorney Bill Hill. June 12, 2018. Order to Stay and expedite the appeal signed and issued from Judge Cromer. “IT IS, THEREFORE, ORDERED, ADJUDGED AND DECREED in the exercise of the Court’s inherent authority that the April 24, 2018 “Decision and Order” of the Guilford County Board of Elections as to Rotruck’s residence shall be stayed such that it has no present application, force, or effect pending the conclusion of Rotruck’s appeal therefrom:”

with the Board of Elections with a mandated appeal time. This decision to not comply with the Cromer Court Order was made by town manager, Scott Whitaker, mayor pro tem Dena Barnes, council members John O’Day and Reece Walker, and Bill Hill, town attorney – and apparently decided outside of compliance with the Open Meeting NC Statutes. Excluding other elected officials was a violation of the Town Charter. Their actions were to put excessive financial pressure on the Plaintiff, knowing full well they were running up town legal fees far outside of the approved budget.

March 8, 2018. Before the Board of Elections Hearing April 17, 2018, it appears there was a meeting at town hall March 8, 2018 with Reece Walker, Scott Whitaker, and Janelle Robinson; and town services (support) were - Anderson D. Cromer offered to Janelle Robinson. Superior Court Judge These and other actions appear Presiding to indicate a strong desire from the manager and three council The Judge Cromer Court Order members to nullify the election of preserved the Constitutional right November 7, 2017. to “due process” and an expedited appeal. Todd Rotruck was elected Before the town received a to town council November, 2017. signed order from the County Summerfield elected officials Board of Elections there was a could have complied with the rush from Bill Hill, town attorney Cromer ruling early May, and at that time, for the Town to hire a seated Rotruck pending the third party attorney immediately. expedited appeal, rather than It appears elected officials did direct that the town act in what not meet attorney Gray Wilson could be considered Contempt with Nelson Mullins (N-M) of Court. Compliance with the before hiring him for $400 an Cromer Court Order would have hour. Nelson Mullins has 758 been financially and timely more attorneys. There was Wilson at efficient. Town meetings did not $400 an hour, other N-M attorney have to be canceled, maybe for at $350 an hour, and Bill Hill at political reasons. $180 an hour, and billing the town for time to talk with each other. To AND, if the town had complied this date not even sure who the with the Court Order, few legal other N-M attorneys were that expenses could have been billed the town. Bill Hill’s legal bills incurred as the legal action was for himself were also very high.


There could have been concerns about the excessive legal bills, but Whitaker, O’Day, Barnes and Walker expressed no concern or questions. The elected officials did authorize hiring a third party attorney at the April 23, 2018 meeting, per Bill Hill’s strong recommendation, however, Cromer Court Order was quickly received, quickly heard in court, and there was definitely time to discuss options and comply with the Judge Cromer Court Order. April 23, 2018. There was considerable controversy about the April 23, 2018 town council closed session. There were physical altercations from mayor pro tem Dena Barnes against council member Teresa Pegram, (charges were filed) and Dena Barnes also physically slapping Mayor Gail Dunham. It was shocking. Scott Whitaker, Bill Hill, Reece Walker, John O’Day and Bill Hill made untrue accusations against Pegram and Dunham. Their accusations were personally and professionally harmful to Pegram and Dunham, so October 2018 a recording and transcript of the closed session was posted online. Bill Hill, town attorney, was determined to destroy any recording, and he was not truthful about what had happened. Bill Hill was also attorney for Sheriff BJ Barnes, husband of Dena Barnes.

If this is of interest go to: www.YouTube.com Summerfield Sessions Special Call Meeting April 23, 2018

The only way to share the truth was to release the recording and transcript. There was much more friction and personal slanderous attacks for months – too many meetings canceled – often canceled at the last minute – town business would have been more efficient with compliance with Cromer Court Order. The fact remains that compliance could have saved the town a lot of time and money. The public should not have been and they are still deceived about those who made this significant and expensive decision to NOT comply with Cromer Court Order, and a decision of this constitutional magnitude and financial cost should not have been made outside of the Open Meetings Act. Where is the statutory authority for only three council members, manager and town attorney, to the total exclusion of other elected officials, to privately make major town decisions to run the town and spend the money? The copy of the Cromer Court Order was secured from the court record at the Court House as the town attorney did not provide the order. The town and local newspaper know and knew about the Judge Cromer Court Order, but the manager, attorney, and three council members did not disclose or discuss this option, and refuse to accept responsibility for their decision to not comply with the first and important Court Order.

