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Sumit Jadhav Industrial Designer

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Sumit Jadhav Product Designer


Sumit Jadhav Product Designer

For as long as I can remember, I have been keenly interested in the process of creation of products. The reason I feel particularly interested in the field of Industrial Design is my fascination with creative visualisation. I love how innovation is an extension of man’s imagination and how evolving technology makes this a reality. I am keen on becoming a part of a global team and fraternity producing new-generation products, many of whom may be more complex in conceptualization but far simpler for the consumer to use. It is said that one has to be passionate about one’s work and that your work should be your very love if you are to really enjoy what you are doing. It is only then that your job can give you complete satisfaction and joy! I can very confidently say that this quality counts among my greatest strengths. I dream of being able to produce new products with innovations and specialties that are an expression of my client’s requirements, hopes and aspirations. I am happy also that I know and understand what my aims and true aspirations are in life. Every client I work with, and every new project I undertake, take me a step closer to the accomplishment of my professional goals.

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Sumit Jadhav Product Designer


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Water Jar Lid






Locking Mechanisms

Form Study Mechanism Based Concepts

Water Jar Lid The picture on the left shows the existing jar & the lid to be redesigned. Problems spotted : - Gaskets leaked from the side and top - The circular lid needed to be placed in a certain manner to close properly (b) and if tightened it wouldn’t fit properly (c). Moving towards concept without mechanisms in order to reduce product part complications and hence the number of parts.

Sumit Jadhav | (+91)9920529806 |


Some of the immediate solutions to one of the leaky gaskets were: - Flipping one of the gaskets upside down (1). - Redesigning of the gaskets (2) But the gasket or the area around the circular lid had to be redesigned making it mandatory to redesign the lid, which would also refresh the look of the lid.

Opening Mechanisms


Water Jar Lid Simplified Concepts

Revised Design with the least number of parts. The jar lip was modified in order to reduce the number of parts. The gasket of the jar has been designed in such a way that the jar can also be made air-tight so as to retain the freshness of its contents.

Sumit Jadhav | (+91)9920529806 |

Final Concept


Water Jar Lid

Open the clips on either side to release the lid for cleaning and refilling.

Sumit Jadhav | (+91)9920529806 |

The flap is an extension of the gasket which makes the jar air-tight. One has to open the flap and lock it in the open position in the notch provided on the lid, so as to pour.


Sumit Jadhav Product Designer


5L Water Jug Competitors’ products

Form Exploration & Body Treatment

Sumit Jadhav | (+91)9920529806 | 11

5L Water Jug Concept Sketches

Sumit Jadhav | (+91)9920529806 | 12

5L Water Jug Concept Details: Stacking | Color Variations | Body Variations

Final Concept

Sumit Jadhav | (+91)9920529806 |

Most conventional water jars have taps protruding from the jar and the tap is located parallel to the handle arch. This causes problems while carrying or storing the jar. Also when the water level is low one has to use both hands, one to hold the jar and other to tilt it. In the concepts below, a cavity has been made such that the tap fits flush with the body surface. Also the tap has been positioned in line with the handle which solves some of the problems mentioned earlier.


Sumit Jadhav Product Designer


Modular Containers Mood Board

Sumit Jadhav | (+91)9920529806 |

The aim was to design a new series of modular container with neat clean design language. The containers had to be nested and some of them with microwave vents.


Modular Containers

Some of the locking mechanisms were explored.

Sumit Jadhav | (+91)9920529806 |

Initial plan was to extend the design language to a series of forms (rectangular, square & circular), to form a family, but was later changed to rectangular form only.


Modular Containers Finalized Concept

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Casserole Handle & Lid Finalized Concept

Marketed Product Quick Concepts

Sumit Jadhav | (+91)9920529806 |

Redesigned Components


Insulated Water Bottle

Head Cap Clips

We thought, since kids of this age are attracted to cartoon characters, animals and soft toys, it might be a good idea to have a water bottle in the form of a cute animal: in this case, a bear. The nose on the bottle is a release button to open the head section, to sip water.


The glasses form a lock that prevents the nose from being pressed accidently, resulting in opening of the lid. A strap will be snapped on to the pins on the bottom on either sides.

Sumit Jadhav | (+91)9920529806 |


This was a quick concept designed for a project in which insulated water bottles were to be made for 3-6 year-old children.


Insulated Water Bottle These bottles have a simple form but a striking co-moulded body treatment which kids of this age group would love. The design of this bottle makes it an enviable style statement. The co-moulded part also forms a grip element on the bottle. The lid, made of silicone, is easy to open and shut.

Sumit Jadhav | (+91)9920529806 |

This was a quick concept designed for a project in which insulated water bottles were to be made for children aged 7 and above.


Sumit Jadhav Product Designer


Metal Polishing Machine Sumit Jadhav | (+91)9920529806 |

This was a quick concept of a shell to be made for a sheet metal polishing machine.

*The rollers on either side were not a part of the project.


