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Arizona, USA – The Wave (stunning sandstone rock formation that is around 190 million years old and looks unreal)

Tasmania – The Tessellated Pavement (very straight rectangles that are a natural phenomenon)

Egypt – White Desert (strange rock formations formed by sandstorms)

Japan - Blood Pond Hot Spring (that’s how it got it’s name)

Northern Ireland – Giant’s Causeway (mystical rock formation)

Bolivia – Salar de Uyuni (world’s largest salt flats)

China – The Stone Forest (a 400-square-kilometre stone wonderland)

Antarctica – McMurdo Dry Valleys (Iron oxides stain the snout of the Taylor Glacier forming a feature commonly referred to as Blood Falls)

Canada - Spotted Lake (one of the world's highest concentration of minerals)

Nevada, USA – The Black Rock Desert (a dry lake bed)

California - Crystal Cave (made from marble)

Western Australia Bungle Bungles are an amazing rock formation.

Alaska - Steam rises from the top vent in the summit crater of Mount Redoubt.

Cappadocia, Turkey - is home to many underground and above ground cities.

Dominica - The Boiling Lake at the Caribbean island bubbles with blue-grey water.

Spain - The blood red Rio Tinto river

Brazil - Vale de Luna or "the valley of the moon“ (an ancient plateau thought to be over 1.8 billion years old)


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