Town should have complied with this Court Order and NOT spent all that money on lawyers!


WATER! New mayor and council members took office December 10, 2019 and quickly adopted a Resolution for allocation of area water authority funds for local water investment.

December 10th they moved ahead as they had decided to provide water for the fire department as the town’s most pressing need. Town of Summerfield and Summerfield FIRE are separate taxing districts. Their Resolution agreed that a regional water system with Oak Ridge, Stokesdale and unincorporated Guilford County “would place a tremendous financial burden on the Town,” and neighboring jurisdictions do not favor a regional water system. So mayor and majority of council stated that most important to Town of Summerfield is a local water system specific to support fire protection. It was previously stated that this is establishing a Summerfield Water Authority. Mayor BJ Barnes said “nothing can be farther from the truth.” However, with the Town of Summerfield taxpayers paying for this water system for the fire department, what would you call it? February 1, 2020, first on the Town agenda, mayor and majority of council again said the #1 priority for the town is water for fire protection. February 1, 2020. Mayor BJ Barnes, with agreement from Reece Walker, John O’Day, Tim Sessoms, and Lynn Williams Devaney, appointed Reece Walker (who is also a Summerfield Fireman), John O’Day and Fire Chief Chris Johnson to work toward updating the costs of the options


for council’s consideration. Plan is to present options by April! Council member Teresa Pegram dissented, stating that it is the responsibility of the Fire District (separate taxing body) to provide adequate water supply for firefighting, not the Town. The Town of Summerfield is incorporated with 26.56 square miles, and the Summerfield Fire District is incorporated with 42 square miles, The Summerfield Fire District levies a property tax five times greater than the Town of Summerfield, with far greater authority for their large capital project like this. Your Town property taxes provide $563,000 a year to the Town, plus franchise fees and interest income. The primary way to increase town revenue to pay for this would undoubtedly be a hike in your property taxes. No one is talking about the Town’s obligation to maintain the water system for the fire department! The Timmons Group provided excellent professional help with the possible Regional Water Authority, but now the Town wants a local water authority. The Timmons study has $3.4 million unspent, and the NC Statute requires that money be returned to the State of North Carolina, however, the Town of Summerfield has requested to receive 1/3 of that money to the Town toward fire department water system.

The town is looking at the Wooten Study from July 2016, which relies on well water. First option is a centrally located elevated water tank to hold 100,000 gallons, and six lines to hydrants, or served water supply spots, from the 13-acre town owned property at 220 and 150, the property with $1 million assessed value. The Wooten second option is for several water tower tanks at various water supply points in the town. The 2019 Town “Intersection Master Plan & Park Concept Report” is linked to the town website and last page estimates are $5,744,500 for one “Water Tower Complex.” We know the cost is much higher. The Wooten study correctly states: “Commercial development could tie to the system to provide fire supply water for their development(s),” and “Provides a good backbone for a potable water system should the town ever decide to install one.” 1996 contract between Guilford County and Town of Summerfield the provision for fire protection services continue as presently in existence. 1999 contract between the Town of Summerfield and the Summerfield Fire District to furnish and provide continuing fire protection. The Town has provided 5 water studies, and none of them are sufficient to proceed as none are cost effective to the Town.




SUMMERFIELD TOMORROW COMMITTEE O’DAY, WALKER, and DENA BARNES were opposed and DENA BARNES made a The new Mayor BJ Barnes announced that substitute motion to “delay consideration he/the town is forming a new “Summerfield of this matter: Tomorrow Committee” of citizens that would be utilized to provide guidance for the 1. Until after the UDO Review Committee town staff and council members and guide has reviewed the housing density issue the town and future town direction. 2. Until after the water study is presented Mayor Barnes directed that each council member would appoint two citizens, 3. That the UDO Review Committee include including the mayor, for 12 individuals the language in its recommendation as to form this committee, who will have follows: “to the extent this ordinance a great deal of power to promote their is or becomes inconsistent with the vision. The council had no motion and no adopted plans, it should be amended to vote or second, and BJ Barnes will move become or remain consistent with the ahead on consensus. Dena Barnes in the adopted plans.” past said the mayor cannot appoint anyone and the mayor only votes in case of a tie, so Amended Motion by DENA BARNES. Second by O’DAY and passed 3 – 2 to possibly it should be 10 members. reject the citizen’s request to encourage the “BJ Barnes hopes they will be diverse and overall low density within the Comp Plan, represent the broad, sometimes conflicting an advisory document. Their convoluted motion went even farther to deny the citizens interests of Summerfield.” by referring the issue to the UDO Committee members. HISTORY LESSON


