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INTERIM DEAN’S MESSAGE Dear Members of the College of Law Community: I am honored to be serving as interim dean of the College of Law. I appreciate the conversations and correspondence I’ve had with a great many of our alums. Your support and encouragement has helped make my learning curve less steep. I am enthusiastic about the future of the College of Law, and I will do my very best to lead the College through this period of transition. We are all grateful to Dean Hannah Arterian for her dedication and leadership over the past thirteen years. Hannah’s list of accomplishments is long, including her stewardship of our beautiful new Dineen Hall, and I hope you enjoy the accompanying article and photos celebrating her legacy. Being interim dean has given me the opportunity to interact with a number of our 188 entering J.D. students in the class of 2018. This is a tremendous group of students who have already accomplished much in their academic careers. They have arrived at Syracuse University with a passion to learn about the law and aspirations to apply their knowledge and make lasting impressions in the communities they will serve. One of the most common positive comments I received from incoming students at orientation was about their interaction with our alums. I thank those who were able to take part in the orientation events. It is reassuring to know that when students pick up the phone or write an email to College of Law alumni that they will receive a warm reception and the guidance they need. Our dedicated alumni network truly sets us apart. As part of the orientation week, we also welcomed 33 students from 14 different countries as the LL.M. Class of 2016. These foreign-trained lawyers come from varied backgrounds and bring to the College a tremendous amount of experience and knowledge that enriches the classroom. Our LL.M. program distinguishes itself from others in our commitment to integrate the LL.M. students into our J.D. program and its curriculum. The LL.M. program has grown quickly from our initial class of two students just four years ago to the current class. This success enables the College to offer additional international law and other offerings that appeal to our foreign lawyers. The College is working hard to broaden our international programs and we expect continued growth in this area.

Our faculty is also beginning a long-range planning process that will assure that we are positioned to prepare our graduates for 21st century practice. Our planning will place greater emphasis on experiential learning, whether in the classroom or through clinics and external programs. Many of our faculty already incorporate unique experiential teaching methods into their classes and soon we’ll be expanding upon what is already in place. Every day, I learn of many significant accomplishments our students and faculty achieve in and out of the classroom. I’d like to briefly share a few of them with you: > Professors Paula Johnson & Janis McDonald were honored by the Central New York Chapter of the New York Civil Liberties Union with the Kharas Award for their leadership of the Cold Case Justice Initiative. > Since opening in January, the Veterans Legal Clinic has concluded seven cases involving the Veterans Administration, and the combined awards to the Clinic’s clients amounting to over $119,000 in back pay to our veterans. > Through the Disability Law and Policy Program, Professor Arlene Kanter continues to grow the University’s partnership with the Open Society Foundation, adding a new scholarship for a master’s in education focusing on disability rights for the School of Education. It is learning of these and so many other successes achieved by our students, staff, and faculty that makes being the Interim Dean a rewarding experience. Thank you,

William C. Banks

Interim Dean Board of Advisors Distinguished Professor of Law Director, Institute for National Security & Counterterrorism


Dean Arterian worked tirelessly for the betterment of the Syracuse University College of Law.



hen Hannah Arterian took on the role as Syracuse University College of Law’s eleventh Dean, she was faced with the task of merging her vision for the College with the realities of legal education at the outset of the 21st century. With integrity, passion, boundless energy and vision, Dean Arterian rose to this challenge and triumphed. She brought to the College of Law a new energy, a new relationship with the Syracuse University community, and a new enterprise altogether. This enterprise is marked by an engaged top-tier faculty, a dedicated network of distinguished alumni and a diverse student population all collaborating in and around a new state-of-the art facility, Dineen Hall. Even though Dean Arterian stepped down on August 1, 2015, after thirteen years of service, her high standards, her influence and her many accomplishments will always be a part of the story of the College of Law.


“ H A NN A H’ S B E L IE F IN T HE Q U A L I T Y OF T HE L EG A L E DU C AT ION W E P R OV IDE A ND IN O UR C OMM UNI T Y OF T E AC HE R S A ND S C HOL A R S HE L P E D HE R P E R S U A DE A R E M A R K A B LY TA L E N T E D G R O UP OF INDI V IDU A L S TO J OIN O UR FAC ULT Y.” – Margaret Harding Associate Dean for Faculty Professor of Law


First and foremost, the College’s academics have never been on more solid ground. Dean Arterian’s leadership has meant that bar passage rates are among the top in the state, and that our students graduate “profession ready,” with a solid legal foundation and skills from greatly expanded experiential learning opportunities. This directly reflects Dean Arterian’s emphasis on having strong faculty who draw from significant achievements inside and outside of the classroom to deliver a multidimensional educational experience. Students often reflect that while College of Law professors are highly rigorous in their coursework, they are accommodating and approachable outside of the class to ensure academic achievement is met with

a personal engagement. “Hannah’s belief in the quality of the legal education we provide and in our community of teachers and scholars helped her persuade a remarkably talented group of individuals to join our faculty,” reflects Associate Dean for Faculty Margaret Harding. “She developed a supportive environment for faculty, encouraging us to pursue new initiatives and promoting our work to the SU community as well as to the broader legal academic community.” Surrounding the talented faculty and students are a number of new programs, centers and initiatives Dean Arterian helped to establish and enhance to ensure students


Dean Arterian sharing a moment with Hon. Carolyn Dineen King, Robert Dineen Jr. L’66 and the late Kathryn Dineen Wriston.

– Lt. Thomas Caruso L’14, JAGC, U.S. Navy

are best prepared to achieve their career goals and be ready for work upon graduation. Some of her noted achievements include: establishing the Institute for National Security and Counterterrorism, INSCT, the first truly joint institute on campus – a fully integrated effort of the College of Law and the Maxwell School; the Technology Commercialization Law Program’s designation as the New York State Science & Technology Law Center three times; the creation of three new law clinics that meet the needs of many underserved members of the community, including the first Veterans Law Clinic in New York state; and launching a highly successful LL.M. degree program for foreign trained lawyers that has outpaced expectations in only a few years. “As a second year student, I came to Dean Arterian with a proposal for a veterans legal clinic,” notes Lt. Thomas Caruso L’14, JAGC, U.S. Navy. “She easily could have dismissed it as another pie in the sky idea from a

young student. She didn’t. She not only gave the idea a chance, she made it possible.” Dean Arterian encouraged and oversaw great efforts to provide students with the support services and guidance necessary to strive in law school and prepare for their careers. An important component of this initiative was the establishment of the Office of Student Life, a highly regarded, first-of-its-kind one-stop destination for student needs and support. Recognized many times for its innovative programs, the Office of Student Life’s dedicated staff works to ensure each student receives personalized academic support along with access to a growing set of professional-focused student activities and wellness programs. Other initiatives, including increasing the breadth of experiential education options, have greatly expanded over the last thirteen years. This includes the newly established and

Dean Arterian with William Brodsky L’68 prior to his Class of 2015 commencement address.

Dean Arterian and Hon. Joanne F. Alper ’72, Syracuse University Trustee, and Law Advisory Board member.


Right: Dean Arterian celebrates the 2009 commencement with Kyle Somers L’09, editor-in-chief of “Syracuse Law Review.” Far right: Dean Arterian celebrates the grand opening of Dineen Hall with her children, Diana, Corey, William and Susannah.


“ A S A S T UDE N T W HO WA S A B L E TO AT T E ND C L A S S IN B O T H T HE NE W A ND OL D B UIL DING S , DE A N A R T E R I A N’ S L EG AC Y I S MO S T C L E A R IN HE R E X T R AOR DIN A R Y E F F OR T S TO C R E AT E O UR NE W HOME— DINE E N H A L L .” – Jesse Feitel Student, Class of 2016


highly successful Washington, DC residential externship program, expanded pro bono opportunities and career development programs, all which further a student’s academic and professional development. Dean Arterian’s efforts have further motivated the engagement of the national alumni network and our Board of Advisors. Dean Arterian reconstituted the Board of Advisors to utilize the experiences and expertise of the diverse alumni base in a manner to best position the College for the future. Under her guidance, the Board of Advisors has helped to ensure that the College not only has a plan for the future, but has

led by example, providing the funding necessary to make the future a reality. It was one of her ongoing goals to ensure that every graduate not only has heartfelt pride in their affiliation with the College of Law, but that the value of their education continually appreciates over time. Through her determination, many more alumni give back in a variety of ways, including their time and knowledge to current students and recent graduates, making them feel welcome in the College of Law family. “Hannah’s tireless time on the road has advanced the engagement of our alumni,” says Marc Malfitano L’78,

Chair of the Board of Advisors. “The College consistently has the highest annual giving participation rate among colleges within Syracuse University.” Without the support of the Board, the highest accomplishment of Dean Arterian’s vision, Dineen Hall, may not have become a reality. Under her guidance, the College was able to execute a plan that resulted in a facility that reflects the College’s commitment to legal excellence and gives students and faculty the contemporary spaces needed for legal education today and in the future. Dean Arterian led the charge for the project, from the initial plans and designs to the challenging

task of raising funding in an uncertain economy. The fact that Dineen Hall had a higher donor participation, in both number of donors and dollars raised, than any other University capital project in recent years is telling of Dean Arterian’s drive and dedication. “As a student who was able to attend class in both the new and old buildings, Dean Arterian’s legacy is most clear in her extraordinary efforts to create our new home – Dineen Hall,” says Jesse Feitel 3L. “It takes a talented person to bring so many together behind a challenging cause, but Dean Arterian’s ability to transform

the fabric of the College of Law with Dineen Hall will be something I will always appreciate.” Dean Arterian has strongly positioned the College of Law as it enters its 121st year. It is a legacy to be proud of and the College of Law community thanks her for bringing her vision for legal education to fruition and providing the College with a solid base that we will continue to build on. The entire College of Law family – students, faculty, staff and alumni – is grateful to Dean Hannah Arterian for her truly outstanding leadership. She will always have a place in our history and in our hearts.


Throughout her tenure as Dean, Hannah Arterian positively impacted the lives of countless students, alumni, faculty, staff and colleagues. Following are the reflections of some of the individuals she influenced.

“If the military has taught me anything, it has taught me the qualities of a great leader. Hannah Arterian is a great leader. The College of Law now has one of most successful veterans law clinics in the country and she made that possible. She had the rare ability to accomplish incredible achievements, but allow us all to think we did them ourselves. There are so many measurable ways that Dean Arterian improved the College of Law, but what is immeasurable is her influence. There is now an entire generation of attorneys who have been inspired by her earnestness and passion. Gratitude is often the least articulate of emotions, especially when it is so sincere. I would not be the lawyer, the Officer or the person I am today if not for her example.”

– LT Thomas Caruso, L’14, JAGC, U.S. Navy


“I know my colleagues are grateful for her drive and leadership. Her efforts to unite the College of Law community are unmatched, and she has permanently and meaningfully transformed my experience as a student here at Syracuse Law.”

– Jesse Feitel Student, Class of 2016

“During the course of her tenure as Dean, Hannah worked tirelessly with the University’s central administration to hire faculty who added to the breadth and depth of the academic program. Hannah always recognized the primacy of faculty in delivering the highest quality legal education and was indefatigable in her efforts to encourage the highest level of achievement among the faculty.” – Margaret Harding Associate Dean for Faculty

Pictured left to right: Marc Malfitano L’78, Chair, Board of Advisors, Dean Hannah R. Arterian and Interim Dean William Banks.


“Dean Arterian served Syracuse University College of Law fearlessly and charted its trajectory and reach beyond that which most thought possible. Status quo was never “good enough;” she knew what the College, faculty, administration, and students were capable of. She embraced change and persevered against the push-back that so often comes with change. She insisted that no one settle for the College being anything than a top-tier law school. And while Dean Arterian pushed everyone hard, she always demanded more of herself than she ever asked of anyone. Dean Arterian worked tirelessly to lead the College to where it is today, which when compared to where it was when she took over is itself astounding, because of her passionate belief in the power of a legal education and because of her deep personal sense of responsibility and commitment to the College’s students and alumni. Dean Arterian also inspired—she inspired me to make the largest gift my family had ever considered (or will ever consider in the future). Transformation is never quick or easy, but Dean Arterian truly transformed the College of Law and we all owe her our heartfelt gratitude. I will miss Hannah as Dean, but our personal friendship—like so many she formed while at the College—will endure forever.” – Melanie Gray L’81 Partner, Winston & Strawn LLP Syracuse University Trustee


“‘Dynamic’ is the best way to characterize Dean Hannah Arterian.She is an extraordinarily accomplished individual who actively avoided the spotlight. Not because Dean Arterian was not deserving of it (she was), but because she preferred and excelled in one-on-one settings. And she knew what it meant to work hard from her own life experiences as an educator, professional and parent. Hannah’s tenure was not just defined by her accomplishments, of which there are far too many to list; rather, she, in my view, should be fondly remembered for creating an environment where opportunities were available for students and alumni who earned them. While I cannot speak for the entire College, I know that I am a better lawyer, and more importantly, a better person because I was a part of the College of Law during her tenure.” – Michael A. Kaplan L’11 Associate, Lowenstein Sandler LLP

“We have been the beneficiary of Hannah’s knowledge and insight in the broader context of legal education and the College has much to show for it. Her leadership has resulted in the growth and depth of our faculty, our clinics and Institutes. We are proud to offer a comparison of their caliber and renown with any other school. I have marveled at Hannah’s stamina and intensity over the past 13 years as she strived for excellence throughout the College. A large part of her legacy will always be the vision and commitment that she brought to the multiple year effort that resulted in Dineen Hall, which focused on how we will facilitate the teaching of law in the 21st century. The legal profession remains one of the most influential professions in our society. Law school deans are uniquely situated to make a difference in our profession. Most importantly, the success of the legacy of Dean Arterian has been the deep commitment and personal touch that she has communicated in her role to each interaction with our students, our faculty and staff, our alumni and to anyone else who would listen. She is determined to make a difference in our profession and the world around us, while growing the College of Law and its reputation. We are in a much better place for her efforts and dedication to the Syracuse University College of Law.” – Marc Malfitano L’78 Chair, Board of Advisors







1. Professor Peter E. Herzog L’55 and Brigitte E. Herzog L’75 at the College of Law Library Dedication of the Herzog Special Collection Room.

3. SU Trustee and Law Advisory Board Member Melanie Gray L’81 prior to the dedication of the Gray Ceremonial Courtroom and Dineen Hall, September 2014.

2. Patricia E. MacNaughton and Donald T. MacNaughton L’68, Law Advisory Board Member and SU Trustee, stand in the MacNaughton Collaboratory, Dineen Hall Dedication, September 2014.

4. Dineen Hall dedication, platform party, September 2014: Front row—left to right: Richard L. Thompson G’67, SU Trustee (former chair), Hon. Carolyn Dineen King, Kent Syverud, Chancellor and President, Hon. Theodore A. McKee L’75, Dean Hannah Arterian. Back row: Lead architect Richard J. Gluckman ’70, G’71, Professor Lisa A. Dolak L’88 and Susan Upward L’15.



Law 2015 Honorees

The Syracuse University Law Alumni Association and the College of Law are pleased to announce the creation of the Syracuse Law Honors, an award that celebrates “distinguished achievements in any field of endeavor” by members of the Syracuse Law family – alumni, current and former faculty and staff, students, parents and friends – for service to the College of Law, the legal profession, Syracuse University, or the world at large, not limited just to a recipient’s professional life and work. Honorees are selected by the Dean of the College of Law in conjunction with the Board of Directors of SULAA, based on recommendations made by SULAA. Recipients of the awards are honored at an event during the College of Law Reunion Weekend each fall, and will also be invited to interact with students, faculty and friends of the College in classes, lectures or symposia in connection with the weekend.

The Honorees

Vincent H. Cohen Jr. ’92, L’95 In recognition of his distinguished professional accomplishments and public service.

Joanne M. Mahoney ’87, L’90 In recognition of her distinguished public service and commitment to Central New York.

Louise E. Dembeck L’65 In recognition of her distinguished career in intellectual property law, business and dispute resolution.

David P. Weber ’95, L’98 In recognition of his distinguished achievements and professional integrity.

Call for 2016 Nominations To nominate someone visit On behalf of the Board of Directors of SULAA, thank you for your time, thought and consideration, and support of Syracuse University College of Law and SULAA.

To read further about the 2015 Syracuse Law Honors Award Recipients visit

Susan R. Horn L’74 In recognition of her distinguished commitment to Syracuse University College of Law and to Central New York. 15


Program Continues to Grow

The Master of Laws (LL.M.) for foreign students at Syracuse University College of Law continues to grow and attract students with a range of legal interests and geographic backgrounds. The 24-credit hour graduate program, which launched in fall 2013, is designed to offer students with a non-U.S. law degree (or its equivalent) advanced study in American law. The students who completed the degree offer a snapshot of the diversity the program attracts. Meet our 2015 Graduates: Suliman Aljuwaied (Saudi Arabia): Mr. Aljuwaied obtained his LL.B. from King Saud University, in Saudi Arabia, in 2008. His professional experience includes work in a Riyadh-based law firm handling criminal, commercial, and administrative court cases. He also drafted and negotiated commercial contracts for local and international businesses. During the LL.M. program, Mr. Aljuwaied plans to study international private law, comparative law, and commercial law. Musab Alosaimi (Saudi Arabia): Mr. Alosaimi obtained his LL.B in Islamic Law from the Al-Imam Muhammad Ibn Saud Islamic University, in Saudi Arabia, in 2012. During the LL.M. program, he intends to study corporate finance law, international business transactions, and commercial law. Tarig Ibrahim (Sudan): Mr. Ibrahim is a recipient of Open Society Foundation's Civil Society Leadership Award. He received his LL.B. from the University of Khartoum, in Sudan, in 2012. While in law school, Mr. Ibrahim served as the director of the Youth Division for the Sudanese Family Guidance Association and he established the Association for Legal Awareness. He was eventually elected as a Youth Committee Public Affairs Officer of the Sudan chapter of the United Nations. Currently, he is a teaching assistant at the Faculty of Law of the University of Medical Sciences and Technology, in Khartoum, Sudan. During his LL.M. year, he intends to focus his studies on comparative law, adoption and family law, and international human rights law.


