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Back to the Wall

It is everyone’s canvas, as street art becomes a new rage in the country



tough But humane! The jawans standing guard at Siachen is not the only thing our armymem do




aashka engaged

Noted TV star Aashka says her hubby to be has made her believe in fairytales

A colourful welcome by the liberated women scavengers of Alwar and Tonk

Justice TS Thakur had thought Sulabh is only about sanitation. He was amazed with the sheer volume and quality of social reform as well tech work Dr Pathak has inspired


Puneet Dubey

FIRsT met Dr Pathak when he came to give me a book. I asked him whether he could do something in my area as well. Because my village is also in the mountains and falls under heavy snowfalls. Many elderly women face problems going to the toilets there as well. I said it would be great if you could do something about it. On this, Dr Pathak told me: “First form a society like I have done. I said it would take a lot of time forming the society and then finally doing something productive. I asked him to do something about it

himself. I am thankful that he went to the village 800 kms away personally. “It’s a struggle just getting there. First the tough mountain roads and secondly, people avoid going to Kashmir because of the insurgency in the area. But Dr Pathak went to my village Ukhral, met the people there and talked to them. He was not there to ask for votes. He opened up two centres there including a computer and sewing centre for girls and constructed several toilets. Today people tell me they themselves constructed toilets after they saw the ease it provided to others. After his visit there everyone has built a toilet in their houses. They now realise the ease it

provides, especially to women. It’s a huge service for humanity and for that I will always be thankful to him. Looking at Dr Pathak’s work, his acceptability, reliability and respect in the society has further increased.” These are words of the Chief Justice of India, Tirath singh Thakur. Visiting

sulabh campus to meet his villagers from Ukhral, Justice Thakur told how sulabh International founder Dr Bindeshwar Pathak contributed in changing the condition and path of his village. Visiting sulabh campus on December 31, 2016, CJI Ts Thakur appreciated ...Continued on Page 2

ProfIle justICe ts thAkur, CjI He will be remembered for long for his milestone judgements


orn on 4th January, 1952 in Jammu, the Chief Justice of India turned 65 (the retiring age) this week. He was appointed as The Chief Justice of India on 3rd December 2015. Enrolled as a pleader in October, 1972, he started his career from the Jammu & Kashmir chamber of his father, late DD Thakur. A litigator at heart, he practiced in a wide range of matters such as Civil, Criminal,

Constitutional, Taxation and Service matters in the High Court of Jammu & Kashmir. He was later appointed as an Additional Judge of the High Court of J&K, transferred as Judge of the High Court of Karnataka in March, 1994, appointed as a permanent Judge in September, 1995 then transferred to Delhi as a High Court Judge in July 2004. He was here appointed as the Acting Chief Justice of Delhi High

Court in April 2008 and took over as Chief Justice of the High Court of Punjab and Haryana by August of the same. He was then finally appointed the Chief Justice of India on 18th November 2015, with effective date in December 2015, succeeding Justice H.l. Dattu. He was sworn in by President Pranab Mukherjee and retired on 4 January 2014 on turning 65 years in age.

02 Cover Story

jANUARY 15, 2017

nIGhtmAre of the tAInteD As the 43rd Chief Justice of India, TS Thakur turns 65, he retired from office on January, 3, 2017 giving the command over to Justice Jagdish Singh Khehar. Let’s look at some of his benchmark decisions which has shaken the firmanent of jurisprudence Ipl SpOT fIXING Justice Thakur spearheaded the Indian Premier league spot fixing and betting case against some cricketers and BCCI officials over the allegations of garbling matches. His judgment in the case was a historic for BCCI’s answerability and transparency.

CJI TS Thakur with Dr Bindeshwar Pathak and his wife Amola Pathak at the campus ...Continued from Page 1

cjI MARvElS AT SUlABH WORk Dr Pathak and sulabh International’s work. He also met people from his village Ukhral and learned about the sanitation and vocational training programme by sulabh International.

flush’ composting toilet model. During his expedition, justice Thakur was amazed and said, I believed sulabh only worked for sanitation and hygiene but I see you work for much more than that. On his arrival justice Thakur also WElcOME cEREMONy participated in the sulabh Prayer and At sulabh campus, Justice Thakur was sulabh Anthem. He also appreciated welcomed through Indian traditions. the sulabh Anthem saying the anthem The melodious sound of conch and in really pleasurable. Mantras invited him to Coming from Jammu’s the red carpet. The entire icy terrains, about 800 campus was decorated from Delhi, Rubina he CjI also met km with colourful flowers. of Ukhral had tears of joy children from in her eyes, and Rajia too sulabh International founder Dr Bindeshwar his own native was thrilled. The reason Pathak and his wife their excitement village, ukhral, behind Amola Pathak welcomed and joy was to meet this him with garlands and at the campus eminent personality shawls. Greeting Justice belonging from their Thakur, Dr Pathak also own village and the presented him with a citation, chance to go around the city with him. Madhubani Painting and a copy of Ram They said they were in Delhi for the Charit Manas. some retired IAs first time. Justice Thakur also had officers, sulabh beneficiaries from similar contented expressions. He was Calcutta and sulabh volunteers all delighted meeting his villagers. He not traditionally welcomed the judge. The only talked to the villagers in their local liberated women scavengers of Alwar language but also invited them all for and Tonk, widows of Vrindavan and tea at his residence Varanasi and the beneficiaries of open defecation free Hirmathla (Haryana) WIDOWS Of vRINDAvAN also greeted the justice. The happy faces and joyful women at the sulabh campus was the evidence of OvERWHElMED jUSTIcE the successful rescue of Vrindavan’s Justice Thakur saw the sulabh swachhta widows as insisted by the supreme Rath, Drinking Water ATM, sulabh Court in 2012. Justice Thakur asked Health Centre, public toilets, biogas them of their well being and the services plants, biogas lamps, kitchen-based sulabh was providing them. Watching biogas, biogas generators, effluent the widows joyful justice said, “It treatment plant, sulabh Public school, delights me watching them smile and industrial training center, sulabh listening their ‘Radhe Radhe’. You all sanitary production unit, sulabh slum are happy and are being taken care of, Welfare Unit, sulabh International this is a huge achievement. Taking your Museum of Toilets and various toilet responsibility, Dr Pathak has set an models including sulabh ‘two-pit pour- example for the rest of us.”


RM lODHA cOMMITTEE Justice TS Thakur was in the two-judge bench that signed off on the implementation of lodha Committee’s recommendations. The bench that took the decisions over most lodha committee’s proposals also comprised of Justice Ibrahim Kalifulla. This bench forever changed the system of cricket administration in India. His bench also sacked BCCI President Anurag Thakur and secretary Ajay Shirke for not implementing the SC order. SARADHA cHIT fUND ScAM The Sharada chit fund scam was a major scandal by the Saradha Group involving big shot politicians. It was the result of a collapsed Ponzi scheme. Justice TS Thakur-led Supreme Court bench ordered a CBI probe in the case and all other ponzi schemes in the country. The bench’s decision was the first of its kind giving a jail sentence. NRHM ScAM Natioanl Rural Health Mission (NRHM) scam is a corruption scandal with politicians allegedly siphoning large amounts of money from centre’s rural health fund and multiple linked murders in uP. A bench comprising TS Thakur and R Banumathi heard the case. GANGA clEANING In hearing of the 1984 Ganga cleaning PIl, Justice TS Thakur expressed his disappointment over the government’s course in cleaning Hindus’ holy River Ganga. He slammed the government for their poor performance and ordered to pick up the pace.

Dr Pathak shows the CJI a bottle of sewage water purified using the Sulabh technology

jANUARY 15, 2017

Cover Story


“HonoureD bY tHe cJi”

“Dr pathak has done something no one in any country of the world has done”

sPeeCh By Dr PAthAk


knew of a movement like sulabh that is rising across the country is the result of his perseverance. sulabh toilets have been constructed in different parts of the country. The work they have done, it is something one cannot ignore. The government was supposed to take these actions as sanitation and hygiene are their responsibilities. But since the government did not, Dr Pathak took this responsibility to himself. He started this work since 1968. The government’s ongoing swachh Bharat Abhiyan was in fact initiated by Dr Pathak back in 1968, and it has affected not thousands but millions of lives so far. I was informed that as of this date sulabh has over 60 thousand volunteers across the country. People only join sPeeCh something in such a large numbers when it reaches By justICe their heart. ts thAkur Because I know, I have advocated for 22 years and have been a judge for 23. I have spent 45 years of my life litigating. I know even the smallest organisations have quarrels doing whatever insignificant work they do. They spend a lot of time in courts, fight over positions and power,” ‘make me the president, make me the secretary, appoint me, sack him’, and so forth. These problems resurface in every organisation every now and then because people are there for self serving reasons. But the shocking t hing is, I’ve never heard anything like this in sulabh, a 60 thousand volunteer base organisation that serves millions of people. People in this organisation are honest and only are here to help. Today when I came here, I met a lot of people, eminent personalities, retired senior and Is officers. People who have done enough along with the government and themselves. Experienced people are here in this movement, working honestly with the passion to change the country. To do something good. This anthem of yours, ‘saaf Raho aur sukhi Raho’ is rather happening.

avoid going to Kashmir because of the insurgency in the area. But Dr Pathak went to my village Ukhral, met the people there and talked to them. He was not there to ask for votes or contest in the elections. He opened up 2 centers there. A computer and sewing center for girls and constructed several toilets. Today people tell me they constructed toilets after they saw the ease it provided to others. But the movement that started after his visit there had everyone build a toilet in their houses. They now realise the ease it provides, especially to women. It’s a huge service for humanity and for that I will always be thankful to him. Looking at Dr Pathak’s work, his acceptability, reliability and respect in the society has further increased. But the supreme Court asked Dr Pathak and sulabh to help the widows of Vrindavan, something no one else is going to do. It would be great if you can help these helpless widows. Dr Pathak took care of them and so many of those mothers and sisters have joined us today. I feel rejoiced watching them happy and listening to their ‘Radhe Radhe’. You are happy all of you are being taken care of. There are centers for their well being in not only Vrindavan but Varanasi and Uttarakhand as well. I believe if a person is out to serve humanity they get support somewhere or another. Nobody doubts Dr Pathak’s honesty and diligence. so no one has a problem joining his crusade. In today’s world when you can blame anyone for anything it’s a big achievement. People are making allegation in court every day, corruption, crime, scams.

All-ROUND ApplAUSE But in sulabh, everyone applauds him (Dr Pathak). It’s a big thing. Everyone is working for themselves, their property, asset, work to support their kid become an officer, minister or NOT jUST SANITATION I believed sulabh only worked for the sanitation and hygiene. judge. But for someone to spend their entire lifetime working But I realised it today after coming here that it does much for others? There is nothing wiser. I believe Mahatma more than that. Like this great English medium school they Gandhi’s dream of clean India, bringing up the lower sections are running that provides free education and vocational of the society, the scavengers, to the limelight, giving them training to children. The kids are learning stenography, girls the respect they deserve, support them and have them share are learning stitching and other trends. The school is preparing a meal with the ‘Brahmins’, what can be more virtuous. Dr them to be self-reliant in the future. I first met Dr Pathak Pathak has done something no one in any country of the when he came to give me a book. I asked him whether he world has done. I feel happy coming here today. I wish Dr could do something in my area as well. Because my village is Pathak lives a long and healthy life and keep up the good work also in the mountains and falls under heavy snowfalls. Many he is doing. I also congratulate the people working with Dr Pathak. They chose the right place to spend elderly women face problems going to the toilets their time and effort. Asses, property cannot there as well. I said it would be great if you could give the pleasure it gives our souls. I believe do something about it. On this, Dr Pathak said realise now the way Dr Pathak won you hearts over, all of form a society first like I have done. I said it that sulabh your blessings are with him. What better can would take a lot of time forming the society and then finally doing something productive. I asked does much more be said. It’s a huge service to help the powerless and helpless, carve their way and him to do something about it himself. I am than just give them a chance to live. For this I want to thankful he went to the village 800 kms away himself. It’s a struggle just getting there. First the sanitation work congratulate Dr Pathak and thank him for inviting me here. Thank you and Jai Hind. tough mountain roads and secondly, people



ULABH International founder, social reformer and philanthrop Dr Bindeshwar Pathak welcomes and thanks Ts Thakur, who visited the sulabh Campus just four days ahead of his retirement. I welcome the Chief Justice of India, Justice Tirath singh Thakur. It’s an honor to have you here at our request. I started my work in srinagar during his father’s ministry. His father had great affection for me and I am lucky to have yours as well. The sacrifice I have made in my 48 years of sulabh service is for the people. Majority of households in India did not have toilets. We worked for them. We helped the widows of Vrindavan on supreme Court’s initiative. We worked hard for them, they wanted to die but now they want to live. We also educated the scavenger girls of Tonk, Rajasthan made them self reliable and turned them into Brahmins. Hindu can become Muslim, Muslim a Hindu, Hindu a sikh or Christian then why can’t these girls turn into Brahmins. We made them Brahmin on this ideology. Recently Amit shah came here, he said ‘I’ve never seen a Dalit become a Brahmin but you’ve done it’. It’s an honour for us to have your affection. We have done some work in Jammu and we are also working for education and employment in Kashmir. If the youth there are employed the problem of insurgency will automatically fade away. The results of our experiment in Ukhral are promising. People are earning up to Rs 5,000 to Rs 12,000 every month. I am grateful to Justice Thakur for taking time out from his busy schedule. Thank you.