SolidWorks/KeyShot Sumit Jadhav | (+91)9920529806 |

Modelling for a US Based firm. These were the eight trucks modelled for them.


SolidWorks/KeyShot Sumit Jadhav | (+91)9920529806 |

Modelling for a US Based firm. These were the eight trucks modelled for them.

SolidWorks/KeyShot Close up shots of some of the details in this truck.

Sumit Jadhav | (+91)9920529806 |

Intericate Detailing


SolidWorks/KeyShot Each truck has been modelled individually from scratch.

Sumit Jadhav | (+91)9920529806 | 27

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- Product Pitches - Personal Concepts - Masters Projects

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Talcum Powder & Deodorant containers The talcum powder containers are in two sizes and the form has been ergonomically designed to suit the client’s requirements. The colors have also been chosen considering the target market.

The deodorant bottles have a stronger form. The one at the bottom-right resembles a bullet. The finish is bare metal with print so as to compliment the form.

Sumit Jadhav | (+91)9920529806 |

These were quick concepts for a pitch to a toiletries manufacturer. We were required to design a talcum powder container (including graphics) for women, and a deodorant can for men.


Project Line up - Recent Projects - Quick Concepts - Product Pitches

- Personal Concepts - Masters Projects

Contact: (+91)9920529806, (+91-22)21029257 |


Concept Sketches

Steam Iron Sumit Jadhav | (+91)9920529806 |

The target market here is 18-28 yrs., which includes students pursuing professional education to professionals who prefer products that are elegant looking and easy to handle. The concepts are a mix of traditional steam irons with a fresh touch of flow lines, increasing their aesthetic appeal.


Steam Iron

Wire Port

Sumit Jadhav | (+91)9920529806 |

Temperature Control


Steam Iron

Slot for Water Refilling

Sumit Jadhav | (+91)9920529806 |

Buttons for spraying & steam releasing

Water Spray


Perfume Bottle

It is very clear that the bottle derives its design clues from the

mid-section of the car shown above. The form also has clues drawn from the helmet of an F1 driver. There are many more parts with which the form can be associated, and a car-crazy person would definitely associate it with one.

Sumit Jadhav | (+91)9920529806 |

This perfume bottle was designed keeping in mind the Frerrari brand, its products and the target audience that admires and follows this brand.


5L Water Jug - Completely enclosed tap - Legs for raising height - Two handles instead of one for stability while pouring when the water level is low

- Simple form - Better aesthetics - Compact design - Better stacking

Sumit Jadhav | (+91)9920529806 |

This concept is an extension of one of my earlier projects (5L Water Jars) for a client. Of all the options I designed, I pick this one as being the best design solution. My reasons are:


Sumit Jadhav Product Designer


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- Masters Projects

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Naad = A hormonic resonance Musical Instrument


A typical glass harmonium.


- strap them up

each glass since there are many variables available like glass size, liquid density

then rotated either with a motor or manually. Even while using this instrument

The principle behind both these instruments remains the same and that is using resonance to make music. Both these instruments are old and need a lot of experience for perfection.

Sumit Jadhav | (+91)9920529806 |

- arrange the glasses on table

The aim was to design a new instrument which would be easier to make and play.


Concept 1 Arrange



Control Panel Mount Board


All the glasses need to be placed on the instrument as shown. Rub the edge of the glasses

levels with the necessary liquid form the holding tank using the control switches.

music. The sound output of the instrument can be varied by changing the level or density of the liquid or the type of glasses used.

Sumit Jadhav | (+91)9920529806 |



Electric Pick-Up

play the instrument

Flexible Electric Circuit

Touch Screen Display


Keys Key Holder

Concept 2 Touch Screen Display Control Switch & Speakers

Sumit Jadhav | (+91)9920529806 |

Key Strip:



Exploded View

Handle Pick-Up Rings

Connectors Control Switch Cover Screen Cover Control Circuit

User Interface Main Screen

Menu Selection Screen Opt3


Display Body Shell Processor Circuit I/O circuit

Color Study







Sumit Jadhav | (+91)9920529806 |

Pick-Up Circuit


Sumit Jadhav | (+91)9920529806 | 43


Accupuncture and Light Therapy Device


Concept Sketches


Wrist Mounted Design Hand Held Design

Accupuncture Points

Control Switch

Sumit Jadhav | (+91)9920529806 |

Clip on Designs


Final Design

Accupuncture Tips

Automatic Operation

User Interface MAIN MENU

Manual Operation

Red and Blue UV leds for Light Therapy





ACCUPUNCTURE Soft Silicone for grip


Charger Design Variation





Final Design Concept VOLTS CYCLE

TIME 00:00:00

Sumit Jadhav | (+91)9920529806 |

Control Switch


Exploded View

Color Variation Display

Top Cover

Controll Switch Grip Body

Circuit Board LED bed

Sumit Jadhav | (+91)9920529806 |

Screen Cover


Exploded Veiw 47

Sumit Jadhav Product Designer


Sumit Jadhav | (+91)9920529806 |

Point of Purchase Display French Rabbit


Product Construction


A Body B Support C Shelf

C Slide


Slide Sheet to be folded to form body


Area for gluing

Back Door for storage


Sumit Jadhav | (+91)9920529806 |

Sheet to be folded to form support


Features and Materials

The top shelf of the product has been made big enough to display all the available varieties of the wine sold by French Rabbit. Some of the materials that can be used are cardboard and coroplast which is structurally similar to that of a cardboard but is stronger and long lasting than that of cardboard.

