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Hi, I’m Suleyman Sarigoz and welcome to my portfolio.

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Stereo Speaker


SolidWorks Bike

Speaker simple. convenient. versatile.

The Goal I was aiming to design a speaker for the music lovers that love to blast music. I wanted to design a speaker that had more than one purpose, just like a swiss army knife, and not just a good looking one. I explored different possible ways of making a speaker have multiple functions, ranging from being stackable to ones with handles for portability. I also explored different forms that would give it an aesthetic look.

The Process After exploring many forms through the mockup phase, I was able to narrow down the target audience I wanted to make a speaker for. That target audience were consumers that blast music while using a rollingtype pedestrian conveyance, such as; scooters, skateboard, or bikes throughout the city in large groups.

The Final My speaker design is perfect for the music lovers that roll around the city in large groups using bikes, skateboards, or scooters. Current portable speakers tend to be small in size and that reduces the sound quality and have a carabiner included in it to make it portable. My speaker has a built in carabiner that makes it look like it’s built to be portable. The carabiner lock mechanism is attached to rotating arms that could be rotated only when needed, such as, when it’s clipped to your backpack. The speaker buttons are large to allow the user to increase the volume or skip the song without needing to look at their phone while riding because it could be dangerous otherwise.

Carabiner Lock

Rotating Arms

Large Ergonomic Buttons

Speaker Holes

Battery Speaker Driver

Puck family. safe. modern.

The Goal With this project we had to design a Dyson lighting product that had some form of technology incorporated into it. I looked up a broad range of technologies ranging from current day to futuristic, such as motion sensors and drones.

The Process After exploring different concepts through mockups, I decide to narrow down to the growing drone technology because it’s a growing field and Dyson mainly focuses on effectively harnessing new technologies and designing around them.

The Final My final concept was designing a family of drones meant to light up the path of a college student walking back from campus after their night class. Many college students tend to take late night classes and some could have their hands full of school supplies, this could be dangerous to students because they can’t protect themselves from possible threats and especially if they can’t see them at night when the area around them is dark. My drone design is a family of drones that will fly around the user and when they suspect a threat, an alarm will go off scaring the threat away.

Propeller Casing

On / Off Button

Sensor Ring Propeller

Wireless Charging Dock

BlackBox safe. reliable. connected.

The Goal The purpose of this project was to design a product that would be the combination of UST (Ultimate Survival Technologies) and some form of technology. I decided to harness wireless technology and design a product that earthquake victims could benefit from. My idea was essentially a black box unit at home.

The Process I made some quick styrofoam mockups to explore proportions and size. I interviewed civil engineers and families to see whether which form is structurally sound against earthquakes and at the same time fitting for the living room environment. Feedbacks I received were to include a companion unit and also have a secondary feature, such as, a night light.

The Final My concept is essentially a blackbox at home. The main unit or BlackBox has a structural sound housing that will protect it from debri. BlackBox comes with companion units called SafeSpots that will be placed at safe areas of your home by a professional. These SafeSpots will be communicating with the BlackBox when an earthquake happens and will alarm you to go and hide at those locations. Many people die while escaping a building during an earthquake and majority of them are stuck in empty voids. The SafeSpots will communicate with BlackBox and give your precise location so that rescue teams can easily found you when they connect to BlackBox. With this concept, families who live in cities with weak foundations can quickly be found.

Compartments for the Earthquake Detector, Motherboard, Antenna Coil, and Backup Battery

Durable Composite Material Light Diffuser for a Soft Glow

Support Ribs

Phillips Flat Head Screw

Mounting Plate Hole for Electrical Wire

Button for Bluetooth Connectivity Adhesive Grip

Body Heat Sensor


Battery Compartment

Housing for Heat Sensor, Motherboard, and LED

Stirrup dependable. homey. ergonomic.

The Goal The goal of this project was to redesign a product used in physical therapy and make it more ergonomic. I decided to redesign the ankle stirrup, which hugs the patient’s ankles and offers them support while walking to increase the healing process. I explored different design options for specific personas, such as, using magnets instead of a strap for athletes or making it foldable for easy storage for the on-the-go user.

