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Sumanyu Patel

3rd Year Industrial Design Student, DSK International School of Design, Rubika, India +91-8806009022

Education 2001-2012

The Riverside School, A Primary to 10th grade, IGCSE


The Riverside School, A

Higher secondary School (11th - 12th

Passionate about user-centric design and believe in simplicity of design to make it more accessible. Aim to build and work on products that are efficient and viable to everyone. Design should have a purpose and meaning to be on this planet. Not only look at consumers using it,

but eventually this

planet consuming the product. Aspirations as a designer is to explore oneself and others around more than what you see.


DSK ISD Rubika, Pune, I Year 3 Product Design Student

Experiences Partnership 2017

Passion Sports

Puma, Partnership

Design a product inspired from Super


Handball, Volleyball, Football(ametuer/fan), Golf(ametuer)

Super Retail Group, Part


it more encouraging, adaptable to the

Brief : Improve kid’s first cycling expe

Watercolors, Photoshop, Wax crayons

memorable for both parents and the





Candid people, Wildlife, Landscapes, Raw nature, Architecture, Still


Kavinsky, Dynatron, Chromatics, Hilight Tribe, Equador, M83, London Grammar, XXYYXX, 1975, Led Zepplin


DCA / Masterclass

Design a product for cyclist safety / 1


Studio Metis | RAFT / M

Design a UI/ game/toy for kids / 1 w


Ahmedabad, India


/Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere Pro InDesign, Solid works, Maya, Rhino, Keyshot, Maya, Sketchbook Pro, Corel Draw

Ahmedabad, India


/Sketching, PU Foam Modelling, Styrofoam Modelling, Quick Mock

h), A levels

ups, Prototyping, Marker render, Conceptualizing, Wood working, Wall



Internships 2016 TDW, Ahmedabad, India

rheroes / Ongoing

Furniture Design, Designing modular frames / 1 Month



Law and kenneth, Mumbai, India

erience by making

Graphic design, advertisement for Ebay / 2 Months

e kids’s growth and


kids / 4 months

1 week



Connect Craft/ workshop

Sandeep Sangaru, bamboo in modern furniture / PDF

2015 Hexsol, Ahmedabad, India

Manufacturing Plant, Process and materials / 2 Months

2011 Bala, Ahmedabad, India

Designing games for government school / 3 weeks

Languages /English, Hindi, Gujarati


I am twenty one Y.O. industrial design student, looking for 6 month long internship


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Bridging the gap between parents and kids through a journey of the lunch box

Adding a new dimension to our perception of our cleansing chambers.

Can light motivate face to face interaction.


Exploring infinity without fear


Conglomerate of other works

Bridging the gap between parents and kids through a journey of the lunch box


Lunch Box

Redesign Lunch box for 6-12 years old kids which can adapt to various food, while assuring hygiene and fun element. Individual Long Project | 4 months

| Analysis Who?

This product entails two primary user, one being the kids themselves and other being parents

Current Scenario Kids being the area of study at lunch time, we conducted research at various schools. We studied them from before school, to school, lunch break, and till they went back home. First hand / Ethnography


At school kids sit together in there group or cluster, as they enjoy each others company while feasting on their mom’s delicious food

What? It is carried usually in a bad or the box has integrated handle

| Analysis

Existing Comparing the products currently in the market. Each having a special characteristic, which it stands for, like the partitions, ability to carry and expand. Found areas where a lunch box currently lacked innovation. Comparison / Market study / USP

Opportunities Our users being mothers and kids, I looked at the whole cycle of the lunch carrier. Kids often face difficulty in carrying the lunch box, while mom’s face the difficulty in washing and packing of the food. Breaking the monotonous routine Flexible / Hygiene / Desirable

| Creativity

Ideation Journey to bringing out a concept which could serve mom and kids equally began, by stretching my imagination to match kids universe.

| Development

Catch ‘em A organ, fovea, which perceives round objects fastest and causes the least amount of stress. Making ball really attractive to kids.

Gyro Will persist to be perpendicular to the ground no matter what.

Physical Mock up

1:1 mock up made using thermocol as internal s fibre glass to reinforce strength and PU foam for h Fibre Glass / Thermoforming / Painting


support. With handles.

Leading to Exploring ways to apply these two inspiration in one product. Without compromising on any front.