04 Gender

jANUARY 15, 2017

GB ROAD kat-katha

women, After all! Caged! They are abducted, or sold by their own relatives, their mothers and husbands, and brought to GB Road, and this is how they live. But Kat-Katha is changing all that Hardware sells on the ground floor, but on the rest, men buy women’s bodies, secretly, treating them sans respect, as mere joy-toys


Sfoorti Mishra

s soon as I was assigned to write about GB Road, I thought it would be like any other assignment that requires a bit of research and some internet browsing. But the moment my editor told me that I was to visit that place personally, a lump came up in my throat. An unknown fear gripped me. It was not because GB road is one of the largest hardware markets in Asia, which is a fact, but because it is notorious for being the largest red light district in Delhi, a home to 4,000 sex workers and their 1,500 children. The place has around 100 brothels. The night before the visit was a sleepless one for me, full of

apprehensions. What will I do one of them about the school, running tomorrow, how I would talk to them, at fourth floor and they were quick in what about my safety, and why a woman giving me directions, “Oh, that’s the like me shall go to that area in the first school run by Geetanjali, the girl with place? Such benumbing questions green eyes?” I nodded my head in affirmation. I climbed those steep trampled upon my [eace of mind. Next day when I got off the metro at stairs, dark and narrow. I was scared. New Delhi metro station and asked a There I met Geetanjali Babbar, the rickshaw-wala to take me to the address founder of Kat-Katha, an NGO, devoted mentioned on a piece of paper I had to sex workers for bringing new light in their faded lives. with me, was suitably It was a big room where perplexed about why I I attended the ‘sharing wuld want to go there. hen I entered circle’ session. A wall Eventually he agreed to Gali Goshian, with graffiti drew my drop me there, as he attention. It was filled realised I was new to that men milling with remarks, which area. As I entered into around were seemed like an outlet for the narrow lane of Gali Goshian, people gaped at simply agape brimming emotions. It read, ‘I can talk now, me in surprise. I asked


earlier it was impossible;’ or ‘I love reading and painting’, ‘I can cry now’ and so on. For the sharing circle, there were a few sex workers, now working as cooks in the ‘Maitri’ Kitchen, a Kat-Katha initiative to provide these women an alternative career option. To my wonder, these women were speaking in English, although a little wobbly, but they were confident. They excitedly shared their plans to visit Bhopal next month to participate in an ‘Entrepreneurship Skill Development Programme.’ “Earlier I used to go out once a month and sometimes once in a year but due to their efforts, we go out every day for delivering the dabba (tiffin). I feel respectful now,” said 29 year old Neetu, who was brought to GB Road when she was just 13. Sangeeta, who had a similar story, said, “I asked Geetanjali didi to teach us to make something beautiful. I thought that I could never make anything beautiful; I was into this ugly profession. But she taught me the art of jewellery making.” Ritumoni Das, co-founder of Kat-Katha, shared a story about how their children also conduct ‘sharing circle’ sessions if they want to express themselves. Earlier, they were shy and scared. But, efforts made by these two ladies have enabled them to take charge of their lives in their little hands. “A few children, studying in a residential school decided to disclose their background to their favorite teacher. They were very fond of her and were not able to hide it any more. They conducted a sharing circle with her and revealed the truth. The teacher broke into tears and embraced them. She said it would not stop her from loving them,” Ritumoni reminisces. We proceeded towards the brothel

jANUARY 15, 2017



interview Geetanjali Babbar & Ritumoni Das

BEING HUMANE IN GB ROAD At the age of 26, when most girls are in the process of choosing their careers or dating their prince charming or even getting married, two young women were on a road least travelled. Geetanjali Babbar and Ritumoni Das, founders of Kat-Katha, an NGO, are committed to improve the lives of sex-workers and their children. Here are the excerpts of a candid conversation. How did the idea of Kat-Katha click? Geetanjali: While I was working for NACO in 2011, I used to come to GB Road. Asking personal questions to sex workers regarding contraceptives, family planning, etc., was very awkward. There was a trust deficit between me and these women because we did not know each other. In one of the visits, one of them asked me a very personal question. I was a bit hesitant in answering her when she prompted, “When you cannot answer this personal question then why shall we tell you about our personal lives?” That was the moment when I decided that I wanted to do something for these women. My visits to GB Road became more frequent, but this time with books as one of them requested me to teach her. Gradually I developed a special bonding of love and trust with them. I received great support from volunteers. We initiated skill development programmes now. The women, wearing gaudy makeup, were sitting at the thresholds of the brothels. Two volunteers of Kat-Katha accompanied me. They stopped near every staircase and gave a tight hug to all the sex workers. I was thrilled to see these young girls sharing the warmth of friendship. Finally, I went inside one of the brothels, the most crowded one. There were eight women living in that match-box sized room. Tokens were

for them like sewing, embroidery, annually, especially on 15 August, is our tailoring. Initially, it was for women but most important agenda. They don’t get later their children also joined in. even a single holiday. Why did you choose GB Road children? What is your opinion about legitimising Geetanjali: It was my inner calling. And sex workers? Do you see it as a way to moreover, this community has been the minimise trafficking? most marginalised. That’s why I decided Ritu: No it’s the other way round. The to work for them. Now this place has numbers of abducted children will become an inseparable part of our lives. rather be on the rise because the brothel How does it feel to achieve success at owners will easily dodge the law. such a young age? Moreover, we already have strict laws Geetanjali: There are almost 3 million in place against child trafficking but do sex workers. Therefore I they work? will literally be successful What is the attitude when the sex workers are of government and accepted by the society and community members e tried to keep towards the sex the blot of this profession is not passed on to their this under wraps workers? children. Otherwise, I Ritu: The government but pictures were has cooperated on don’t think I have attained success. many occasions, all over social How are you planning to especially police. media influence government They help us getting agencies and policy complaints registered, makers? which was not easy Ritu: When we started it was really before our intervention. Of course, the difficult for us to take government community members do not treat them agencies into confidence. They even fairly. Children of sex workers go to asked with their eyebrows raised schools and are teased by other children. if such areas and people exist. The A traffic signal divides this area into two biggest achievement for us was to get absolutely different societies that has G their voter ID cards made. Now they B Road on one side and ‘civil society’ have all documents like Aadhaar card, on the other. It’s all about the attitude. PAN card, etc. Getting them a day off That’s what we want to change.


distributed to the clients and women were leaving with them one by one. I was amused by the hypocrisy of so called civil society. Males from all walks of life were coming to GB Road for spending some intimate moments with these women that evening. But the very same people do not even consider them as humans but just as sex objects in broad day light. Those women, who were left in the

room, kept talking to me. They talked about politics, children, post natal problems that women face, etc. They showed me pictures of their children on their phones. One of them said she was okay with the currency ban as it would curb black money and corruption. The other said how bad dowry deaths are. “There is no trend of dowry in our state,” said Anju who belonged to Assam. Amidst the conversation, I

What stops the police from taking actions against the brothel owners? Ritu: Police do take action. In fact, they are shutting down a lot of brothels but women’s rehabilitation is a big challenge. When these women are caught by the police, the owners force them to say that they are doing it by choice. Owners just manage to find loop-hole in the law. What is the vision of Kat-Katha? What about other brothels? How do you manage funds? Ritu: Its vision is to put an end sex trade. We are aware of other brothels also. Our volunteers work in an area like Majnu Ka Teela, Shastri Park, even in Sonagachi. It is difficult to manage funds and resources that is why we focus on one area at one time. Do you still face challenges? Geetanjali: We do. We rescued two girls, 13 and 14 years old from Gwalior, who were sold by their own mother. We had just boarded the train to Delhi when we started getting threat calls. We tried to keep the incident under wraps but pictures of the girls were doing the rounds on social media. Hiding such incidents is a challenge. besides, getting their children into the hostels. The government will have to understand that they are special children too. They develop various complexes. asked about their husbands. “My husband himself brought me here. He married another woman,” said one of them. I realised that for them, family meant only mother and children and no husband, while it was almost impossible for me to talk about just my children. By the time left, I realised, these are just like any of us: women. They need love, respect and above all, to be recognised as human beings.

06 Youth Story s ’ a i Ind

jANUARY 15, 2017


New-Age Arjunas

On National Youth Day, January 12, we look at the trend of many young people quitting their plush jobs to work at the grassroots contributing to India’s inclusive growth story


Robin Keshaw

t’s hard not to miss Delhi’s Azadpur Sabzi Mandi as you drive down towards Jahangirpuri from Kashmere Gate. The stench of rotting fruit, vegetables and stacked up garbage hits you well before you see the long double storey structure. It’s even harder to imagine a school, that too a primary school, functioning amid this noise, chaos and the ever present stench. During a recent visit, one could not but admire the spirit of 5th graders doing their lessons even as life surged around them. The students were discussing the “Importance of challenges in our life”. The atmosphere was upbeat and optimistic, quite unlike the usual government school classroom. Students were focused, unfazed by the continuous hubbub from the mandi. Manisha, 11, raised her hand to speak. “Bhaiya, challenges are an integral part of our lives. On TV, they show those heart rate monitors in the hospitals. Ups and downs of the graph mean that the person is alive. Only if one has faced the downs, the challenges in life, will there be ups in life. If there are no challenges, it will be a flat line, which is like being

dead.” She spoke in her broken English. fellows not only teach during school There’s a loud round of applause from hours, they also engage with their the students and a proud smile on the students’ communities at multiple face of their teacher, Saurabh “Bhaiya”. levels, like setting up learning centres, Saurabh is a computer science graduate forming women’s SHGs, etc. from BITS, Pilani. He was like any other software engineer until a Sunday visit to The rural touch an orphanage changed his life. After There are more than 2,500 young teaching the children for about an hour, individuals like Saurabh who, over the Lakshmi, 9, told him how she wished course of seven years of the Teach For India fellowship, have she had a teacher like impacted more than 40,000 him and she would miss students f ro m him forever. Out of her ore than disadvantaged families. collection of three soft While Saurabh is focused toys, she gave him one 2,500 youth on the urban poor, Swati as a token of have trained from Jadavpur University remembrance. “I stood frozen there,” Saurabh with Teach for is hoping to do her bit in rural India. She joined the recalls, “wondering India fellowship Gandhi Fellowship where how society in its quest she is helping to improve of material pleasures and upgrade five rural has wronged these beautiful beings. She had every right to schools in Churu district of Rajasthan. “Most of my schooling was done in a a good education, but we have attached village,” she said, “I could easily observe a price tag to it.” After much deliberation and that lack of quality education has kept introspection, Saurabh quit his job and the rural youth completely away from joined Teach For India’s (TFI) two year India’s growth story. They either end up fellowship programme, where fellows working in farms or migrate to cities for are placed in a government school or menial jobs. Gandhiji used to say that low income private school across seven the future of India lies in its villages. cities. It’s a full time job where the Seeing the condition of villages, that


future looks bleak,” she says. But that was then. She’s more positive now after joining the fellowship and taking up the responsibility of helping school principals transform village schools by creating a “model school”. She will be in charge of these schools for two years and will be able to impact more than 1,000 children. The fellowship has a well-designed curriculum spread over two years, which along with bringing change in schools and communities, also helps the individuals in developing their core competencies. The likes of Saurabh and Swati point to a trend among young Indians. Not all are content settling into their often mundane (although financially rewarding) 9 to 5 jobs. They have moved beyond the physiological and safety needs in Maslow’s Hierarchy and treading upwards. They appear more in control of themselves, know what they want and have a better understanding of the world around them. For many, development, equality, compassion are not just flowery words, but essential elements of societal transformation. They undergo leadership programmes that help them explore the potential leader in them.

jANUARY 15, 2017

Happy children in a TFI classroom (top right); Prof. Anil Gupta takes people on his Shodh Yatra (top left); and a Gandhi Fellow teaching in a village (left)

Sociologist Meera Srinivasan says, “These programmes present a raw and unpretentious picture of the real India, which creates a whirlpool of questions in their mind and the zeal and optimism to find solutions to existing problems. This optimism is then channeled towards their personal growth and transformation, through support structures focusing on their selfawareness, pursuit of excellence and capacity building.” Social pressures But opting for the unconventional is never easy. When Akash Belsare decided to leave his job at Barclays Bank in Pune to pursue the Prime Minister’s Rural Development Fellowship (in which he would assist the Collector of a naxalaffected district in development work over a three year period), his father threatened to break all ties with him. His family even took him to an astrologer to check if there was anything negative in his horoscope that could be corrected with suitable prayers (after all, who could be stupid enough to leave Barclays Bank!). Akash was obdurate and looking back he says, “That ‘stupid’ decision has turned out to be the very best in my life.

rural India. I came here with lots of biases and apprehensions. While working with these beautiful human beings, I have realised that our prejudices are a result of our own inner demons, which we fail to understand. The vibrancy of life I have seen here has helped me accept my own fallacies. I have started taking every single day as a challenge and I wake up every morning to transform myself.”

Short term journeys Months into their work has helped I spent three years in Dantewada and I many young ones like Akash and Anjali have enjoyed every moment learning to accept their realities. Complementing about myself, my society and my these long duration programmes, there country. Of course, I had to spend are many other short term programmes countless nights without electricity that focus on building awareness among amongst swarms of mosquitoes. I have the youth. The Jagriti Yatra takes 450 this constant fear of Maoist attack, young yatris on a train journey covering whenever I visit villages in the heartland 15 cities and 8,000 km. The yatris get to of Maoist territory. But none of it has interact with activists, entrepreneurs deterred me from earning a piece of the and ‘change-makers’ across the country. The Shodh Yatra dawn which is about to conducted by Dr Anil come in India”. Gupta from IIM, For Anjali, an ocial sector Ahmedabad walks electronics and through communications engineer jobs today are participants rural India, exploring from Delhi Technological comfortable, not innovations by village University, the journey from Delhi’s highrises to just the jhola- folk. In fact, it was after one such ‘walk’ that Ravi Siwan’s green fields has kurta ones Gulati began to question been an overwhelming the inequalities of the one. She is currently an system and led him to India fellow, where she is undergoing ‘a 13-month experiential set up Manzil that teaches Delhi’s social leadership programme that lets underprivileged children in the you work with organisations involved in upmarket Khan Market area. Youth Alliance runs programmes like understanding and managing social issues at the grassroots.’ She is assisting Gramya Manthan, ONUS, which targets Parivartan, an NGO based at to nurture young bloods through the Narendrapur village of Ziradei block immersion programmes and help them develop empathetic leadership skills. Its (birthplace of Dr Rajendra Prasad). She narrates, “A city dweller like me founder, Prakhar Bhartiya, has an had a completely different picture of interesting take.


Youth Story


“One perception that people have about social sector is that you don’t get money here. People still believe that it is a kurta-jhola kind of space and people don’t earn money. But the times have changed and so has the development space. Today we get good salaries and people lead a comfortable life. It is not exactly comparable to corporate but times are changing, it will improve rather it has to improve,” he stressses. This is a strong divergence from existing mindset of society, which sees social work as just charity.“It is not just charity which drives these young bloods. They see a reason for their existence in the work they do,” Arvind Vijay, professor at Delhi University explains. He has mentored many of his students who have joined social sector. “Gratification is indeed a great push but it is not the only thing which drives them. They see a growth potential in the challenging work they do. Growing research in the field of leadership development will tell you, how emotional intelligence is behind the making of successful leaders. Working in social sector gives you more opportunities to work on your emotional intelligence than anywhere else.” These are our new Arjunas, who chose Karma above anything else. The demographic dividend which India needs to harness in coming years will depend a lot on the participation of youth in societal building. The change they envision for the society will yield results in the long run, not only in terms of impact of their work but also in changing the mind-set of Indian society. The dream of an egalitarian society doesn’t seem too far-fetched. Till then, these Arjunas will keep doing their work, without being too much driven by the outcome.

08 Good News

jANUARY 15, 2017

news in brief


news in brief


SHELTER FOR ATTENDENTS Patients will hugely benefit from this facility in this centrally located iconic New Delhi hospital

Pondicherry Loans


hief Minister V Narayanasamy distributed loans worth Rs 1.5 crore each to women and differently-abled people in the union territory, to enable them to launch self-employment projects and petty businesses. In an official release, Narayanasamy said the loans were given under a scheme of the Puducherry government-owned Corporation for Women and Differentlyabled Persons covering 156 persons during the fiscal year 2016-2017. Welfare Minister M Kandasamy, PWD Minister A Namassivayam, legislators and officials of the Corporation were among those present.