Fatimah Alshehaby (Saudi Arabia): Ms. Alshehaby obtained her LL.B. from King Abdulaziz University, in Saudi Arabia, in 2010. She has experience working as a teaching assistant at Jazan University. Her area of interests include human rights law, women’s rights law, commercial law, contract law, and criminal law. Ms. Alshehaby is in Syracuse with her husband and children. Yasemin Aydin (Turkey): Ms. Aydin obtained her LL.B. at the Istanbul University School of Law, in Turkey, in 2008. Her professional experience includes practice in Istanbul and Ankara, where she handled marriage-related issues, fraud claims, divorce, custody, and alimony proceedings. She plans to focus her studies on international law, human rights law, technology law, and corporate law. She lives in Jamesville, New York, with her husband and two children. Ahmed Altalhi (Saudi Arabia): Mr. Altalhi obtained his LL.B. from Carleton University, in Canada, in 2014. His professional experience includes internship experience with the Altalhi Real Estate Group, in Mecca, as a trade business lawyer. During the LL.M. program, he plans to study real estate practice, negotiations, mediation, and alternative dispute resolution. Mr. Altalhi will be coming to Syracuse with his wife. Sungkuk Choi (South Korea): Mr. Choi obtained his Bachelor of Business Administration from Sungkyunkwan University in 2006, and his LL.M. degree from Chungnam National University, both in S. Korea, in 2014. He has experience working for Lucent Technologies International and PricewaterhouseCoopers, where his work focused on business valuation, mergers & acquisitions, project financing, due diligence, post-merger integration, and business intelligence. He plans to study international business transactions, corporate governance, and corporate law during his LL.M. studies. Mr. Choi is coming to Syracuse with his wife and infant daughter.

Roula Jneid (Syria): Ms. Jneid is a recipient of Open Society Foundation's Civil Society Leadership Award. She obtained her LL.B. from the University of Aleppo, in Syria, in 2006. Following graduation, she began working in a private general-practice law firm in Homs, Syria. She also worked as a columnist for the Baladna Newspaper, where she wrote on current legal issues. During her fellowship year at Syracuse Law, she plans to study international human rights law, corporate law, and family law. Jong Hoon Kim (South Korea): Mr. Kim obtained his LL.B. from Kyung Hee University, in S. Korea, in 2004. He also received his LL.M. from Kyung Hee University in 2009. His professional experience includes work at the HANA Financial Group's compliance office, where he examined HANA’s financial holdings and advised various departments on newly-enacted laws. He is interested in studying corporate law, commercial law, banking/finance law, international business transactions, and contract law. Mansour Alqahtani (Saudi Arabia): Mr. Alqahtani obtained his LL.B. from King Saud University, in Saudi Arabia, in 2010. After completing his degree, he obtained his license to practice law in Saudi Arabia from the Ministry of Justice. He has held internships with the National Assembly of Human Rights and law firms in Riyadh. Prior to arriving in Syracuse, Mr. Alqahtani was a legal trainee at the international law firm, DLA Piper, in Riyadh. During his LL.M. studies, he plans to study corporate and real estate finance, international human rights law, and commercial law. Everlyn Koiyiet (Kenya): Ms. Koiyiet is a recipient of Open Society Foundation's Disability Rights Scholarship Program. She obtained her LL.B. from Moi University, in Kenya, in 2008. Prior to pursuing the LL.M. degree, Ms. Koiyiet worked as an advocate and program officer at the Coalition on Violence Against Women, supporting the access to justice and women's rights strategic initiative. She also volunteers with Kenya's Federation of Women Lawyers. During the LL.M. program, Ms. Koiyiet will study international human rights law, comparative disability law, comparative law, immigration law, and family law.

Weijie Liu (China): Mr. Liu obtained his LL.B. from Wuhan University, in China, in June 2014. His professional experience includes internships in the Basic People's Court of Wuhan and at the Bangil Law Firm, where he gained experience working in criminal and basic contract law matters. Mr. Liu passed the Chinese Judicial Exam. He is interested in studying international business, commercial law, comparative law, and trade law. Amsalu Mayessa (Ethiopia): Mr. Mayessa is a recipient of Open Society Foundation's Civil Society Leadership Award. He obtained his LL.B. from Hawassa University, and his LL.M. in Human Rights Law from Addis Ababa University, in Ethiopia, in 2008 and 2011, respectively. He is currently a lecturer at Ambo University School of Law and the Director of the law school's Free Legal Aid Center. He is also the Project Coordinator on Access to Justice at the Addis Ababa University Center for Human Rights Studies. During his time in the LL.M. program, Mr. Mayessa will focus his studies on international human rights law, comparative disability law, international law, refugee and asylum law, and comparative law.

Yetunde Olayisade (Nigeria): Ms. Olayisade obtained her LL.B. from Olabisi Onabanjo University, in Nigeria, in 2008. She is admitted to the Nigerian Bar of Lawyers, and is licensed to practice as an attorney in Nigeria. Her professional experience includes work in court administration, research at the High Court of Ekiti State, and for the law firm of Kolade Ilesanmi & Co. During the LL.M. program, she plans to focus her studies on subjects that will prepare her for the New York State Bar Exam. Mrs. Olayisade lives in Baldwinsville, New York, with her husband and two children. Akossiwoa Sinon (Togo): Ms. Sinon obtained both her LL.B. and LL.M. from the UniversitĂŠ de LomĂŠ, in Togo, in 1991 and 1994, respectively. She worked as a lawyer in Togo, handling human rights and criminal matters, for a non-profit organization that she founded for women and children. In 2006, she and her family immigrated to Ithaca, New York. Since arriving in New York, she has obtained her paralegal certificate and has gained professional experience working for the Ithaca City Attorney's Office and Catholic Charities. She intends to prepare for the New York State Bar Exam and to take courses in Family Law, Immigration Law, and Human Rights Law.

Ridwan Zebari (Kurdistan Region): Mr. Zebari obtained his LL.B. from the University of Salahaddin, in the Kurdistan Region of northern Iraq, in 2005. He immigrated to the United States, and currently lives in Binghamton with his family. He serves as the Director of Public Relations for the American Kurdish Council, an organization dedicated to raising awareness for Kurdish issues in the diaspora and in Iraq. He also serves as a legal advisor to the Kurdistan Regional Government's office in Washington, D.C. During his course of study in the LL.M. program, Mr. Zebari will focus his studies on corporate law, international business law, human rights law, and subjects that will prepare him to sit for the New York State Bar Exam.



Soldiers on the Homefront: The Domestic Role of the American Military Interim Dean William C. Banks (with Stephen Dycus) Harvard University Press, 2016 When crisis requires American troops to deploy on American soil, the country depends on a rich and evolving body of law to establish clear lines of authority, safeguard civil liberties, and protect its democratic institutions and traditions. Since the attacks of 9/11, the governing law has changed rapidly even as domestic threats—from terror attacks, extreme weather, and pandemics— mount. Soldiers on the Home Front is the first book to systematically analyze the domestic role of the military as it is shaped by law, surveying America’s history of judicial decisions, constitutional provisions, statutes, regulations, military orders, and martial law to ask what we must learn and do before the next crisis. America’s military is uniquely able to save lives and restore order in situations that overwhelm civilian institutions. Yet the U.S. military has also been called in for more coercive duties at home: breaking strikes, quelling riots, and enforcing federal laws in the face of state resistance. It has spied on and overseen the imprisonment of American citizens during wars, Red scares, and


LexisNexis Practice Guide: New Jersey Collateral Consequences Professor Todd A. Berger (with John C. Lore and Peter J. Thompson, Esq.) LexisNexis, 2015 other emergencies. And while the fears of the Republic’s founders that a strong army could undermine democracy have not been realized, history is replete with reasons for concern. At a time when the military’s domestic footprint is expanding, Banks and Dycus offer a thorough analysis of the relevant law and history to challenge all the stakeholders—within and outside the military—to critically assess the past in order to establish best practices for the crises to come.

With its concise writing style, streamlined chapter format, extensive appendices, extensive references to leading and related cases, cross references to relevant analytical content, and authoritative guidance, you'll find more of everything that makes a practice guide valuable and easy for you to use. Written by experienced practitioners, the Practice Guide offers concise explanations of collateral consequences flowing from specific New Jersey criminal convictions, general classes of offenses and general types of offenses, as well as unique practice strategies, checklists, and appendices to ensure that the practitioner identifies and addresses all the collateral consequences related to each crime. Each Practice Guide chapter combines authoritative legal analysis with an expert author's practical insights, distilled from years of litigation practice. New Jersey Collateral Consequences includes a multitude of Practice Tips that transition smoothly from legal analysis to practical application of a point of law. Chapter parts begin with a detailed practice checklist defining the essentials of a major task. Checklists capture the essential steps (the what, when, and how) of each task, with cross-references to relevant authority, forms, and discussion of the topic within the chapter itself.

eQuality: The Struggle for Web Accessibility by Persons with Cognitive Disabilities Professor Peter D. Blanck Cambridge, 2014 Never before have the civil rights of people with disabilities aligned so well with developments in information and communication technology. The center of the technology revolution is the Internet's World Wide Web, which fosters unprecedented opportunities for engagement in democratic society. The Americans with Disabilities Act likewise is helping to ensure equal participation in society by people with disabilities. Globally, the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities further affirms that persons with disabilities are entitled to the full and equal enjoyment of fundamental personal freedoms. This book is about the lived struggle for disability rights, with a focus on Web equality for people with cognitive disabilities, such as intellectual disabilities, autism, and print-related disabilities. The principles derived from the right to the Web – freedom of speech and individual dignity –are bound to lead toward full and meaningful involvement in society for persons with cognitive and other disabilities.

Genetic Discrimination – Transatlantic Perspectives on the Case for a European Level Legal Response Professor Peter D. Blanck, editor (with Gerard Quinn & Aisling de Paor) Routledge, 2015 As genetic technologies advance, genetic testing may well offer the prospect of detecting the onset of future disabilities. Some research also forwards that certain behavioural profiles may have a strong genetic basis, such as the determination to succeed, or the propensity for risktaking. As this technology becomes more prevalent, there is a danger that genetic information may be misused by third parties and that particular genetic profiles may be discriminated against by employers, by providers of social goods and services, such as insurance companies and even by educational facilities. This book explores the different forms and potential uses of genetic testing. Drawing together leading experts in disability law, bioethics, health law and a range of related fields, it highlights the ethical and legal challenges arising as a result of emerging and rapidly advancing genetic science. On examining transatlantic perspectives on the matter, chapters in the book ask whether the US Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act (GINA) is proving to be an effective tool in addressing the issue of genetic

discrimination and alleviating fears of discrimination. The book also reviews what insights may be gained from GINA within employment and health insurance contexts, and asks how the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD) may impact similar debates within the European Union. The book focuses particularly on the legislative and policy framework in the European Union, with an emphasis on the gaps in protection and the scope for specific legislative action in this area. This book will be of great interest to scholars and students of discrimination law, bioethics and disability law, and will be of considerable use to legal practitioners, medical practitioners and policy-makers in this area.



People with Disabilities: Sidelined or Mainstreamed? Professor Peter D. Blanck (with Lisa Schur & Douglas Kruse) Cambridge, 2013 To what extent are people with disabilities fully included in economic, political, and social life? People with disabilities have faced a long history of exclusion, stigma, and discrimination, but have made impressive gains in the past several decades. These gains include the passage of major civil rights legislation and the adoption of the 2006 UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. This book provides an overview of the progress and continuing disparities faced by people with disabilities around the world, reviewing hundreds of studies and presenting new evidence from analysis of surveys and interviews with disability leaders. It shows the connections among economic, political, and social inclusion, and how the experience of disability can vary by gender, race, and ethnicity. It uses a multidisciplinary approach, drawing on theoretical models and research in economics, political science, psychology, disability studies, law, and sociology.


The Proceedings of the Seventh International Humanitarian Law Dialogs Professor David Crane, editor (with Elizabeth Anderson) American Society of International Law 2014 The Dialogs, held August 25-27, 2013, focused on the theme "The Long Hot Summer After the Arab Spring: Accountability and the Rule of Law." The volume includes the prosecutors' updates regarding the activities of their respective courts and tribunals, the Third Annual Katherine B. Fite Lecture, the Second Annual Clara Barton Lecture, an interview with his Royal Highness Prince Zeid Ra'ad Zeid Al-Hussein, and a discussion of different perspectives on the Arab Spring.

Legal Communication and Research: Lawyering Skills for the Twenty-First Century Professor Ian Gallacher Carolina Academic Press, 2015 This comprehensive textbook covers predictive and persuasive writing and legal research, and is written in an informal style intended to appeal to today’s law students. The book walks students through the writing process in short, easily understood chapters and stresses the importance of understanding the underlying principles of legal research rather than discussing the specific mechanics of ever-changing research resources. In addition to the standard topics covered in legal writing and research texts, the book offers chapters on reading, the ethics of writing, overcoming writer’s block, and oral argument, and emphasizes at all points a client-based approach to lawyering skills.

Tribal Criminal Law and Procedure Professor Carrie E. Garrow (with Sarah Deer) Rowman & Littlefield, 2015 Tribal Criminal Law and Procedure is the second in a unique series of comprehensive studies of tribal law in the United States. This book examines the complex subject of tribal criminal law and procedure from a tribal perspective—utilizing tribal statutory law, tribal case law, and the cultural values of Native peoples. Garrow and Deer discuss in depth the histories, structures and practices of tribal justice systems, comparisons of traditional tribal justice with Anglo-American law and jurisdictions, elements of criminal law and procedure, and alternative sentencing and traditional sanctions. Tribal Criminal Law and Procedure will be an invaluable resource for legal scholars and students.

Liberty and Union: A Constitutional History of the United States, Volume 2 Professor Tara Helfman (with Edgar J. McManus) Routledge, 2014 This, the second of two volumes of Liberty and Union, is a comprehensive constitutional history of the United States from the Progressive Era of the early twentieth century to the most recent decisions of the Supreme Court on contemporary constitutional issues. Written in a clear and engaging narrative style, it successfully unites thorough chronological coverage with a thematic approach, offering critical analysis of core constitutional history topics, set in the political, social, and economic context that made them constitutional issues in the first place. Combining a thoughtful and balanced narrative with an authoritative stance on key issues, the authors deliberately explain the past in the light of the past, without imposing upon it the standards of later generations. Authored by two experienced professors in the field, this textbook has been thoughtfully constructed to offer an accessible alternative to dense scholarly works – avoiding unnecessary technical jargon, defining legal terms and historical personalities where appropriate, and making explicit connections between constitutional themes and historical events. For students in an undergraduate or postgraduate constitutional history course, or anyone with a general interest in constitutional developments, this book will be essential reading.

Divided: The Perils of Our Growing Inequality Professor David Cay Johnston, Editor The New Press, 2015 The issue of inequality has irrefutably returned to the fore, riding on the anger against Wall Street following the 2008 financial crisis and the concentration of economic and political power in the hands of the super-rich. The Occupy movement made the plight of the 99 percent an indelible part of the public consciousness, and concerns about inequality were a decisive factor in the 2012 presidential elections. How bad is it? According to Pulitzer Prize–winning journalist David Cay Johnston, most Americans, in inflationadjusted terms, are now back to the average income of 1966. Shockingly, from 2009 to 2011, the top 1 percent got 121 percent of the income gains while the bottom 99 percent saw their income fall. Yet in this most unequal of developed nations, every aspect of inequality remains hotly contested and poorly understood. Divided collects the writings of leading scholars, activists, and journalists to provide an illuminating, multifaceted look at inequality in America, exploring its devastating implications in areas as diverse as education, justice, health care, social mobility, and political representation. Provocative and eminently readable, here is an essential resource for anyone who cares about the future of America—and compelling evidence that inequality can be ignored only at the nation’s peril.



The Development of Disability Rights Under International Law: From Charity to Human Rights Professor Arlene S. Kanter Routledge, 2015 The adoption of the Convention on the Rights of People with Disabilities (CPRD) by the United Nations in 2006 is the first comprehensive and binding treaty on the rights of people with disabilities. It establishes the right of people with disabilities to equality, dignity, autonomy, full participation, as well as the right to live in the community, and the right to supported decision-making and inclusive education. Prior to the CRPD, international law had provided only limited protections to people with disabilities. This book analyses the development of disability rights as an international human rights movement. Focusing on the United States and countries in Asia, Africa, the Middle East the book examines the status of people with disabilities under international law prior to the adoption of the CPRD, and follows the development of human rights protections through the convention’s drafting process. Arlene Kanter argues that by including both new applications


Land Use Law and Disability: Planning and Zoning for Accessible Communities Professor Robin Paul Malloy (with Gerard Quinn & Aisling de Paor) Cambridge 2015 of major civil rights legislation and the adoption of the 2006 UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. This book provides an overview of the progress and continuing disparities faced by people with disabilities around the world, reviewing hundreds of studies and presenting new evidence from analysis of surveys and interviews with disability leaders. It shows the connections among economic, political, and social inclusion, and how the experience of disability can vary by gender, race, and ethnicity. It uses a multidisciplinary approach, drawing on theoretical models and research in economics, political science, psychology, disability studies, law, and sociology.

In Land Use Law and Disability, Robin Paul Malloy argues that our communities need better planning to be safely and easily navigated by people with mobility impairment and to facilitate intergenerational aging in place. To achieve this, communities will need to think of mobility impairment and inclusive design as land use and planning issues, in addition to understanding them as matters of civil and constitutional rights. Although much has been written about the rights of people with disabilities, little has been said about the interplay between disability and land use regulation. This book undertakes to explain mobility impairment, as one type of disability, in terms of planning and zoning. The goal is to advance our understanding of disability in terms of planning and zoning to facilitate cooperative engagement between disability rights advocates and land use professionals. This in turn should lead to improved community planning for accessibility and aging in place.

