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Is known as tourist and cultural district, also a city with a lot of tourism.

do not tell them Cartagena, what do the different tourists who have had the privilege of visiting the city. Cartagena is recommended as one of the 12 places in the world to visit in the year, is considered by international tourists when planning your vacation.

People who have the opportunity to visit this city know that visit, is recognized worldwide by prestigious tourism it has. Not too many recommendations and good references Cartagena, tourists on every trip I make will always find new and sufficient reasons to return to this city and be amazed with all its historical value, cultural, architectural, commercial and natural. Magically spread to more unsuspecting travelers

is the ideal destination for shopping, whether famous clothing designers, artisans and jewelry shopping, something that makes more tourist to this ability, plus also the arrival of the sailors who landed in this city to enjoy many of the attractions tourist.

Tourism cartagena beautiful