Rajasthan SHGs

India Abroad News Service


iming to provide a shelter to the waiting family members of under treatment patients at the overcrowded Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital, the Health Minister JP Nadda has inaugurated a 35-room dharamshala at the hospital premises. “The dharamshala can accommodate a total of 88 people. The top floor is earmarked for female attendants of the patients while male family members

can stay in the rest. The ground, first and second floors will be allotted to them. There is internal communication facility by telephone on each floor of the building,” said a statement from RML hospital. According to the authorities, the allotment will be as per standard operating procedures and shall be totally free of charge. Nadda said that the services at the complex should be regularly inspected and monitored. “We erect the hardware but do not pay much attention to the software. The hospital should look at ways and means of making the facilities at the complex self-sustaining,” said Nadda. The health minister stated that the facility should ensure proper sanitation and directed the officials to personally monitor this aspect of the functioning. The hospital administration also said that the relatives can make calls within Delhi, free of cost. Caretakers, sanitation and security arrangements are being provided 24x7 in the hospital. This building is also connected to the public transport system.



ight sweeping in 16 identified market places and roads will be taken up on a “trial” basis to ensure proper sanitation. Pravesh Wahi, the chairman of the North Delhi Municipal Corporation’s Standing Committee said, huge crowd in morning hours makes sweeping and garbage collection difficult in the daytime. He said that night sweeping will commence from January 1, 2017. The 16 identified areas include Jama Masjid, Gaffar Market, Chandni Chowk, Rohini, Ajmal Khan Road, Kamla Market, Model Town II, RG Complex (Prasant Vihar), Main Bazaar (Paharganj), Sadar Bazar, Alipur and Narela, Wahi said. The departments concerned and officials in the zones have been directed to ensure effective implementation of the initiative, he added. (PTI)

environment smart villages


n a women’s empowerment programme, the Rajasthan government has constituted 147 self-help groups (SHGs) providing them with Rs 52.80 lakh of commercial loan while promising further special markets to empower women. Minister of State (independent charge) for Women and Child Development Anita Bhadel said the aanganwadis, a government sponsored child-care and mother-care centres, in Rajasthan are being empowered. During a review meeting, she said from January 6 to 10, the department is holding Amrita Haat with the help of SHGs for empowerment of women and skill development. Through the haat (weekly market), women will be encouraged for cashless and online transactions and other schemes of the department, which will be publicised. She said in the year 2016-17, 147 SHGs have been constituted and commercial loan of Rs 52.80 lakh have been provided to them. Bhadel said basic computer course training is being provided to women free of cost to bring women in main stream.


Madhya Pradesh ministry is planning to develop 1,100 climate smart villages in the state


Manas Mittal


adhya Pradesh has embarked on an ambitious plan to develop 1,100 ‘climate-smart’ villages with an aim to prepare farmers to manage the climate change risks timely and ensure good productivity. “The government has been planning to develop 1,100 villages as climate-smart villages in a period of next six years,” said state Farmer Welfare & Agriculture Development Department Principal Secretary Dr Rajesh Rajora. He said 100 villages in each of the 11 agro-climatic zones of the state would be taken up under the plan, which would incur a cost about Rs 150 crore every year. “The work is being taken up under the National Agriculture Development Programme (NADP) and Indian National Mission on

HDFC Digi-camps

Sustainable Agriculture,” he said. Farmers would be encouraged to go for short duration variety of crops, in addition to using drought-resistance seeds. “The focus would be on integrated agriculture, which comprises animal husbandry, fisheries, in addition to traditional farming. Agro-forestry would also be adopted in these villages,” Dr Rajesh Rajora said.

DFC Bank will organise Digital Literacy camps in 100 different colleges in Odisha as part of its initiative to educate more than 15,000 college students on the benefits of going cashless by conducting transactions through digital mode. During the drive, HDFC Bank officials will demonstrate through a presentation, the various transactions that can be easily, quickly, and safely conducted through NetBanking, Mobile Banking, USSD, PoS, and apps such as HDFC Bank’s Mobile app, UPI, and PayZapp, said Debashis Senapati, Zonal Head - Odisha, HDFC Bank in a statement today. HDFC Bank has a suite of products to help customers #GoDigital. Customers can use PayZapp, Mobile Banking app, NetBanking, Missed Call Mobile Recharge, and Phone Banking, among others. This is in addition to the Bank’s ‘Missed Call Mobile Recharge’ offering, which allows customers to recharge mobile by giving just a missed call.

Good News

jANUARY 15, 2017


Minorities education

news in brief



The government is giving special emphasis on educating the minorities spending crores in several schemes


Shivaji Dubey

inister of State for Minority Affairs Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi said that his ministry will establish world class educational institutions for the students belonging to minority communities. Chairing a meeting of general body of Maulana Azad Education Foundation here, he said that the institutions would provide education in subjects such as modern and traditional medicine, engineering, etc., besides other joboriented courses. “A high-level committee has been constituted for this purpose. The committee will give its detailed report within two months on a roadmap including places where these institutes will be established. We are working on

railways digitisation



NASSCOM, telecom operators and NITI Aayog are creating a dedicated helpline for all queries on digital payments

Anupama Yadav

he Indian Railways in order to keep up with the ongoing cashless drift has implemented additional measures in their system to promote digital and cashless payments for tickets. “Railways have decided to instruct Yatri Ticket Suvidha Kendras to install POS (point of sale) machines and accept payments through all banks debit or credit cards for issuing both reserved and unreserved tickets,” the Railway Ministry said in a statement. “They are encouraged to accept payments through other modes also like UPI (Unified Payment Interface),

The Indian Railways

introduces additional measures to go cashless by commuters

The institutions will

the country. He said that out of total Rs 3,827 crore announced in the last budget for his ministry, about Rs 2,800 crore was approved for education related expenditure, including scholarships. As per Sachar Committee report for minorities, seven per cent of the country’s population aged 20 years and above are graduates or hold diplomas, while only four per cent among the Muslim population does so. Over the years, the various governments have initiated multiple programmes like Nai Manzil, Nai Roshni and others to cater to the needs of the minority youth of our country.


fter the fourth meeting of the Committee of Chief Ministers on digital payments, Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu said, plans are afoot to import one million PoS machines to enable cashless payments across India. NITI Aayog Vice-Chairman Arvind Panagariya said IT industry body a strategy so that these institutes can get Nasscom, telephone operators and the started in 2018,” Naqvi said. government thinktank are creating the “We have proposed 40 per cent helpline to address all queries of public reservation for girls in these institutions,” regarding digital payments. The helpline he added. The Minister also announced number would be made operational soon. Begam Hazrat Mahal scholarship for Briefing the media on the discussions, girls and the decision to establish Gharib Naidu also said the Committee of Chief Nawaz skill development centres across Ministers will present its interim report on digital payments movement to Prime Minister Narendra Modi within a week. “We are planning a sustainable, longterm, policy to attract majority in India to move to digital payments through providing incentives,” Naidu said. To a query on incentives for card payments which expires on December 31, the Chief Minister said incentives to users and subsidy for smartphones are being contemplated to push digital payments across India. “Our focus is on providing more incentives for making digital payments a mass movement,” he said, adding “things are moving very positively”. The government has given certain incentives post demonetisation like waiver of Merchant Discount Rate (MDR) on card usage till the year-end. Naidu said that two major breakthroughs using existing infrastructure have been Aadhaar Pay and modified versions of USSD and UPI, and the two would be USSD (Unstructured Supplementary retiring room through digital means launched soon. Service Data), e-wallet, Aadhar enabled and 0.5 per cent discount in the base Significant upgrades in technology payments system.” The statement said fare of season tickets (which pertains to have also been made and new capacities that railways has also instructed “Jan monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, yearly) have been added to enable millions of Sadharan Ticket Booking Seva” ( JSTBS) over suburban sections. The statement Indians use digital payments, he said. to accept payments through other modes also said, “Other charges like MUTP An app for UPI and interoperability of like UPI, USSD, e-wallets, Aadhar (Mumbai Urban Transport Project) USSD and UPI has now been made enabled payments system to issue surcharge, mela surcharge, service tax possible which will be a major push for unreserved tickets. etc, if applicable shall be levied separately 600 at million Indians to use digital. The ministry further announced on the baseto fare arrived at after giving or theWhatsapp Please mail your opinion - 9868807712

educate people in traditional and modern subjects

Railways have decided to instruct Yatri Ticket Suvidha Kendras to install POS machines to accept payments

five per cent discount for booking of

0.5 per cent concession.”

10 feature Story

jANUARY 15, 2017

Culture street art

Back To The Wall Street art was once thought of as a western concept. But now it has taken the Indian public space by storm,with a riot of colours on our walls Anupama Yadav


NDER the azure sky, kids playing cricket and superman in his distinctive and iconic blue costume and red cape stands behind the kid shown as batting, as if the superhero is keeping wicket. That is what you see painted on a wall in Delhi. And that is just the beginning. The wrestler, angel, superman all the characters suffused with ample colours

triggers nostalgia. The graffiti on a wall in the illegally occupied, forested south Delhi neighbourhood of Neb sarai, created by artist Ruchin soni is an idea to make something bright and colourful that will appeal to kids and adults. “In our locality, people don’t let us play, they say we make lots of noise. We can’t even ride our bicycles as the lane is too congested. If our ball goes flying to their house they refuse to give it back,” says a 9-year-old kid. The concept of bringing art, colour and creativity to street is a laudable idea. “I really like the concept of donating your wall for street art and giving back something to society. While I was painting, the colours came on naturally, and the kids were watching with immense excitement,” says Ruchin soni, a trained muralist from Baroda. The central idea is to give children the energy and incentive to be there in the open. (Above) Superman keeping the wicket appeals to the kids, unexposed to art and (Right) the mammoth mural of Mahatma Gandhi

jANUARY 15, 2017

feature Story



“We are giving back to society” -Ruchin, Street Artist

vERSATIlE pAlETTE people doing street art on their own, but ‘The world is my canvas’ is the apposite now street art has a novel direction and phrase for street artists anywhere. street brought many such artistes together.” art in Brazil and other countries had Ruchin has done extensive work in strong elements of rebellious protest, night shelters. His idea was that even the probably a clamour against social or poorest need a lively space of their own, political evils. However, in India the idea something that they just do not retire for behind street art was not rebellion, but the night but perhaps look forward to more about interaction with people on being called their ‘home’. the street. ‘Co-exist’ by emerging st+A r t India artist Rutwij Paranjape, Foundation is a non-profit from Bengaluru, recreates treet artists a visual from everyday life organisation that was born out of just that idea: art to emphasise feelings of are even projects in public spaces, brotherhood and working in night camaraderie. to make art accessible to a wider audience by taking “Through my piece I am shelters, with it out of the conventional celebrating co-existence. art for the poor People from different gallery space and use publicly available walls. cities and cultural Talking about his work, backgrounds commute Ruchin says, “street art means a lot to me. and co-exist in a metro train compartment It is a medium that provides ample for a brief period of time, leaving their freedom in terms of scale. There is no differences aside. I find these brief baggage that I have to create this or that encounters beautiful,” says Paranjape. art work and sell it in the market. I have the freedom to do what I like. It’s a new MOON SHINE concept in India. There were a lot of A giant harvest moon on the unpainted



Ruchin, how did you get into this field? I hail from a family of traditional painters in Gujarat, and was initiated into the world of art during my early childhood when I learnt traditional painting techniques from my parents. It is at this time that I developed a serious interest in portraiture. I received my formal education in painting from the M.s. University of Baroda, and specialised in mural design for my Masters degree. Where do you get your inspiration from? I am inspired by the works of the Mexican muralists. We studied about them in our art history classes in Baroda. I got a chance to travel to Mexico twice to see these monumental works. seeing these works was a huge source of inspiration. I am constantly fascinated by the variety of subjects, depth of research and skills employed by Diego Rivera in each of his gigantic murals. What is your dominant style of work? I love to work with the human figure in all its complexity. I work with not just the physical aspect of the human form but I like to engage with how we react to

side wall of the house is an eye catcher near Halasuru Metro station in Bengaluru. Anpu Varkey is a Delhi-based painter and street artist. The structure’s proximity to the overhead metro ensures high visibility.

adverse effect on nature and animals.

ARNAB SIkDAR his street art is mostly focused on surreal representation of wildlife. Arnab has previously helped st+art Delhi during 2014 with creating the longest mural in india on the tihar Jail boundary wall. his mural titled GArB AGe is a subtle take on consumerism and its impact on the world around us. With growing consumption demand, the amount of pollution in the world is also increasing with

RANjIT DAHIyA Graphic designer and artist ranjit Dahiya’s Bollywood Art Project pays tribute to Mumbai’s long association with Bollywood through murals of classic hindi films. his style is influenced by the dying tradition of hand-painted hindi movie posters. Dahiya partnered with Delhi artist Yantr to paint

logged road to painting portraits of gods to highlight open manholes, his interventions usually get civic problems fixed quickly.

india’s largest mural, depicting the father of indian cinema, Dadasaheb Phalke. NANjUNDASWAMy the Bengaluru artist shot to fame when he placed a life-sized green crocodile in the middle of the road to draw attention to an unattended pothole. nanjundaswamy focuses on civic issues through his creative 3D paintings and sculptures. from placing lotuses in a water-

lEENA kEjRIWAl Photographer and artist Leena Kejriwal’s Missing project aims to bring the major issue of illicit trafficking of women into india’s public spaces by combining art, social activism and technology.

it in that particular space/wall. What was the most interesting project you had? ‘Donate a Wall’ campaign by Asian Paints and st+Art Delhi was an interesting project because it was about giving something back to society in terms of space for kids to play in. And my job was to give energy to that space and activate it by creating something bright and colourful for them. There are a lot of young artists who look up to you. Any message for them? It is a lot of hard work. But keep doing what you love and you would have enjoyed every moment of the hard work that you put in. Painting the moon was Anpu’s attempt to establish it as that ‘one big object’ in the sky that we can all connect with. One of Anpu’s most popular works is the massive mural of Mahatma Gandhi at the Delhi Police Headquarters. she assisted German artist Hendrik Beikirch on it, and it was done for st+Art Delhi, in 2014. The mural, interestingly, was completed in five days. It kept the larger public in mind, the ones who may not be on Facebook or Instagram, but would identify with the idea and pass it around, even if just by word of mouth. “In an age where everyone is seeking connections using platforms like social media, we miss something as big as the moon, which we hardly look at anymore. The moon represents our collective hopes and desires,” feels Anpu. st+Art India’s effort is to bring art to busy cities in novel ways through festivals. The capital has seen a surge in street art over the last three or four years. Restricted to popular art hubs like Khirki Extension, Hauz Khas Village and shahpur Jat in the early days, works by now well-known street artists like Daku, Anpu Varkey and Yantr are leaving a big mark on walls as well as in people’s mind and building facades across the town.