A Public Safety Committee would be a good starting point for this discussion to work together, look at other options, and utilize the terrific citizens with professional expertise in many areas, and to take advantage of their work experience and education. Our individual homeowner fire protection insurance has a very good low rating of 3, and with overall low density that rating should stay low. Summerfield Fire has a tanker at each fire station, and works well with neighboring fire districts if there is a need for more water to put out a fire. Summerfield Fire should comply with requests for Structure Fire Incident Reports before the Town of Summerfield starts spending a lot of money.

For example, it appears that Summerfield Fire responded to only 16 structure fire incidents in all of 2018, but only 6 of those were within local County Fire Protection district. Of those 6, only three were within municipal boundaries of Town of Summerfield. Of those three, one was already extinguished before fire department arrived on scene, and other two were chimney fires extinguished with dry chemical and CO2 fire extinguishers. Zero structure fire incidents within municipal town boundaries required any water in 2018. The Town mayor announced the action now is to appoint the three individuals above and for them to update the costs, and report to town council members for their approval.

Over 2,000 people in Summerfield signed the Save Our Summerfield Petition to request the town council to take action and VOTE to Amend the Summerfield Comprehensive Master Plan (Comp Plan) to include the overall low density standards that served the town for 20 years. The $1,500 fee required by the Town Budget Ordinance to submit an Amendment to the Comp Plan (advisory document) was paid, but council ignored the request.

Overall low density of 1.3 units per acre also provides for duplex and smaller cluster homes, and keeps the low overall density which benefits and better protects our water, schools, traffic and more.

2,000 citizens signed a petition for the future of Summerfield, to keep the overall low density that has served our town for 20 years, however, the majority of this council – BJ Barnes, John O’Day, Reece Walker, Lynne Williams DeVaney, and Tim Sessoms, those elected in 2019, February 13, 2018. Newly elected council member Teresa want to trust the future to 12 members Pegram made the motion, per the legal of a Summerfield Tomorrow Committee. compliance as stated, to comply with the We ask them to be positive and support the people as they promised they would, request from over 2,000 citizens. and pass the advisory petition.


Newly elected Mayor BJ Barnes, is former Guilford County Sheriff Barnes until 2018, and Dena Barnes is his wife. Dena Barnes served as appointed mayor, mayor pro tem, and council member since the town incorporated. She retired from town council December 2019.


PARKS, TRAILS, & OPEN SPACE MASTER PLAN February 11, 2020 at the monthly Summerfield town meeting the majority of council agreed to hire a consultant, Withers Ravenel, for $38,500, in response to the most recent town RFQ – Request for Qualifications.

residents, and three ex-officio members (non-voting). At the present time there are eight TOS members. •

For more specifics about this project the Request for Proposal: Parks, Trails • & Open Space Master Plan is an eight page document on the town website: • www.SummerfieldNC.gov under Job Openings and linked to RFPs/RFQs – • Parks, Trails and Open Space Master Plan.

If you would like to apply to volunteer for the committee go to the town website www. SummerfieldNC.gov Click on VOLUNTEERS NEEDED in the right column Click on Committee Board Application Complete and sign the application and submit to the town by May 15th.

The project is to produce a master plan for Parks, Trails, and Open Space with the specifications outlined in the RFP. The goal is a 12-year plan for parks, trails, and open space that is consistent with the 2010 Summerfield Comprehensive Plan (Comp Plan) and current citizen desires. The community aims to establish a well integrated network of parks, open spaces, and thoroughfares whereby streets, sidewalks and multiuse trails are accessible to provide a multitude of driving, walking, cycling and riding options whether for recreation or daily use.

Town website shows one vacancy on the Committee, and five of the current eight TOS Committee members have terms that expire July 2020, and four are on extended terms, which may expire if there are volunteers, so we encourage you to apply. Additional ex-officio non-voting members may be appointed with approval by Council.

The plan for citizen engagement includes a survey, solicit input at Founders Day May 15-16, a public meeting and use of social media. The final presentation will be made to council no later than August 11, 2020, although substantial completion is planned by June 30, 2020 for budget reasons.

