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A long time ago there was a prince and a princess. The prince was strong with short hair. One day the princess, who was very beautiful said, “I want to marry you.�

The prince said, “I don’t want to marry you because I love another princess.� The next day a dragon came and broke into the castle. He took the prince into his cave and the princess was looking for the prince but the dragon took him.

The princess was walking and she saw the cave. In the cave she saw the prince. She saw a big door. When she opened the door there was the dragon.

She said, “Can I come in?” The dragon said, “No I am too busy making dinner.” She said you go to sleep and I’ll make your dinner.” The dragon said, “ok.” When the dragon went to sleep she got prince and ran away. The prince said, “Now, I want to marry you.”

By: Sajjad

The Prince and the Princess  
The Prince and the Princess  

Written and Illustrated by Sajjad