12 Rural India

jANUARY 15, 2017

development minda balgram

Care & future at Minda BalGram A noted industrialist and philanthrophist started this caring home for orphaned children fifteen years ago


Sanjay Kumar Jha

n 2003, the parents of four children ended their lives, succumbing to blood cancer. These four siblings were then adopted by an organisation named Minda Balgram which was established in 2001 by Shadi Lal Minda ,who was a leading industrialist and a renowned philanthrophist. As the days passed by, these four kids changed their fortune. The eldest of the kids Archana (name changed) , after completing her intermediate course in 2011, got married and now she is living a happy married life with her only son . Archana’s younger brother Umesh was also was supported by Minda Balgram. After completing his intermediate

studies, he did his one year diploma course from the Hotel Management And Catering And Services Institute, Pusa, Delhi . At present, Umesh is working in the Tata Star Works company’s

Cannaught place branch. Meanwhile, Umesh’s younger brother Ramesh, after completing his matriculation did an ITI electronics trade course . Now he’s working at a Samsung showroom. Their youngest sister Kalpana (name changed) by the help of Minda Balgram completed her intermediate studies. After that she’s doing a beautician’s course from the Lal Bahadur Institute, Delhi. She will be completing her course by this month. After that, she may find a nice job . These are not isolated cases in the Minda Balgram, Alipur, Delhi. At least twenty such boys and girls are educated at the Minda Balgram. According to Gram’s project officer, TN Tiwari, “All of them are excelling in their fields.” These unfortunate children are staying in the Balgram because they are provided with security and proper care. The state government’s children’s welfare committee is in touch with them. And if they are convinced positively, then the committee recommends the renewal of license for

The state

government may renew the license for one more year one more year . Though fifteen years have passed, the journey of this Balgram is going on smoothly, and it’s entire credit goes to Minda . Minda, who is most popular among children and was also nick named as ‘Babuji’, had established this Balgram like a garden. Here children are given quality education with proper teaching of self dependency. All these facilities are provided free of cost. Tiwari added, “Each and every child is taught to be self-dependent.Proper health care is also taken care of. Also, not only education but marriages are conducted by Balgram.” Presently, they are focusing on a family like environment with physical, mental and emotional development ofthe orphaned children, so that in the future these children can prove themselves as responsible citizens of the country.

innovation jivamrit

Jivamrit’s ‘No’ to toxic chemicals Ram Bai Yadav, a woman farmer from Chhattisgarh, is producing high quality organic fertiliser by mixing cow dung and gomutra or cow urine


Shivaji Dubey

ducation? Till class two. Occupation? Agriculture. Achievement? Producing high quality organic fertiliser with cow dung and gomutra. Isn’t it surprising? But it is true. Ram Bai a resident of village Baheradih, district Janjgir Champa of Chhattisgarh has done a great deal of work which is easy even for veterans. The organic fertiliser ‘Jivamrit’ made by her has given a tough fight to the chemical fertilisers available in the market. She is a mere literate to say the least if we look at her background. The fertiliser is made by mixing gomutra, cow dung, gram flour and jaggery. The farmers need not use any chemical fertiliser after using the organic one. This mixture has been named as

Jaiv Urvarak by her. The organic fertiliser is cost effective as compared to chemical fertiliser. It takes only one cow’s dung and urine to make ten litres of organic fertiliser. The mixture needs to be stirred for four to five hours in order to make it usable. Why is it important Organic fertiliser is very much in demand these days. According to agricultural scientists organic fertiliser enhances the fertility of the soil, whereas continuous use of chemical fertilisers harms soil quality. These also reduce the quantity of organics found in the soil thus directly impacts the productivity. Also using great amount of chemical fertilisers leads to contaminate groundwater. Therefore the organic fertiliser can be an excellent alternative. Therefore the

Chemical fertilisers are

costly and end up ruining the soil quality organic fertiliser is the dire need of the hour for our farmlands. Ram Bai has inspired lots of people in her village to use the organic manure. Her product ‘Jivamrit’ is high on demands in the nearby villages. However she makes a small quantity of it for her own use but it is expected that it will soon be available in the market for others too. Cheap and best Ram Bai says that the manure she makes is cheaper than the chemical fertiliser which are available in the market for

the crops. According to a data chemical fertiliser worth Rs 10,000 is used in one acre of land. On the other hand Ram Bai claims that the cost is reduced to Rs 1,000 if her organic fertiliser is used. She says that it is not only beneficial for wheat and paddy crop but also good for vegetables.

jANUARY 15, 2017



initiative 3ie delhi evidence week

Impact Evaluation: a stepping stone

Emphasising on the importance of presenting correct data collection at various levels, a two-day event was conducted by an international initiative Sanjay K Jha


hen it comes to policy making, the government and the policy makers are at their creative best. A lot of arbitrary policies are made, which don’t place data at the centrestage. Arguably our work culture doesn’t lay much importance in considering data based analysis at the first place. As a result, goal setting and tracking becomes discretionary and leads to non achievement of desired results in the longer run. Emphasizing on the importance of presenting correct evidences and data collection at various levels, a two-day programme was conducted by International Initiative for Impact Evaluation (3ie), an international grant-making NGO, at India Habitat Centre, New Delhi. The idea of the discourse was to share the importance and impact of evaluation, across various levels of policymaking, viz., health, sanitation and education. Around 946 million people openly defecate worldwide, of which about 490 million live in India. Less than a third of rural Indians have access to a toilet, and fewer still actually use them. The recent national sanitation programme, Swachh Bharat Mission, is an improvement over its predecessors with its more robust focus on behaviour change. At this stage, its implementation seems to focus disproportionately on meeting toilet construction targets, rather than getting people to use the toilets that have been built. Therefore 3ie, in collaboration with the Research Institute for Compassionate Economics is funding evaluations in order to generate evidence on the design and implementation of context-specific, low-cost interventions. Jyotsna Puri, deputy executive director of 3ie said, “Persistent and coordinated efforts to tackle the sanitation crisis in India need to be guided by high-quality evidence. We really need to know which programmes work and which don’t. Most of the existing studies don’t examine how the culture of toilet use can be promoted or how gender and other equity related concerns can be addressed. Our grant

Top specialists addressing the audience on the vital issue at IHC

programme aims to address these gaps in research.” The conference started with the lecture delivered by Dr. Michael Woolcock, Lead Social Development Specialist, Development Research Group, World Bank explaining the need of awareness of the fact that complex intervention imposes obligation and that the type of evidence generated by research should match the type of problem to be addressed. Chris Williams, Director of Water Supply and Sanitation Collaborative Council (WSSCC), in his address said, “To eliminate open defecation, you need to engage at all levels – with the community, block, district and state authorities. It’s also not enough to just stop open-defecation; you also need to think about sanitation. ,” he said. In another session, a discussion was held around ‘Using evidence to address gender and equity-related challenges in WASH (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene)’. The conference was chaired by the panelists Archana Patkar, programme manager for networking and knowledge management, WSSCC, Seema Kulkarni, senior fellow, Society for Promoting Participative Ecosystem Management (SOPPECOM) and Kathleen O’Reilly, associate professor, Texas A&M University. The discussion was held around the social and structural determinants based on inequality and exclusion such as gender, age and disability which should

that several currently be considered while popular education programme design and t is not enough interventions have evaluation of WASH failed to improve the programmes. The to stop open outcomes of findings in the report defecation but learning children. clearly show that women UNESCO’s 2016 are excluded from the take care of Global house, community and sanitation too MonitoringEducation Report society when it comes to and the International using WASH facilities. It again implies towards the deep- Commission on Financing Global rooted patriarchy in lower and middle Education Opportunity’s Learning income countries that even using such Generation Report have highlighted basic facilities there are discriminations the serious shortfall in funding for based on gender. “Bringing global education and the need for marginalised people together with more investments from both policy makers to dialogue is key for developing country governments action”, such evidences, if considered and international aid agencies. Talking about the impediments profoundly, can help making better policies by the policy makers,” said and gaps in the process of policy making and implementation Atishi Archana Patkar. said, “Even if evidence exists on the effectiveness of an education Evidence on education intervention, systems need to be in effectiveness Abdul Latif Jameel Poverty Action Lab place for implementing it.” Kiran ( J-PAL) hosted a half-day seminar on Bhatty said, “Data management in education in collaboration with 3ie education is highly centralised. with the panelists Atishi Marlena, We need to decentralise this system advisor to the Deputy Chief Minister so that schools are able to of Delhi, Ashish Dhawan, Founder and access data.” Talking about the importance of Chairman, Central Square Foundation, Kiran Bhatty, Senior Fellow, Centre for the need for evidence in the Policy Research, Pranav Kothari, Vice education sector in India, Rukmini President, Large Scale Education Banerji, said, “We need to ensure Programme, Education Initiatives, that evidence is systematically Rukmini Banerji, CEO, Pratham stressing the need for easy access Education Foundation and chaired by to data.” Talking about the ground Sanjoy Narayan, Executive Director, realities of gaps between enrollment J-PAL South Asia. A worrying fact and learning, Emmanuel Jimenez, highlighted during the discussion is Executive Director, 3ie said.


14 health & Sanitation

jANUARY 15, 2017

meDICIne PricedoWn

vItAl DruG PrICes slAsheD

Drugs for HIV, diabetes, anxiety disorder, angina and acid reflux have been cut by up to 44 per cent


Manas Mittal

RICEs of over 50 essential drugs including those used for treatment of HIV infection, diabetes, anxiety disorders, bacterial infections, angina and acid reflux

have been capped by the government, leading to a price cut in the range of five per cent to 44 per cent. The National Drug Pricing Regulator has also fixed the retail prices of 29 formulations. “NPPA has fixed/revised ceiling prices of 55 scheduled formulations of

heAth news

the national Drug

Pricing regulator has fixed prices for 29 formulations schedule-I under Drugs (Price Control) Amendment Order, 2016 and retail price of 29 formulations under DPCO, 2013 in related Notification /order dated 23.12.2016,” National Pharmaceutical Pricing Authority (NPPA) said in a statement. As stipulated under the Drugs (Prices Control) Order (DPCO) 2013, NPPA fixes ceiling price of essential medicines of schedule. In respect of medicines not under price control, manufacturers are allowed to increase the maximum retail price by 10 per cent annually. The calculation for essential drugs is based on the simple average of all medicines in a particular therapeutic segment with sales of more than 1 per cent. The government had notified the DPCO 2013, which covers 680 formulations, with effect from May 15, 2014, replacing the 1995 order that regulated prices of only 74 bulk drugs. set up in 1997, NPPA has been entrusted with the task of fixation/ revision of prices of pharma products, enforcement of provisions of DPCO and monitoring of prices of controlled and decontrolled drugs.

PuBlIC toIlets on GooGle


eeLinG like relieving yourself and unable to find a loo, now one can Google to find the same in Madhya Pradesh and the national Capital region (nCr). Google has made available information about thousands of public toilets in nCr and Madhya Pradesh available on Google Maps.“Working closely with the Ministry of Urban Development, Google is adding the location, address and opening hours of over 4,000 public restrooms to Maps, to provide information to people and help improve sanitation,” a Google release said. “now indians and foreigners will be able to easily find the nearest public toilet on Google Maps both on the mobile app as well as on desktop,” it said. ”When you search for ‘public toilet’ on Google Maps in an area where the service is available, you’ll see a list of restrooms near you, including their addresses.” Google Maps, Product Manager, sanket Gupta said.

vACCIne chikungunYa

A novel vACCIne strAteGy

lutyen’s DelhI oPen-urInAtIon free

This will give both long term and short term protection against the terrible malaise


Shivaji Dubey

CIENTIsTs, including one of Indian-origin, have found a novel vaccine strategy that can provide both short term and long term protection against the Chikungunya virus when combined with a traditional DNA-based vaccine. The Chikungunya virus (CHIKV) is transmitted through mosquitoes and causes fever and joint pains that can sometimes become severe and disabling. Researchers found a vaccine strategy that boosts the immune system by rapidly producing antibodies


against CHIKV. “Antigen-based vaccination strategies require a lag time that leaves patients susceptible to infection and disease,” said David B Weiner, of The Wistar Institute in Us. “This novel strategy for generating rapid immune protection has the ability to fill this gap in the way vaccines are developed for CHIKV and other emerging and dangerous diseases,” Weiner said. Chikungunya has a log lasting debilitating effect. Researchers have developed a nonviral, vector-based antibody delivery method that they believe has advantages

for rapid antibody generation. Normally, monoclonal antibodies are manufactured outside of the body and therefore take time to develop and are very costly. “The vaccination regimen we tested in this study provided stable, persistent responses against a virus with rapidly increasing global incidence,” said first author Karrupiah Muthumani, assistant professor in the Wistar Institute. “This new approach will likely have importance for a variety of infectious and non-infectious diseases,” Muthumani said. The research was published in the Journal of Infectious Diseases.

n its efforts to rid the Lutyen’s Zone in the national capital of open urination, the nDMC has set up public conveniences at close distances and launched a campaign to paint the walls to discourage the offenders. it is an attempt to makeover the new Delhi area at par with international standards for extending civic amenities to the residents and 15-20 lakh visitors who visit the Connaught Place and nearby areas daily, nDMC says. the civic body has also issued 5,360 online challans this yearfor open urination and defecation. A metropolitan magistrate have been earmarked to impose the fine on the offenders, the official said. in another unique move, mascots and guards have been deployed in each circle who blow a whistle in case any person is found urinating in the open and slap a fine.

jANUARY 15, 2017

Health initiative

Performance niti on health issues

The move is to push for much needed improvements in the social sector, says the think-tank


Puneet Dubey

overnment think-tank NITI Aayog has launched a performance index on health services to nudge states to improve health outcomes and improve data collection systems. “This initiative (launch of ‘Performance on Health

river clean ganga

STPs in Haridwar

Two separate STPs have been identified at Jagjeetpur and Sarai


Anupama Yadav

Taking the Namami Gange programme a step forward in the new year, the National Mission for Clean Ganga (NMCG) has approved many projects including setting up sewage treatment plants (STP) in Haridwar and Varanasi. The NMCG will also deploy trash skimmers for cleaning Ganga surface in six more cities -- Rishikesh and Haridwar in Uttarakhand, Garhmukhteshwar in Uttar Pradesh, Sahibganj in Jharkhand, Kolkata and Nabadwip in West Bengal.

Outcomes’ index) is envisioned to bring about the much required improvements in the social sector outcomes, which have not kept pace with the economic growth in the country. It will be used to propel action in the states to improve health outcomes and improve data collection systems,” Niti Aayog said in a statement.