Sumit Jadhav | (+91)9920529806 |

The form of the product represents the unique shape of the bottle to be displayed.

This gives structural rigidity making it possible to place all those bottles. It also facilitates storage of extra crates of wine bottles which are accessible from behind the product.


Graphic Variation

All the graphic variations have been made taking into consideration the brand and all the elements surrounding the brand. Some of them are for describing what the brand is all about.

Product Shot describing what the product is all about Branding Elements

Sumit Jadhav | (+91)9920529806 |

represents the shape of the wine bottles and the graphic indicating it’s a wine which has been



Sumit Jadhav Product Designer


Clock Design


Project Brief:

Concept Sketches

Final Concept Sumit Jadhav | (+91)9920529806 |

Design a clock with a maximum size 4x4x4 inches with the intension of making a prototype using the taught modeling skills.


Sumit Jadhav | (+91)9920529806 |

Color Study


Alias Modelling & Rendering

Release Clip Switch(water proof )

Clamp Section-II Rubber Grip Clamp Section-I Clip for Attachment Battery Cover (on the under side) Detachable Front Light Body Cover LED Bulbs Lens

Sumit Jadhav | (+91)9920529806 |

Display Stand



Sumit Jadhav Product Designer

5234/187, Sanmati Society, Pantnagar, Ghatkopar (East), Mumbai-400075, MH, India

Objective To work with a fast paced, dynamic and motivational design firm where I can pursue my interest as an Industrial Designer to express my creativity, sharpen my skills and grow professionally and contribute towards the success and growth of the firm. B.O.D : 24/10/1981 Education -2009 MFA Industrial Design Academy of Art University, CA, USA -2005 B.E. Automobile Engineering M.H. Saboo Siddik C.O.Engg, Mumbai, India Skills Hand Sketching | Product Ideation | Design Problem Solving | Digital Modeling | Model Prototyping | Product interfaces | Web Designing | Product Packaging Graphics

Accomplishments Worked closely with the Design Director and Technical Design Director, for development of concept driven product plans to meet project and budget goals. Anticipated challenges and came up with feasible solutions. Illustrated design concepts for internal ideation and reference, as well as for client presentations. This included hand sketches, line drawings and illustrator drawings. Experience Senior Product Designer - Dec 2013 - Current Design Flyover -Design exploration, idea sharing, and collaboration throughout development of design. -Understanding the consumer and discover creative design solutions for the challenges identified through design research -Product styling and form -Impactful presentation of concepts and findings -2D sketching and graphics, 3D CAD and rendering, ergonomic mockups, and form studies

Software Skills CS6 Suite | Alias | SolidWorks | KeyShot | Microsoft Office |

Contact: (+91)9920529806, (+91-22)21029257 |


Sumit Jadhav Product Designer

5234/187, Sanmati Society, Pantnagar, Ghatkopar (East), Mumbai-400075, MH, India

Product Designer - Feb 2013 - Dec 2013 Zivene Design Development -Create sketches, illustrations, models, prototypes, graphic layouts, etc. to communicate design concepts to project stakeholders -Create inspiring, impactful, storytelling presentations to share with my seniors and key stakeholders. -Manage projects through all stages of development: from concept creation to final production, and is responsible for overall quality, innovation and creative vision. -Support the Zivene product team as required in all aspects of design process work from research to final presentation deliverables. -Maintain support and strengthen contacts with clients, in consultation with my design lead. Textile Designer - June 2012 - Jan2013 Sumit Art, Mumbai, India -Creating digital designs to be printed on cloth -Editing existing digital designs as per client requests -Digital retouching of old designs

Graphic Designer - Jan 2010- Dec 2011 Imprint, San Francisco, CA, USA -Produced complete packaging graphics -Responsible for production work for printed product catalogs -Responsible for producing monthly ads for publications and web -Responsible for designing websites with simple user-interface for local firms and small businesses -Work with Design Director, staff designers, photographers, and marketing staff to meet design demands and crucial deadlines. Junior Product Designer - Sept 2008- Dec 2009 Whirlwind Wheelchair, San Francisco, CA, USA -Responsible for Ideation Sketches -Produced working mock ups -Worked with Design Engineers, Inventors, Production Engineers -Assisted the team with issues related to aesthetics. Interests Photography | Scale Modeling | Water Sports | Travelling | Swimming

Contact: (+91)9920529806, (+91-22)21029257 |



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