At this time meetings are scheduled: March 25, April 22, May 27, June 24, July 22 and Aug 26. Public comments could be at the beginning of their meetings.

The consultant will work with the Trails and Open Space Committee (TOS). TOS has been working on this map for the town for quite a while and we look forward to seeing their goals. Committee members include Jane Doggett, Chair, Sue Beeson, Vice Chair, Nancy Hess, Jennie Taylor, Secretary, Bill King, Paul Lambrecht, Trudy Whitacre, and Neala Jones. The three non-voting ex-officio members are Town Manager, Scott Whitaker, Guilford County Parks, and GUAMPO, county municipal authority. The GUAMPO position is vacant. NEW! Membership of Trails and Open Space include seven to nine


The Trails and Open Space Committee is scheduled to meet the fourth Wednesday of each month, from 6pm to 8pm at Summerfield Town Hall.

AUGUST 2018 PROPOSED A&Y TRAIL To view this map and enlarge areas go to: www.SummerfieldNC.gov Parks & Rec Trails & Greenways Scroll down to A&Y Greenway South, Route map Aug 2018 Click on version in JPG or PDF and zoom in for detail.

RECENT NEWS: At recent meeting TOS said they would like to take the trail up Summerfield Road, an additional 8/10 of a mile to Auburn road. ** The sidewalk to connect the tunnel to Summerfield Road was cost estimate of $55,000 and then $70,000 is 2019 and was built for $174,084, per town information and opened October 2019.




$90,000 ($89,653) $105 per sq. ft.

UPDATES! Who can you afford? Town Manager Scott Whitaker, worked for months on his architectural design for the picnic shelter. Whitaker, and council members O’Day, Walker, Barnes and Laughlin knew about the comparable picnic shelter in Stokesdale for $60,000 less. Whitaker moved ahead when majority of council approved the $90,000 price tag. Council Member Teresa Pegram voted no, as she researched and wanted the best value for the taxpayers. • • •

• •

Both are 24’ x 36’, same size, with comparable contracts and specifications. Both include electric and each spent more for lighting. ** The eight posts in Stokesdale and six posts in Summerfield are the same size. Stokesdale has rounded edges which may be better for safety. The rock work “boots” at the base of the polls in Summerfield may be attractive, but very expensive. Stokesdale has a lower roof line which provides better shade. Both have similar roof materials and both have very nice interior decorative wood ceilings.

** Not able to report the full accurate price as Summerfield no longer prepares complete and final Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) spreadsheets to show a breakdown of the total costs, vendors, and dates of service. Town provided the one vendor contract. Both will provide shelter and comfort for the many people who enjoy our parks! The original Summerfield 5-year Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) stated 3 picnic shelters for the Athletic Park (SAP) for $40,000 total cost. The Athletic Park plan still shows two more shelters.


$30,000 ($29,734) $34 per sq. ft.

Manager said the additional $60,000 included minor SAP playground repairs and installation of the new park benches. Council majority voted yes for $90,000, and said $60,000 for the repairs, and to install the picnic benches, was good value! No one was opposed to a picnic shelter, but function, durability and cost should be a consideration especially while the town is planning 2 more for the ball fields and up to six for the park at 220/150... Comments from (new) mayor BJ Barnes – 1/9/2020 source: Rhino Times “…those who complain about the cost of the shelter are way off base. (Barnes) said the Summerfield shelter is much nicer than Stokesdale’s and is a highly visible area. Their shelter is fine for something out of sight and out of mind, but ours represents Summerfield. He said anyone who examines the two shelters could clearly see the difference in quality and aesthetics. Barnes said some people in Summerfield are just ‘constant naysayers.’ “” Others have also talked about the visibility from the road. Please remind the new mayor that when people are driving on 220 we want them to focus on the road and not architecture in the lovely park. Suggest he look again as the shelters are comparable and same function. It is taxpayer money. What happens with cost estimate and actual cost for the next project?

The town plan for the 13 acre park at 220 and 150 shows six shelters. The town taxpayer-owned property is $1 million Assessed Value, or possibly more for commercial value. The “Intersection Master Plan & Park Concept Plan” is linked to the town website to present possible plans for the future, including park shelter locations. Summerfield built a shelter in the Community Park called an “Open Class Room” in 2007 for $32,790, which is larger, 30’ x 50’ and holds about 100 people. It has well-served students and people for years and for many functions.