Health & Sanitation


heath news

Index aims to capture annual incremental improvements by the states

The index is launched along with Ministry of Health and Family Welfare. It is meant to capture the annual incremental improvements by states rather than focus on historical achievements, it noted. Health Secretary, C K Mishra and NITI Aayog CEO, Amitabh Kant jointly released the guidebook for the exercise in the first of a series of regional workshops to be conducted across the country until February, it added. The government’s think tank further said it is anticipated that the index will assist in the state level monitoring of performance, serve as an input for providing performance-based incentives and improvement in health outcomes, and meet citizens’ expectations. The statement said the index has been developed over several months, with inputs from domestic and international experts, including academicians and development partners, seeking feedback from states. The exercise involves the participation of several partners including technical assistance from the World Bank, mentor agencies to handhold states, where required, during the exercise and third party organisations to validate the data submitted prior to calculation of the index.

Swachh Survey In 500 Cities


he government kickstarted a survey to rank 500 cities across the country on cleanliness, in a bid to encourage competition to improve sanitation standards. To be conducted by Quality Council of India Swachh Survekshan-2017 will judge cities on the basis of data provided by Municipal bodies which will carry 900 marks, data collected through direct observations and independent assessment (500 marks) and citizen feedbacks (600 marks). Areas of evaluations include waste collection, sweeping and transportation, open defecation free and toilets (30 per cent), Municipal Solid Waste-processing and disposal and Information, education and behaviour change and Capacity building-Swachh Bharat Mission e-learning portal. The citizens can give their feedback by either a missed call at 1969 to record their response or by filling up a feedback form on the Swachh Survekshan website.

cost of Rs 120 crore under the same mode. Meanwhile, the Union Water Resources Ministry has said the urban local bodies will be nodal agencies for monitoring river surface cleaning o facilitate health facilities in the state, (RSC) works being carried out using Haryana government is planning to trash skimmers. issue health cards for all. State Health The RSC work was introduced last Minister Anil Vij said, “Tenders have been year in Allahabad, Kanpur, Varanasi, allotted to private agencies to prepare the Mathura-Vrindavan in Uttar Pradesh and health cards.” Patna in Bihar. This task was performed He said that these health cards would under the CSR head and in the coming facilitate the people in getting treatment for days, more towns will be identified their ailments without repeated check-ups. for carrying out similar activities, the He also added that 19 Community Health statement said. The ambitious Namami Centres and 72 Primary Health Centres According to an official statement Gange programme was launched in were being constructed in the state. issued, the NMCG has approved two continuation of Ganga Action Plan Meanwhile, the government will soon separate STPs of 68 MLD and 14 MLD launched by late Rajiv Gandhi, as a set up a tertiary care cancer centre in capacities in Haridwar’s Jagjeetpur and mission to achieve the target of cleaning Civil Hospital, Ambala Cantt with the Sarai respectively at an indicative cost River Ganga in an effective manner with assistance of the central government, Vij of Rs 135.30 crore under hybrid annuity the involvement of all stakeholders, said later in Ambala. “This centre, which based PPP model. especially five major states in the Ganga costs Rs 45 crore, will provide advanced Under this model, payments are basin -- Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh, treatment facilities to the people from all made on annuity basis to ensure that Jharkhand, Bihar and West Bengal. over north India,” Vij, who was addressing contractors do not abandon projects The programme envisages river the gathering after inaugurating the OPD midway. surface cleaning, sewerage treatment block of new building of Civil Hospital in The body has also given in-principle infrastructure, river front development, Ambala Cantt, said. nod for implementation of 50 MLD bio-diversity, and public PleaseSTP mail your opinion to - afforestation or Whatsapp at 9868807712 at Ramana in Varanasi at an indicative awareness.


Haryana Health Cards


jANUARY 15, 2017

“We cannot always

build the future for our youth, but we can build our youth for the future

Franklin D Roosevelt, Address at University of Pennsylvania, 1940


A veteran author with varied literary pieces under his kitty. Yet he likes to call himself a ‘literary activist’

vIew PoInt

THE GIANT OF A SWAMI January 12 is celebrated as National Youth Day on the occasion of Swami Vivekananda’s birthday, who had deep faith in the power of India’s youth


ADIeu, mIlorD In his impeccable career, Justice Thakur has delivered many landmark judgements


UsTICE Ts Thakur, who retired as 43rd Chief Justice of India on January 4 this year, will be remembered for delivering many landmark judgments – most significant of them being on reforming BCCI by setting up the Justice RM Lodha Committee to cleanse the cricket body and ordering implementation of its recommendations. He was also known for being a hypersensitive and emotional person who broke into tears on more than one occasion while delivering a public speech. Cricket administration in India had become an oligarchy and fiefdom of influential people – mostly politicians, bureaucrats and big industrialists. Justice Thakur took on the cabal by appointing a single-member committee of retired justice Lodha to look into the discrepancies and suggest solutions. Justice Thakur put his foot down and ensured that Lodha committee’s recommendations are implemented. so much so that a day before leaving office, he sacked the BCCI chief and secretary for not cooperating with Lodha panel. Justice Thakur was known to lead an austere life. When Delhi Government announced the odd-even scheme to reduce air pollution, Justice Thakur was the first to not only take up car pooling but also encouraged brother judges to to do so. Though the system was discontinued, Justice Thakur continued the practice till the day he retired. Justice Thakur is being replaced by Justice Js Khehar who has been no less fearless than his predecessor. Justice Khehar famously delivered the sahara case verdict sending sahara India chief to over two years in prison. He is also the person who annulled promulgation of President’s Rule in Arunachal Pradesh. He also assisted Kapil sibal during the only impeachment trial of a judge – Justice Ramaswami’s aborted trial in Lok sabha.


KUMAR DILIP Edited, Printed and Published by: Monika Jain on behalf of sulabh sanitation Mission Foundation, owned by sulabh sanitation Mission Foundation Printed at: The Indian Express Limited A - 8, sector -7, NOIDA (UP) Published at: RZ - 83, Mahavir Enclave, Palam - Dabri Road, New Delhi - 110045 (India) Corporate Office: 819, Wave silver Tower, sector - 18, NOIDA (UP) Phone: +91-120-6500425 Email:,


NDIA of 19th century conjures up a sorry picture in our minds - a culturally rich nation in the confines of a colonial subjugation, at the mercy of our masters , as if the soul of our nation had been incarcerated. The urge to free ourselves of this bondage was the only focus. swami Vivekanand’s birth in such times seemed like a providential event, as if he was here to liberate India, morally and socially. As a child, he was called Narendranath Datta. His father Vishwanath Datta was an adherent of Western culture. Ironically, in coming times, his son became one of the greatest proponents of Vedanta philosophy. He freed himself from the vestiges of his upbringings to develop his own ideology. This dichotomy of his upbringing and his own reflections allowed him to create his own identity. French Nobel laureate Romain Rolland has described Narendra’s transition in his words –“His childhood and boyhood were those of a young artist prince of the Renaissance.” When Narendranath was 21 years old, lost his father. The responsibility to look after the family fell on him. He was torn between his earthly needs and the desire to go beyond materialistic realms. He rummaged through many philosophies, delved deep into spirituality and questioned everything around him. If God exists, where is he? What does he look like? If He exists, why is this world full of tragedies? Moral compass of young Narendra was slowly tilting towards Herbert spencer’s agnosticism. On the other hand, new offshoots of spirituality were emerging, freeing themselves

his childhood and

boyhood were like a young artist prince of the renaissance

from the orthodoxies – Prarthana samaj, Brahma samaj, Arya samaj, Theosophical society, etc. Narendra was going through an emotional turmoil. It was during this time that he met Ramakrishna Paramhansa, a mystic and a devotee of Goddess Kali. Unlike everyone, young Narendra wasn’t enchanted by the mystic’s metaphysical acts; rather what enticed him was Ramakrishna’s philosophy of God-realisation. He once asked ‘Thakur’: “Have you seen God?” Paramhansa smiled: “Yes, just as I am seeing you.” Asked for porrf, Thakur touched him touched him in his chest and Narendra fainted. Finally Naren accepted Kali and his only prayer was: “Ma, just ensure that my family manages to get minimum of food and clothes.” He surrendered himself to Paramhansa. To understand more about the state of humanity in the country, he travelled across the contours of India. He stayed at the Baroda palace with same impassivity as he stayed at a mudhouse. When he attended the Parliament of the World’s Religions at Chicago in 1893, his speech was graced with the values of universal kinship sisters and Brothers of America…” The speech changed the perceptions of western world towards India. The copuntry which was considered as a land of snakecharmers and magicians, t o o k centrestage in the

jANUARY 15, 2017 auditorium filled with around 7,000 scholars and intellectuals. It was a coming of the age moment for Vivekananda, he was barely 30 then. He became synonymous with the youthful progressiveness of the time. For him, Indian independence, liberation of millions of Indians from penury and blind faith, the nation’s continuous emancipation weren’t mutually exclusive – they all were different paths to the same goal. “I am no metaphysician, no philosopher, nay, no saint. But I am poor and I love the poor. I see what they call the poor of this country and how many there are who feel for them!” He urged Indians to wake up from centuries of slumber and walk ahead with confidence. He believed that education, especially for Dalits and women, would be the most crucial factor in their holistic development and empowerment. Many western philosophers were drawn towards his thoughts – Nikola Tesla, Leo Tolstoy, Nelson Rockefeller, Romain Rolland to name a few. Back home, Rabindranath Tagore, Aurobindo Ghosh, Mahatma Gandhi, subhas Chandra Bose, Jamsetji Tata were amongst his follower. slowly, India was moving towards a renaissance of its own kind and Vivekananda was the chief apostle. On May 1, 1897,

you will be nearer to

heaven through football than through Gita he founded the Ramakrishna Mission in Calcutta (now Kolkata) and established Belur Math on December 9, 1898. It was a spiritually alive service-oriented organisation, not just a religious one. On July 4, 1902, swami Vivekananda took his last breath in Belur Math. But, he remains immortalised as a symbol of progression, as a symbol of young and fervent India. The young saint dreamt of an India, free of blind ‘guru’ worship, which is strongly attached to its roots and is yet surging ahead. “You will be nearer to heaven through football than through the study of the Gita” – his call to the youth of nation was way ahead of its time. During the freedom movement, when most of the leaders had a one-dimensional approach towards independence, Vivekananda talked about the most holistic meaning of independence. He placed deep faith in the “youths of character, intelligence, renouncing all for the service of others and obedient – good to themselves and the country at large”. The path shown by Vivekananda will provide the guiding light for decades to come. His clarion call was “Rise and stop not till the goal is reached.”



AnuPAmA yADAv The author has ten years of experience in the media industry. She can write on any topic under the sun


sPIne of the nAtIon

Army stands true to its motto “Service Before Self” and has provided vital support in nation building


uty, honour, courage, grit, integrity, unity – these aren’t mere words for them, Indian Army lives up to these values. Since independence, one institution that has remained absolutely free of communalism and divisive tendencies is the Indian Army. When caste and religious differences have beset the country’s politics and society at large, the army has stood firm against these divisive forces. It has stood the test of time and has consistently upheld and protected the nation’s constitution with unflinching loyalty, making a major contribution in nation building in the first six decades of India’s existence as an independent, sovereign nation. Historically, it is to the credit of the Indian armed forces that they have fulfilled their assigned role as an organ of the State. They have functioned effectively in every role, with or without adequate support or

favourable environment. Whether it is at the warfront or a natural calamity or a civilian unrest, Army has given its unflinching support in every demanding situation. Military life is often considered a life of challenges and hardships. The complete training program of soldiers follows a structure, which aims to inculcate in them – discipline, devotion towards

duty and determination. Army personnel have to be very accommodative and proactive as army life is fraught with unexpected circumstances. Indian military has done ample of social activities like aid to civil authorities, disaster relief during natural calamities, rescue of trapped people, including tourists in the mountains and children who had fallen into deep pits and several other such activities. Notably, under the village adoption scheme, education, medicine and health are prime areas where the military engages itself in remote locations. It won’t be an exaggeration if Indian Army is termed as the spine of the nation. They are our saviours in the time of crisis and have been providing the support structure, relentlessly.

letters to the eDItor

Dear sir, I picked up your newspaper from the magazine stall at Old Rajendra Nagar. I liked the content; it was informative as well as engaging. Refer to ‘Developing Empathy’: the author has correctly pointed out the emerging trend in the policy space. The conventional structures around policymaking are falling apart and ‘love, empathy, inclusion, pluralism’ are occupying the vacant spots. Uday Kovur, Delhi

Dear sir, In reference to the article “Lighting up lives”, the article creates a rather bright image of our country however in reality it’s not quite relieving. Yes a lot of villages have been electrified, but they still spend their nights in darkness. These villages may have been electrified but most of them get electricity for one or two hours a day at most. I sincerely hope that once these villages are electrified, government will work diligently to provide regular electric supply, thus enhancing their lives. Swayam, Patna sir, Read your article on Jan Dhan Yojana and its usage. Found it very interesting & informative. When PM had started this scheme, I was a bit skeptical about its success. But, the benefits have been many. This is a great step towards financial inclusion for all. This can also be a model for the other developing nations and Least Developed Countries (LDCs) to follow. Rani singh, Bulandshahar

Dear Editor Happy new year to the team! The newspaper gives an insight on how is 2017 going to be, especially for minorities. The government has given new dimension to the minority matters by instating new policies and revitalizing a few old ones. The policies look promising from skill development perspective. Abha Prakash, Delhi sir, Kudos for bringing out this newspaper. This is in reference to article “All about skilling India” in sulabh swachh Bharat. Many accidents including fatal ones takes place in industries. Most of the breakdowns in the factory are manmade resulting in huge loss of production and productivity. Every employee should become professional through periodical training to eradicate the menace. PMKVY and MsDE is a remarkable initiative, a major step towards skilling both rural and urban India for a bright future. Irfan Khan, Mohali

Please mail your opinion to - or Whatsapp at 9868807712

18 Photo Feature

jANUARY 15, 2017


At the Crossing Photographs by jAIrAm

5. A long wait... when will the cars give him space to move? 6. Chaotic car congestion means a jigsaw route for this walker 7. Everyone has something to sell, even these laddoos 8. A food shop for the poor under a tree at a busy Delhi crossing 9. Childhood... who bothers about traďŹƒc when you have a ball? 10. Swachha Car Mission, it seems for this man

1 1. Begging is no longer the trend, as this balloon selling toddler shows 2. Steering cover, anyone? Headrest or any other accessory? 3. Faceless but lthis man shows exactly how large is large 4. Every season his ware changes, so now it is all woollens

4 3

jANUARY 15, 2017

Photo Feature






9 10

20 Positive Story

jANUARY 15, 2017

army day special social initiatives

Rough, Tough, But Humane!

