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The Ancient Times 1066: The Year of Conquest Plus an interview with Lord Gaga! The year that brought us 3 battles and the death of English Saxon kings and the birth of the Normans.

King Harold’s wife distraught over death.

Harold, Our King King Harold the second was born in the year 1022. Harold became king in the beginning of 1066 when king Edward died. At first the people did not recognize him as their king until he eventually won them over. After William Duke of Normandy had found out that Harold the 2nd had been crowned king, he started making plans to invade England. He built 700 warships and transports on the Normandy coast. After finding out about William the Duke's plans he assembled his troops on the Isle of Wight. Because if unfavorable winds, the invasion remained in port. On September 8 Harold decided to return to

London. That same day he went on to see him claim the English crown. He then joined Harold's brother Tostig and invaded. Harald Hardrada and Tostig invaded present-day Yorkshire and defeated Edwin of Mercia and Morcar of Northumbria at the Battle of Fulford near York. Harold led his army north and took Hardrada and Tostig by surprise. They were both defeated in turn. Harold hen forced his army to intercept William who had landed about 7000 men in Sussex. The two armies collided at the battle of Hastings at Senlac Hill. This event happened on October 14 and after 9 hours of fighting King Harold the 2nd died on the battlefield. There was only about 30 minutes left in the battle after he had died. His brothers Gyrth and Leofwine both died in the battle as well.

The Battle That Ended it All

The year 1066 brought about three major war that changed the history of our world including The Battle of Hastings. This was the last battle to be fought by the Anglo-Saxon English before they were to be transformed into a Norman nation. King Harold rushed through South England looking for any recruit that he could find. Orderic commented that "he sent far and to summon the populace to war" as the Norman army drew closer and closer. He could only hope that he efforts and some luck would help the defeat the ever so ominous rank of the Normans. When the two armies met, they were equal in their man power but, the English lacked a cavalry and had few archers but, his people were strong and ready for battle. Finally the time that they had been waiting for has come upon them. On October 14th the battle began with the Norman taking full change against the Anglo-Saxons. In a strong attack the English were able to find the weakness of the Normans despite the fear that their own king had been killed, they continued "standing firmly as if fixed to the ground".

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