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Feinguss in India Feinguss Casting in India is a high scale manufacturing process that is conducted in various industrial plants in the country. Through the process of feinguss casting, metal parts with intricate details are cast. Sumangal Casting Pvt. Ltd., a Rajkot based investment casting company in India, manufactures metal parts in steel alloys, cast iron, aluminium materials, and other alloys using different types of investment casting processes, in which feinguss casting is one important process. Feinguss casting products are ready-to-fit assemblies. We export our products worldwide in many countries like France, Germany, while catering to the needs of Indian customers.

Feinguss casting

Feinguss casting is an industrial process of remaking metal parts while retrieving the intricate details present in the original model. Feinguss casting is commonly referred to as investment casting or lost-wax casting. It’s a widely used process by investment casting manufacturers, to make a duplicate metal model from an original model. The intricate designs and work of an original model are made through the casting process. Feinguss investment casting is like lost-wax casting. The metal casting has been in practice for thousands of years and feinguss casting is among the oldest metalmaking techniques.

Earlier beeswax was used to form the wax pattern but now in modern days, high technology waxes are used to form the wax patterns. The feinguss casting process occurs in the following stepsA wax model that is the replica of the metal part is made. To make the wax model a mold is prepared that is an exact negative of the original wax model. Melted wax is poured in the mold to form its inner lining. This hollow wax copy is then removed from the cast. The wax copy is then sprued with a tree-like structure and this sprued wax copy is dipped in the slurry of silica and sand-like stucco and then it’s allowed to dry. After multiple repetitions, the desired thickness of the shell coating is attained. The shell is allowed to dry and hardened on a kiln. The wax inside the shell is melted to run out. After cooling, the shell is tested with water for cracks. In the case of cracks in the shell, those cracks are filled with a thick paste. After removing the moisture, molten metal is poured in the shell. When the metal gets cooled the shell is then blasted away and the roughcast is obtained. The spurs are cut off and the surface is chased, smoothened, and polished to give it the finished look.

Uses of Feinguss Casting Products Our products are widely used in aerospace, automotive, general engineering, electrical-instrumentation, pumps, and valves and the spare parts of most of the machinery are manufactured through the feinguss casting process.

Feinguss Casting Products in India You can obtain high-quality metal parts from Sumangal Casting Pvt. Ltd. It is the leading Investment casting manufacturer and supplier in India that make goodquality metal parts in a modern and well laid out manufacturing plant at Rajkot. The advanced casting process is used to manufacture high-quality engineering components where one disposable pattern produces only one metal part.