The First Global Prosecutor: Promise and Constraints Professor C. Cora True-Frost, editor (with Martha Minow and Alex Whiting) University of Michigan Press, 2015 The establishment of the International Criminal Court (ICC) gave rise to the first permanent Office of the Prosecutor (OTP), with independent powers of investigation and prosecution. Elected in 2003 for a nine-year term as the ICC’s first Prosecutor, Luis Moreno Ocampo established policies and practices for when and how to investigate, when to pursue prosecution, and how to obtain the cooperation of sovereign nations. He laid a foundation for the OTP’s involvement with the United Nations Security Council, state parties, nongovernmental organizations, victims, the accused, witnesses, and the media. This volume of essays presents the first sustained examination of this unique office and offers a rare look into international justice. The contributors, ranging from legal scholars to practitioners of international law, explore the spectrum of options available to the OTP, the particular choices Moreno Ocampo made, and issues ripe for consideration as his successor, Fatou B. Bensouda, assumes her duties. The beginning of Bensouda’s term thus offers the perfect opportunity to examine the first Prosecutor’s singular efforts to strengthen international justice, in all its facets.


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David M. Crane Professor of Practice

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Richard D. Hole ’75* Deborah Muldoon Hole Mark Kessel ’66* Bernard R. Kossar ’55* Carol M. Kossar Ronile Lawrence Peter A. Lefkin ’80* Joseph K. Lombino ’73* Theresa M. Lombino Donald T. MacNaughton ’68* Marc A. Malfitano ’77* Jeanette Malfitano Philip V. Martino ’82* Susan K. Reardon ’76 F. Eugene Romano

Amy M. Hawkes ’01* Kenneth W. Irvin ’92* Marnin J. Michaels ’96* Melissa Kaplan Bert E. Kaufman ’07* Elan P. Keller ’98 Michael L. Kiklis ’93* Zoe Kiklis Joseph A. Minniti ’57 Sabrina Cerretani Patterson ’01 Joshua Frakes Patterson ’00

Lisa A. Dolak ’88*

Anette Seltzer Lewis ’73* Mr. and Mrs. Salvatore Longo Jaye B. Martin ’79* Lee S. Michaels ’67* Susan K. Michaels

Cheryl A. Ficarra

Donald P. Parson ’68

Christine N. Fletcher ’94* Joe K. Suyemoto ’94*

John Pylman John H. Riley ’77

Wilfred E. Gallinek ’88*

Linda E. Romano

Joanna L. Geraghty ’97 Christopher Gerard Kelly

Gregory S. Rubin ’72*

Sheldon I. Goldfarb ’77* Richard L. Hanna Christine Harrison Steven D. Harrison

John A. Schuppenhauer ’76* Elizabeth K. Schuppenhauer Stephen J. Schwartz ’69 Deborah Ann Schwartz Matthew D. Schwarz ’98*

John H. Hartman ’73*

Douglas L. Steele ’89

Philip L. Kirstein ’73* Melinda R. Kirstein

Eleanor Theodore ’52*

Steven J. Kramer ’93

William M. Wiecek Judy L. Hamilton

Terence J. Lau ’98

Thomas A. Vitanza ’58*

Joel H. Rabine ’65* Sally Rabine M. Jack Rudnick ’73* Stephanie C. Rudnick Michael D. Sirota ’86* Miriam L. Sirota

Arthur I. Sherman ’59* Nancy Sherman

Gregory M. Sobo ’99

James T. Southwick ’89*

Cheryl R. Storie ’86* Kyle G. Storie ’87*

Gregory L. Thornton ’71*

Ifigenia T. Brown ’54*

Richard Levy, Jr. ’77*

Gregory L. Spallas ’86

Joseph V. Vumbacco ’70* Michael P. Walls ’84* Mary M. Walls Marc A. Winston ’75* Marcia L. Winston C. James Zeszutek ’75* Ellen Beth Zimiles ’83* Jonah David Zimiles


ANNUAL HONOR ROLL OF DONORS Dean’s Fellow Gifts of $1,000-$2,499 Matthew Julian Agen ’02* Melissa M. Mitchell ’01*

Theresa A. Coulter William T. Coulter

Daniel W. Gentges ’88* Penny G. Gentges ’88*

Mark A. Kompa ’80*

Michael J. Allan ’98*

W. Carroll Coyne ’57*

Stuart N. Alperin ’76* Lisa S. Alperin

Scott F. Cristman ’73*

Samuel J. Gerdano, Jr. ’83 Michelle S. Gerdano

Fran L. Lubow ’79*

Rakesh K. Anand

Mae A. D’Agostino ’80

John T. Andrews, Jr. ’66* Nelson D. Atkin, II ’74* Patricia J. Austin ’85* Tony J. Azzi ’10 Gina Marie Barbone William C. Banks Lynn J. Barden ’66* Lynne W. Barden Marcella B. Barry ’78* Robert F. Barry Pete Benenati ’90 John R. Biggar ’69* Peter M. Blauvelt ’62* R. Daniel Bordoni ’79* William M. Borrill Jay S. Brown ’95 Consuela A. Pinto ’95 Michael A. Brumer ’51* Dorothy D. Brumer

Mary Lou Crowley ’51* Stephen Davis ’60* Paul W. de Lima, Jr. ’70* Melanie R. de Lima Charles W. Deaner ’51*

Irwin Goldbloom ’58* Tomas Gonzalez ’05* Mr. and Mrs. David M. Gouldin

John D. Mara ’85*

Jannet Gurian ’79*

Beth A. Dente Mark A. Dente

Margaret M. Harding Joe Whelan

Joseph M. Di Scipio ’95*

Eric I. Harris ’69

Friends of Robert E. Dineen

Paul A. Hedstrom ’73

Sarah Reimers McIntee ’04* Patrick J. McIntee

Kenneth K. Doolittle ’73*

Peter J. Hersha ’81*

Theodore A. McKee ’75*

Michael J. Drayo ’01*

Benjamin T. Hickman ’07* Jessica L. Wechter

Thomas J. McKenna ’84*

Peter M. Hobaica ’84

Kirk E. Miller ’76

Matthew R. Dreyfuss ’13 Angela Marie Eavy ’03 Brigitte Jeffery Echols ’93 Eric J. Eichenholtz ’02* Seth D. Eichenholtz ’02

Alicia S. Calagiovanni ’77* Richard J. Calagiovanni

Timothy J. Flanagan ’78*

Lydia J. Elliott

Catherine A. Foerster ’80* Mark R. Foerster ’80*

Andrew S. Horsfall ’10* C. Stanley Hunterton ’74* Marc L. Hurvitz ’78* Jeri J. Hurvitz Peter W. Hutton ’66 Jeffrey A. Hyman ’72* Arnold I. Kalman ’73* Michael A. Kaplan ’11* Deborah S. Kenn Patrick M. Kennell ’02* Dawn J. Krigstin ’03*

Richard B. Caschette ’79

Danielle M. Fogel ’04 Michael A. Fogel ’04

Jason John Centolella ’04

Carolyn F. Frani ’93

Mary Chiffy

Thomas R. French

Bernadette T. Clark ’89 Harold T. Clark, Jr.

Robert E. Futrell, Jr. ’94* Suzanne O. Galbato ’98*

Joseph F. Cleary ’56

Richard A. Kissel ’79* Michelle S. Simon ’81*

William G. Gandy ’75* Joanna W. Gandy

Douglas K. Knight ’92* Lynn B. Knight

Anthony J. Garramone ’64*

William R. Koerner, Jr. ’68*


Gene S. Manheim ’76* Lynn Manheim

Ronald M. Denby Alice A. Makul

Walter V.N. Ferris ’55*

Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Corrigan, Jr.

Arthur S. Lussi ’88*

Andrew E. Greenberg ’84*

Anthony M. Calabrese ’93*

Ritu Kaur Cooper ’03*

Gemma M. Lury ’72* Richard R. Lury ’72*

Becki D. Graham ’05

William P. Burrows ’55 Ann T. Burrows

Dr. and Mrs. Thomas N. Caruso

Philip N. Glennon ’79* Catherine Glennon

John F. Luman, III ’95*

Diana Zwirn DeMarco

Karen M. Elliott ’91*

Jeffrey R. Capwell ’89*

Paul J. Giancola ’80*

Gary J. Lavine ’73*

Carolyn D. King Thomas M. Reavley Joseph L. Kinsella ’84*

Frank L. Kollman ’77*

Robert D. Mariani ’76* John L. Martin ’62 William K. Mattar ’88* J. Mark McCarthy ’69* Margaret K. McCarthy

David J. Miller ’69* Eileen D. Millett ’74* David J. Moffitt ’96 Edward J. Moses ’68* Jessica Murray Robert G. Nassau Gordon W. Netzorg ’76* Paul I. Newman ’65* David J. Noonan ’72* Sarah M. Oliker ’03* Michael S. Olsan ’89* Frederick H. O’Rourke ’87* Elizabeth Breul O’Rourke Robert M. Osgood ’68* John R. Petrone, II ’84 Philip B. Phillips ’96 Stephen P. Pollak ’70* Karen A. Pollak Frederick J. Price ’03* Kimberly Wolf Price ’03*

C. Allen Pylman Ross A. Radley ’69

Emil M. Rossi ’72 Nancy Rossi

Donna Kenney Stein ’92* Laurence C. Stein ’91*

David P. Wales, Jr. ’95 Jaime L. Wales

Mark S. Rattner ’76* Lenore B. Rattner

Jan M. Roswig

Wilfreda B. Stone ’44*

Robert T. Schofield, IV ’96*

Charles J. Tallent L’74

Kristin L. Walker ’08* Steven A. Walker ’08*

Alan B. Richer ’79

Donald Schupak ’66 Cynthia Schupak

Darren B. Tallman ’00* Tiffany L. Townsend ’96

Douglas J. Widman ’73*

J. Douglas Robinson Patti M. Robinson

Leonard R. Shapiro ’73*

Joseph J. Wielebinski, Jr. ’83

Robert C. Skrzypczak ’90

Francesco P. Trapani ’08* Martha E. Allen

Helen A. Zamboni ’77*

Paul E. Roman ’78

Jules L. Smith ’71*

Samuel B. Vavonese ’64*

Mark Zeichner ’74*

Lynn M. Robinson ’89*

William C. Snyder

Ogden H. Webster ’58

Richard J. Zwirn ’74*


ANNUAL HONOR ROLL OF DONORS Associates Gifts of $500-$999 David F. Abernethy ’82* Phyllis K. Simon

Jennifer L. Dzwonczyk ’95*

Richard M. Alderman ’72*

Thomas M. Flanagan ’81*

H. Douglas Barclay ’61 Sara S. Barclay Peter L. Beard ’86* William L. Bergan ’64* Frances M. Bergan

Alessio Evangelista ’95 Thomas M. Flanagan Patrick J. Flanagan ’93* Stuart K. Fleischmann Melissa A. Fox ’98*

Joseph O. Lampe ’55 Shawn Lampe

Earle C. Reed

Anikka S. Laubenstein

Andrew J. Reinhardt ’79

Burton G. Lipsky ’62* William F. Locke Robert A. Longhi ’61 William F. Lynn ’60*

Alan J. Rein ’66 Alan B. Richer ’79* Paul E. Richardson, Jr. ’76* Lucille M. Rignanese ’99* Mary Roberts-Bailey ’82*

William R. Bergum ’90*

Barry Frank ’67*

Lance J. Madden ’72*

Michael G. Bersani ’93

Erin Gall William Gall, III

J. Jeremiah Mahoney ’69*

Kevin J. Roggow ’05* Danielle M. Roggow

Robin Paul Malloy

Reagan T. Roth ’06*

Kurt Garnjost ’83*

William J. Marquardt ’92

Alan J. Goldberg ’52* Barbara Z. Goldberg

Donald J. Martin ’68* Margaret Martin

Frank W. Ryan, IV ’94* Melissa Dunne Ryan ’94*

Lauryn Gouldin

Brett Wayne Martin ’82

Donna M. Graber ’00

Earl F. Matte ’52

Lauson C. Green L’94

Janis L. McDonald

Anthony C. Scarfone ’86*

Caterina R. Grasso ’90*

Charlene E. McGraw ’81* Edward L. McGraw

Charles A. Scarminach ’68* Richard A. Schechter ’72

Daniel A. McMahon ’60

Richard D. Schuler ’72

Joseph J. Gumkowski ’78*

Diane Jones Meier ’76*

Benjamin F. Sidbury ’01*

Eric I. Harris ’69*

Merle D. Melvin ’59

Steven T. Hartmann

Edgar S.K. Merrell, III ’78 Linda S. Merrell

Melvin M. Slotnick ’56 Karen A. Slotnick

Brad A. Birmingham ’97* Kristen M. Birmingham ’97* Bruce G. Blumberg ’88 Michael Bonacci Andrea L. Bowman ’79 William B. Braatz ’58 Matthew G. Brigham ’06 Alan H. Buchsbaum ’55 Richard B. Buckley ’68 Bruce E. Bushlow ’65* Gail N. Bushlow Randal Caldwell Joseph L. Canino ’70* Daniel G. Cantone ’81 Kathleen A. Cantone

Richard D. Grossman ’55 Mame Langan Grossman

James R. Hawkins ’66 Martha A. Hawkins

Mark E. Saltarelli ’80* Marcia C. Saltarelli Elliot D. Samuelson L’60

Barry I. Slotnick ’72*

George A. Mitchell

Robert B. Smith ’78

Ross C. Heim ’77

Heather S. Morawski ’07*

Joseph H. Hobika, Sr. ’56

G. Thomas Moynihan, Jr. ’63*

Scott M. Spencer ’75 Alice B. Spencer

Gabrielle Mardany Hope ’99*

Carl J. Mugglin ’61*

John W. Hornbeck ’68*

John B. Nesbitt ’77

Gary N. Horowitz ’77*

Francis X. Nolan, III ’74

Tyson E. Hubbard ’08*

Angelo V. Nole

James G. Stevens, Jr. ’76* Michelle E. Watts

Patrick L. Cusato ’87* Joan E. Varney ’87*

Linda A. Hughes ’93 Robert A. Hughes

Angelo V. Nole, Jr. ’87*

Douglas W. Stoddart ’77

Raymond R. D’Agostino, Jr. ’68* Sheila T. D’Agostino

Stephanie A. Jacqueney ’82*

Peter J. Obernesser ’72*

Jace M. Volo

James P. Pappas ’78 Ellen H. Pappas

Jeffrey B. Wagenbach ’85*

William A. Darrin, Jr. ’73*

Samuel Jakes, Jr. ’79*

Sarah Davila-Ruhaak ’07 Martin Q. Ruhaak, Jr. ’07

David Cay Johnston

Anthony J. Paris ’73 Lucy A. Paris

Margaret A. Jones ’01* Stephen J. Jones ’00*

Theodore P. Pearce ’77

Frank N. Decker, Jr. ’55*

Eric J. Pelton ’87*

Leslie H. Deming ’55* Marsha S. Deming

Deborah H. Karalunas ’82*

Philip A. Perna ’77

Michael Kelberman

David W. Pies ’62*

Amos Kiewe Lori Golden Kiewe

Matthew R. Policastro ’0*2

Vincent Chiffy John A. Cirando Carol E. Coyne ’81* Frederick S. Cristman ’08* Deborah Lisker Cuoco ’94* Frank A. Cuoco ’93*

Paul E. Dimoh ’08* Donald C. Doerr ’88* Maria T. Doerr Kevin C. Dooley ’78 Tracy A Doudt ’11*


Andrew C. Jagusiak ’73*

Bradley Kowalczyk Sheldon F. Kurtz ’67 Alice K. Kurtz

Marion M. Quirk ’97* Jeffrey C. Wolken ’98* John T. Rafferty ’73* Dale E. Rath ’68*

Deborah F. Stanley ’77* Michael J. Stanley William H. Stern ’52

Nancy A. Waldron ’91 William D. Walsh ’73 Kathleen C. Walsh Rafiel Deon Warfield ’08* Timothy J. Welsh ’04* Stephen S. Wentsler ’96* Beth E. Westfall ’86* Michael P. Williams ’95 Susan C. Williams William J. Wolf ’76* Chuck C. Zundel, Jr. ’78 Peter L. Zurkow ’78

Contributors Gifts up to $499 Courtney A. Abbott-Hill ’09 Carolyn Anne Abdenour ’13 Martin P. Abruzzo ’81 Christian Adamiak ’00* Christopher K. Aimone ’09* Farid V. Akhmedov ’98* Myron Albert ’50 Gordon P. Allen ’82* Kenneth L. Allen ’74 William J. Anderson ’79* Lawrence C. Anderson ’72* Karen T. Anderson Katherine B. Anderson ’08 Peter L. Angelini ’92 Nelson S. Anthony ’56* Vincent S. Antonacci ’87* Eric J. Appellof ’80* Keyhan Arjomand Frank H. Armani ’56* Mary N. Armani Brad M. Aron ’89 Pamela J. Attardo ’93* Robert I. Aufseeser ’07* Ellen August ’78 Brian S. Austin, Jr. ’95* Margaret J. Babb ’90 Mary Vitanza Bachar James S. Baier ’79* Elise M. Balcom ’85* Robert L. Balkind ’84 Judi Balkind James Michael Bandoblu Jr. ’06* Michael J. Bandoblu ’11* Nikolette A. Baniewicz ’13 Scott A. Barbour ’84 William A. Barclay ’95 Robert A. Barker ’58* Jody M. Barringer ’98* Thomas Bassett ’71* Silvia Delagarza-Bassett Neil Baumgarten ’56 Sondra Baumgarten Theodore R. Bayer ’66* Ellen S. Bayer Steven C. Becker ’97 Brian Geoffrey Becker ’15 Peter A. Bell Todd M. Belous ’90 Andrew R. Ben-Ami ’80*