Neg Positive Handle

ABS Transparent P

Food Grade LDPE

Food Grad

Food Grade PP

Food Grade Transpa

ABS Plastic Screw Hinge

gative Handle


de PP

arent LDPE

GOLA! A containment that will never leak and never will it look old fashion. A ball never gets old. The containers on the inside move smoothly due to it being made of LDPE plastic and laminate coating on the inside. The bottom base being heavier and maintain the centre of mass.

| Scenario

Journey Lets go on an trip to Ramesh house where his mom just got up and cooked a hot meal for him. She is about to pack it while he gets ready. Scenario / user interaction / Elements

Strap it on Attaching GOLA to his bag, Mom wishes him safe journey and happy day at school, while he plays with his action figure.

Look ma, NO HANDS Gola being attached to his bag on the back he can play with his action figure without bothering or getting worried to forget it on his way.

| Analysis

Sneaking around Ramesh and suresh are eagerly waiting for lunch break, as they cant resist to see what ramesh’s mom cooked for them today

I CAN! Once Ramesh reaches home from his exciting day at school. He is asked to clean his GOLA. The particular round shape making it really easy for kids to clean and it helps develop a good practising of cleaning your own belongings.

Handy Ramesh along with his friends eat together without any hassle of spill

Let’s play

Clean it

The male and female groves along the handle make it simple to lock and keep the gola together.

Ramesh is able to clear the full bowl of his vegetable, making him proud, while enlightening his mom, when she opens it. Making her feel happy as her food was eaten.

Take Aways Many things to remember, as this being my first long project 1. Ethnography, on field research 2. Converting insights to ideas 3. Ability to make one is one mock using mediums like Fibre glass, thermoforming with finishing touches with professional paints. This product encourages play and liveliness of the boring lunch box. Mock up / Research / Empathy

Adding a new dimension to our perception of our cleansing chambers


Showering Experience Design future bathroom space, based on surprising experiences. Individual Short Project | 4 weeks

| Analysis

Decoding Experience Surprising experience being very vague, I set out to simplifying the word to make it more relevant and generate insights and observations. What / Key Factors / Senses

What makes an experience? Breaking it into two aspects one being emotional, an internal registration of a situation, while other being multi- sensorial, physical reaction to various exposures. Activities / Craving / Expression

| Analysis

What if? Our conventional bathrooms have been spread across horizontally why not change that to vertical, What if we can climb our bathroom? What if I can shape my bathroom to what I want like how I play with sand on the beach. I have connected various activities and experience into possible applications within the bathroom

| Creativity

Fly away Seeking for concepts which provide another space to the bathroom, vertically. Forging a new space above the active bathroom area. Intuitive / Float / Loft

| Development

Exploring reality After going crazy, it was time to come back and make it a concrete concept. Building on form where a user can relax on top and enjoy the steam released by another user, creating a sauna experience right at home. Mock up / Trials / Finalizing

Trial run. Exploring in 3d, I developed a concept inspired from tensile fabric architecture. Using clastic and anticlastic curve, to bring an elegant form of cloud like feeling. Too large / Ergonomics / Impractical

Shower Supporting metal ring

Product break up Consisting of 9 pillows with varying size and shapes, come together and lie on a laminated mesh fabric hanging by a tube around the cloud. Silver lining / Comfort / ease access

Treated wood

Kumo. The concept is designed for all members of a family to enjoy together or individually. A cloud symbolizes a dream come true, of relaxing above everything, and not getting bothered. Calm / Height / Enjoy

Air/foam cushion

Ladder Laminated Mesh Fabric

Kinetic sand wrapped with soft rubber

| Scenario


Wife walks into have a shower while husband is back from work and just wants to relax


Wife switches on shower, and begins to fall from the porous fabric, while husband climbs up.


Husband climbs up, only to throw him self on the bed of cushions and enjoys the steam.

How it works? It sits beautifully in a bathroom, making at home without any hassle. The cushion awaits, to pull away any stress or worries as you glide away into Zen state. This with help of sauna like experience within the house itself. Making use of the steam produced by somebody else or your own Scenario / Sauna / Multiple Users


Giving kids a blank 3 dimensional space where they can create and explore till the end of time.


The base being made of kinetic sand with silicone wrapped around it. Kinetic sand allowing user to play and modify the surface, making it more personal. Giving them endless possibilities.

Take Aways. This project was focused more on experience based design, rather than just focusing on one product. Learnt how to go crazy while making it realistic.

Go wild / Organisation / Realistic

Light motivating face to face interaction.