Guarding our borders is not the only thing our armymen do. They are India’s lifeline in times of major crises and catastrophes. We salute the spirit of our jawans on this Army Day (January 15) minting process was carried out in more than one shift. The Indian security forces proved themselves once again by helping people and serving the nation.

Rescue operations during Uttarakhand floods

Satyendra Singh


he announcement of demonetisation on the eve of 8th November left all of us almost bankrupt, with little cash in hand. Everybody had the same concern - depositing or exchanging the old currency with the new one. All banks and ATMs had serpentine queues outside. The act of demonetiaation gave enough pressure to the ruling party too. But the Indian Army carried out its work of serving people in the time of this chaos keeping itself away from all sorts of political gimmicks. It is the traditional way of Indian Army to protect the people’s interest in the time of crisis without making much noise and distancing itself from any kind of political drama. The Government had limitations on printing the new currency notes. In fact it was impossible for them to print new currency overnight and that too in the same volume as the defunct high value

currency notes. But this was not the only challenge before the Government. The real task was delivering the new currency to different parts of the country in shortest possible time and the government could not but rely on the Army. Who else could have done the Herculean task in a better managed way, if not the Indian Army? The Indian Air Force was also the frontrunner for proving their mettle, as prompt and positive response is their hallmark. They not only used helicopters but also engaged transport aircrafts AN-32 and C-17 in shifting the currency day in day out. The transport aircrafts were fit for dispatching the cash in big cities while the helicopters suited small and remote villages. Former Air Chief Marshal Arup Saha, before his retirement, informed that the Air Force conducted 35 sorties by the end of December. IAF has transferred 610 tonne currency notes in this process. A number of jawans were deployed outside the mint. After all, it was about

the security of the new currency as well as of the units where the printing process was carried out. But the Army did not confine itself to mere security of the place but it also helped in printing the currency in one of the units. The

Call the Army! It is not difficult to understand that the Army is the most reliable agency for the government to fall back upon. This level of trust on the Army has not grown accidently. Be it a natural catastrophe or a law and order situation, the Indian armed forces are always ready to extend the help to the civil administration in the time of crisis. Not long back, Army was called upon to help the administration in Haryana. Jat reservation protest brought the parts of state to standstill. The situation came back to the normalcy only after the Army intervened. Similarly, there are hundreds of incidents to prove the fact that when the civil administration gives up on any disaster, it is the Army that comes for the rescue. Who can forget the heroic performance of the Indian Armed Forces during the rescue operation in flood affected state of Uttarakhand? The National Disaster Management Authority, which was constituted specifically to handle such calamities only seemed to be helpless during that time. The Army jawans completed the rescue operation by putting their lives

Tajamul’s Patron

She is the first Kashmiri to represent India at the World Sub Junior Kickboxing Championship


ajamul Islam is 8 year old girl, hailing from Bandipura district of Jammu & Kashmir. Her hard work and Army’s efforts have resulted into the great success she has received. She is the first Kashmiri to represent India at the World Sub Junior Kickboxing Championship held in Italy and win a gold medal. The competition witnessed boxers from 90 countries

worldwide participating in the event. She defeated an American boxer. She spread hope of tranquility in the burning valley of Kashmir through her extra ordinary win. She was studying in class two of Army Goodwill School in Bandipura area run by Indian Army. The Army played very significant role in spotting and enhancing her skills in the school.

jANUARY 15, 2017

Positive Story


grp changing face

GRP’s Schooling GRP super and the station master started education for rag-picking kids and the movement is spreading

Army personnel providing relief during Operation Maitri

on stake. High rank Army officers personally monitored the situation. Partnering with other agencies, the Army evacuated more than one lakh people to safe places.

faith of the masses in the Indian Constitution remains intact. It helps Army to face the local conditions as people share a good rapport with them. Keeping this in view in 90s, the Army undertook a large number of civic action Home and Away programmes aimed at winning the The Indian armed forces not only work hearts and minds of the people in J&K during national crisis but are also equally and North Eastern states, as part of a helpful in the international disaster strategy for conflict resolution. These management. They carried out the programmes aim to achieve the quality rescue operation “Operation Maitri” education, women and youth during Nepal earthquake in 2015. Indian empowerment, infrastructure Army and Indian Air Force both development, health and veterinary participated in it. The Army sent 18 care. In addition, basic needs like water teams of doctors, 5 engineer task forces supply schemes, electrification and and five helicopters. Indian soldiers animal husbandry in far flung areas is accomplished innumerable works right given priority while planning projects from taking injured based on a participative people to the hospitals, model involving the local cleaning debris from the people of Gujjar and he army is streets, saving people Bakarwal communities. stuck under the The efforts of the even running demolished buildings Indian Armed Forces schools in J&K have started yielding and making relief camps. The Army helicopters and 14,000 have great results. The most made 546 sorties in order are women and already passed benefited to rescue people stuck youth of Jammu & under the demolished Kashmir. More than one building and transport lakh children have been them to the hospitals. Similarly the Air provided education in the Army run Force took 1636 sorties. It was the schools and 14,000 more are currently biggest rescue and relief operation of studying there. Not only this, more than the Indian Air force performed on a 1,000 students studying outside the foreign land. The Army again state are also receiving scholarships safeguarded human values and sponsored by Indian Army. It has also strengthened the amicable relations of assisted in the health matters of 3.68 India and Nepal. It was equally lakh people and 4.57 lakh veterinary appreciated by both people and the cases. Over 200 educational and Government of Nepal. national integration tours have been conducted by the army for youths and Winning Hearts elderly people of Jammu and Kashmir. The changing geo-political scenarios Such tours are important in order to have changed the perceptions of defense integrate the country and eliminate the mechanism as well. The Army doesn’t feelings of alienation. deny it either, especially due to the The Indian Army runs many skill growth of cross border terrorism. These development centres for women and are basically proxy wars. The weapons provides them with professional alone are not sufficient to win such education. The Army is equally battles but social initiatives also need to competitive in running such welfare be taken. The aim is to induct various programmes and maintaining normalcy social welfare programmes in terrorism in the Valley with its humane and and insurgency affected areas so that the compassionate touch.



Satyam Raju

past.” The campaign started with just 20 kids which have risen up to around 250.

ifferent from their general image, Patna police Visible Effect is on a campaign to ignite The effect of education among these the passion for education children is quite visible. The same among the poor kids. In their campaign, children who earlier fought with each they have included the kids around other for randomly found items on the railway stations, picking trash for a station are now reporting them to the living. Patna’s Government Railway police stations, setting examples of Police (GRP) now provides these kids honesty. The kids have started to see with school uniforms and educational the police officers as their companion material. The campaign is being led by and guardian. It’s also creating a friendly the duo of GRP SP Jitendra Kumar relation between the police and citizens. Mishra and Patliputra station master Dilip Kumar Jha said, “Actually we are Dilip Kumar Jha. The campaign started short on time. We can’t spend all our from Patliputra railway station. But it day in this campaign; we have to look has spread to Patna, Arrah, Gaya and after the station security. We are all Rajendra Nagar railway spending whatever off stations as well. duty time we get with One day when Jitendra these kids. As a result, e may don Kumar was informed that the children are seen police the kids around the reading table and singing station area, who are poems on the station uniforms, but supposed to be in schools from 2 to 5 PM. we also have at this age, are picking Gauri, Ramesh, Golu, litter and fighting each Kavita, Moni, Lajwanti, humane hearts other over collecting Preeti, Akbar, Idrish, bottles, he pledged to Sikander, Muhammad start a campaign to instill the importance used to roam around the station area of education among these students. The looking for loose bottles on their back challenge in this case, however, was how but now these kids are coming to here to change the mindset of their parents. to study carrying books on their backs. They have been in this business for Their parents are happy expecting their years. He started on an unconventional kids to educate and succeed in their note. He narrates, “We went to their lives. They enjoy the sight of a policeman colonies with sweets, books and school teaching their kids. They often come uniforms for the kids. They used to fear and hide within the station to see their the police earlier but watching us join child study. Jha tells with gleaming eyes, them, they were thrilled. The kids “We may don police uniforms, but we joined our campaign, forgetting the also have humane hearts.”


22 International

jANUARY 15, 2017

education finland

accepting diversity


Finland is on its way to bring a revolutionary change in its school education system by linking different disciplines and doing away with all subjects

Sfoorti Mishra


o you ever use algebraic expressions or linear and two-variable equations in your day to day life? And not to forget the unending chain reactions in chemistry, adding to the memory baggage of students. Well, Finland’s of education system has a solution to offer The country is the first one to get rid of all subjects learning in the schools. Finland’s education system is considered one of the best in the world. It is consistently placed in the top ranks of Programme for Student Assessment (PISA), a worldwide assessment framework conducted by Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). The country is in the process of reforming its schooling system by introducing an interdisciplinary approach of learning at the senior level -- age of 16 years. There will no longer be any classes in Physics, Maths, Literature, History, or Geography. Students will study events and phenomena in an interdisciplinary format, instead of individual subjects. For example, the Second World War will be understood and analysed from the perspective of history, geography, and math. And, by taking the course

insist upon forced mental feeding and our lessons become a form of torture. This is one of man’s most cruel and wasteful mistakes. We sit inert, like dead specimens of some museum, while lessons are pelted on us from on high, like hail stones on flowers.” It will be slightly premature to pass judgments on the efficacy of this system. There is much nitty-gritty involved. It will be worthwhile to see how teachers’ capacity will be built to equip them with inter-disciplinary pedagogical methods. Curriculum development will also be a point of concern. Countries like France, UK and Canada, and much recently India, have inter-disciplinary courses at the university level. For example, in France several universities offer double diplomas in different, unrelated fields. The US and Canada, provide liberal arts degrees. IITs, BITS, “Working in a Cafe,” (project-based back home provide dual degree in learning in groups) students will different disciplines. Educationist will simultaneously subsume English be keen to examine the idea of starting language, Economics, and improve their interdisciplinary learning before the communication and social skills. university level itself. But no one can deny the fact that Finnish education system lays more emphasis on collective learning and interdisciplinary approach is going to be tends to seek cooperation from other an exciting prospect as it caters to larger requirements of 21 century professional subjects fields as well. However, the idea is centuries old in atmosphere where people are expected some countries, including France and to be multitasking and knowing everything from a lateral Italy, where Renaissance perspective. For example, flourished in the 16th need writing Century. Not to forget orld War II journalists and communication the philosophy of great will be studied skills, along with wide Italian artist and scientist knowledge in many Leonardo Da Vinci who in terms of fields to have an included art and physics, math different aptitude to understand creativity in his scientific and literature and produce the research and included information. An science and rationality in industrial designer will his art that resulted in some of the greatest art and most need creativity, little knowledge of psychology and marketing background astonishing discoveries in history. If we talk about India, similar trends to understand what effect things have on are conspicuous in Rabindra Nath people plus knowledge of material and Tagore’s naturalistic approach to of physics laws to build a nice-looking education. He believed that memorising but viable object. And a city architect all subjects without knowing the ‘why’, needs to know about statistics and data is a torture for children because it kills analysis, technical drawings, sociology learning. He wrote in one of his letters, and psychology, and a few more. Time will only tell the results of such “The schools in our country teach courses which are dull and dry, painful experimental approaches to education. to learn, and useless when learnt. We For now it seems quite fascinating.


TURBANS FOR NYPD COPS NYPD has allowed the Sikh officersSpace to wear for Capturbans and growtionbeard Here


ew York Police Department (NYPD) will now allow Sikh officers to wear turbans and beards marking another milestone for members of that religion, although it restricts the beard size to half-aninch. Announcing the change in uniform and appearance policy, City Police Commissioner James O’Neill said: “We want to make the NYPD as diverse as possible.” Welcoming the change, the Sikh Officers Association tweeted: “This is a proud moment for Sikh Community.” But because of the half-inch beard restriction, the Sikh American Legal Defense and Education Fund, a human rights organisation, appeared to give new policy a qualified welcome. “We look forward to reviewing the policy in depth to ensure that Sikhs can serve with their turbans and beards intact and with no limitations or restrictions to either,” said board member Kavneet Singh. Singh added: “We commend Commissioner O’Neill on this positive step to make the NYPD a fully inclusive department.” Till now Sikh police were allowed to wear only a small head covering, the patka, under their regulation hats or caps. Now they can wear a full turban. “We’ve been working with the Sikh officers to try to make sure we get this done,” O’Neill said after a ceremony for graduating class of the police academy. “I had the opportunity to make the change and I thought it was about time Space forthat Cap-we did that.” A group of Sikh tion officers Here wearing blue turbans with the NYPD badges accompanied O’Neill when he made the announcement. Two Sikhs had earlier received permission to keep their beards but not wear full turbans. O’Neill estimated that there are about 160 Sikhs in the 34,500-strong force of the city.



DIGITAL PAYMENT The Future of Payments




Founder, Sulabh Sanitation & Social Reform Movement

Transfer Funds to another Bank Account

types of POs

Dial *99# from your phone

PhYsical Pos

Physical Card Swiping – PTSN with landline / GPRS enabled

Welcome to NUUP Enter 3 Letters of your bank’s short name or first 4 letters of your bank’s IFSC

Enter Your Option 1. Balance Enquiry 2. Mini Statement 3. Fund Transfer-MMID 4. Fund Transfer-A/c No. 5. Fund Transfer-Aadhar 6. Know MMID 7. Change M-PIN 8. Generate OTP

Enter Beneficiary Mobile No.


types of cards & usage

Phone connected with external POS device through jack / Bluetooth

PrePaid cards

deBit cards

1. Pre-loaded from your bank account 2. Safe to use, limited amount of transaction 3. Can be recharged like mobile recharge

1. Linked to your bank account 2. Used to pay at shops, ATMs, wallets, micro-ATMs and online shopping

ussd based banking Can be used for payments upto Rs 5,000 per day per customer


Phone connected with external POS device through jack / Bluetooth 1. Visit your branch to link mobile number and bank account

2. No need for separate MMID; You will get your Mobile Money Identifier (MMID) and Mobile PIN (MPIN) upon registration; Can be done at ATM or online also

3. Remember your MMID and MPIN

aadhaar enabled


Seed your account with your Aadhar number at bank or with the help of banking correspondent

Step-1: INSTALL BHIM APP and open Step-2: Select Language: English or Hindi Step-3: It will asks for permission, click Allow Step-4: Click on “let’s get started” Step-5: Verify your bank account registered mobile number Step-6: Enter a 4 digit pass-code you just received on your mobile and confirm Step-7: Select the bank account you want to use with this app BHIM APP Download process completes You are all set to send/receive money

You can do Account balance Aadhar to Aadhar fund transfer Cash withdrawal Cash deposit Purchase at Fair Price Shops with AEPS Now you can do many transactions at any AEPS point without any pin or password (AEPS points – Micro ATMs)

Go Cashless India!


