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Summa Group and Kredmash Entered into an Agreement to Supply Dagestan with Three Asphalt Concrete Plants

Summa Group and Kremenchug Plant of Road Machines (Kredmash, Ukraine) have entered into an agreement to supply Dagestan with three asphalt concrete plants. The agreement was signed on January 22 in Makhachkala. By the end of March, the Ukrainian company will deliver and set up three asphalt concrete plants in Dagestan, each with a capacity of 1,536 tons per day. They will produce high-quality asphalt on the basis of high technologies with the use of mineral additives. The plants will be able to operate either on liquid fuel or natural gas. This project is in line with the management strategy of the state-owned Dagestanavtodor to modernize the region’s road industry. This strategy became feasible when agreements were reached last year regarding cooperation between that state institution and Summa Group. The group expressed its willingness to invest about 700 million rubles in Dagestan's road building sector. In September 2013, Summa purchased and set up the first asphalt concrete plant, with capacity of 3,840 tons per day, on the outskirts of Makhachkala. That enterprise was also purchased from Kredmash. A bitumen storage tank with a capacity of 2,000 tons was built adjacent to the plant, and the German road building equipment was purchased. Thus was created the first “growth point” for Dagestan's road industry. Magomed Amirkhanov, Deputy Director of Summa Group's Representative Office in Dagestan, pointed out that road-building clusters will be created on the basis of the three new plants, on the model of the enterprise that has already been commissioned, and there are plans to construct bitumen storage tanks and to purchase equipment. Two plants will be set up in mountainous Dagestan and another in the southern part of the region. The plan is to use the enterprise’s products in the construction of the Avar-Kakhetin road and also to ensure that Dagestan's mountainous areas are accessible for transportation. About Summa Group Summa Group is a diversified private holding with promising and dynamically developing investments in the port logistics, engineering, construction, telecommunication and oil and gas sectors. Our companies employ more than 10 thousand employees work for the Group companies in almost 40 regions of Russia and abroad. Ziyavudin Magomedov is the founder and shareholder of the company.

Summa Group and Kredmash Entered into an Agreement to Supply Dagestan with 3 Asphalt Concrete Plants