Vifa Lamp

Design a lamp which provides charging for your phone at a restaurant/cafe. Individual Short Project | 4 weeks

Brand. Vifa is world famous brand known for its simplistic and minimal approach to making high quality speakers. The brand has a very evident brand philosophy and brand language. Making it one of the best in the world. Unibody / Simplicity / Nordic

| Environment

Where will it sit? Modern age has brought people close virtually, but have lost the physical connection. A cafe is being the most casual place to meet, one often is occupied on their phone. Missing out on the valuable time and space has to offer.

Casual / Emotional / Lively / Nordic

| Scenario , Creativity

‘You matter’ Studying various scenarios which take place at restaurant. Chose to focus on making moments matter with the one you care about. How can I let the people converse and enjoy the physical time and remove the phone?

Resisting Temptation To find a lamp architecture which could follow the brand language and solve the functional aspect as well. Making sure the user is left with a great experience just like vifa.


2 Shape of the light acts as a bowl to keep your keys and purse to sit more comfortably and enjoy each others presence

3 Ball lies above a speaker within the negative cup to hold the ball in place. With fabric being placed on top A ring of light to accommodate more than 3 or 4 phones. Thus creating a dimple in the centre, to keep my personal belongings


| Development

Delving deeper Detailed concepts containing 1. Placement of phone 2. Charging of phone 3. Interaction between light and fabric



3 4

| Mock up

Getting messy Experiment with materials and fabric to understand the form and diffusion of light.. Examining the anthropometric of the product with phone and user. Probing forms to choose the best which will suit vifa’s brand language. Fuse / Fabric F all / Testing

Almost. Examine forms and the CMF to further explore on 3d. Finalising the design details, like placement of phone, logo and the way fabric will fall the product 3d Visualisation / Details

Reykjavik Introducing an elegant lamp at your coffee table. Helping you embrace your time with someone else or all by yourself.

| Scenario

Let’s meet Lamp remains off, and lets user settle in the environment. Does not disturb the flow on the table and lets the use have the space in front of them to connect.

Turn it on! User turns on the Reykjavik with a press of a button, but the light will be really dim until one rest a phone on the light.

Charge me up As the phone cushions it self on Reykjavik, it turns brighter, illuminating its surrounding creating a cosy environment

Vivacious audio Allowing you to enjoy your music and create your bubble. Sync your playlist or sound tracks via blue tooth, without requiring an app for this. It also come with a pre-loaded playlist, which can be accessed using google play music or itunes.

| Exploded View

Dismantle Providing the user with diffused lighting, space to charge and hear what they please within their reach while they enjoy each others company. Two, 50mm speakers acting like tweeters. Spaced out equally slightly towards the base to have an optimal sound at any angle. Forced balance woofer, fixing two woofers back to back to prevent mechanical noise and lower coloration. Digital pure math amplifier, multiplying the input signal without lack of power and adding artefacts. Keeping the custom made Kvadrat textile. Exploded view / Precision / zero compromise

| Integration

Take Aways Developing this product aided me in, Practising a form of design process in which it was based on, aesthetic + simple function. Quick ideation and mock ups were key to narrowing in on an idea in short time frame. Acheiving a form which permits charging and lighting at same time was challenging. Zero constraints / Design Process / Aesthetics

Exploring infinity without fear


Zero Gravity Suit

Design a suit/wearable to help astronauts stay fit in long exposure to zero gravity. Individual Project | 4 weeks

| Environment

Intimidating Territories Travelling to space is every child’s dream, wanting to explore more of this unknown territory, for that one needs to be healthy to perform various strenuous tasks. Risk / Distances / Cosmos

| Scenario

Existing Scenario

Currently travelling in space is a rare occasion due to the harsh conditions and cost incurred during these missions are high. Staying in space for long duration becomes dangerous for ones health and can cause severe damage to the body internally. Erratic / Internal / Dangerous






Sleeping stations

3 5


Compact cabin


Sleeping stations



Thinking ahead. Future of space travel would have multiple shuttle going to space. Flights from city to city would now go from planet to planet. Frequency / Safety / Time






Opportunity Narrowing on three areas where I would like my product to target. Either helping with reduction in muscle and bone loss or enabling movement. Muscle / Bone / Movement

Muscle Fibres




| Analysis

Human study Studying the human anatomy, specifically loss muscle mass which occurs in space due to long exposure to zero gravity. On earth muscle work against gravity, where as in space there is no force to act against. Atrophy / Deteriorate / Slow

| Creativity

Seed pods were my initial inspiration to solve muscle problems while sleeping.