UPI based banking

using wallets


start using wallet to make payments

sign-up using mobile

load money using credit card or debit card or internet banking



select bank




consumer downloads the app in smartphone

24 Unsung Heroes

jANUARY 15, 2017

unsunG heroes

realised that the avalanche has slowed, I shouted “RUN”! It was the race against an approaching danger; the run for life at 20000 feet, crampon in foot, crevices all around and one could have tripped into crevices anytime.” Not only did Jamwal’s team survive, they also rescued The army officer, lt Col Ranveer Singh Jamwal has done many casualties. His team was the last the impossible: summitted Mount Everest thrice one to leave the Everest Base Camp after the disaster, ensuring safety of all the ORMER President late tenacity was an innate trait in Jamwal. He survivors. Jamwal’s mountainous jaunts have APJ Abdul Kalam had said worked hard to get into Indian Military once: “Climbing to the top Academy (IMA) and was commissioned made him famous in adventure circuits, demands strength, whether in the Jat Regiment as an officer in but what makes him a true hero is his it is to the top of Mount Everest or 2002. After his mountaineering course passion to serve. He has been involved to the top of your career.” Lieutenant from Indian Army’s prestigious “High in countless rescue expeditions in Colonel Ranveer singh Jamwal has Altitude Warfare school (HAWs)”, Jammu & Kashmir and Uttarakhand. Be it rescue operation shown exemplary strength in climbing Gulmarg, he was posted at Mt Kedar Dome, to the top of at least one of the two there as an instructor. Till mountaineers mentioned above. Not once, not twice, date, he has completed amwal is not where trapped in an avalanche but this army man from Jat Regiment umpteen mountaineering were rescued or saving has scaled Everest thrice till now. expeditions, including just climbing lives of soldiers He had reached the world’s highest the highest peak of south mountains; he is the and civilians in Gurez, peak at 8,848 metres in May 2012 America, Africa, Europe moving many of he has always led from and May 2013. Last year, he again & Australia. But, the the front. His concern achieved the feat with a 14 member one where his tenacity them too for the mountains was Indian Army expedition team. Jamwal was much evident evident when his team has had quite humble beginnings. He was the expedition to cleaned 4000 kg of nonbelongs to Badhori, a small village in Everest in April, 2015. samba district, Jammu and Kashmir. It was then that the earthquake struck biodegradable waste from Everest He joined the Army as a jawan in the in higher reaches of Himalayas and and other camps. In his adventurous Dogra regiment. He could have been resulted in avalanche. Jamwal’s team pursuits, Jamwal is not just climbing one of those numerous jawans who was near Khumbu ice-fall, at a height mountains; he is moving many of retire in non-commissioned ranks. But, of 20,000 feet. He reminisces, “Once I them too.

lt col rs JamWal

the ClIff ClImBer



NEWSMAKERS UsTICE Jagdish singh Khehar Jhas been appointed the 44th

Justice Js khehar

A feArless juDGe

The Justice follows as the CJI just after the tumultous tenure of Justice TS Thakur and is expected to be tough

Chief Justice of India. sixty-fouryear-old Justice Khehar is the first Chief Justice belonging to the sikh community. President Pranab Mukherjee swore him in under oath for confidentiality and the position. Last month the former Chief Justice Ts Thakur recommended appointing supreme Court senior Justice Js Khehar as his replacement. Justice Khehar will have a little more than seven months in his term. He will stay in office till August 7, 2017. In addition to heading the National Judicial Appointments Commission (NJAC) Justice Khehar has also chaired the bench that dismissed president’s rule in Arunachal Pradesh. Justice Khehar also chaired the bench that jailed the sahara chief subrata Roy in the investment fraud in two of his companies. On top of that, he was also a member of the judicial bench that delivered the landmark decision of ‘same work same pay’ for the employees of the unorganized sector like daily wage workers, temporary and contract employees.

anil BaiJal

DelhI’s new mAnDArIn He has also run Indian Airlines, been CEO, Prasar Bharati, and is expected to end the row with Delhi’s AAP government


NIL BAIJAL , a 1969 batch IAs (Retd.) officer has become Lieutenant Governor of Delhi. After

the surprise resignation of former Lt. Governor of Delhi Najeeb Jung this post was lying vacant. 70 years old Baijal is known as wonderful administrative officer. In 2006 he retired as the secretary of Urban Development Ministry. In Atal Bihari’s NDA government, he was Union Home secretary. He had worked successfully as the vice chairman of Delhi Development Authority. He was one of the members of Vivekananda International Foundation’s executive. Prime Minister’s national security adviser Ajit Doval and his principal secretary Nirpendra Mishra were also associated with Vivekananda International Foundation. He served as a diplomat for almost 37 years. Before this he served as Managing Director of Indian Airlines, CEO of Prasar Bharti and many other eminent positions. According to analysts, Baijal’s administrative and diplomatic experience will help to resolve the issues between Chief Minister of Delhi Arvind Kejriwal and central government of BJP.

JanuarY 15, 2017

L I F E untolD storIes

27 four of

the Best


S P A R K L I N G sPeCIAl exClusIvestory

30 mIxeD

BAG for BollywooD

GossIP junCtIon

32 meet

Dr shAh rukh

In the world where we are trying to sneak into their destiny through human astrologers, evidence is mounting that animals, perhaps souls who slipped in their spiritual journeys, are also aligned to cosmic conciousness and can predict the future quite accurately


Satya Datta

H New Year is here and many of us are looking forward with aniticipatory feeling as to what will the year 2017 be like. so we all like to look at the newspapers and books having predictions for 2017 by some famous Astrologers like Bejan Daruwala or Tarot Readers like Maa Prem Usha and all. But in this world apart from the Human Astrologers there are some non human Predictors who are creating great waves. I dedicate this article on them. W h i l e enjoying a trip ctopus to Chowki Dhani in Paul and Rajasthan orangutan with my wife, Geda are I, out of some animal curiosity, put myself in front astrologers of a Parrot Astrologer, I never believed in these things at that time. The green feathered, red beaked creature came out in a regal style of its own and gracely picked up a fortune card for me. It got its reward which it anticipated and swift ly went back to its cage. The reading for me in that card was that soon I will have my own business and quite a few will earn their living through that business. I flashed the bird a a smile


26 strange Story


space. Paul sucked open and put itself inside the box with the German flag. The very after Germany won the match 4 to 1. second, against Argentina. Th is time too Paul backed Germany, and Lo! the team won 4-0. Th ird, match was against spain. It was revenge time for the Germans who had lost to spain earlier in the Euro 2008 Football fi nals. But alas, this time the psychic squid deserted Berlin by sucking out the spanish flag. spain won 1-0, a repeat of the Euro 2008 fi nal. A dissapointing end to Germany’s World Cup dream.

Above Top Left: The cute little Tuah Top Right: A common view in many parts of India. Right: Geda kissing Donald Trump. Previous Page: Psychic Paul

of disbelief, paid it owner the due honouring, and carried on enjoying the scintillating confluence of Chowki Dhani. One thought, for just a nick of time, flashed on my mind, Me in business? No way! I was very happy and satisfied with my high flying job. I started enjoying the camels and the magicians of the Fair. Time passed and my life changed, I did launched my own business and it helped me to serve society by employing people, but I had almost forgotten the sweet litt le parakeet, so ungrateful I was! (Da Kuan Shu, I ask for greatest forgiveness). so, was the litt le bird’s picking up the fortune card for me was a mere coincidence or was the bird in some connection or flow with something higher which can really foresee the future? What exactly happend, what is the real science behind? During our classes in Jyotish Alankar, we were told that birds and animals can foresee many earth events like earthquakes and weather changes. Lots of scientific proof is available on this. Many say that if animals behave strangely, then some natural catastrophe like earthquakes will happen. It is also seen that thousands of birds take off together but they do not collide with each other. The science behind this is that when a bird comes out of the egg and is ready to fly, it gets the flash of geomagnetic frequency embedded in its body. This frequency acts as a guiding mechanism throughout its life. so the birds fly in exactly the same geomagnetic frequency and there is no accident. Just imagine you and I getting this frequency, and there will be no accident! so that means in the

hierarchy of evolution, though birds and animals are lower to humans, but somehow it seems that a Higher Conciousness have blessed them with some intelligence with which they can be on their own and pass their test of evolution to survive in the race of existence. Around the world many stories were heard of many animals and sea creatures who are connected to perhaps some thing more than just Geomagnetic Frequency, and seem to have predicting coming events. Here are some of them.

Clinton were placed in front of him, Geda jumped and kissed the one of Donald Trump and later picked Donald’s plackard. The election results muddled general people and political ananlysts alike and where many big astrologers failed, Geda was bang on 10/10! Th is mystic monkey shot to fame for correctly tipping Portugal to win the Euro 2016 football championship the very last summer.

DEEp SEA clAIRvOyANT Paul the octopus from Germany had a 100 per cent record of predictions in all the German matches in the FIFA MONkEy GEDA TRIUMpHS A monkey named Geda from China World Cup in south Africa, 2012. First was the succesfully football match predicted the bet we en victory of SO WHO ARE THEy Germany and Donald Trump England. in the Us ARE THEy REAlly GIfTED By Two boxes presidentia l SUpERNATURAl pOWERS, OR THEy with the polls, just as ARE SOME fAllEN SOUlS WHO national flags many human of England and astrologers did. lOST THEIR SOUl jOURNEyS TO Germany were Two cutouts of pASS MORE SpIRITUAl TESTS? dipped in his Donald Trump Paul’s aquatic and Hillary

‘ORANGUTANS NEvER lIE’ The cute litt le ape, from shiyanhu Ecological Tourism Park in China, is the latest psychic critter to have gained fame since Paul the Octopus. There is a proverb in China, “Orangutans never lie.” And it may well hold true, at least for Tuah. KUTV, reported that animals at the Hogle Zoo in Utah have correctly predicted the super Bowl championship results for the past eight years. Th is year, a 15-month-old orangutan named Tuah selected the Panthers by tapping a Carolina paper mache helmet. The stats and this monkey are both in favour of the Carolina Panthers to beat the Denver Broncos in super Bowl 50. And this actually happened. Just check out the results! so who all are these amazing creatures. Are they really pshycically gifted by some supernatural powers or are they just some fallen souls who have lost their higher soul journey and are back in the lower echelons of evolution of the spiecies to pass their spiritual test in this Mother Earth, or are they just telling us humans to understand and believe in the higher cosmic conciousness and be one with the same? The debate is on.

jANUARY 15, 2017

Untold Stories


untolD storIes PArt I

The Golden Era

Just imagine the ‘villain’ as a good human being, or Kishore Kumar as a true prankster and Meena Kumari with a golden heart, reminices Ashim Chakravarty meenA kumArI

The Glorious Actress Not arrogance... behind that heavenly beautiful face was a kind considerate lady

N PrAn

Magnanimous ‘Villain’

In real life, he was Sher Khan of ‘Zanjeer’, an apparent villain who had a truly golden heart


RAN KIsHAN sIKAND popularly known as Pran was a magnificent pillar of the film industry. His demise made Bollywood shed tears, especially those who he helped in many ways. some remembered his iconic villain roles, others regarded him as magnanimous gentleman with a heart of gold. The spotboys, lightmen, and almost everyone adored him. An old lightman, Chandan shared an instance with this correspondent. Once Pran went to a programme in Mahalaxmi as Chief Guest, from there he had to go for a shoot in RK studio, Chembur. The technician and others who had to go for the same shooting decided that they will manage to go with Pran. But Pran did not even look at them. He began talking with some familiar lightmen and spotboy while talking to them a spotboy told him that they all are going for the same shooting. Pran realised why they had been loitering and invited them all to his car saying that they will talk on the way. The seniors kept staring at his face. In fact, he asked his assistant to reach by autorickshaw to RK. There are many such instances where Pran’s humility and magnanimity was apparent.

OT just her fine acting, Meena Kumari is also known for her nobility. In the film, Phool Aur Patthar, cinematographer Nariman Irani was shooting a complex scene with Meena Kumari. Meenaji had to speak a few lines leaning back from the railing of the terrace. TIrani had to take this shot from three angles. To edit the shot, his assistant had to stand behind the railing. After completion of the shot he had to come from behind. There was a chance that he might have slipped leading to an accident but fortunately despite re-takes things were fine. Meena ji asked the assistant why is he coming from behind after every shot. The assistant apprised her that if he doesn’t do so he might come in the camera. She immediately went to the railing and peeped down. She got scared after thinking something, she asked about his family members. Irani and director O.P Ralhan were aware of Meena ji’s nature. She immediately told OP Ralhan “This shot is very risky. Please change this shot as this man might get hurt.” The director changed the shot and this time in one take it was done. After the shooting Meena Kumari called that assistant and gave Rs 100 for buying sweets.

kIshore kumAr

Musician Prankster He once shaved off half his moustache to avoid giving time to a director who was not paying him


HE multitalented actor, singer and genius Kishore Kumar and popular Hindi lyricist Shailendra’s friendship was quite unique. Both had altogether different personalities as Kishore did love pranks and Shailendra was a serious person. Many people in the industry were attached to Shailendra including Dev Anand. There is an interesting instance during the song recording of Guide. One day after completion of work Dev Saheb said, “Let’s go for a party.” All of them were elated but Shailendra said that today he would not be able to attend the party as some guests will come to his home. Nobody said a word but Kishore Da had a doubt, he whispered in Dev Saheb’s ears that Shailendra is cooking excuses. Later all of them went to their homes. But Kishore Da secretly followed Shailendra to his house. He reached his house and said, “I was just passing by your house so I thought I’d meet Bhabhiji, kids and your guests.” Shailendra did not say even a word. Tea was served and Kishorda’s banter went on till it got very late. After some time, Shailendra had no option but to ask him to stay for dinner. “I will be glad to eat the delicious meal prepared by Bhabhiji. But at around 1.00 am, Kishore felt pity on his dear friend and said, “Your guests did not come today but next time we will surely meet.” It was certainly a lesson for Shailendra. He knew well what Kishorda could do.