Andrew K. Benfield ’09* Shawna C. Benfield ’09* James R. Bennett ’75* Steven G. Berg ’77* David J. Berg ’87* Gerald P. Berkery ’69* Michael Joshua Berkowitz ’04 Michael G. Berner ’03* Thomas Bezigian, Jr. ’07 Michael R. Bielski ’05* Alexander B. Bierce ’10 Shellie N. Blakeney ’96 Elizabeth K Blickley ’09* Ira M. Bloom ’69* Nella M. Bloom ’06 Michael J. Bloom ’74* Amy Jo Bloom Naomi P. Blumenthal A. Katherine Bock ’00 Asher Bogin ’50 Carl T. Bogus ’73* Salaheddin Borghei-Razavi ’11* Miles M. Bottrill Vicki Boxer-Samson ’76* Denen Norfleet Boyce ’03 Faye Bradwick ’84 Daniel P. Breen ’80* Sally R. Breen John J. Brennan Jean S. Brenner ’82* Todd E. Briggs ’88 Joan P. Brimlow ’78* Roland P. Brint ’62* Stacy Lefkowitz Brown ’99 Lance K. Brubaker ’13 David B. Bruckman ’89 Dena M. Bruckman Thomas E. Brydges ’73* Melissa M. Brydges Rosemary E. Bucci ’64* Lawrence J. Bunis ’82 Adrian J. Burke ’86 William J. Burke ’55* Judith P. Burke ’97* D. Jeffrey Burnham ’86* Denise Spellman Butler ’06 Jennifer Champa Bybee Keith J. Bybee Gareth D. Bye ’87* Susan Rich-Bye ’88*

Sandra D. Byfield Edward M. Byrne ’59 Robert P. Cahalan ’95* Sean E. Callahan ’98 Kristin M. Dadey ’98 Elletta Sangrey Callahan ’84 John D. Callahan, Jr. Stefano Cambareri ’89* Kathleen C. Cambareri Lynne Camillo ’86 Laura E. Canfield ’87* Richard M. Thomas ’87* Antonina Cangiano ’86 Stephen C. Cunningham ’86 Brian J. Capitummino ’08 Gerald A. Caplan ’57* Elizabeth B. Caplan Patrick A. Carbonaro ’05 Malio J. Cardarelli Jan H.K. Cardin ’89 David J. Carello Ronald A. Carmel Thomas M. Carnrike ’75*

William A. Carpenter, Jr. ’69* Beth Davies Carpinello ’83* John E. Carter, Jr. ’70* Shelley J. Carter Thomas M. Caruso ’14 Joseph G. Casion ’99 Kathia R. Casion ’98 John R. Casolaro ’77* Rimfa L. England ’77* Jessica R. Caterina ’11* Alex T. Paradiso ’10* Kerri L. Chamberlin ’97 Gregory J. Champion ’91* Charles K. Chang ’06 Bayard S. Chapin ’90* Andrea G. Chatfield ’88* Richard P. Chen ’06 Evelyn L. Guevara ’06 Michelle M. Chester ’14 Sanjay Chhablani Mr. and Mrs. Anthony C. Chiffy II Savannah Chin ’13 Robert K.W. Ching ’73*


ANNUAL HONOR ROLL OF DONORS Contributors Gifts up to $499 Calvert G. Chipchase, III ’74 Lisa A. Christensen ’02 Marion Churchill Joseph F. Cirelli ’71* Elizabeth B. Cirelli Andrew L. Cisternino ’51* Harold R. Clark ’52* Jesse C. Clark ’04 Lee Clary ’64 Katherine A. Cogswell ’88* Walter F. Benson, Jr. Lou Anne Rucynski Coleman ’99* Keith B. Coleman ’68 Mary Lou Conrow ’91* Gabriel J. Contreras ’09* Frank A. Corsoneti Susan D. Costalas ’97* Peter L. Costas ’54* Joan B. Costas Sean W. Costello ’09* Laura M. Costello Ryan F. Coutlee ’02* Edwin T. Cox, Jr. ’68* Michael L. Coyle ’71* John J. Cromie ’73* Deborah Cropper Kevin R. Crosley Tara K. Cross ’02 Timothy W. Crowley ’97*


Alan N. Culbertson ’75* Thomas V. Dadey ’62 Jeffrey Stuart Dahlman ’73* Mary Reagan Dailey ’90* Lisa J. Dal Gallo ’96* George S. Sullivan, III ’96* Lawrence L. D’Amato ’71 Therese Wiley Dancks ’91 Walter W. Dancks, Jr. Tiffany L. D’Angelo ’11* Wendy Rising Danner ’92 Sam A. Davis ’10 Amanda K. Davis Cory A. DeCresenza ’09* John J. Dee ’52* John J. DeLaney, Jr. ’79 Debra A. Gottsleben Andrew S. Dember ’79* Jason A. Denrich ’10* Molli E. Denrich Gustave J. Detraglia, Jr. ’73 T. Andrew Devorsetz Todd D. Dexter ’00* Brian D. DiGiacomo ’82* Joseph M. DiOrio ’81* Thomas J. DiSalvo ’80* Jeri K. D’Lugin ’80 Melissa K Dobson ’09* Megan E. Dodge ’11

Henry Doerr, Jr. James P. Domagalski ’90 David A. Dressler ’86 Alan S. Drohan ’80 Michael L. Dwyer Amy Vanderlyke Dygert ’07* Ryan K. Dygert Mr. and Mrs. Oren Efrati Keith Eisenhut Kenneth J. Eisner ’74* Sam A. Elbadawi ’91 Katherine M. Elbadawi Amy D. Eliezer Darren J. Elkind ’94* Robert A. Ellison ’74* Rubin Englard ’71* Gregory D. Eriksen ’10 Houman Esmailpour ’04* Nicholas G. Everett ’13 Henry C. Fader ’73* Joseph G. Falcone ’93* Jeffrey C. Falkin ’68 Catherine Fang ’07 Frederick L. Farrar ’80* Christopher David Fasano ’00* Polly J. Feigenbaum ’83* Sarah M. Feingold ’05 Arjay G. Yao ’05

Jeffrey B. Feldman ’81* Sharon Feldman Francisco Fernandez ’87* Miguel C. Fernandez, III ’88* Beverly Joan Fertig ’77* Harold Fertig John C. Filippini ’72* Joseph M. Fine ’70 Howard M. Finkelstein ’52* Nancy A. Fischer ’92 Marion H. Fish ’80 Michael S. Fish Gina Fiss ’98* James D. FitzPatrick ’63* Robert B. Fladd ’83 Janet Fleckenstein ’11* William J. Florence, Jr. ’64 John B. Folmer ’62 Theron A. Foote ’69* Brian R. Forts ’77* Stephen A. Forward ’75* William E. Franczek ’82* Philip I. Frankel ’78* Wendy L. Freedman ’76 Edwin Peter Frick ’13 Herbert M. Friedman, Jr. ’87 Suzanne Friedman Stanley M. Friedman ’54* James L. Friedman ’46* Ronald E. Friese ’90* Brenda Munoz Furnish William D. Furnish Michael R. Gaico ’08 Anne S. Galbraith ’77 Christine C. Gallagher ’90* Angela M. Gallerizzo ’06 Vincent L. Gambale ’73 Amy E. Ganetis ’10 Sloan D. Gaon ’95* Bruce E. Gardner ’78* Benita D. Gardner Peter C. Gardner ’78* Stuart T. Gardner ’08 Carrie E. Garrow Sandra J. Garufy ’88* Lloyd S. Gastwirth ’67* Arthur R. Gaudio ’67* Joanne M. Gaudio Gioia A. Gensini ’82* David H. Neff ’80* Carolyn B. George ’78*

Catherine Sinnwell Gerlach ’13 Peter Arno Gerlach Gary R. Germain ’67* Maureen A. Germain Stanley G. Germain ’57* Louis P. Gigliotti Brendan J. Gilbert ’04 Harlan B. Gingold ’70 Diane P. Gingold Paul J. Ginnelly ’64 Ernest Ginsberg ’55 Harriet Gay Ginsberg Barton M. Gipstein ’69* Heba K. Girgis ’14 Wendy D. Glauber ’97* Scott V. Goettelman ’89* Barbara A. Goettelman Ronald M. Gold ’79* Leon S. Golden ’67 Ronald L. Goldfarb ’56 Joanne J. Goldfarb Deborah G. Goldman ’68* Joseph S. Goode ’94 Nicole K. Gorham ’07 Scott A. Gould ’91 Christopher Joseph Grace ’04 Anne-Marguerite Green ’83 Adam N. Greenway ’05* Harold A. Madorsky ’80* Debra A. Gressel Thomas J. Grooms ’71* Norman H. Gross ’72* Janis M. Gross Jaclyn D. Grosso Theresa C. Gudin ’91* Michael P. Guevara ’93 Anna Liza D. Guillermo ’05 Thomas J. Gunerman ’12* Roy S. Gutterman ’00* Weiting Wang Gutterman Raymond W. Hackbarth ’51 Howard H. Hall ’59* Victoria R. Hall ’11 Damien M. Hallatt ’11 Patrick R. Halligan ’09* Jan R. Halper ’77* Ellen M. Halstead ’04* Sonja Marta Halverson ’04 Amberley Gibbs Hammer ’98 Jonathan W. Haray ’94* Kimberly A. Harb ’91* Andrew M. Harrison ’75

Arnold Z. Hart ’54* David C. Hatch ’75* Nancy L. Hatch Ronald R. Haus ’60* Ashley D. Hayes ’01 Dwight A. Healy ’75 Bryan R. Hedges ’72 Elizabeth C. Hedges Alfred J. Heilman ’63 Mary Lou Heilman Edward F. Heimers, Jr. ’73* Tara Helfman Joel M. Helmrich ’79* John G. Herriman ’69* Julie M. Herriott ’08 Victor J. Hershdorfer ’60* Brigitte E. Herzog ’75* Peter E. Herzog ’55* Joseph P. Hester, Jr. ’64* Suzanne F. Hester Richard D. Hillman ’55* Stuart Hirshfield ’66* Susanne D. Hirshfield William E. Hoese ’84 Charles Hoffman ’59 E. Gloria Hoffman Elizabeth Little Hogan ’92* Erica B. Horton E. David Hoskins ’85* Kathryn K. Hoskins ’85* Carin G. House ’08 Zeno M. Houston ’14 David S. Howe ’72 John M. Howell ’88* J. Neil Huber, Jr. ’68* Meimei L. Huber Ronald G. Hull ’79* Suzanne E. Hyer ’79* Mr. and Mrs. Stanley A. Jachimowski Norman E. Jacobs ’66 Martha D. Jacobs John O. Jacobus ’71* Laura M. Jacque ’08 Kavitha Janardhan Elizabeth C. Jeffery Elizabeth K. Joggerst ’81* R. Terry Joggerst Paula C. Johnson Heather N. Johnson ’08* Eli R. Johnson ’08* Adam D. Johnson ’05 David A. Jones ’64*

Christopher M. Judge ’12* Wojciech F. Jung ’03 David D. Kaiser ’77* Sven-Erik Kaiser ’86* Martha P. Kaiser Edward M. Kane ’71* Scott M. Karson ’75* Joseph C. Kasouf ’90 John M. Katko ’88 Adam J. Katz ’04* Michelle P. Katz ’04* Hattie E. Kaufman ’84* Kirstin M. Keel ’02* Gerald A. Keene ’80 John S. Keffalas ’79 John Z. Kelley Jane S. Kelsey ’83* Alexander F. Keogan ’12 Danielle J. Keogan Wilbur H. Kim ’04* Bernard T. King ’59* Mary C. King ’04 William D. Kingery, Jr. ’77* Elizabeth R. Kingery David L. Kleinman ’05 Jill S. Kleinman Amanda H. Klier ’07* Jean S. Kneiss ’85 Peter J. Kneiss Lawrence J. Knickerbocker ’82* Andrew M. Knoll ’03* Maritza Alvarado Erica R. Knox ’13 Stephanie R. Kogan ’77* Michael A. Kolcun ’76* Stephen R. Kornienko ’07* Linda J. Kostin ’90* Robert M. Kostin James L. Kowalski ’77* Ross Kraft Hirsh D. Kravitz ’06* Kenneth J. Kretzer ’74* Jared L. Kronenberg ’05 Mikal J. Krueger ’03* Jessica E. Kuester ’09 Daniel M. Kuhn ’01* Courtney L. Kuhn Cindy S. Kui Patricia Carey Kulp ’05* William N. La Forte ’74* Anthony C. La Valle ’82* Karen E. Lahey ’96

Maureen Pilato Lamb ’73 Robert G. Lamb, Jr. ’71 Michele R. Lamontagne ’87 Peter A. Bizzigotti Sandra D. Lane Robert A. Rubinstein Steven M. Lane ’93* Stephen B. Lang ’73* Randy Langenderfer Charles T. Lanigan, III ’75* Jo Ann Larkin William F. Larkin Robert M. Larkin ’73* Letty Laskowski ’09* Joseph W. Latham ’74* Diane Saintil Laviolette ’96* Jason A. Leacock ’13 Roger H. Leemis ’77* Laura E. Legnon ’08* Alison M. Leigh ’83* Steven P. Lerner ’83 Donna L. Lerner Michel Levant ’56* S. Richard Levin ’74 Alison Jones Levin Lon C. Levin ’80* James R. Levine ’92 Herbert J. Levine ’61* Robert M. Lewis ’80* Jonathan J. Lichtman ’86* David B. Liddell ’66* Janice K. Liddell John R. Lindstrom ’83* Karen L. Linen ’83* Robinson Wayne Lingo ’09* Kathleen A. Lipp Robert D. Lippmann ’61* Kevin D. Lojewski Charles H. Lonardo ’81 Stephanie M. Long ’07 Steven Olin Ludd ’72 Oksana M. Ludd Margaret E. Luke ’82 Benjamin S. Lupin ’02* Charles H. Lynch, Jr. ’73* Gary G. Lyons ’75* Susanne Lyons Anna Wichterich Lyons ’09 Matthew G. Lyons ’09 Richard B. MacFarland ’71* Rhonda L. Maco ’95 William B. Magnarelli ’73 Karen A. Magnarelli 39

ANNUAL HONOR ROLL OF DONORS Contributors Gifts up to $499 Valerie L. Makarewicz ’03* Michael J. Maloney ’05 Frank T. Mamat ’74 Kathy L. Mamat Lois N. Manes ’86* Nicholas P. Manganaro ’09* Gerald Manioci ’66 Steven K. Mantione ’82* Kent L. Mardon ’63* Corey Jack Marks ’95 Peter L. Maroulis ’61* Anthony J. Marra ’05* Mary L. Marshall Kevin G. Martin ’88 Lisa M. Martin ’93 Frederick S. Marty ’70 Virginia R. Marty James W. Marvel ’13 Garth H. Mashmann ’09 Connie A. Matteo ’91* Frank C. Mayer ’96* Andrew J. Mayo ’08 Thomas William Mayo ’77* Ronald A. Mazariegos ’01 Albert S. Mazloom Courtney K. McCarthy ’95* Kimberly B. McCarthy ’90* Jeffrey V. McCormick ’69* Marjorie S. McCoy ’85 Monica C. McCullough ’05* James P. McDonald ’71* James P. McElheny ’77* Jennie O’Hara McFarland ’96 Elizabeth K. McLaughlin ’85 W. Carson McLean ’06* Paul F. Meagher ’96* Edward A. Mervine ’86* Marion P. Metelski ’94* Richard P. Meyer ’58* Emily C. Micale ’07 Laurie A. Michelman ’93* Michael Jay Miller ’63* Alan M. Miller ’68 William H. Miller, Jr. ’66* Aliza Milner Kevin D. Minsky ’97* Catherine M. Mitchell Natalie M. Mitchell ’13 James F. Mock ’71* Mary Mock 40 | SYRACUSE LAW

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B E A U B I D E N L' 9 4

February 3, 1969 – May 30, 2015


The entire Syracuse University College of Law community is deeply saddened by the passing of our alumnus and friend, Beau Biden. We send our deepest sympathy and prayers to the Biden family, his friends and colleagues in Delaware’s Attorney General’s office. Beau is survived by his wife Hallie, children Natalie and Hunter as well as his father U.S. Vice President Joseph Biden L’68 and his wife Jill along with his brother Hunter and sister Ashley. Joseph R. “Beau” Biden III graduated from Syracuse University College of Law in 1994 and also holds an undergraduate degree from the University of Pennsylvania. He began his career as a law clerk for a federal judge in New Hampshire and went on to work for the U.S. Department of Justice, serving several years as a federal prosecutor in Philadelphia before serving as the Attorney General for Delaware since 2007. Biden rose to the rank of major in the Delaware Army National Guard’s Judge Advocate General’s Corps and served a 12-month deployment to Iraq in 2008, being awarded the Bronze Star. After attending his funeral, Interim Dean William Banks stated, “Beau Biden was surely one of the finest young men the College of Law has ever nurtured along his way to becoming the consummate public servant, soldier and advocate, and most important, husband and father, son and brother.” Beau worked tirelessly to help others, from working to establish laws in Kosovo as part of Delaware’s Army

National Guard to fighting for the rights of abused children as Delaware’s Attorney General. “More than his professional accomplishments, Beau measured himself as a husband, father, son, and brother,” Vice President Biden said in a statement. “His absolute honor made him a role model for our family. Beau embodied my father’s saying that a parent knows success when his child turns out better than he did. In the words of the Biden family: Beau Biden was, quite simply, the finest man any of us have ever known.” Professor of Law Emeritus Thomas Maroney, one of Beau’s professors, commented, “I had great respect for him as a person. While he was a student, I always enjoyed sitting down with Beau and talking about politics and policy.” Daniel French L’95, a classmate of Beau also noted during a WSYRTV interview that, “First and foremost he was a father and a husband. He worked hard but his family is what he cared the most about.” Perhaps the best way to remember Beau is through his inspiring words from his College of Law commencement address in 2011 when he said, “When something seems easy, it’s time to question your assumptions and to challenge yourself. I believe we should all strive to recognize that. Moral codes matter. That we are interdependent and the means of our conduct must be driven by our conscience, our values, our knowledge and yes, above all, our laws. And that our conduct cannot be blinded by even the most laudable ends.”