Helmet exploration

Body Suit Aiming to make joinery tough to move

Exploratory sketches. Going wide and deep.

Culminating Freezing on to creating a internal suit for astronauts to exercise from the bare movements they perform in space. Utilizing every action the muscle takes. Resist / Stress / Amplifying

Husk Staying healthy in space just got a little bit easier Stretch / Elastic / Fitness

What’s next? Bringing this concept to reality by creating a 3D model and 1:1 mock. This will create a proof of concept, and remove any sort of issue or any kind of uncertainty, which could evolve through this process. Material Study / Sewing

Take Aways This project was really interesting, allowing me go deep in terms of research and design. It was a very function based project, with hints of aesthetics. I learnt to prioritize time and guide my self through this project. Organisation / Concept / Research


Other projects

|Client Project



Improve the kid’s first cycling experience by making it more encouraging, adaptable to the kid’s growth and memorable for him and his parents.

Analysis To better understand the brief we conducted on field research and an online survey. To break down the brief, only to restructure it to helps us in creativity

Creativity, Development As a team we delved into these 6 axises, with 300 + a5’s, from which we later chose key ideas and concept and combined them into three stories. After discussing with our client we developed one concept, from which we went on to making 1:1 working prototype. 3 stories / Refinements / Prototype 1:1

My Role I was personally involved in the field research, study of existing products and experiments to understand our user. I immersed myself into the creativity, generating ideas and developing them into 3 solid concepts. From which I helped in making it a reality. Built a working prototype scale of 1:1. 3 stories / Refinements / Prototype 1:1

We commend My First Bike project team member’s namely Corentin Bricout, Pralekh Bhuyan, Nicolas Izard, Sumanyu Patel, Prathamesh Thombre and Abbishek Yenji on the quality project delivered. The team demonstrated a strong ability of collaboration across the various stages of the project from the initial brief to the delivery of a very professional final presentation. The complexities of the project required a high level of communication and understanding whilst working to strict timelines.

Elise Loeuille, Design Manager, Super Retail Groups

The team managed the geographical and language barriers and responded positively to all feedback provided. It was a fantastic experience with high skilled and talented designers; always happy to take up a challenge and bringing a user centric approch. The final project deliverable is of quality and we look forward to its further development with the aim of a successful market release.

| Client Project

Puma, ongoing A team project for 4 months, our client being Puma, Tracy Goodsmith (Senior design team head) for lifestyle at Puma is our point of contact. Imagining the next generation sports lifestyle inspired from superpowers.





We came up with 4 distinct directions, from which we will be linking real life scenarios to 1000+ superpowers. From a daily commute to the Olympics.

| Furniture Design

Folding table Designing a table for a small compact family living in an apartment. A table which could expand or grow, when there were guest over. User Study / Mechanism

| Graphic Design

Traffic safety campaign Number of accidents on road has been on a rise, to increase awareness and spread message of driving safely. An initiative was initiated in collaboration with the State traffic department, designed few hoardings. These were put across the city to spread the word and make roads safer for everyone. Drafts / Certificate / Aware

| Exhibition Design

Conflict In Design Installation design at a local museum to share our perspectives on Conflict in design. A MoMA website called design and violence was an inspiration. Got feature on their website, for our work on our own online museum “An eye for an eye will make the whole world blind.” Kaate ( cut it! ) Kai po che! ( I cut your kite ) Strident calls of cutting and maiming another’s kite during the Uttarayan festival – this might sound harmless and in fun – but when these very calls cut a bird’s neck– it takes on very different, disturbing meaning. Installation / Eye Opener / Greed / MoMA

77M lack access to water 769M

lack access to proper santitaion


of population live below $3 a day


Connect Water Design a game/toy or tool for kids, by combining product design with interaction design. Designed a game for India, making kids visualize their usage of water, which lead to consequences in the games. More water you use in real life. More you loose in the game. Hindering their progress Shortage / Connection / Visual

Thank you.



to see more

all painting on campus by, Pranava Krisna, Jason Thomas, Shriya Shankar, Anish Shakthi, Akshata Avarseker, Advait Taware and me



e of my work


Portfolio 2016 17  

Hey, Sumanyu Patel Here! , Currently Studying in ISD-Rubika, India. Here is my compilation of the work done in the past three years.

Portfolio 2016 17  

Hey, Sumanyu Patel Here! , Currently Studying in ISD-Rubika, India. Here is my compilation of the work done in the past three years.