Summerfield Scoop recommends that everyone should respect handicap parking areas wherever they may be, and not park in handicap parking without the required permit.

The Summerfield Community Center has two handicap parking places and a sign that states $250 fine for violations. It is a frequent location for town meetings and looks familiar to those who has been there.

know how much that roadway paint costs? But, welcome to the world where shithead want more Tuesday, February 11, 2020, than there taxes cover. That paint Summerfield Scoop posted 12 ain’t cheap.” words that a town employee parked in the handicap parking Summerfield Scoop, “It is at the Community Center. Car a good time for Chris York parked about 6:23 pm. First “Summerfield Town Planner” to Facebook Post 2/11/2020 about resign because of his posts as 10 - 11 pm. A town employee was (Bobby Christopher).” the first to post a reply and grew to over 100 posts. Posts continued. Some posts sensitive to true handicap needs Summerfield Scoop posted for special needs children, those Facebook page 2/11/2020: in a wheelchair, disabled combat Handicapped Parking Violation veterans, and those who have a By Summerfield Town Employee handicap parking permit. Other At Community Center. posts said ok to park there No excuse! because, only one sign (not totally covered in underbrush), Bobby Christopher, “As the paint wasn’t dark enough, and Town Zoning Administrator, lil no enforcement authority. Town Donnie W., I can explain why of Summerfield posted an you’re way off-base, again! To anonymous apology. All the enforce ADA rules all spaces must posts, the complete story, is be clearly signed. The fact there on Facebook Summerfield is paint on the ground doesn’t Scoop. govern, its a sign in a clear place. Now, there is a posted ADA sign, Summerfield Scoop but its covered up by a bush. The February 12 at 9:18 PM Summerfield Community Center UPDATE: Patti Stokes corrected and Park is not owned by the her story and posted the following: Town. Per the NCGS, without a “Don Wendelken, My apologies sign or a sign indistinguishable, to you and everyone who read there is no enforcement remedy. my post this morning - and I got a picture for you. Its a good further apologies for just now thing Summerfield doesn’t own circling back to our Facebook this property. We only rent it. page before getting ready to Gather up your turds before you leave the office I read through attack the Town, me, my finance all the comments and you are director, or my manager.” absolutely right - I was too hasty in my post and should have read Bobby Christopher continued more thoroughly. You posted to post more including: “Well, the picture of a town employee welcome to the world where parked in the handicapped space people don’t pay taxes. Do you



last night, with the license plate showing, but you did not name the employee. Town Planner Chris York, who was not the owner of the car, responded on YOUR Facebook page, not his personal Facebook page. His comments were indeed inappropriate, as I indicated. The rest of the story is accurate - you sent his Facebook comments to the town manager, council, and myself this morning and suggested York resign. He subsequently responded with an apology.”

SETTING THE RECORD STRAIGHT A PICTURE IS ALL IT TOOK The rest of the (Real Story) related to the handicapped space and how the Summerfield Town Planner inserted himself. Patti Stokes gets it wrong again. Scoop copied and pasted a story that lacks accuracy that the NWO (Patti Stokes) had on her Facebook page on 2/12/20.

TRUE Town planner apologies. TRUE Following last evening’s

Town of Summerfield, NC council meeting, comments were posted on Summerfield Scoop’s Facebook page about a town employee parking in a handicapped space; the Scoop’s administrator, TRUE Don Wendelken, posted a picture of the car and “FALSE” accused Town Planner Chris York of the wrongdoing. (TRUTH Scoop did not accuse

Chris York. Scoop stated that a town employee parked in the handicapped space and did not mention anyone by name.) “TRUE” Although the car belonged to another town employee, York did not deny the allegations when he subsequently responded on his (“FALSE” personal Facebook page. “TRUTH” York responded on Scoop’s page as Bobby Christopher, which included many inappropriate comments reminding everyone he was Summerfield’s Town Planner) with what most would agree were inappropriate comments. When Wendelken shared the posts, some called for grace to be granted for the parking mistake, while others called for York (“FALSE” whom, again, Wendelken claimed was the culprit) (“TRUTH” Scoop did not claim he was the culprit) to be publicly reprimanded. “FALSE” Wendelken sent a link to York’s Facebook comments (TRUTH Wendelken sent a link from Scoop’s Facebook Page that had York’s comments as Bobby Christopher.) “TRUE” this morning to Summerfield Town Manager Scott Whitaker, all town council members and myself, with a call for his resignation, saying, “I am pretty sure this representation does not meet the professional standard of conduct. As a council, I believe you should ask Chris York for his resignation. I will be following up by seeking other sources within the State of NC.”






