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Once upon a time there was three little gazelles. One was 12, one was 10 and the youngest was 8.


One day their mom was making a pie until they heard a splat! The pie exploded. “go outside and play while I clean up.” They were playing when cheetah came by, and said ”do you want to play hide and seek with me.”

They all agreed. Cheetah counted to 50 then he went looking for them while the youngest gazelle was hiding behind a bush, cheetah came over and said now I found you, and will eat you. The gazelle said “oh no you won’t” and the cheetah said” oh! no I will.”

The gazelle ran to his older brother to warn him. Cheetah found them. He said, “ha ha ha now I will eat you both.” The second gazelle said, “oh no you won’t.” cheetah answered, “oh no I will.” By the time he finished saying his sentence the two gazelles were gone.

While the cheetah was trying to find the oldest gazelle, the two little gazelles were filling a pot with hot water and they put a sign saying THE GAZELLE IS IN HERE. So the cheetah was tricked. He ran to the pot and jumped in it. Quickly the two gazelles put on the lid. The cheetah was trapped in.

From then on the three gazelles never played hide and seek with a cheetah again. THE END. BY GABY ROMAN

Smart Gazelles  

Written by Gaby