Beau Biden L’94 Memorial Scholarship Fund Beau Biden L’94 exemplified the very best that we as human beings strive for. He touched the lives of so many – as a public servant, attorney and advocate, member of the military, friend, husband, father and son. To create a lasting tribute to Beau’s legacy, Interim Dean and Professor of Law William C. Banks has established the Beau Biden L’94 Memorial Scholarship Fund honoring his former student. The fund provides scholarship assistance to Syracuse Law students with demonstrated interest in children’s rights, protecting victims of abuse and/or helping the most vulnerable in society – causes that were important to Beau. To make a contribution, please visit or call Miles Bottrill at 315.443.1094.



ANNUAL FUND GIFTS: > can be spent immediately and are directed wherever the need is greatest > enrich our academic and experiential programming > are used for scholarship to students in need > allow the College to take advantage of emerging opportunities and to respond to unanticipated needs and challenges > help the College to attract and retain an outstanding faculty by supporting their teaching and research efforts Your consistent annual support not only sustains the College of Law, but also helps us thrive! Visit or call 315.443.9533 to make your gift today. Thank you!


B O A R D O F D I R EC TO R S 2 0 15 -16 Syracuse University Law Alumni Association President Sarah M. Oliker L’03 ConMed Corporation. Utica, NY

Michael A. Fogel L’04 Brown Sharlow Duke & Fogel P.C. Syracuse, NY

Immediate Past President Adam J. Katz L’04 U.S. Attorney’s Office Northern District of NY Albany, NY

Suzanne O. Galbato L’98 Bond Schoeneck & King PLLC Syracuse, NY

Mark E. O’Brien L’14 U.S. Court of Appeals 4th Circuit Richmond, VA

Douglas J. Gorman L’06 Crisafulli Gorman P.C. Fayetteville, NY

Executive Secretary Amy M. Vanderlyke L’06 Cornell University Library Ithaca, NY

Thaddeus L. Pitney L’06 C.R. Bard Inc. New York, NY

Becki D. Graham L’05 Ogletree Deakins Nash Smoak & Stewart P.C. San Francisco, CA

Treasurer John F. Luman III L’95 Texas Star Alliance Houston, TX

Matthew R. Policastro L’02 Dickinson Wright Las Vegas, NV Frederic L. Pugliese L’11 United States Air Force Judge Advocate General’s (JAG) Corp. Las Cruces, NM

Amy M. Hawkes L’01 Outsource EI Segundo, CA Tyson E. Hubbard L’08 Downey Brand LLP Sacramento, CA

Members Michael J. Allan L’98 Steptoe & Johnson LLP Washington, DC

Kevin J. Roggow L’05 Shearman & Sterling LLP Toronto, ON, Canada

Bert E. Kaufman L’07 U.S. Department of Commerce Office of the Business Liaison Washington, DC

Nelson D. Atkin II ’74 Barran Liebman LLP Portland, OR Andrew Peter Bakaj L’06 Compass Rose Legal Group PLLC Washington, DC

Charles J. Taylor L’96 State of California Office of the State Controller Los Angeles, CA

Patrick M. Kennell L’02 Kaufman Dolowich & Voluck LLP New York, NY

Aaron M. Tidman L’07 Gilead Sciences Inc. San Francisco, CA

Mr. Richard Levy Jr. L’77 Pryor Cashman LLP New York, NY

Kevin D. Minsky L’97 Booz Allen Hamilton Inc. Washington, DC Heather S. Morawski L’07 Bosch North America Detroit, MI

Catherine Sinnwell Gerlach L’13 Meardon, Sueppel and Downer Iowa City, Iowa

Second Vice President Benjamin Sidbury L’01 Bryan Cave LLP Charlotte, NC

Kasper E. Mingo L’99 Morgan Stanley Charlotte, NC

Robert E. Futrell Jr. L’94 Wyrick Robbins Yates & Ponton LLP Raleigh, NC

First Vice President Carey W. Ng L’02 New York County District Attorney’s Office New York, NY

Michael J. Drayo L’01 The Vanguard Group, Inc. Wayne, PA

Hon. Kirk E. Miller L’76 State of California Office of Administrative Hearings Oakland, CA

Sarah M. Feingold L’05 ETSY Inc. Brooklyn, NY

Kevin M. Toomey L’12 Arnold & Porter LLP Washington, DC 47

C L A S S N OT E S ALUMNI SPOTLIGHT | ARTHUR SHERMAN L’59 From early on in his law school studies, Arthur Sherman L’59 had a goal in mind. “I wanted to work on Wall Street,” he remembers. And that’s what he did. More than 55 years later, with his hand still in financial management in a partnership he founded, Sherman is grateful for a career that was interesting, satisfying and included international travel and working with people whom he enjoyed. “I have always felt beholden to the law school because they gave me the education I needed to be successful in the financial world,” Sherman says. “I’ve always been very thankful.” A native of Mount Vernon, New York, Sherman did his undergraduate work at New York University (University Heights College) where he was a history and political science major, and also enrolled in ROTC. He initially was part of the College of Law Class of 1958, but was called to serve in the Army after his first year. He headed to Fort Benning, Georgia, where he taught military tactics. When Sherman returned to the College of Law, he was married and brought his wife Nancy with him. The young couple lived in Slocum Heights and Nancy taught biology and chemistry at the Pebble Hill School, which later merged with Manlius Military Academy to become Manlius Pebble Hill, a Pre-K through 12 school in DeWitt. “I made a lot of good friends I’m still friendly with,” Sherman says. Despite an atmosphere at the school that was much more competitive than collaborative, Sherman says, “We all stuck together.” After graduation, Sherman followed his dream and landed a job with Burton, Dana, a financial services firm. He subsequently joined H. Hentz & Company, an international corporate finance and brokerage firm, and became a partner. In 1970 he received his certified financial planner designation from the College of Financial Planning. When H. Hentz was taken over by Cogen, Berlind, Weil and Levitt, Sherman was named vice president and branch manager. He worked his way up the ranks to become head of sales for financial products as the company acquired many other financial service firms. After a series of industry mergers and acquisitions, his firm became part of Morgan Stanley. Since 1981 Sherman has been a Senior Vice President of Morgan Stanley where he founded The Sherman Group in 1982. The firm manages high net worth clients from its headquarters in New York. One of the four partners is Sherman’s son Dan Sherman NEW’85, who received his law degree from Washington University. Though never strictly practicing law, Sherman says his law education has been critical over the years, and it was significant in helping him win his first job on Wall Street. “I used it in assisting clients in many ways. I reviewed their wills and was able to suggest trusts to them,” he says. “A legal education is the finest education you can have.” Sherman and his wife, enthusiastic travelers, divide their time between homes in White Plains, New York and Palm Beach County, Florida. Sherman has served on the College of Law’s Board of Advisors for 15 years, and is a Scholarship Initiative Donor. “I’d like to see the school grow in stature.” Sherman says. His hopes for the College of Law rest in its ability to attract the highest caliber of students. “The brightest students will go where they can get the best scholarship.”




Paul M. Hanrahan has been selected for inclusion in The Best Lawyers in America for 2016 and has also been named the Best Lawyers’ 2016 Syracuse Legal Malpractice Law Defendants Lawyer of the Year. He is the Litigation Practice Partner at Hancock Estabrook LLP in Syracuse, NY and concentrates his practice in the areas of personal injury and medical malpractice defense.

Ronald L. Goldfarb recently published his first novel under the pseudonym R.L. Sommer, Courtship: A Novel of Life, Love, and the Law (published by Ankerwycke Press, A Division of the American Bar Association). His 12th book (as editor) After Snowden: Privacy, Secrecy and Security in the Information Age was published by Thomas Dunne Books, St. Martin's Press in April 2015. In addition to his writing, Mr. Goldfarb is a literary agent. He resides in Key Biscayne, FL and in Alexandria, VA.

Walter J. Meagher Jr. was selected as an Upstate New York Super Lawyer for 2014. Mr. Meagher is a partner in the Litigation Practice and a former Managing Partner of the Syracuse, NYbased law firm of Hancock Estabrook, LLP. He has more than 40 years of experience in the areas of personal injury, premises liability, automobile liability, construction accidents and products liability litigation.


ALUMNI SPOTLIGHT | ALAN GOLDMAN L’65 As a trial lawyer, mediator and arbitrator in personal injury and wrongful death law, Alan Goldman, L’65, of Phoenix, Arizona, believes his career has been the perfect fit for him. “I can’t imagine doing anything else,” he says. He has been practicing law for 50 years, has been married for 50 years, has had the same assistant for over 40 years, and has been in the same office for over 40 years. “Nobody ever asks me what’s new,” he laughs. Goldman’s path to law school wasn’t a straight one, or for that matter typical. Born in Utica, NY, he moved with his parents to southern California as a child. He was the first in his family to complete high school. He attended a junior college in California, dropped out, and worked on a factory assembly line. A serious injury left him unable to do physical work for a time. His parents returned to Utica and Goldman came along, both legs in casts. Once he was ambulatory, an aunt suggested he take classes at Utica College of Syracuse University. “Why?” he asked. “There’ll be girls there,” she told him. So Goldman enrolled in school. “This time it took,” he said. He enjoyed the classes and he liked the professors. Goldman worked hard. He decided to pursue law, secured a scholarship, and headed to the College of Law. Once enrolled, however, Goldman remembers feeling like an outsider, as his background was different from his classmates, many of whom had had more privileged upbringings, a better undergraduate education, and had lawyers in their families. He said he pretty much stuck to himself, not joining a study group, a fraternity, or participating in any law school activities. Goldman shared his feelings at one point with Professor George Alexander, who was somewhat reassuring.“He told me I was just as smart as anyone in the class and just as dumb as anyone in the class,” Goldman laughs. Goldman said he looked up to all of his professors. “I was in awe of them,” he says. Some 50 years later, he ticks off the names as if he was a student last semester—“Dean Karas, Miller, Koretz, Hertzog, Alexander. They were all so smart and so good at it.” It was an exciting few years for Goldman, who became active in the Civil Rights Movement while at the College of Law. He found he enjoyed the competition and the academic rigor. “I never missed a class and I took prodigious notes,” Goldman remembers. But along with studies, there was some social life as well, as Goldman met an undergraduate, Syracuse native Elaine Meltzer, AS ’63, at a party. The couple was married shortly after law school graduation. Anxious to get back to the west, Goldman and his wife moved to Phoenix in 1966. He began work as an attorney for the Maricopa County Legal Aid Society, later opening his own office and then joining Morris A. Kaplan in forming Goldman & Kaplan, Ltd. In the 1970s, Goldman began focusing his practice on personal injury and wrongful death law, representing both insurance companies and injured claimants. Goldman, a Scholarship Initiative Donor, is grateful for the education and training he received at the College of Law. “I owe Syracuse a debt,” he says. “I was a trial lawyer for a long time, and now as a mediator, I am still working because there is nothing that I would rather do. I feel blessed that the Syracuse University College of Law gave me the opportunity to become a lawyer.”



Raymond R. D’Agostino has been selected for inclusion in The Best Lawyers in America for 2016. He has practiced health law in New York for over 30 years and is a Partner in the Health Care Practice at Hancock Estabrook, LLP in Syracuse. Mr. D’Agostino has practiced health law in New York for more than 30 years and is recognized statewide as a leader in the field.

Harlan B. Gingold, Partner of Macht, Brenizer & Gingold, P.C., has been recognized for showing dedication, leadership and excellence in family law. Mr. Gingold has forty-four years of professional experience, with thirty as a partner of Macht, Brenizer & Gingold, P.C., where he specializes in divorce and custody law. Mr. Gingold was recently inducted into Worldwide Registry and also maintains affiliation with the Family Law Section of ABA, the Family Law Section of the New York State Bar Association, and the Family Law Section of the Onondaga County Bar Association. He maintains his rank as an AV Preeminent

Attorney through Martindale-Hubbell. He continues to be ranked as a New York Super Lawyer and one of the Top Attorneys in Upstate New York; he is also a member of the National Advocates Top 100 Lawyers and his law firm has a Tier 1 ranking in Best Lawyers, Best Law Firms by U.S. News & World Report. In years to come, Mr. Gingold intends to enjoy practicing law and experiencing continued growth and success with his firm.


C L A S S N OT E S 1972 Emil M. Rossi was honored by the Onondaga County Bar Association on October 23, 2014 at their annual dinner. He was recognized as their 2014 Distinguished Lawyer. Over the past 30 years, Mr. Rossi has maintained a highly respected and successful private litigation practice in state and federal court and has handled numerous high profile cases throughout New York State. He has also served as an Adjunct Professor at the Syracuse University College of Law since 1975.

1973 Hon. John T. Rafferty marched at the front of the 2014 West Hollywood Gay Pride Parade, the nation's largest, with Los Angeles Police Department Chief, Charlie Beck.

1974 Nelson Atkin, current Partner at Barran Liebman LLP, has been elected to the Portland, Oregon Opera’s Board of Directors. Mr. Atkin has represented the Opera on a pro bono basis for the past 30 years, advising them on employment law issues and providing representation in labor negotiations. In 2014, Mr. Atkin was honored with the Aubrey N. Morgan award, the Portland Opera’s highest tribute, given for distinguished and extraordinary support and service to the Organization. Mr. Atkin is a newly elected member of the Syracuse University Law Alumni Association (SULAA) Board of Directors.


William N. La Forte, principal attorney at Trevett Cristo Salzer & Andolina P.C., was selected as Best Lawyers’ 2015 Lawyer of the Year for Real Estate Law in the Rochester, NY area. As Trevett Cristo’s principal commercial real estate attorney, Mr. La Forte specializes in building and construction, financial services, land use and zoning, real estate and retailer real estate. Since the mid-1970’s, Mr. La Forte has concentrated his practice in real estate development and has worked extensively in counseling development projects, including commercial leases and planned unit developments. He also represents and counsels banks and mortgage companies in residential and commercial real estate lending.

1975 Dale L. Carlson has joined the full-time faculty at Quinnipiac University School of Law (North Haven, CT) as director of the law school's intellectual property law concentration. A retired partner at Wiggin & Dana (New Haven, CT), Mr. Carlson is past president and current historian of the New York Intellectual Property Law Association, the largest regional IP law association in the country. Richard W. Cook has been selected for inclusion in The Best Lawyers in America for 2016. He is a partner at the Hancock Estabrook, LLP in Syracuse and concentrates his practice on corporate and banking law.

John G. Duncan, a federal prosecutor in the US District Court /Northern District of New York has retired after a 37 year career. He was previously an Onondaga County Assistant District Attorney. Mr. Duncan tried and won several high profile cases in his career; most notably, three in which a police officer had been killed. He enlisted in the Army before attending law school and from 1969 to 1972, he was assigned to the White House, serving the technical needs of President Nixon. Mr. Duncan is currently an adjunct professor at Syracuse University College of Law. David A. Holstein, a member at Bousquet Holstein PLLC, in Syracuse has been named to the 2015 New York Super Lawyers - Upstate Edition for his work in estate planning & probate. Mr. Holstein’s practice in this area includes estate, retirement, business succession and tax planning, and probate and trust administration for individuals, estates and trusts, familyowned businesses, private foundations and charitable organizations. John Tsunis was elected to the Board of Directors for the International Hotel, Motel, Restaurant Show®. Mr. Tsunis is Chairman and CEO of Long Island Hotels LLC and Chairman and CEO of Gold Coast Bank based on Long Island, NY. He specializes in real estate, land use, commercial transactions and banking law, and is a partner in the law firm, Tsunis Gasaris Lustig & Ring and Kenney, LLP. He also serves as Chairman of the New York State Hospitality & Tourism Association.

ALUMNI SPOTLIGHT | SUSAN HORN L’74 came to Syracuse and the College of Law from her native Brooklyn in 1971 and is still here. “My mother told me I forgot to go home,” Horn laughs. She is the President and CEO of the Frank H. Hiscock Legal Aid Society, which provides free legal assistance to low-income residents of Onondaga County. She has held the post for 25 years, as the organization has grown from an annual budget of less than $1 million in 1990 to over $4 million today, and from a modest staff to today’s 30 attorneys and total staff of 59. Growing up, Horn didn’t think being a lawyer was a possibility. “I got the message girls don’t go to law school,” she remembers. “I thought I might be a teacher. Happily, the sixties came around.” Horn came to the College of Law and was in the first class that had a significant number of women – 20 or so. All of the professors were male with the exception of two adjuncts, Mary Lou Crowley, who taught the course on the Civil Procedure Laws and Rules, and Faith Seidenberg, an attorney and civil rights activist, who taught a class on women and the law. An event that was to shape Horn’s career took place within a few weeks after she began law school. On September 9, 1971, 1,000 inmates of Attica State Prison rebelled and took hostage 42 prison staff. The prisoners demanded improved living conditions and political rights, and amnesty from any reprisal. Days later, the New York State Police, using tear gas and gunfire, took back control of the prison and 29 inmates and 10 hostages were killed. In the aftermath, prisoners were sent to other prisons, including Clinton State Prison in Dannemora, in remote Northern New York. Attorneys defending the prisoners enlisted the aid of law school students. Horn, along with a few fellow classmates, would pile into a car, get on Interstate 81, and drive the 4 ½ hours to Dannemora to interview prisoners. “It was like going to Siberia,” she remembered. It was hard work. But Horn considered it important work. And the experience reinforced her drive to pursue civil rights law. After graduation, Horn started a law firm with fellow College of Law alum Alan Rosenthal L’74 and Joe Heath, focusing on civil rights and criminal defense. She went on to work with another College of Law classmate, Maurie Heins L’74, in an all-women firm – Horn, Heins, Finkelstein and Pezzulo – a partnership that covered all the ethnic bases, Horn laughs. Today, Horn leads a team of attorneys who work with people who could not afford an attorney on their own, and “would have no access to justice,” she says. The wide range of issues, including domestic violence, housing, unemployment and Family Court matters, affect the survival of people and families, she says. “I think I went to law school with the idea of making a difference. I feel we do that here, one client at a time.” Hiscock Legal Aid Society maintains a close relationship with the College of Law, hiring graduates, and providing internship opportunities. The Society also participates in the Pro Bono Scholars Program, which enables students in their third year of law school to take the Bar in February and devote their final semester to providing pro bono service. Horn sees exposure to public interest law as critical, even for those students who do not want to pursue the area. “It makes people aware of the needs of people out there,” she says. “It makes the entire legal community more sensitive to the needs of the poor.”

