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I love designing I am a fashion & textile designer ,I have 2 years diploma in fashion design & 1 year diploma in Textile design from NIFD & compleated my * Bachelor Degree in Arts from University of Rajasthan (India)

About Me

My Designs

I love to design traditionally & in unique style . I always try to make famine & youthful designs poppy prints ,but not tipping over ,I always stop short of fussiness in my designs so that it can be eye of people.

My Source of Inspiration

Designing is part of my life ,I always be inspired by my environment & My Imagination always helps me in my designs,due to the effect of youthful colours & designs on my mood make my work effortless ,it never felt tiresome

Typical for designs from my country

I like to design traditional ,specially indian designs .It can be mix & match of traditional & modern in my designs.

Besides patterns I design

Fashion sketches ,business logo or cards & Greeting cards

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Patterns of Suman (23)

Butterfly Sparkle

Blossoms and Leaves Yellow

Abstract Ornament Green

Leaves and Flowers Pattern

Romantic Floral Pattern

Ornamental Floral Pattern

Geometric Floral Pattern

Mosaic Pattern with Flowers

Bird Ornament Lilaq

Abstract Ethno Pattern

Floral Vector Ornament

Graphical Repeat Pattern

Symmetric Floral Pattern

Asian Repeat Pattern

Floral Vector Ornament

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