BJ BARNES, MAYOR (term ends 12/21) 2709 Pleasant Ridge Road Summerfield, NC 27358 (336) 643.5972 – home BBarnes@Summerfieldnc.gov

SCOTT WHITAKER TOWN MANAGER Town Hall: PO Box 970 Summerfield NC 27358 Town Hall at NC Hwy 150 & Summerfield Rd. (336) 643.8655 – town hall (336) 520.7469 – cell

RICHARD L. (DICK) FEULNER, CHAIR (term ends 2/21) (336) 643.5680 DFeulner@triad.rr.com

SUE BEESON (term ends 7/20) (336) 643.3838 ssabeeson@aol.com

GEORGE (JEFF) DAVIS, VICE CHAIR (term ends 7/23) (336) 298.4653 GJD8650@aol.com

JANE DOGGETT (term ends 7/20) (336) 644.1582 DoggettJA@gmail.com

TIM SESSOMS, MAYOR PRO-TEM (term ends 12/21) 6507 Horseman Trail Summerfield, NC 27358 (336) 803.0322 – cell TSessoms@summerfieldnc.gov

LYNNE WILLIAMS DEVANEY (term ends 12/23) 7503 Strawberry Road Summerfield, NC 27358 (336) 215.5335 – cell LDevaney@summerfieldnc.gov JOHN O’DAY (term ends 12/23) 7013 Mustang Court Summerfield, NC 27358 (336) 392.6517 (336) 643.0804 JOday@summerfieldnc.gov TERESA PEGRAM (term ends 12/21) 7401 Greenlawn Drive Summerfield, NC 27358 (336) 643.2610 TPegram@summerfieldnc.gov REECE WALKER (term ends 12/23) 7046 Summerfield Road Summerfield, NC 27358 (336) 706.3195 RWalker@summerfieldnc.gov

CHRIS YORK, TOWN PLANNER (336) 643.8681 – town hall cyork@summerfieldnc.gov LANCE HEATER, TOWN CLERK (336) 643. 8655 – town hall Clerk@summerfieldnc.gov DEE HALL, FINANCE OFFICER (336) 643.8655 – town hall dhall@summerfieldnc.gov CHERYL GORE, MANAGER ASSISTANT/ EVENTS COORDINATOR (336) 643.8655 – town hall CGore@summerfieldnc.gov JEFF GOARD, PARKS AND RECREATION DIRECTOR (336) 643.8655 – town hall JGoard@summerfieldnc.gov TOWN ATTORNEY Robert (Bob) E. Hornik Kevin Hornik The Brough Law Firm Chapel Hill, NC

KATHY ROONEY (term ends 7/22) (336) 643.7878 – home (336) 209.0378 – cell info@rolfingassociates.com TRUDY WHITACRE (term ends 2/21) (336) 643.2131 – home TKWhitacre@gmail.com SCOTT HENSON (term ends 7/23) (336) 740.4655 – home (336) 393.4574 – work


CLINT BABCOCK (term ends 4/20) (336) 918.0256 Clint@vettedude.com WALTER DOGGETT (CLARK) (term ends 4/20) (336) 202.8899. KG4HOM@hotmail.com FRANCIS FICCA (FRANK) (term ends 4/20) (term ends 4/20) (336) 937.2985 Fjficca@gmail.com RYAN MOATS (term ends 7/21) (336) 580.3905 RyanCMoats@yahoo.com


NANCY HESS (term ends 7/20) (336) 215.1820 Nancy.hess@bhhsyostandlittle. com JENNIE TAYLOR (term ends 7/21) (540) 953.2225 writefarmerjennie@gmail.com BILL KING (term ends 7/20) (212) 388.1751 Nyckings2nc@gmail.com PAUL LAMBRECHT (term ends 7/21) (336) 255.0402 Paul.lanbrecht@volvo.com TRUDY WHITACRE (term ends 7/20) (336) 643.2131 TKWhitacre@gmail.com NEALA JONES (term ends 7/21) (703) 447.0548 nealandave@hotmail.com



ELECTION RESULTS FROM THE RECENT PRIMARY ELECTION MARCH 3, 2020 The General Election is Tuesday, November 3, 2020 . Polls will be open 6:30 A.M. to 7:30 P.M. The following is information available recently from the Guilford County Board of Elections.


