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Do you want to learn simple steps to cook healthy in your busy teen life. Well, read Teen Life to learn recipes that are quick, easy, convenient and healthy.

Here’s a sneak peak of the comic Nanny 911, included in Teen Life.

The Wisdom Of Parents I have learned a lot from my parents. They have always told me if you want something you have to work hard for it. They also say it would not just come to you like magic. My mother Leyla Ali Hassan has taught me wrong from right. She has taught me about goal setting and how to manage my time in a responsible way.

Highlights of m y interview wit h my mother! Did you have an yg adolescence stag oals in your early e? -become nurse -get good grades -get a job to get money -being responsi ble

my mother: Advice from UP Never give Your School f Finish All O

Regrets I Have

Goals Of life My mother has faced a lot of challenges but with good time management and goal setting skills, she tried her best to achieve her goals. Some of the goals she achieved were to keep her grades up well she was at school. The way she was able to achieve this goal was by doing thing that were more important first and not procrastinating. My mother has said many times that she had very good time managing skills. But she has also said that she does regret not spending too much time with her family and friends because she was way too focused on her studies. Now that is affect her because she has not seen her parents for a long time because they are in a different country.

My mother has faced a lot of adversity. She had many obstacles that she had to overcome when she was my age. She had so many goals that she wanted to achieve but coming from a country with war going on, she had more important thing to do first. Many kids in Canada have a better life than our parents. We live in a safe country and we have a better chance of achieving our goal because we have better resources. My mother has missed out on very important thing like getting her education. However, when she came to Canada she a had a goal to finish her high school and college education and she was able to achieve that in her adolescence years.

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You Cant Get In My Way

Advice I Use Through

my life, my mother has passed down advice that will help me become successful. But my mom has said thing to me that I will hold on to for a life time. The advice that she tries to get through to me was to finish school and get a good education because those will open doors for my future. Another important advice she gave me was to never give up because there will be people that will try to knock you down but you just have to get back up. The main goal that I want to achieve to make my family proud, is to get 80% in every subject because getting a good job is based on the education you receive. Also by setting this goal I would be preparing for my career.

BY: Sumeya Mohamed

Well I am prepare for my career I would be facing a lot of challenges and obstacles. But I have to be smart and make strategies that will help me overcome them. There are many obstacles that will get in my way like laziness. I believe for any goal that you have laziness is an obstacle. The way I could over come the obstacle is by make time for myself, so I don't get overwhelmed. This also ties into my time managing skills. There are many little things I can do that will help me get to my goal. I could start by get and 80% on most of my test and quizzes also, I should start studying the day the teacher tells us that we have a test because it will be better then trying to study everything the night before.

Other Highlights from my interview with my mom. -Did you have a goal that you missed out on that you want me to achieve? -Finish school!!!!

My Mom And Me If you were the judge and you compared my mother’s goal setting skills with mine, you would notice that she is more driven than I am because she came from a place of war and she had a lot less opportunities than I have. So if she wanted to get something done she only had one chance. With this smart goal I developed I believe that the developmental task this falls into is preparing for my career because with the education and high grades, I could get into a better school. Getting good grades in school will help me get a better job. However if I accomplish this goal it will help me intellectually because I would be learning new material when I go to school. As you can see my mother advice plays a big role in my future.


Teen’s Kitchen

Survival Guide

Liquid measuring cup- This type of measuring cup is used for liquid ingredients.

Measuring spoon- A measuring spoon is used to measure small dry and liquid ingredients.

When measuring certain ingredients a person can put a small bowl to catch any spillage.

When measuring brown sugar you MUST pack it firmly into a dry measuring cup and level.

When cleaning dishes a person can use a sponge or dishtowel.

When cook in the kitchen you MUST wear an apron.

When a person is in the kitchen cook they MUST tie their hair.

When cleaning dishes a person can use a dish rack to let the dishes to dry off.

These are some of the scenarios that should not be going on in your kitchen. It’s not safe!

Cupcake recipe- Liquid ingredients  1 cup (Milk) Use a liquid measuring cup and measure at eye level.

All pots and pans handles should be pointing to the middle of the stove.

When a person is in the kitchen cooking, they MUST have their sleeves pulled up.

Heaping and Level- When measuring ingredients a person would use the leveling or heaping technique.

When measuring a liquid make sure that you look at it at eye level. Cupcake recipe- Solid ingredients  ½ cup (Butter) Use measuring tool on package

When cutting butter, use the label on the package and cut the butter using a heated knife.

Do not use appliances with frayed, cracked or torn electrical cords.

Cupcake recipe- Dry ingredients  1-1/2 cups (Flour) Use a dry measuring cup and level off.  1 cup (Sugar) Use a dry measuring cup and level. When dishwashing use one side for washing and second side for rinsing. (Left sink has hot soapy water and the right sink has clear hot water) When dishwashing a person should use one squirt of soap.

Wear shoes at ALL times well in the kitchen!

When finished cleaning the dishes the person MUST clean the sinks and taps. They also must clean area around the sink. Cupcake recipe- Small ingredients  1-1/2 tsp- (Baking powder) Squish lumps, use measuring spoon and level.  