1976 Mark S. Rattner has been named by Best Lawyers as 2015 “Lawyer of the Year” in Corporate Law for the Newark, New Jersey region. Mr. Rattner is Of Counsel with Riker Danzig Scherer Hyland & Perretti LLP based in Morristown, New Jersey, and head of its Financial Institutions Group. Hon. Anthony A. Scarpino Jr., retired as Westchester County Surrogate Judge in January 2015 after 14 years on the bench. He has joined the law firm of DelBello, Donnellan, Weingarten, Wise & Wiederkehr, LLP in White Plains, NY and will head their newly expanded Estate Practice. Judge Scarpino has had a distinguished career as a jurist. In November 2000, he was elected Westchester County Surrogate and he

was re-elected in 2010 and was the sole judge for estate cases in Westchester County. In addition to his responsibilities as Surrogate, in 2006 he was appointed Supervising Judge of the Matrimonial Part for Westchester County, and in 2010, was appointed Supervising Judge for Article 81 guardianship proceedings and fiduciary matters for the Ninth Judicial District. In 1977 he joined the Federal Bureau of Investigation and became a Special Agent working on a wide range of cases including civil rights violations, corruption of public officials, bank robberies, kidnapping, extortion and foreign counter-intelligence. In 1988, he was elected as Westchester County Court Judge, the youngest County Judge in Westchester history. A year later he was appointed Acting Supreme Court Justice and was assigned to expand the Special

Narcotics Part in the Westchester County Courthouse and later was assigned to preside over the county’s most serious criminal cases. In 1993 Judge Scarpino was elected to the New York State Supreme Court for the Ninth Judicial District and was assigned to handle Civil Parts in Westchester and Rockland and later to the Special Matrimonial Part.


C L A S S N OT E S 1977 Richard Levy Jr., pictured here with Sheldon Goldfarb L’77, attended the dedication of Dineen Hall, the new home of the College of Law, on Sept. 12, 2014. Also seen at the ceremonies were classmates Mitch Sonkin L’77 and Francis "Ric" Rivette L’77. Mr. Levy says: “For those of us who went through the law school so (seemingly) many years ago when its sole facility was E.I. White Hall (shades of Star Wars, "long, long ago in a galaxy far, far away”), I wonder how we would feel if we had experienced something even remotely approaching what the current and future generations of COL students have and will have in Dineen Hall! You just have to see the new law school building­—an amazing facility—to appreciate how great a place it is and will be to study law." Paul Nunes is a partner in the Litigation Practice Group, chair of the Intellectual Property Practice Group and co-chair of the Insurance Defense Group at Underberg & Kessler in Rochester, NY. Francis R. Rivette was honored by Allegheny College May 13, 2014 with the College's prestigious ‘Blue Citation.” The award was presented to him on his 40th year Reunion Weekend to recognize his outstanding volunteer service to the College.

1978 Andrew Lavoott Bluestone has been included in Best Lawyers in America for the third consecutive year. He is a Board Certified Legal Malpractice Attorney in Manhattan and the author of the New York Attorney Malpractice Blog.


1980 Timothy J. Flanagan has been included in the 2014 Irish Legal 100. He is a partner in the Long Island office of Cullen and Dykman LLP, which offers a comprehensive range of legal services through its various offices in New York, New Jersey and Washington, D.C. Mr. Flanagan has extensive trial and appellate experience in both state and federal courts involving commercial and construction claims, professional and products liability, employment discrimination, and insurance coverage. Prior to joining Cullen and Dykman in 1984, Mr. Flanagan specialized in the defense of medical malpractice claims from 1978 through 1982. From 1982 through 1984, he defended the Michelin Tire Company in products liability cases throughout the country. Mr. Flanagan is an active member of the Brooklyn and New York bar associations, as well as the Association of the Bar of the City of New York, where he has served on various committees throughout the years.

Marion Hancock Fish, a partner at the Syracuse, NY-based law firm of Hancock Estabrook, LLP, was named the Chair of the 4,646-member New York State Bar Association Trusts & Estates Section. Ms. Fish focuses her practice on estate planning, transfer-of-wealth tax issues, family business planning and succession, asset preservation, guardianships, not-forprofit matters, and elder law. As Chair of the Section, Ms. Fish will host the Spring Meeting in Kiawah, SC, Fall Meeting at the Turning Stone Resort in Verona, NY, and the January 2016 Annual Meeting, in New York, NY. Under her leadership, the Section will also promote several legislative efforts dealing with an array of issues important to New York State Trusts & Estates practitioners, including estate taxation and powers of attorney issues. Ms. Fish and other leaders of the Section will also work throughout the year to mentor lawyers entering the practice.

Carol Nelson Shepherd, founding partner of Feldman Shepherd Wohlgelernter Tanner Weinstock & Dodig LLP in Philadelphia, PA has been elected President of the Homeless Advocacy Project's Board of Directors. Her term started on Jan. 1, 2015 and she will serve as President for one year. Ms. Shepherd was named as a ‘Best Lawyer’ in the 2016 edition of The Best Lawyers in America®.


1979 Joel J. Reinfeld, a solo practitioner in Englewood Cliffs, N.J. had his article published in the New Jersey Law Journal entitled FROs (Final Retraining Orders) in NJ: Nothing Lasts Forever or does it? 218 N.J.L.J 41 (December 22, 2014)

Laurence S. Bousquet has been selected for inclusion in the 21st Edition of The Best Lawyers in America 2015. He is a member at Bousquet Holstein PLLC is Syracuse and sits on their Board of Managers. Melanie Gray and her husband Mark Wawro were honored April 22, 2015 with the Karen H. Susman Jurisprudence Award by the AntiDefamation League (ADL) of Houston, TX. Ms. Gray is an Executive Committee member of both the College of Law Board of Advisors as well as the Syracuse University Board of Trustees. Peter J. Hersha was elected President of the National Foundation for Judicial Excellence in July 2015. Based in Chicago, IL, NFJE provides education to state court appellate judges from around the United States on cutting edge issues of civil litigation.



Gilbert M. Hoffman has been appointed Co-Chair of the Committee on Title and Transfer of the New York State Bar Association, Real Property Law Section. Mr. Hoffman serves as Of Counsel for Bousquet Holstein PLLC law firm in the areas of transactional real estate, title law, real estate development, financing, leasing, title and boundary disputes, easements and oil and gas leases. He chairs the Onondaga County Bar’s Real Property Law Section and also serves on the Executive Committee of the State Bar’s Real Property Law Section.

Daniel B. Berman has been selected as an Upstate New York Super Lawyer for 2014. Mr. Berman is the Leader of the Litigation Practice at the Syracuse, NY-based law firm of Hancock Estabrook, LLP, which is currently celebrating its 125th Anniversary. He has more than 25 years of experience litigating cases throughout New York. Mr. Berman’s practice is focused on the litigation and resolution of business and professional disputes for clients ranging from global banking institutions to individuals operating local small businesses.

Alan D. MacEwan is the Best Lawyers® 2015 Portland, ME Closely Held Companies and Family Businesses Law "Lawyer of the Year.”

John G. McGowan was named Best Lawyers "Lawyer of the Year" for Litigation – Banking and Finance. Only one lawyer in any practice area in any single city is honored as the "Lawyer of the Year." He is a Member at Bond Schoeneck & King, PLLC in their Syracuse office. Michael Schiavone, Senior Partner and Chair of the Business and Corporate Practice Area Lipsitz Green Scime Cambria in Buffalo, NY has been re-elected to the board of directors of the Fredonia College Foundation. In addition to his current service on the foundation’s board of directors, Mr. Schiavone served on the foundation board from 2004 to 2012 and was chair from 2010 to 2011. In 2013, the Fredonia College Foundation presented Mr. Schiavone with its most prestigious honor, the Distinguished Service Award. This award is presented biennially in recognition of significant contributions made to society by individuals and organizations in business, government, education, and the arts.

Judith LaManna Rivette has written her second novel, Saint Carmella’s Grotto. The story is inspired by true stories collected by the author of intrigue and mystique, of local history and world events. The book’s release date was August 21, 2015 in conjunction with the opening day of the New York State Fair. Ms. Rivette is an attorney, labor arbitrator and marriage officiant. She and her husband reside in Liverpool, NY. Philip V. Martino was selected for inclusion in the 2014 Florida Super Lawyers magazine for his Creditor Debtor Rights work. Carla M. Palumbo has been named to the Board of Directors for the New York Bar Foundation. She is the president and CEO of the Legal Aid Society of Rochester. Ms. Palumbo is a member of the Rochester City Council, and served on Monroe County Legislature for six years. She previously served on The Foundation's Board of Directors and its Strategic Planning Task Force.

Steven R. Shaw has been selected for inclusion in The Best Lawyers in America for 2016. Mr. Shaw is the leader of the Real Estate Practice at Hancock Estabrook LLP in Syracuse and focuses his practice on commercial real estate sales and purchases.

1983 Stewart D. Aaron, a partner at Arnold & Porter and head of its New York office, played the role of Peter Zimroth, senior counsel at Arnold & Porter in an original musical comedy produced and directed by attorneys and judges. The January 2015 production was sponsored by the New York City Bar Association’s Committee of Entertainment, of which Mr. Aaron is a member. The Hon. Denise A. Hartman was nominated in April 2015 by New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo to be a Court of Claims Judge. She was confirmed by the Senate on May 5, 2015 and was immediately assigned to serve as an Acting Supreme Court Justice, New York Supreme Court, Albany County. After graduating from the College of Law, Judge Hartman clerked with the Appellate Division. She then served as an Assistant Solicitor General in the Attorney General's Albany Office for the State of New York for most of her professional career, where she briefed and argued hundreds of cases in the New York and federal appellate courts. Judge Hartman is married to Timothy Kirby, DVM; two of their three sons have begun their careers and one son is still in high school. They reside in Athens, NY. Joseph A. Wielebinski, a shareholder at Munsch Hart in Dallas, TX, was recently recognized by Chambers USA as a notable practitioner within the firm’s Insolvency, Restructuring & Creditors’ Rights practice. Mr. Wielebinski focuses on bankruptcy, creditors' rights and financial restructuring. 53

C L A S S N OT E S ALUMNI SPOTLIGHT | JIM SOUTHWICK L’89 Growing up in Fayetteville, NY Jim Southwick L’89 knew one thing about his career plans. “I was adamant that I was not going to be a lawyer,” he says. Southwick came from a family of lawyers – his grandfather, father and brother, along with some other relatives had pursued law – and he wanted something different for himself. Southwick studied economics at the College of William and Mary, graduating in 1982, and worked in public policy in Washington, DC for a few years. In that work, he saw that an advanced degree would mean more opportunities and a brighter future. That’s when he came to the College of Law. The years working between undergraduate school and law school gave him a maturity he appreciated. “It was a big deal to give up a steady and growing income. Giving that up made me approach law school with greater seriousness than if I’d gone straight through after undergraduate study. I knew I wanted to do very well, not just get through,” he says, which he did – serving as editor-in-chief for the Syracuse Journal of International Law, and graduating magna cum laude. Two classes that he particularly liked were Professor Richard Goldsmith’s Civil Procedure and Professor Gary Kelder’s Criminal Procedure. “I’m not sure why I favored those classes in law school other than the engaging style of the two excellent professors,” Southwick says, “but the importance of procedure to the operation of a fair and just court system has been continually impressed upon me in my practice.” A partner in Susman Godfrey LLP’s Houston office, Southwick practices commercial litigation. The complexity of antitrust law intrigues him. “It is an area of law that is unsettled and continually evolving – the courts are continually considering what is legal competition and what is unfair competition?” A prime example Southwick notes was being co-lead counsel in an international price-fixing case that involved U.S. plaintiffs suing Chinese manufacturers of vitamin C. The Chinese manufacturers, who produce more than 80 percent of the world’s vitamin C used to enrich food and beverages, did not deny fixing prices, which is a violation of antitrust law. Instead, the companies claimed that the Chinese government had made them fix prices. The jury found this was not the case, and the result was a $147 million award for the U.S. plaintiffs. Southwick was recently named plaintiffs’ co-lead counsel in a monopolization case in which the defendant, the media giant News Corp., is arguing that the lack of competition actually benefits customers. Southwick began his legal career at Breed, Abbot and Morgan in New York City, where he practiced commercial litigation. In 1995, he was counsel in a long trial involving a chemical plant in Houston. During the trial, he began dating a Houston lawyer. When the two became engaged, they had to decide where they were going to live and looked for jobs in each other’s cities. Southwick, who was about to be named partner at his firm in New York, said it was hard to think about starting fresh in a new city. But he decided to move, and hasn’t looked back. He and his wife, Solace, also a trial lawyer, have a son and a daughter. “Susman Godfrey is one of the very few truly excellent national litigation firms,” he says. “I wouldn’t want to practice anywhere else.”

1984 Scott A. Barbour has been elected as one of two Managing Principals at McNamee, Lochner, Titus & Williams, P.C. in Albany, NY. They will oversee the firm’s daily operations, finances and strategic initiatives. Mr. Barbour joined the firm in 1984 and has been a principal since 1991. His practice concentrates on civil and commercial litigation as well as alternate dispute resolution.


Alan J. Pierce has been selected for inclusion in The Best Lawyers in America for 2016 and has been selected Best Lawyers’ Insurance Law “Lawyer of the Year” in Syracuse. Mr. Pierce is a partner at Hancock Estabrook LLP and concentrates his practice in the areas of appellate practice, insurance coverage, defamation and civil and commercial litigation.

Clifford J. Risman has been recognized by Chambers USA 2015 in two areas. A partner at Gardere Wynn Sewell LLP, Mr. Risman chairs the firms Hospitality Industry Team which received the honor for being one of the best in the state of Texas and the nation. Mr. Risman also received individual Chambers recognition for his work in Gardere's Real Estate practice group. Mr. Risman was named to the 2015 edition of The Best Lawyers in America.




Karen J. Docter, M.A., M.S., Esq. was appointed in January 2015 by the DeWitt Town Board as its newest town counselor. Ms. Docter was sworn in during a special meeting of the Board by retired Town Judge Jack Schultz. Ms. Docter has been an active member of the Town of DeWitt Police Commission, the DeWitt Democratic Party and the Onondaga County Democratic Committee. Ms. Docter concentrates her practice on representation of children in support, paternity, custody, visitation and divorce proceedings, as well as juvenile delinquency and persons in need of supervision matters, abuse and neglect proceedings and family offense proceedings. She also practices mediation and collaborative law to provide alternatives to the traditional court proceedings for families, and is a Court Evaluator as well as a Guardian ad Litem for persons under disability. She is a frequent speaker on family law issues for the New York State Supreme Court, Appellate Division, Fourth Department’s Attorney for the Child Program; the Onondaga County Bar Association; the New York State Bar Association; the National Business Institute; the Association of Family and Conciliation Courts; and at Syracuse University College of Law, where she has also judged numerous law student competitions.

Marc S. Martin has joined the Washington, D.C. firm of Perkins Coie as a partner and chair of the firm’s Communications practice. He was previously a partner at K&L Gates. Mr. Martin provides counsel on regulatory, compliance and transactional matters to companies, entrepreneurs and investors in the technology, media and telecommunications (TMT) sector. He has significant experience structuring and negotiating agreements in the areas of technology and content licensing, procurement, mobile applications and distribution platforms. Mr. Martin’s regulatory experience includes the representation of clients before the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), Congress, the executive branch and the courts in TMT transactions, spectrum issues and auctions, FCC rulemakings, enforcement cases, privacy matters, commercial disputes and related issues.

Alyssa M. Barreiro of Binghamton, NY was elected vice-president of the 6th Judicial District on the Executive Committee of the New York State Bar Association. Ms. Barreiro is a partner of Levene Gouldin & Thompson. She is the founder and chair of its Health Law Practice Group. A 21-year member of the State Bar, Ms. Barreiro was a member of the House of Delegates from 2007 to 2013. She is a member of the Elder Law and Special Needs, Health Law, and Trusts and Estates Law sections.

Joseph C. Kasouf was named General Counsel and Chief Legal Officer to Counsel Financial. Counsel Financial is the nation’s largest specialty non-bank commercial lender that originates, grants and services senior secured loans to law firms that maintain primarily contingent fee practices. Counsel Financial has its national headquarters in Williamsville, NY with offices in New York, NY and Atlanta, GA.

Joel Thierstein, J.D., Ph.D., was appointed by the Mount St. Joseph University Board of Trustees as interim president effective June 1, 2015. Dr. Thierstein has served as executive vice president and provost at the Mount since August 2014. Previously, he was provost and vice president for academic affairs at Kentucky State University, and the associate provost at Rice University. He also served as the senior advisor and counsel to the undersecretary at the United States Department of Education in Washington, D.C. in 2011. Dr. Thierstein’s significant higher education background includes serving on the faculties at Oregon State, Baylor, Purdue Calumet, and Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville. He holds a law degree, as well as a Ph.D., from Syracuse University.