The Process I decided to divide my model making process into three steps; interviewing people on the current market stirrup, which form had the best ergonomic support, and lastly which material combination had the best support and comfort. In each phase, I interviewed people and their responses led me to the final design.

The Final My final design was reviewed to be better than the current one because it was easy to use and much for comfortable and sturdy. The strap indents are slanted to lead the user into the right direction when wrapping the strap around their ankle. Because ankle bones aren’t symmetrical, I decided to design the cushions to have ankle bone indents specific for each side to give the best possible comfort. The cushion also hugs the users ankle completely to offer complete 360 degree support and comfort.

Slanted Slots for Straps Memory Foam

Left Ankle Indent

Right Ankle Indent

Heel Surface

Velcro Strap

Strainer clean. convenient. effective.

The Goal I was aiming to redesign the current kidney stone strainer and make it less of a hassle to use. The current one is a three piece unit consisting of a bottle, a filter, and a small container to store the stones. Interviewed users told me that holding the bottle while urinating in pain was extremely unpleasant.

The Process Throughout the mockup stages I explored different possible locations that the strainer could be located at and also possible ways the user would interact with it. I ended up going with a design that was simple and effective.

The Final My concept is a redesigned kidney stone strainer that is much more convenient to use than the current three piece kit. Every one in 10 people have a kidney stone in their lives. Patients with kidney stones go through extreme pain and every inconvenience makes their experience unpleasant. The current strainer kits consist of three parts that make the process unpleasant. My concept removes the hassle of urinating into a bottle and filtering it out after by directly placing the strainer into the toilet bowl. The strainer will collect the stone(s) and the user will be able to pour it into the medication bottle without ruining their hands.

Bumps for Grip

Filter Holes Bottom Tab Locks to the Toilet Bowl

Organic Spoon Form

Edge hidden. versatile. simple.

The Goal I was aiming to design a lighting product for Dyson aimed for college students that study in a small apartment with not enough room. I explored desk lamp concepts that had multiple different functions to increase desk real estate.

The Process During the mockup phase, I was able get a better idea on size and proportions, which was crucial because I was designing a desk lamp that had to function as a lamp and also had to take up as little space as possible.

The Final My final design was a Dyson desk lamp that is able to hide beside the edge of the desk when it’s not in use. This is extremely beneficial for college students that have limited desk real estate because it’s covered with other school essentials, such as, notebooks and textbooks. My lighting fixture barely takes up any space and it’s able to offer plenty of light.

Motion Activated Light

Table Clamp

Battery Light

Clamp Activating Button Battery

Stereo Speaker modern. coherent. harmony.

The Goal The goal of this project was to design a product revolved around a smartphone. I decided to make a speaker system for the music lovers out there. Concepts ranged from attachments to relatively small external speakers.

The Process The mockup phase started off with a “scavenger hunt� which was basically buying everyday supplies and coming up with concepts with them. I narrowed down my concepts to a multi-purpose music system, but due to the lack of technology I had to scale my concepts up.

The Final My final design for my speaker concept was a stereo speaker system that could be attached to each other via magnets for easy storage when it’s not in use, this is especially helpful for people who live in small spaces. The woofer unit charges the smartphone and also allows the user to automatically play high quality music, instead of relying on bluetooth which tends to drop the sound quality.

Magnetic Chamfer


Tweeter Speaker Mesh

Type C Port for Smartphones


SolidWorks Bike casual. appealing. everyday.

The Goal The purpose of this project was to design an entire bike from scratch and model it according to our specific height and then render it in SolidWorks. I wanted to make a bike that was perfect for the casual fast rider.

Our task here was to measure our entire body and construct a blueprint guideline of a simple bike form. Later we were given the task of deciding the number of spokes or gear teeth our bike should have depending on our body measurements.

Thank You

Profile for Suleyman Sarigoz

Suleyman Sarigoz Industrial Design Portfolio  

I am currently seeking a summer (2019) internship.

Suleyman Sarigoz Industrial Design Portfolio  

I am currently seeking a summer (2019) internship.