GUILFORD COUNTY VOTES Early Voting 2/29/20

Democratic Party

Early Voting 2/29/20

Joseph R Biden Bernie Sanders Michael R Bloomberg Elizabeth Warren Pete Buttigieg Amy Klobuchar Tom Steyer Cory Booker Andrew Yang Tulsi Gabbard Michael Bennet Duval Patrick Marianne Williamson Julian Castro John K Devaney

9,939 8,133 5,337 3,156 2,010 1,198 207 87 80 70 57 40 22 22 11 30,369

32.47% 26.57% 17.43% 10.31% 6.57% 3.91% 0.68% 0.26% 0.26% 0.23% 0.19% 0.13% 0.10% 0.07% 0.04% 99.22%

No preference



7,833 250 238 8,321

91.28% 2.91% 2.77% 96.96%



Republican Party Donald J Trump Joe Walsh Bill Weld

No preference


Total Votes Total Votes 37,288 45.72% 21,196 25.99% 10,246 12.56% 7,419 9.10% 2,194 2.09% 1,379 1.69% 298 3.70% 167 0.02% 179 0.02% 251 0.00% 131 0.00% 84 0.01% 63 0.08% 39 0.05% 36 0.04% 80,970

27,469 785 828 29,082

91.31% 2.61% 2.75% 96.67%

NC State Totals NC State Totals 568,533 43.02 318,724 24.12% 171,657 12.99% 138,477 10.48% 43,316 3.28% 30,563 2.31% 10,637 0.80% 2,171 0.16% 2,943 0.22% 6,597 0.50% 1,959 0.15% 1,322 0.10% 1,229 0.09% 693 0.05% 1,087 0.08% 1,299,908 98.35% 21,733


747,014 15,340 16,275 778,629

93.54% 1.92% 2.04% 97.50%



Libertarian Party Jacob Hornberger** 578 9.54% from 16 candidates **The Libertarian Party chooses their final candidates at their national party convention in Austin TX May 2125, 2020 for President and Vice President for the national election November 3, 2020. www.LPNC.org

QUESTIONS? Contact Guilford County Board of Elections 301 West Market St. Greensboro, NC 27401 | (336) 641-3836



Democratic Party Cal Cunningham Republican Party Thom Tillis


Democratic Party Kathy Manning Republican Party Lee Haywood


Democratic Party Roy Cooper Republican Party Dan Forest


Democratic Party Terry Van Duyn Yvonne Lewis Holley Republican Party Mark Robinson A very exciting race! Yvonne Lewis Holley did not receive over 30% of the vote, so there may be a run-off election for the Democratic candidates between Yvonne Lewis Holley (26.57% of votes) and Terry Van Dunn (20.44% of votes.) Mark Robinson will be the Republican candidate as he received over 30% of votes (239,792 votes in a 9 candidate race.)


Democratic Party Jenna Wadsworth Republican Party Steve Troxler


Democratic Party Wayne Goodwin Republican Party Mike Causey


Democratic Party Jessica Holmes NC ATTORNEY GENERAL

Republican Party Josh Dobson

Democratic Party Josh Stein Republican Party Jim O’Neill


Democratic Party Jen Mangrum Republican Party Catherine Truitt


Democratic Party Ronnie Chatterji Republican Party Dale R Folwell


Democratic Party Cheri Beasley Republican Party Paul Newby


Democratic Party Michael Garrett Republican Party Sebastian King


Democratic Party Nicole Quick Republican Party Jon Hardister


Democratic Party Carly Cooke Republican Party Troy Lawson


Democratic Party Elaine Marshall



NC AUDITOR Republican Party E.C. Sykes Democratic Party Beth A Wood Republican Party Anthony Wayne (Tony) Street

Democratic Party Lucy Inman Republican Party Phil Berger Jr.

Democratic Party Jeff L Thigpen Republican Party Abdul Rashid Siddiqui


PO BOX 39296 GREENSBORO, NC 27438-9296



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Be Informed - What is going on in Summerfield, NC?


Be Informed - What is going on in Summerfield, NC?