¼ tsp- (Salt) Use measuring spoon and level 1 tsp- (Vanilla) Use measuring spoon and hold under small bowl

Stack dishes and clean in this order: 1. Glassware 2. Cutlery 3. Dinnerware 4. Preparation dishes 5. Pots and pans


Ingredients: 

1-1/2 cups (375 mL) all purpose flour

1 cup (250 mL) granulated sugar

1-1/2 tsp (7 mL) baking powder

1/4 tsp (1 mL) salt

1/2 cup (125 mL) butter, softened

1 cup (250 mL) milk

2 eggs

1 tsp (5 mL) vanilla

Preparation: In large bowl, whisk together flour, sugar, baking powder and salt. Using electric mixer on low speed, mix in butter, milk, eggs and vanilla; beat on high speed until smooth, about 2 minutes. Spoon into 12 paper-lined or greased muffin cups, filling about three-quarters full. Bake in centre of 375°F (190°C) oven until cake tester inserted in centre comes out clean, about 18 minutes. Transfer to rack; let cool completely. (Make-ahead: Store in airtight container for up to 1 day or freeze for up to 2 weeks.)

Sources: Google images And

nanny 911

by Sumeya

Effective Communication Effective communication is an important skill for teens to learn/ use because it would help them express their feeling, share information and many more. Effective communication can be used by people in many places for example at school or at home. My comic is about two sisters that constantly fight. One day the sisters mother had gotten so feed up that she decided to call Nanny Joan to help them learn ways to fix their problems. Nanny Joan had taught them about Imessages, positive strategies and others.

The two sisters in my comic have always been fighting. But this last time they had fought thing have gotten to the extreme. The oldest sister, Cindy had said “I wish you weren't born” to her younger sister. What Cindy had said had gotten their mom very angry so, she had called Nanny Joan. When she called she said “I really need your help my kids will never stop FIGHTING.”

Roadblocks Everyone has had roadblocks stand in the way of good communication. Roadblocks could be threatening, criticizing or many more. In my comic I had a roadblock called ridiculing. Ridiculing is when you are hurting another persons feeling, name calling or shaming. Ridiculing in my comic is when Cindy says “I HATE it when you come in my room. Why are you so dumb?”

Other peoples shoes

To have effective communication there should be some sort of empathy involved. Empathy is being able to understand someone else's feeling. Its kind of like putting yourself in someone else's shoes. In my comic Cindy had said “ I feel like I do make her feel bad. If I was in her shoes I would feel really unloved” which was showing that she had empathy for her sister.

Positive strategies Positive strategies could be having good timing in a conversation or even being honest and open. I have always been taught “make sure to have good timing and be honesty about your feeling.” Positive strategies could also be using humor in your conversation to lighten up the mood.

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Active or Passive What do you choose? Effective listening can be done actively or passively. Active listening is using verbal responses to show that you are listening. You could also restate the speakers ideas for example, when Nanny Joan had talk Cindy had replied by saying “so, instead of saying you lied to me. I would say I think that there was a misunderstanding.” Effective listening could be done nonverbally which is Passive listening. Passive listening technique could be nodding your head or even making eye contact.

I feel……. Last there is Imessages. I–messages are important because they are taking the positive road when trying to say something that's difficult. There are many advantages of using I-messages it help ease tension, reduces defensiveness and it has many more advantages. There are four basic part of an Imessage they are I feel, when you, because I and I want. An example for my comic is when Mellissa said “ I feel sad when you yell at me because it makes me feel unwanted. I want you to start saying things in a kinder way.”

My future Effective communication could help teen in our future. Effective communication can help us with social customs and express our feeling. It will help us with relationships, family, friends and even finding a job. By reading my article I hope that you have learned some tips that will help you in your daily lives and routes.

The recipe that I choose is a mini date nut carrot muffin. The reason why I choose this recipe is because it is a healthy alternative to a cupcake. The reason for this is because it has 4 different food groups which are grain products (wheat brain), milk and alternatives (milk), meat and alternatives (eggs) and vegetables and fruit (carrots). This recipe can suit any ones taste buds because the person can always change anything that they don't like. For example if they dislike carrots they can easily change it to blueberries or any other vegetable or fruit they like.

There are many other recipes teens could make using these ingredients from the recipe . For examples someone can use the carrots from this recipe and create a cake they can also use that dates to create a date loaf cake. If you would like to make recipes using ingredient found at home go to .

1. 2. 3.

Why plan your meals? To develop healthy eating habits To reduce the money one spends on food To save time and money.

The reason I believe that this recipe will appeal to teens is because it has a variety of colours such a brown and orange that will make the person want to eat it. This recipe also has a soft and fluff texture when you bit into it. Last, the muffin has an abundance of flavors from the carrots and dates. Teens will also like this because the dates will add a lot of flavor to make this muffin as sweet as a cupcake, but the muffin will still be the healthier choice. As teen you want to make something that is fast and cheap to make and this muffin is it. So why choose a cupcake that is high sugar, fat and calories when there is a healthy alternative right at your footsteps.

Recipe Mini Date Nut Carrot Muffin Sandwiches Ingredients Nonstick vegetable cooking spray 1 package (16.6 ounces) date muffin mix 1 cup wheat bran 1 cup whole milk 1 egg 1 cup shredded carrots 3/4 cup pitted dates, chopped (dates may be available already chopped) 1 tablespoon confectioners' sugar Directions Preheat oven to 400 degrees F. Spray 12 muffin tins with nonstick spray. In a medium bowl, stir muffin mix, bran, milk, and egg until just blended. Fold in carrots, dates, and confectioners' sugar. Be careful not to over-mix; the batter should be lumpy. Divide batter equally among the muffin tins. Bake until a toothpick inserted into center of muffin comes out clean, about 20 minutes.


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