Donald E. Kelly has been named Managing Partner for the Syracuse office of Tully Rinckney, PLLC. His practice focuses on criminal defense law and has nearly two decades of experience in the legal field. Having run a solo practice before joining Tully Rinckey PLLC in 2012, Mr. Kelly has an in-depth understanding of law practice management. In his new role, Mr. Kelly will be responsible for overseeing the daily operations of the firm’s Syracuse legal team while ensuring successful legal results and unparalleled service for clients. Mr. Kelly, a member of the National Trial Lawyers Association, has represented defendants in simple and complex criminal cases in state and federal court. In addition to his work as an attorney, he adjudicates citizen complaints against the City of Syracuse regarding parking tickets as senior hearing examiner in the Syracuse Parking Violations Bureau and on fall weekends can be found serving as a referee at scholastic football games in Central New York. James R. Levine has recently joined the New York State Power Authority.

Paul W. Reichel was named Best Lawyers 2014 “Lawyer of the Year" for Tax Law. Only one lawyer in any practice area in any single city is honored as the "Lawyer of the Year." He is a Member at Bond Schoeneck & King, PLLC in their Syracuse office.


C L A S S N OT E S 1992


Teresa M. Roney has joined Bousquet Holstein PLLC in Syracuse as Of Counsel in the Real Estate Practice Group. The focus of Ms. Roney’s practice includes complex commercial real estate transactions representing purchasers, sellers, developers, lenders, investors, and commercial landlords, and tenants. Prior to joining Bousquet Holstein, Ms. Roney’s had her own law practice in Skaneateles, NY, serving small to medium-sized business and individual developers on zoning, subdivision matters and purchase, sales and leasing of commercial and residential real estate. She represented the Town of Skaneateles Zoning Board of Appeals and Planning Board until taking office as Town Supervisor on matters relating to variance applications, subdivision and site plan approval applications, interpretation and recommended revisions to local municipal code. She served as Town Supervisor of Skaneateles from 2010 to 2013. Ms. Roney’s has also worked at Bond Schoeneck & King PLLC and Harter Secrest & Emery LLP.

Darren J. Carroll has been promoted to Senior Vice President of Corporate Business Development Eli Lilly and Company effective Jan. 1, 2015. He has been the Vice President of Corporate Business Development since 2010. During his 18-year career at Lilly, Mr. Carroll has helped to lead and/or created new business models for the company, including e-Lilly, InnoCentive, Lilly Ventures, and Lilly Asia Ventures. He was the driver behind the company's Capital Funds Portfolio strategy with several venture capital fund managers, which has thus far led to the creation of 11 new companies—including Artaeus, which Lilly acquired in January 2014—aimed at developing novel molecules to clinical proof of concept. In his new role, Mr. Carroll will be responsible for all strategic corporate transactions including mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, business collaborations, private equity investments, and out-partnering.

Timothy G. Warner was named Chairman of the Litigation Group at Cavitch, Familo & Durkin, Co., LPA, located in Cleveland, Ohio.

John F. Corcoran has been selected for inclusion in The Best Lawyers in America for 2015. Mr. Corcoran is the leader of the Labor & Employment, Educational and Municipal Practices at Hancock Estabrook, LLP in Syracuse. Jonathan M. Dunitz was recognized at the Maine Supreme Judicial Court Katahdin Counsel Recognition event on November 4, 2014 at the Cumberland County Courthouse. Hosted by Chief Justice Leigh I. Saufley and Associate Justice Andrew M. Mead, the occasion served as an opportunity to recognize attorneys who had completed 50 or more hours of pro bono service in the previous year.


Sharon A. McAuliffe has been elected by the members of Bousquet Holstein PLLC to serve on the firm's Board of Managers. Sharon joined the firm in 1993 and is the Chair of the ERISA / Employee Benefits Practice Group. Sharon also provides legal counsel to clients in Trusts and Estates matters. She is a visiting lecturer on Pension and Employee Benefits Law at Syracuse University College of Law. Prior to obtaining her law degree, Ms. McAuliffe was the Director of Employee Benefits for Green & Seifter, Certified Public Accountants, PLLC, providing third party record keeping to employee welfare and retirement plans. David A. Rubenstein has joined the New York office of Cole Schotz, P.C. in the firm’s real estate department. He was previously with Levitt & Boccio, LP.

1994 Cheryl Belkowitz and Harold Belkowitz have opened Belkowitz Law, PLLC in Fairfax, VA. Mr. Belkowitz was previously with Ober, Kaler, Grimes & Shriver in Washington, DC and continues to focus his practice in the areas of business litigation, creditors’ rights law, and employment law. Ms. Belkowitz focuses her practice on education law. In addition, she handles family law, general business, and estate planning issues. Diane Chappell-Daly was honored with the 2014 Michael Maggio Memorial Pro Bono Award by the American Immigration Lawyers Association. The award is named for a renowned Washington D.C. lawyer who died in 2008. Ms. Chappell-Daly is especially active in starting a new immigration clinic with the Volunteer Lawyers Project, which grew out of Onondaga County's bar association.

ALUMNI SPOTLIGHT | JOANNA GERAGHTY L’97 As an undergraduate at College of the Holy Cross, Joanna Geraghty L’97 MAX’97 spent a year studying in Brighton, England. The experience helped shape her career goals. “I really enjoyed being in a different country, living with students from all over the world, and learning about different cultures,” she remembers. “I wanted to develop a larger world view, through the study of international law and experiencing first hand different people from different societies. Even then, I understood that our similarities outweigh our differences, and that understanding and having confidence in the rule of law was essential to bridging those gaps between peoples worldwide.” Today, Geraghty is immersed in helping people bridge those gaps every day--as the Executive Vice President of Customer Experience of JetBlue Airlines, headquartered in New York City. A native of Southbury, Connecticut, Geraghty worked college summers and winter breaks at a law firm. “Law always seemed like an interesting career with a lot of opportunities to solve problems, and ultimately help people,” she says. After receiving her bachelor’s degree in Sociology from Holy Cross, Geraghty enrolled in the dual degree program at Syracuse, obtaining her J.D. and M.S. in International Relations from the Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs. She appreciated the broader outlook the Maxwell coursework provided her. “It enabled me to pull up a bit from reading case studies and rules and get a macro business perspective,” she says. “It complemented my legal studies with a practical perspective.” After graduation, Geraghty worked for Condon and Forsyth, a small Manhattan law firm that represents many foreign airlines, with lawsuits ranging from lost bags to personal injury claims to aircraft accidents. She went on to work for Holland and Knight, a firm with 1,000 lawyers. There she specialized on the defense side in complex litigation ranging from product liability cases to class action consumer protection cases representing airlines and aircraft manufacturers. She developed an expertise in the Warsaw and Montreal Conventions, which regulate liability for international carriage of persons, baggage and cargo and became partner at Holland and Knight in 2005. That same year, Geraghty received an offer from long-time client JetBlue to join their legal department, and manage their litigation and regulatory matters. In 2010, she was promoted to Chief People Officer, responsible for the human resource functions for JetBlue and its 15,000 employees. As CPO and a member of the airline’s Senior Executive Team, Geraghty was responsible for managing the crewmember experience, from interview to retirement. In 2014, Geraghty was named Executive Vice President, Customer Experience. Today, Geraghty continues as a member of the sevenperson Executive Leadership Team, and oversees a team of more than 11,000 Crewmembers. She is responsible for JetBlue’s over 90 airports, their inflight Crewmembers and their Customer Support Crewmembers. Though not currently practicing law, Geraghty draws on her education and training each day. “Being a litigator sets you up to understand how to lead a team,” she says. “It fosters an analytical side to risk, and risk avoidance. Lawyers learn to analyze and solve complex problems. “ The undergrad who dreamed of a job that would take her to faraway places has achieved her goal. “Now I travel more than I ever wanted to,” Geraghty laughs. “But part of being a lawyer is getting clients from Point A to Point B, and in that respect, the job hasn’t changed.”

1994 Joseph S. Goode is the Managing Partner of the Milwaukee office of Pia Anderson Dorius Reynard & Moss (PADRM). Based in Salt Lake City, PADRM has been designated by U.S. News & World Report as a Tier 1 Best Law Firm 2015. Mr. Goode has been recognized by his peers for inclusion in the 21st Edition of The Best Lawyers in America. He was selected for his work in Commercial Litigation and Franchise Law. Best Lawyers further named Mr. Goode Milwaukee's 2015 "Lawyer of the Year" for his work in Franchise Law.

Jonathan Haray has joined DLA Piper’s Litigation practice as a partner in the Washington, DC office. Previously he served as Assistant Chief Litigation Counsel for the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and Deputy Chief of the Fraud and Public Corruption Section at the United States Attorney’s Office in Washington, DC.

Daniel J. Mann has been named one of the Top 100 Super Lawyers of Philadelphia. He is a partner at Feldman Shepherd Wohlgelernter Tanner Weinstock & Dodig, LLP in Philadelphia.

Ricardo M. Luces has joined the Miami, FL office of Roig Lawyers, a minorityowned multi-practice litigation law firm. As a litigator with over 20 years’ experience, Mr. Luces focuses his practice primarily on insurance defense and also has extensive experience in handling Personal Injury Protection and Special Investigations cases. He has served as Managing Attorney for the in-house counsel office of a national insurance company. He also created, developed, and oversaw the PIP department for the in house counsel office of a national insurance company.

1995 Vincent H. Cohen Jr. formerly Acting U.S. Attorney for the District of Columbia recently joined Dechert LLP as a partner specializing in high-stakes litigation. A native Washingtonian, Mr. Cohen has spent his career working in the public sector. While at the U.S. Attorney’s Office he oversaw some of the nation’s most significant prosecutions. 57

C L A S S N OT E S 2000 Roy Gutterman, associate professor and director of the Tully Center for Free Speech at Syracuse University was quoted in a Broadcasting and Cable piece regarding the Supreme Court’s decision on streaming TV service Aereo. Mark A. Kaiman has been selected as a Washington Super Lawyer for 2015. Mr. Kaiman is a partner at Lustick Kaiman & Madrone PLLC in Bellingham, Washington. His practice focuses on federal and state criminal defense, as well as military defense matters and courts-martial. Mr. Kaiman also sits as a regular Judge Pro Tempore in the Whatcom County District Court.

2001 Mary Beth DePasquale has been named Managing Partner for the Buffalo, NY office of Tully Rinckey, PLLC. Her practice focuses on criminal defense. She has experience as both a defender and a prosecutor in the criminal justice system, including time as a member of the Tactical Prosecution Unit at the Erie County District Attorney’s Office and more than five years as principal narcotics counsel for the Erie County District Attorney. In her new role, Ms. DePasquale will be responsible for overseeing the daily operations of the firm’s Buffalo legal team while ensuring successful legal results and unparalleled service for clients. Stephanie S. Hathaway has been certified by the Ohio State Bar Association as a Labor and Employment Law Specialist. She is a Shareholder at Reminger in Cleveland, Ohio where she specializes in D&O and Employment Law.


Ashley D. Hayes, a Litigation Practice partner at Hancock Estabrook, LLP, was recently elected to the membership of the Federation of Defense & Corporate Counsel. The Federation of Defense & Corporate Counsel (FDCC) is composed of recognized leaders in the legal community. To become a member of this prestigious organization, the Board of Directors and the Admissions' Committee of the FDCC recommend those who have "achieved professional distinction and are dedicated to promoting knowledge, fellowship, and the professionalism of its members as they pursue the course of a balanced justice system and represent those in need of a defense in civil lawsuits." Ms. Hayes focuses her practice on complex commercial litigation matters, representing a variety of clients including publicly and privately-held corporations, municipalities, charitable organizations, and other small and large businesses. She serves as local counsel to various major law firms across the country. Ms. Hayes also prosecutes trademark applications in the United States and abroad and has been responsible for overseeing trademark portfolios for corporate clients. Thomas M. Kelty, Jr. and Rhiannon Kelty are proud to announce the birth of their daughter Monica Mary Kelty born on March 26, 2015 weighing 7 lbs. 14 oz. David M. Stewart was recently named CEO at Ancor, Inc., a national Design and Construction company based in Syracuse, NY.

Heather L. Sunser has been promoted to the position of Partner at Hiscock & Barclay, LLP in Syracuse. She is a member of the Real Estate, Financial Institutions & Lending, Real Property Tax & Condemnation, and Telecommunications Practice Areas. She was recently recognized as a 2013-2014 Upstate New York Rising Star for Real Estate by Super Lawyers. Dr. James Tacci has rejoined Hiscock & Barclay as Of Counsel in the Rochester office. Dr. Tacci, a licensed and practicing physician as well as an attorney, is Medical Director, Department of Occupational Medicine at Rochester General Health System. He served as Of Counsel at Hiscock & Barclay from 2004 to 2007. Dr. Tacci is an attorney with the firm’s Health Care & Humans Services Practice Area. Jean Marie Westlake has been elected president of the Onondaga County Bar Association for 2015. Jeffrey D. Winitsky has been promoted to Shareholder in the New Jersey firm of Parker McCay. He concentrates his practice in public finance law and represents clients as bond counsel, disclosure counsel and underwriter’s/purchaser's counsel for the issuance of tax-exempt and taxable municipal debt. Prior to joining Parker McCay in 2005, Mr. Winitsky was an associate with Kutak Rock, LLP in Denver, Colorado. Additionally, he served as a judicial law clerk for the Honorable Frank A. Buczynski, Jr., Presiding Judge for the Superior Court of New Jersey, General Equity, in Toms River, New Jersey.

2002 Lisa A. Christensen has returned to Central New York from Texas and has rejoined Bond Schoeneck & King, PLLC in its Syracuse office as Senior Counsel in the Employee Benefits and Executive Compensation Practice. Patrick M. Kennell has rejoined Kaufman Dolowich & Voluck LLP in New York City in his former capacity of partner. He represents some of the largest global insurers in the U.S. and London, focusing his practice on professional liability, directors & officers, commercial litigation, general liability and financial institutions (FI) matters. He serves as defense counsel to businesses and professionals in civil lawsuits brought in federal and state courts, represents U.S. and London insurers in coverage litigation and provides monitoring and coverage counsel to FI insurers in class action lawsuits. The fallout of the financial crisis has brought Mr. Kennell face to face with a variety of players ranging from those perpetuating Ponzi and other fraudulent schemes, to bankers, hedge fund professionals and others. Brian D. Rich has been commended for his career accomplishments in the July 2014 issue of the Hartford Business Journal’s 40 Under Forty Awards. An annual listing, Mr. Rich was named along a diverse group of Greater Hartford men and women who have excelled in their field in the early stages of their careers, displaying noteworthy potential for the future. Both the application and selection process are thorough and carefully crafted set to a guideline of specific criteria. This year’s 40 Under Forty theme is “connections,” of which Mr. Rich has fostered and cultivated in both the workplace and his community.He is a member of the Banking, Lender Liability and Foreclosure practice group in the Connecticut office at Halloran & Sage LLP.

2003 Rebecca M. Speno was included in the 2014 Upstate New York Super Lawyers Rising Stars list for Real Estate law. Ms. Speno is an attorney with Bond, Schoeneck & King PLLC in Syracuse, NY. She was selected by her peers from among the top up-and-coming lawyers, defined as 40 years of age and younger, or in the practice of law for less than 10 years.

Michael A. Bottar was named to the list of Best Lawyers of 2015. Michael was selected by his peers in the fields of plaintiff's medical malpractice law and plaintiff's personal injury litigation. He is a partner at Bottar & Leone, PLLC in Syracuse. He is also a member of the Board of Advisors and an adjunct professor at the College of Law.

Nathan Wheatley is the Chief Strategy Officer of Provident Trust Group in Las Vegas, NV. He has held several high-level positions, including partner at various law firms and active-duty member of the U.S. Army for five years with a role as an Arabic linguist. He is also an advisor for Venovate Holdings Inc., which matches investors with alternative assets, and a business consultant to other companies. As chief strategy officer, his responsibilities include overseeing strategic operations and planning for the company, with the goal of gaining more revenue. Mr. Wheatley also creates and manages strategic alliances to grow the business.

Ritu Kaur Cooper has joined Hall, Render, Killian, Heath & Lyman as a shareholder practicing in the Firm's health section. In her new role, she will continue to represent health care providers such as hospitals and health systems in litigation, regulatory and compliance matters with a particular focus on fraud and abuse and compliance, as well as internal and government investigations.

Kevin D. Whittaker joins Reed Smith LLP’s San Francisco office as a partner in the firm’s Labor & Employment practice group. His areas of concentration include wrongful termination discrimination, sexual harassment, and retaliation. Mr. Whittaker has successfully defended many employers at trial and in arbitration against claims involving race, gender, and disability discrimination, as well as retaliation and harassment. He represents employers in a variety of industries, including technology, retail, entertainment, transportation, finance, and education.

