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Maheela Textile Co-op The Maheela (Nepali for women) Textile Co-op w a s c r e a t e d to empower at-risk women by training them in traditional Nepalese textile arts so they can support themselves and their children. The Co-op is a Joint venture of Maheela Dhaka Udhyog and A c t i v e M u l t i purpose Foun dat ion Cooperati v e and was started by women who were traine d by Women’s F ound a t i o n . The co-op is a social enterprise, which not only gives women jobs and fair wages, but also a majority of the profits go towards Women’s Foundation projects in Nepal (women and children’s shelters, skill training, microcredit and more!) and allows WF to work towards being self-sustainable. This textile community is run by women who were rescued from violence, and trained though Women’s Foundation programs. These women are now self-sufficient and are confident role models for their family and community. The Co-op has the capacity to employ up to 400 women at a time. Profits are shared with all stakeholders. The profits from sales are divided as follows: x 20% to the women weavers (in addition to salary)

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20% for managing the production facilities 60% supports the running of WF programs, (Shelters for abused women and children, counseling, training, microcredit etc.)

Textiles to be Cherished The textiles created at Maheela are traditionally produced -- hand-woven, hand-dyed and tied out of fine cotton, silk, wool or luxurious pashmina thread. This labor-intensive process produces scarves, shawls and household textiles to be cherished for their beauty and craftswomanship. Color and design possibilities are endless, and our craftswomen enjoy the challenge of creating custom commercial orders, or exploring new colors and designs inspired by current fashion trends.

Silk – The range of colors and styles of our exquisite silk scarves and shawls surprises many. Particularly prized are our beautiful double-faced silk scarves/shawls that shimmer with a different color on each side of the fabric. All of our silk is lovingly woven and dyed to exact specifications and quality standards.

Pashmina – Pashmina comes from the soft undercoat of Himalayan mountain goats, and provides the luxurious soft wool sought after by people around the world. At our Co-op, we dye and weave the highest quality pashmina wool in a range of colors not easily found elsewhere. We create pashmina scarves and shawls in a variety of sizes and weaves that are also available in a pashmina/silk blend. Wool– We also offer a range of wool scarves and

Examples of patterned and screen printed textiles.

Maheela has openings for New Business Partnerships Maheela Textile Co-op welcomes opportunities to sell our finished goods to wholesale and retail clients around the world. Please call or e-mail for details about our products, pricing, and scheduling. Be sure also to visit: to learn more about WF and our ongoing projects, and to better understand the women behind the business. Partnering with Maheela is a way to support selfsufficiency and economic independence for Nepali women and their children while supplying your business with some of the most beautiful, high-quality, sought-after textiles in the world.

shawls. Patterns include classic checks, herringbone, and several screen-printed options such as snake skin and polka dots. We also can make special design according to customer’s requests. Scarves are also available in a special crinkle design in vibrant hand-dyed colors.

Dhaka – Dhaka is an exquisite cotton fabric, hand-

In our Production Center we have several different looms and spinners used by the women each day to hand-make all of our textiles.

woven in numerous colors with an infinite and unlimited number of patterns. This traditional Nepalese weaving is a truly distinctive form of expression that reflects Nepali mastery of design and textile arts. This soft, colorful cotton is perfect for scarves, shawls and durable household textiles like table clothes, napkins, curtains or pillow covers.

Examples of traditional Nepali designs, available in both cotton and silk

Shop Our Handicrafts! We have been very fortunate to have supportive business partners and customers whose collaboration allowed us to improve the Production Center. We are very greatful for their business. We also always welcome new customers and partners for our products. Visitors are invited to come and see our Production Center in Kathmandu. Whether you are living in or visiting Nepal and want to bring some high-quality and socially responsible souvenirs home, or if you own a small business and want to purchase wholesale, just call, e-mail or come and see us!

Our production compound is located in Jorpati, Kathmandu, a 15-minute walk from the Boudha Stupa. Come for a visit and see our quality hand-production process for yourself, and shop in our showroom while you’re h er e!

Women’s Foundation of Nepal Foundation for the Solidarity and Development of Women The Women’s Foundation (WF) is a non-profit, nongovernmental organization established in 1988 by a group of Nepali women. The founders realized that that the urgent problems of women, especially violence against the gender and rural poverty issues, could not be alleviated though the efforts of government alone. Complementary efforts and initiatives are needed from non-governmental organizations as well.

The aim of WF is to relieve the isolation, distress, poverty, and victimization experienced by women and children (especially the rural poor, regardless of caste, religion or race), and to reintroduce them into mainstream society. WF is dedicated to making a difference for women and children by providing culturally appropriate advice and guidance, legal support, shelter homes, medical services, education, training and employment opportunities. Detailed information on these activities can be found on the website:

Maheela Dhaka Udhyog

Te x t i l e C o - o p P ro d u c t i o n Center

In associat ion w ith Active Mul ti -purpose Fou ndation Cooperativ e Jorpati-4, Kathmandu, Nepal Phone: 977-1-442-3257 This brochure sponsored by Un Raggio Diluce Fondazione, Italy

Women’s Foundation of Nepal


This is the brochure of WF.


This is the brochure of WF.