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Audience Profile Habbo Users are on average 15 years old; their mindset is grown up, inquisitive and aspirational. Globally all Hotels combined attract over 10 million monthly unique users who: • • •

Visit the site 12 times per month. Have a session time of 41 minutes. Spend 8 hours per month on Habbo.

Habbo Teens influence purchasing decisions : • • •

60% say they influence what food is purchased at home. 56% have a key decision in where the family goes on holiday. 54% play an active role in choosing their family’s electrical purchases. *

Habbo users enjoy pop music, socialising, sports and fashion. Teenagers on Habbo are idealistic and have firmly got behind worthy causes such as initiatives for: • • •

NSPCC. Curbing Knife Crime. Earth Hour for the WWF and more.

*Source: Habbo Global Youth Survey 2008/9 Research

INTRODUCTION Habbo Hotel is the worlds largest real-time teen community & social game. Habbo attracts a hard to reach community of opinion-forming teens who are interested in meeting like minded people, making friends and love showing how creative they can be. Habbo averages over 10 million unique users globally and features an equal male / female teenage audience. Habbo users are fanatical about the site and have an incredible level of brand loyalty. The high level of engagement amongst our audience can be illustrated by the fact that they spend on average an amazing 8 hours per month on the site and visit Habbo on average 12 times per month. Teenagers in Habbo love to create rooms that express who they are and also use these spaces as places to host virtual social gatherings. Virtual goods are a key social currency that users can purchase, win and trade and are used as a way of showing off their place in the virtual social hierarchy. Come in and see what all the fun is about!

CORE STATISTICS: • Unique Users - 1.8 million • Total Monthly Ad Impressions – 24 million • Top Countries: USA, UK, CA, AU & SG • Male / Female Split; 50/50 • Core Age: 13 – 16 years old – 67%

CREATE YOUR HABBO The very first thing you do is create your own avatar in Habbo and choose a unique user name that reflects your personality! Express yourself, go wild as there are thousands of possible combinations and no two Habbos look the same. Perhaps a blue beard with a rather regal crown? Emo hair teamed with an ontrend plaid shirtsor perhaps 3D glasses paired with a fluorescent spiked mohawk? The possibilities are endless!

CREATE YOUR ROOM Build and design your virtual hangout for you and your friends. Bring out your inner interior decoration skills and design a hangout to host a raucous virtual gathering for you and your friends to mingle. Our teen users design games, quests, mazes and more or just create a place where you can train your own virtual pet! Add to the numerous user-generated night clubs, bars, restaurants, shops and other venues teenagers have created in Habbo! Choose from numerous virtual accessories and furniture (“furni�) in Habbo to create a room that expresses exactly who you are!

COLLECT VIRTUAL ACCESSORIES Show the community your achievements and how successful you are by accumulating a treasure trove of virtual accessories and furniture to deck out your room. There’s a veritable galaxy of different items to collect. From Thrones to Dino Eggs right through to DJ Decks. Track down and see if you can negotiate a good deal for the super rare Jade Dragon Lamp and be the envy of all of your friends! Collect and win virtual badges to show off your achievements, a cause or brand you want to support; tasks and activities you’ve unlocked in the world of Habbo; wear your allegiance with pride to show off to your friends that you’re one of the elite in your achievements in Habbo. Virtual accessories are hot social currency - grab a piece to find out what everyone is talking about.


OUR CLIENTS Habbo is extremely proud to have worked with some of the World’s biggest youth brands across the Globe. We’ve created work for the likes of PlayStation, Paramount, Coty and many more. You can see a few examples of who we have worked with on the opposite page..



Display ad prices start from $6 CPM Standard IAB formats Target by country, age and gender Rich media formats also accepted


Price USD

Leaderboard 728X90


Button 160X110


Skyscraper 160x600


MPU 300x250


Pop Under


In-Game Premium 728x90


HOMEPAGE TAKEOVER PACKAGE  The homepage is the foyer to the Hotel, users go through this page prior to entering the Hotel, re-skin of this page is a high visibility option  Choose from homepage re-skin or homepage re-skin plus all ad placements  Expected weekly unique views: 431,000

Homepage Format:

Price USD

1 week re-skin only

From $1,000*

1 week re-skin with

From $2,400*


* Price varies depending on Geo, please enquire.

Vídeo Incentive Reach users in-world through our new incentivised video option. Users voluntarily click ‘Watch & Earn’ after which an overlay screen is displayed showing the video. Users are then rewarded with a random virtual item. Brand benefits: -Video placement achieves over 90% completion rate -Volunteer user interaction -Eye catching placement -Uninterrupted brand experience -Video player brand re-skin -Upto 750x750 video ad size -Upto 60 seconds of video -Most video formats accepted



Price USD

Video Incentive

Upto 140,000 total monthly views (depends on geo)

$0.06 Cost per view Minimum spend $4,000

BRANDED PUBLIC ROOM The perception of users is that integrated brands in Habbo have been handpicked by the Site Editors and they are therefore hugely receptive to those brands. The best approach by a brand is to create an experience for the user to participate in and explore. When brands add value to the community, it results in the most successful approach as users really connect with the brand and buy into its values. This option allows advertisers to BRAND the most popular public rooms such as the Welcome Lounge, the super cool Swimming Pool or the entertaining Theatredome. This option includes:  Re-branded menu option in the navigation bar Eg. ‘McDonald’s Welcome Lounge’  Background re-skin (non-clickable) of the public room  A clickable 300x250 (Jpeg/GIF)  Re-branded piece of furniture from the catalogue

Branded Public Room Format

Expected Monthly Volume

Price USD $

Branded public room with background re-skin, 300x250 ad ,branded furniture and branded menu option

At least 100.000 Active Unique User Engagements ($0.25 Cost Per Engagement)

$ 25,000

CONTACTS Global Ad Sales Ad Operation

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Habbo COM 2013 Media Pack v4.0...  

Habbo COM 2013 Media Pack v4.0...

Habbo COM 2013 Media Pack v4.0...  

Habbo COM 2013 Media Pack v4.0...

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