Mara N. Harvey has become Counsel to the Firm of Lamb & Barnosky, LLP in Melville, NY. She concentrates her practice in the Firm’s Trust and Estates and Education, Labor and Municipal Departments. John T. Osgood, an associate attorney in Armstrong Teasdale’s Denver office was named among the 2015 Colorado Rising Stars in the Business Litigation category for the second year. Karyn Riley is the recipient of the Association of Junior Leagues International’s 2015 Rising Star Award, the highest award for individual members. Ms. Riley was recognized for her work through the Junior League of Baltimore including reinvigorating the Penny Wise Internship Committee, which works with disadvantaged women seeking retail training and experience, and assuming key roles in community impact, fundraising and diversity outreach. A consummate mentor to both local youth polishing their public speaking skills and in assisting women seeking asylum from domestic abuse, she has also served as a board member on organizations focused on the arts, education and youth development, including the Maryland Court Appointed Special Advocates, the Baltimore Museum of Art’s Community Advisory Board for the African Art Gallery, and the Eubie Blake Cultural Center. 59

C L A S S N OT E S ALUMNI SPOTLIGHT | WILBUR KIM L’04 Although Wilbur Kim L’04 grew up loving science, he was not convinced he was cut out for a career in it. A native of Chico, California, Kim took some science courses as an undergraduate at the University of California at Santa Barbara, but when his thoughts turned to pursuing law, he double-majored in Law & Society and Political Science. Today, as Pfizer’s Legal Alliance Director, Kim has found the perfect fit for someone who has a great respect for the law, a fascination with science, and, as he puts it, “a curiosity about how things work.” Kim is based in New York City, the headquarters of Pfizer, one of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies. When he began at Pfizer, he negotiated clinical trial agreements to test new drugs. Now Kim manages the Pfizer Legal Alliance, a collection of law firms that provide counsel to the company. While not directly involved with patients and clinical trials, Kim says his experience in the field, as well as his science background, help him in his work. “You need to understand the whole business,” he says. “It’s made me a more well-rounded professional in the pharmaceutical/biotech industry. When you can say, ‘I understand the scientific component and how it relates to our overall objective,’ it lends you credibility with your internal client and provides you the platform to speak as an authority.” Kim is grateful that he set a goal for himself as a young man. “Ultimately, I wanted to end up in New York City, and as I was considering law schools, there was always a part of me that regretted not going to a school with an elite Division I athletics program.” The College of Law turned out to be the perfect place. At the start of his first year, Kim joined the Technology Commercialization Law Program, where students delve into the law and how it relates to the commercialization of intellectual property. In his third year of law school, Kim served as Professor Ted Hagelin’s graduate assistant. Most of his fellow students in the program had been science majors. “We were a tight-knit group,” Kim remembers. “We would spend hours and hours in the tech transfer room huddled around a big conference table. We would bring our lunches in there to collaborate on projects and I spent more hours in that room than any other place, including my apartment. It felt like a clubhouse.” He has stayed close friends with fellow students from the program, even as they have pursued their careers in different areas across the country. After graduating from the College of Law, Kim worked for the Cardiovascular Research Foundation, where he helped establish clinical trials and went on to work in the Healthcare and Life Sciences division of Christian and Timbers before joining Pfizer in 2008. “I love that our business depends on innovation,” he says. “You cannot be stagnant.” While Pfizer developed successful and widely-used drugs such as Lipitor and Viagra, when exclusivity is lost, and the drugs can be manufactured generically, new compounds must be developed. “Everyone has to think creatively,” he says. “The culture of the company is to really own your role and I’m fortunate enough to be empowered to take thoughtful risks while ensuring we protect Pfizer’s assets and reputation.”

2003 John P. Vacalis has been selected for inclusion in Texas Rising Stars® 2015 by Thomson Reuters for Business Litigation. Mr. Vacalis is a partner in the Austin, TX office of Thompson & Knight LLP.


2004 Michael A. Votto, President & CEO of Votto Vines Importing - dubbed one of America’s Most Promising Companies by Forbes – was nominated for Wine Enthusiast’s Innovator of the Year Wine Star Award in 2014, has landed on the 2015 INC. 500/5000 list (#593) for the second consecutive year posting three-year growth of 778%. Votto Vines, one of the few wine importing companies ever to earn placement on the Inc. 500/5000 list, marks a new milestone by achieving this honor two years in a row.

Kent Kiffner has been named General Counsel at Mission Essential Personnel in New Albany, Ohio. Mission Essential is a leading provider of linguists and intelligence analysts to the United States Department of Defense and other Federal agencies.



Linda Parry, founder and CEO of Product Launchers, has been named one of Westchester County Business Council’s 40 Under 40 Rising Stars. The 40 Under 40 program recognizes individuals in Westchester, NY who surpass expectations, raise the bar and set new standards for success. Product Launchers, a New York-based “Shark Tank alternative,” works with inventors and companies to bring emerging products to market via retail partnerships, trade shows, traditional and digital marketing, social media and public relations. In addition to generating sales, the company serves as a distributor by warehousing/fulfilling orders and leveraging their existing vendor accounts.

Andrew Oppenheimer has joined Hodgson Russ as an associate in the firm’s Buffalo office. Mr. Oppenheimer is a member of Hodgson Russ’s Business Tax, Canada-U.S. CrossBorder, and International Tax Practices and concentrates his practice in federal and international tax law. Prior to joining Hodgson Russ, Mr. Oppenheimer worked in the international tax services group at Ernst & Young in Chicago, where he advised both inbound and outbound clients on mergers and acquisitions, post-merger integrations, legal entity and debt restructurings, as well as other international corporate transactions. Mr. Oppenheimer also previously served as an assistant district attorney in Erie County, New York.

2008 Emilee Lawson Hatch, a member at Bousquet Holstein PLLC in Syracuse has been named as a 2015 Super Lawyer Rising Stars. She focuses on the drafting of simple and complex estate plans, as well as all matters relating to areas within trusts and estates law. Ms. Hatch concentrates her practice on tax planning, Medicaid planning, probate litigation, special needs planning, elder law, employee benefits, not-for-profit organizations, as well as advocacy with regarding to individual, estate, and business tax matters. Paul Dimoh has joined the international law firm of Akin Gump Strauss Hauer & Feld LLP in their Washington, DC office. He handles legal ethics and conflicts compliance matters to support the functions of Akin Gump’s general counsel, including those relating to risk management, business intake and ethics compliance.

2010 Sam A. Davis has joined the Boston law firm of Davis, Malm & D'Agostino, P.C. as an associate in the Business Law Practice Group. Davis represents U.S., Chinese, and Fortune 100 multinational clients in a wide range of U.S and crossborder transactional matters, including: mergers and acquisitions; technology, media and telecommunications (TMT) transactions; private equity & fund formation; and venture capital transactions. In addition to his transactional experience, Mr. Davis has advised investors on regulatory and anti-trust matters concerning their investment strategies in China. Prior to joining Davis Malm, Davis lived in China for four years, where he was most recently a corporate associate in the Shanghai office of Winston & Strawn LLP. Mr. Davis speaks fluent Mandarin and Farsi.

Jon R. Kammerzelt has joined the Madison, WI office of Quarles & Brady LLP as an associate in the Health Law Practice Group. Prior to joining the firm, Mr. Kammerzelt was an attorney at Cohen Compagni Beckman Appler & Knoll, PLLC in Syracuse, NY. His practice includes representing and advising health care providers on state and federal regulatory compliance matters; negotiating and preparing various agreements, such as asset purchase, exclusive provider, and physician recruitment agreements; and representing physician groups on mergers, acquisitions, and joint ventures. Sugam Langer, of Albany, N.Y., ran in the 2014 NYC Marathon, as part of the USTA Foundation. In doing so, she raised money for the 15-LOVE Program, a free program located in Albany that provides a safe, fun and positive learning environment, using tennis as a connector. Ms. Langer was a member of the 15-LOVE Program as a child, and now serves on the Board of Directors. Joshua S. Meredith has been named an adjunct faculty member at the Georgetown University School of Continuing Studies in the Masters of Professional Studies (M.P.S.) in Human Resources Management (HRM) program. He will be teaching Workplace Ethics in the Summer and Fall semesters. Josh reports he's still a proud 'Cuse alum!

Louis Jim joined the New York State Office of the Attorney General as an Assistant Attorney General in the Litigation Bureau in November of 2014.


C L A S S N OT E S ALUMNI SPOTLIGHT | JEFFREY SHAPIRO L’10 & ASHLEY BRICKLES SHAPIRO L’10 For Jeffrey Shapiro L’10 and Ashley Brickles Shapiro L’10, the Law in London summer program was truly a lifechanging experience – and that’s no hyperbole. While they knew each other as classmates before the summer, they began dating in London and they both fell in love with the city and living abroad. Now they are married Londoners. Jeff is a Managed Services Consultant for Kroll Ontrack, specializing in e-discovery in U.K. litigation and cross-border investigations, and Ashley is a Senior Director for FTI Consulting and advises clients on e-discovery issues on a variety of complex civil matters and regulatory investigations. Jeff received a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science from Rutgers University in 2002. He worked in the insurance industry for a few years, mainly involved in bodily injury claims and dealing with arbitrators. The work experience and having to present a case and argue his point “reignited my desire to go to law school,” he says. He came to the College of Law, and in one of his first semester classes, Professor Peter Bell would kid him about his insurance background. At the end of the semester, in a light-hearted award ceremony, Bell called him up as Jeff “You-can’t getno-subrogation” Shapiro. Ashley received a Bachelor’s degree in Government and History from The College of William and Mary. She went on to work for two law firms as a litigation assistant, with the goal of becoming an attorney. “I always enjoyed reading, arguments, and logic. It seemed like a natural fit for me,” she says. In 2008, Jeff and Ashley both participated in the Law in London Externship, an eight-week summer program in which law students take classes and also work with London legal practitioners. “We both thoroughly enjoyed it,” Jeff said. “It was a lot like law school – you get out of it what you put into it.” Both Jeff and Ashley were placed in the Crown Prosecution Service, which is similar to a District Attorney’s office in the U.S. “I really liked the people I worked with,” Ashley said, adding that both she and Jeff were able to spend time at 10 Downing Street – the Prime Minister’s Office – as well as in The House of Lords and The House of Commons. “What I liked best about law school was the professors,” Ashley said. “All of them really cared that the students learned and took something away from their classes.” Jeff appreciates the way law school helped him to think more analytically and present information in a concise way. “The challenge is to solve problems, to work collaboratively and to distill issues to the simplest form,” he says. “It’s very easy to talk about a problem for 40 minutes, but can you distill that down to two minutes? That’s a unique skill the best lawyers have.” Ashley joined LeClairRyan in Richmond, Virginia after graduation, focusing on electronic discovery, or “e-discovery” which is the exchange of electronically-stored information. Jeff went on to consult with several firms, also in Richmond, and during that time was involved with e-discovery work on a multi-billion-dollar international securities case where he managed e-discovery in the U.S., Spain, Belgium and the U.K. Through that case, he learned about the possibility of working in e-discovery for a foreign company and that the dream that he and Ashley had of returning to live in London was within reach. They moved to London in 2013. Though neither are licensed to practice law in England, they find they use their legal training every day in their jobs. They enjoy seeing Professors Christian Day and Aviva Abramovsky when they arrive for Law in London with a new batch of law students. Jeff and Ashley live close to St. Paul’s Cathedral in the City of London and walk together to work every day. “We’re lucky,” Ashley says. “It’s been pretty amazing.”

2010 Shannon T. O'Connor has joined Goldberg Segalla in their Syracuse office. She is an associate in their General Liability, Municipal and Government Liability and Constitutional Law Practice Group. An experienced trial and appellate lawyer, Ms. O’Connor has taken nearly 10 trials to verdict in the Northern District of New York, and has submitted several briefs to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit as well. Before entering private practice, Ms. O’Connor served for several years as Assistant Corporation Counsel for the City of Syracuse, where she represented the city and its officials in a wide variety of litigation and in administrative proceedings. 62 | SYRACUSE LAW

Lawson S. Parker II has joined the Denver, CO office of Husch Blackwell LLP as an associate in their Healthcare, Life Sciences & Education group. Annaleigh E. Porter has opened her own law firm in Syracuse, NY. Ms. Porter was previously an associate of McGraw Law Office where she practiced criminal defense litigation. In addition to advocating for clients in courtrooms across New York State, Ms. Porter’s experience extends to appellate practice and administrative proceedings before the New York State Department of Transportation, the New York State Department of Health and the New York State Unemployment Board.

Gregory D. Speier is a member of the Casualty Department at Marshall Dennehey's Roseland, NJ office. He actively litigates matters throughout New Jersey and New York. Mr. Speier focuses his practice in the area of general liability including premises liability, product liability, construction accidents, dram shop/liquor law liability, automobile accidents, trucking and transportation litigation, and amusement, sports and recreation liability. During his career, he has successfully defended corporate and individual clients in both State and Federal Court. Mr. Speier recently had an article published by his firm entitled, “What Every Supermarket, Department Store, Mall and Retail Store Must Know Regarding Recent Developments in New Jersey’s Mode of Operation Doctrine,” Defense Digest, Vol. 21, No. 2, June 2015.




Benjamin L. Turner has joined Porterfield, Lowenthal, Fettig & Sears, LLC (PLFS), a leading bipartisan government relations firm in Washington, D.C. as Vice President and Counsel. Mr. Turner comes to PLFS after several years as a senior Congressional staffer specializing in financial services. Mr. Turner joins PLFS after serving as Legislative Director to Rep. John Delaney (D-MD) since 2013. In that capacity, he handled the Congressman’s work on the Financial Services Committee, including housing finance reform legislation and efforts to reform the Financial Stability Oversight Council (FSOC). Prior to joining Rep. Delaney’s office, Mr. Turner served as Legislative Counsel for Rep. Jim Himes (D-CT), another member of the Financial Services Committee.

Steven M. Cunningham has joined the Syracuse office of Bond, Schoeneck & King, PLLC He practices in the trust and estate department. Prior to joining Bond, Mr. Cunningham worked at the New York Court of Appeals as a Senior Court Attorney for the Central Legal Research Staff and as a Law Clerk for the Honorable Victoria Graffeo.

Justin F. Burgess, has joined The Wladis Law Firm, P.C. He focuses his practice on commercial banking and technology matters, and he provides a variety of legal support to technology startups. His work includes preparing user agreements, advising on entity organizational matters and assisting with crowdfunding and Kickstarter support. Mr. Burgess’ work also extends into the firm’s commercial financing area, where he works with lenders in connection with commercial financing transactions

2011 Daryl Baginski recently founded, with another former marine partner, Clandestine Reporters Working Group, LLC, in Alexandria, Virginia. They train journalists in criminal procedure and counterintelligence, having designed tradecraft seminars for reporters who handle non-traditional sources, such as whistleblowers, operating at risk of search and seizure, detainment, and arrest domestically and abroad. Their seminars cover cryptography and steganography; surveillance and counter surveillance; map reading; land navigation; interviewing techniques; self-defense; firearms identification and function; urban survival tools; and escape and evasion. Dennison D. Marzocco is a partner at the Law Offices of Peter J. Lamont in Hawthorne, NJ. Daniela C. Weiss has joined the Manhattan office of Goldberg Segalla as an associate in its Workers’ Compensation Practice Group. At the firm, Ms. Weiss’s practice focuses on workers’ compensation defense. Her background includes working as Assistant Corporation Counsel in the Office of the Albany Corporation Counsel, which acts as legal advisor to Albany’s mayor, its Common Council, and to the Officers, Boards, and Commissioners of the city.

2013 Lance K. Brubaker continues to work in Ohio’s booming oil and gas industry conducting land research and negotiating contracts on behalf of Columbia Gas Transmission. A project on which Mr. Brubaker played an instrumental role was published by the Wall Street Journal in 2014. Mallory J. Craig is an Associate in the Public Finance section at Coats Rose in Houston, TX. She provides legal counsel for special purpose districts, with a focus on community development and growth. Her practice is focused on the creation of special purpose districts, statutory and regulatory interpretation, governmental relations, and administration of special districts. Ms. Craig is a member of the Texas Young Lawyers Association and the American Bar Association. Laura J. Krieger is working in Morristown, NJ as an associate at the firm of Finazzo Cossolini O’Leary Meda & Hager, LLC. Her practice is focused on first party property and casualty insurance defense. Shane P. Simon recently joined the law firm of Buchanan Ingersoll & Rooney P.C. He will work in the firm’s Princeton, New Jersey office and focus his practice on professional liability, specifically as it relates to defending medical professionals and long term care facilities in professional malpractice actions.

Katherine T. Danial has joined the law firm of Roetzel & Andress LPA as an Associate in its Chicago, Illinois office. She focuses her practice on business litigation. Riane F. Lafferty has joined Jaeckle Fleischmann & Mugel, LLP as an associate. She concentrates her practice in litigation and labor & employment matters. Anthony M. Osbourne is an associate in the Princeton, NJ office of Hill Wallack LLP, where he is a member of the Banking & Financial Services, Public Finance, and Real Estate practice groups. Prior to joining Hill Wallack LLP, Mr. Osbourne served as a Judicial Intern to the Honorable Analisa Torres, New York State Supreme Court. He also served as a Student Attorney at Syracuse University’s Office of Clinical Legal Education and as a Research Assistant to Robin Paul Malloy, Professor of Real Estate and Land Use.

2015 Stephen Ganetis has joined the Mafrici Law Office in Cicero, NY as an associate. His areas of practice include traffic, estate planning, labor, and tax law.

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October 10, 1969 – December 18, 2014

Our friend and colleague Jeremy A. Blumenthal passed away on Thursday, December 18, 2014. Professor Blumenthal joined the Syracuse University College of Law as an assistant professor in August 2005. He was featured as an outstanding professor in the National Jurist (March 2011) where he is identified as being one of the 23 most entertaining, influential and riveting professors in legal academia. Professor Blumenthal taught and wrote in the areas of property law and law and the social sciences, incorporating empirical research and data into legal issues. His work explored decision-making by judges and juries, paternalism, the reasonable woman standard, victim impact statements, behavioral law and economics, emotions in the legal system, and lay perceptions of crime. Recent publications focused on integrating empirical psychological research into property law; reviewing the field of law and emotions; and speculating about the implications of treating lawsuits as private property. He was also a co-editor of the treatise Modern Scientific Evidence. Professor Blumenthal earned his A.B., A.M., and Ph. D. in Social Psychology from Harvard University. He earned his Juris Doctor and graduated cum laude from the University of Pennsylvania Law School, where he was Editor-in-Chief of the University of Pennsylvania Journal of Constitutional Law and received several writing prizes. While at Syracuse he visited at Cornell Law School and the University of Connecticut School of Law. Before teaching at Syracuse University College of Law, he was a Faculty Fellow at Seton Hall Law School, teaching 1L Property and Law and the Social Sciences.





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