28 Predictions 2017

jANUARY 15, 2017

know your future: Tarot is just not a pick of cards, its more than that. It’s attuning with the cosmic conciousness. Here is a gift of Predictions



(March 21 - April 19)

(April 20 - May 20)

Lucky Number: 1, 9 Best for Marriage: Libra Predictions: First three months of the year brings opportunities, success and progress. Indicates marriage and child birth strongly. Take blessings from feminine energies. The 2nd, 3rd & 4th month of the year brings drastic changes in life for better. Major transformational period. You will experience stability in career, finances, relationships, and partnerships. This period again blesses childbirth. Whatever your heart desires, it shall be granted in the coming months. Projects will move forward finally. Wishes fulfilled. The 6th, 7th and 9th month indicates to slow down. Caution. Don’t jump to conclusions. Put extra efforts to your work & if slacking off. Pull up your sleves before permanent damage is done to your career. If in relationship, this can be a make-up or break-up period. Illness & injury indicated. Go to the roots of physical problem. Take talk therapy. Aries Celebrities Ajay Devgan

A very auspicious year but to invest in projects with great caution

taurus Celebrities Rani Mukherjee

Wish fulfillment year. Bring stability in her life and career

varun dhawan

Lucky Number: 3, 8, 12, 23 Best for Marriage: Sagittarius Predictions: Start of the year brings abundance and fulfillment. New relationship can happen. In spite of this good time, in the first three months you will feel self trapped by fears, insecuities and mental agony. Situation is not that bad. Temporary illness indicated. The 4th, 5th & 6th months bring new opportunities. Will receive unexpected good news. But, read and check every document you sign. Signs of betrayal. Lack of clarity on issues. Hidden health problems arise. But at the end harmony. Birth of child indicated. 7th, 8th & 9th months will be juggling to create balance in your life. Relationship issues. Period of temporary negative emotions. You will soon be stable in life and enjoy success. Indicates promotions. The last three months indicate sudden unexpected mishaps and ill health. Major changes in life. Period of detachment. But soon new beginnings. Time showers material gains. gemini Celebrities

anuksha sharma

Very auspicious year. Will get successfull hits in all your movies

You will buy properties this year. Unexpected wish fulfillment

karan johar

New movies will be great hits in box office. Take care of your health


(June 21 - July 22)

cancer Celebrities

Lucky Number: 1,4,10,13,19 Best for Marriage: Aquarius Predictions: Start of the year brings abundance, prosperity, stability, travel. Pregnancy indicated. The first three months bring positive time period ending restlessness. Conflict at work. Avoid over spending. Be cautious with contracts. Things will come by hard work. The 4th, 5th & 6th month brings a negative emotions. Inability to cope up with relationship issues. A failure and loss of some kind. You will face humiliation and arguments. Seek advice from a spiritual mentor. The 7th, 8th and 9th month finally brings social activities, romance, business expansion, emotional attachments and travel. But maintain caution in all sectors of your life. A legal situation may arise. Past efforts will bring good results. The start of 10th month brings detachment Soon this period ends bring in last two months a very auspicious time. Time of new beginnings and celebrations.

Initiation of new projects.Many opportunities. Apply caution


Will explore a new creativity. Illness indicated. Avoid over spending

Years of more recognition and fame. Take care of legal issues that might arise.

(August 23 - September 22)

leo Celebrities priyanka chopra

sonam kapoor


(July22 - August 22)

Lucky Number: 2,7,11,16,20 Best for Marriage: Capricorn Predictions: 2017 for you starts with warnings. First three months bring stress, ill health. Expenses will be high, there will be financial crunch. Share your responsibilities. The 4th, 5th, & 6th month also indicate time of frustration. Make efforts. A period of self-deception and illusion. But in spite of all this, stability in your life. Direct your energies in the right direction for success. The 7th, 8th & 9th months indicates turning point in life. Problems have been overcome and the goal is in sight. Travel, transfer, change of places or home is indicated. Message of victory, love & romance. Can buy a vehicle. Finally the last three months bring you an auspicious time. Stability in all areas of life. Increase in salary or a promotion. Relationships will get stable and romance may lead to marriage. Purchase of property . Exercise moderation or you may come to regret your expenditures. Birth of a child indicated.

Moving to a new position. Sign of turn for the better in terms of fortune

(May 21 - June 20)

Lucky Number: 2, 4, 6,11,20 Best for Marriage: Scorpio Predictions: Start of the year brings stability and efficiency. The first three months speak of harmony, power, partnerships, overseas travel, success, mutual affinity. Possibilities of reconciliations of broken relationships and a quarrel is resolved. Marriage can happen. Guard against mood swings as this can cause delay in sectors of your life. The 4th, 5th & 6th month indicates that current tensions will soon be resolved. Unhappy relationships will improve; financial problems will get over bringing prosperity & new goals suggest new career & business with foreign travel. Time of transition, enjoying such good time can make you fall into temptations, addiction and unethical behavior. Sometimes you can be in a situation of being trapped. Obstacles will come up but a women will come to your aid as a helping hand for you to come out of this situation. Be careful, Illness indicated on the card.


ranveer singh


Lucky Number: 5, 14, 23, 32 Best for Marriage: Pisces Predictions: New Year starts with balance in your life. If someone is interested in you give him a chance. This relationship could be just what you are looking for. The 4th 5th and 6th month indicates restlessness and demands efforts as you will face challenges. Competition at work. Give space to your partner. These are temporary. Soon you will enjoy abundance. Money will be available and new opportunities will knock. Pregnancy indicated. The 7th 8th and 9th month warns you to be sincere in your work and relationship. Expenses will be very high but money still would be flowing to you. A destructive situation is over. Period indicates lots of travel with business signals new blessings. The last three months indicate obstacles and disputes in all areas of your life. Brings delays. Soon and prosperity. You shall buy a property. Caution. Do not behave aggressively. virgo Celebrities

sanjay Dutt Year of multiple experiences, abundance, stability, good messages

akshay kumar

You have power for action. Direct energies in right direction

kareena kapoor

Unexpected good news. Indicates of fullfilment and prosperity

jANUARY 15, 2017

Predictions 2017


predictions 2017 for you in you health, relationship and finance and other aspects of your life. Get guided! By Sandhya Ahuja libra


(September 23 - October 22) Lucky Number: 2,51,60 Best for Marriage: Aries Predictions: New Year starts bringing an opportunity to expand your effectiveness. Financial prosperity and stability come. Soon conflicts at work. Expect some negative messages. If single, go out and mingle. But conflicts in relationships. 4th, 5th & 6th month indicates you juggling with options which make you indecisive. Investment suggested. Lucky time. Marriage can happen. Pregnancy indicated. True love would come your way. People to be more attracted towards you. The 7th, 8th & 9th month depicts a period of betrayalillness & injury. Reversal of fortune. Health can be a major point to be considered. Things will not be moving in your life. The last three months bring confusions, tensions and problems. Do not remain blind folded. You could be the victim of someone’s evil intensions. This destructive situation could get over very soon and there will be new beginnings after a loss. libra Celebrities amitabh bachchan

Take extra care of your health. Your long-time desire may be fulfilled


Pople to get more attracted. Detachment, loneliness may haunt you

(December 22 - January 19) Lucky Number: 1, 4, 8,10,13,17 Best for Marriage: Cancer Predictions: Till now whatever tensions you were carrying in the life may see a turnaround. The relationships for which you were not so happy will improve. Wishes will be fulfilled. Financial gains may give you some extra surprise in life. A stable relationship is possible. For many family way, Pregnancy or child birth is indicated. Some power struggles may be witnessed. Some period of dillusionment may be there. Travel, transfer, change of place or home is indicated. The 7th, 8th & 9th month brings message of love. Opportunities abound. Loss of belongings. Foreign travel or business. Gearing towards new career or new beginnings. Guard against spoken words. In the last three months life would seem slow with less excitement. Success in career, exams, business or personal plans. Guard against your mood swings. Follow your intuition durting the time of disappointments that you may face. capricorn Celebrities Overall a good year. Promises more rewards and recognition

(October 23 - November 21) Lucky Number: 9,18,27,36 Best for Marriage: Taurus Predictions: New year brings growth and business expansions but with lot of complex responsibilities. Share your responsibilities. This is an motionally turbulent period. Facing stressful relationships. Trying to create balance. The 4th, 5th and 6th month brings good news of the beginning of all good things - love, beauty, care, health and joy. Marriage can happen. Inheritance is indicated. Things will now not be as bad as you fear. The 7th, 8th & 9th month are auspicious period. Destiny favours you. Business and relationships will both prosper. Time for recognition. Good chances for exports. A very spiritual and ‘Karmically’ oriented time. The last three months bring grief or setback. Will face a dominating relationship. Health issues related to heart. Feeling of detachment and loneliness. But will still bring new creative ventures. A new career, business or a major change in life style. scorpio Celebrities


deepika padukone


hrithik roshan

Your dreams to come true. You will reap rewards of your efforts

aishwarya rai Avoid hasty decisions. New opportunities with rewards

shah rukh khan

A year of more recognition. Good fortune period. Share your success

arjun rampal

diya mirza

A year of mixed emotions. Brings recognition ain abundance

You will explore new business ventures. Your work will get recognition


(January 20 - February 18) Lucky Number: 4,8,13,17,22 Best for Marriage: Leo Predictions: Start of the year opens new career, business & stability in all sectors of life. Money will be available. Hard work indicated. A temporary phase of clashes, loss & humiliation. Take it easy. Take care of your health. Don’t overload yourself with too much t work. The 4th, 5th & 6th month brings reunion and harmony. Quarrel resolved. Marriage can happen. Birth of a child indicated. Lot of movement in this period. Gearing up to explore new horizons. The 7th, 8th & 9th month indicates a radical change, re-birth, renewal and transformation. End of past & beginning of something better. Pregnancy indicated. Marriage can happen. Leave your dictatorship or else you will have to suffer a setback. Growth in business & love relations. The last three months indicates fresh proposals, unexpected good news, and abundance. You will reach a peak time of your success in your life. Aquarius Celebrities Very stable time this year. Share responsibilities. Be careful for Health

Lucky Number: 3,12,21,30 Best for Marriage: Gemini Predictions: Start of the year brings delay in financial gains. Mental restlessness. Give some space in your relationship. But soon prosperity. New career and a major change in life style. The 4th, 5th & 6th month indicates pleasure, abundance money. Do not remain blindfolded. Current plans and projects comes to a halt. Sudden unexpected mishap. Take care of health and finances. Break period for relationships. You feel restricted. Seek advice from spiritual mentor. In the 7th, 8th and 9th month, business and your personal life appears to be stable. But a period of frustration lingers on bringing betrayal. Health issues are on a peak point. The last 3 months bring a very positive time in your life. This for you is a period of success, victory, honour, promotion, public acclaim much awaited reward. Marriage can happen. Legal triumphs. Money will be available to you. Stability in all sectors of your life. sagittarius Celebrities


jackie shroff

(November 22 - December 21)

preity zinta Overall a promising year. Relations would move more towards positivity

(February 19 - March 20) Lucky Number: 3, 7, 12, 16 Best for Marriage: Virgo Predictions: New Year starts with starts with indications of a very auspicious time. Abundance, fertility, expansion and fulfillment. Indicates balance in love. Reunions. Partnerships in business. Money & opportunities. Marriage can happen. The 4th, 5th & 6th month indicates business success. Nothing seems impossible. Indicates marriage and childbirth. You would be about to fall in love. But don’t be over-confident as there is slight sign of unpleasant results. Professional advancement. The 7th, 8th & 9th month says destiny completely favours you. Success & a high self esteem. A shift of fortune. Time to reap rewards but take care of your health. Emotional disturbances can be there. Shows possessiveness towards material world. Do some charity. Sign of illness or injury. The last three months indicate opposition in all sectors of life. Views differ. Arguments arise. Struggle continues. pisces Celebrities aamir khan Destiny favours you. Success and many opportunities abound

kangana ranaut

A very promising year. A shift of fortune. New relationship

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Team Dangal: The film is still seeing a dream run at the box office all across

Akshay is sure to prosper with his three films, Jolly LLB 2, Crack and Toilet...

movIes uPcoming

Mixed Bag for The year is likely to see many hits and jingling cash boxes, but there will be some let-downs, especially one for Kangna, and for sure, Shahrukh has lost it, writes Ashim Chakravarty


LTHOUGH the year 2016 started with high hopes but overall it turned out to be disappointing one for Bollywood box office say trade gurus pointing on 150 movies as most of them were far behind the expectation. But each year brings a new hope and this year will also see ample of movies which invigorates scintilla of hope and fill the lacunae of last year. Here comes a short assessment of the year 2017 upcoming movies with big

names, stardom and to cap it all great expectations aligned with it. Dangal Dangal’s revelry doesn’t seem to die anytime soon. In the last month of 2016 that didn’t see the Indian box office at its best, came the film that trade experts say pretty much turned the game around. Aamir Khan’s biographical sports drama Dangal’s effect will be more apparent this year. Like other successful movies of Aamir

Khan, Dangal will do laudable business. According to trade expert Komal Mehta if there will be no hurdle Dangal could be fastest 400 crore earner in Indian film history. since last two years there is no apprehension around the earning of Aamir’s movies. As of now there is good news for Aamir’s fans as in the month of August his home production secret superstar will be released. Aamir will be seen playing the role of a musician as the movie is a musical drama.

salman on tHe roll salman Khan will have a wonderful year as there is ample hope with his two upcoming movies. Meanwhile, the actor has Kabir Khan’s war drama Tubelight up for release in June. Chinese actor and singer Zhu Zhu will be playing salman’s heroine. This film is based on sino Indian war. Another movie is Tiger Zinda Hai released on New Year Eve. This is sequel of Ek Tha Tiger released in 2012. But this time his co-star will be Katrina Kaif. There


jANUARY 15, 2017

In Tubelight, Chinese actress Zhu Zhu will be lighting up the screen with Salman

is an entry of another heroine in the movie too. As per trade experts the rights of these movies were sold at huge cost that ultimately indicates that this year salman will be climbing the ladder of success. aKsHaY’s WisDom Just like previous year three of Akshay’s movies will be released. Airlift, Rustam, Houseful 3 were hits last year. This year also his film Jolly LLB 2, Toilet Ek Prem Katha 2.0 and Crack will be released. Trade expert Amod Mehra says, not only Akshay’s stardom if we look at the budget it is apparent that not even a single film will be at loss, all kudos to Akshay. since past few years he is very particular about choosing his films. He is once again collaborating with Neeraj Pandey his favourite director. The movie Crack will be indispensable for Akshay. In same way, Jolly LLB 2 to be released in February and Toilet Ek Prem Katha in June has different subject. 2.0 is a movie to be released in October. With special role of Rajnikant Akshay is performing as a villain in this movie. Trade experts say this year will be remarkable for Akshay. ranvir runaWaY Hit since three years Ranveer singh is not seen in more than two movies in a year. Last year his only film was Befikre. As per the budget of this movie Rs 60 crore was enough.

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Bhansali’s Padmavati, with Deepika and the macho Ranveer, is sure to do well

Padmavati of Bhansali released in November can be a new turn for Ranveer. The stardom of Ranveer will get a boost.

anusHKa FlYing HigH The actress tasted back to back success with sultan and Ae Dil Hai Mushkil. This year in the month of March Home production movie Phillauri and Imtiaz Ali’s Ring she has to retain her success. However, she is quite behind when it comes to charging fees.

sHaHruKH’s revival tougH Last year Fans and Dear Zindagi had to face the bitter truth. Trade experts believe that it will be tough for his movies to reach the Rs 100 Kangna Far beHinD Last year there crore club. Raees, to was not even a be released in January, single movie is seen in the same of Kangna. way. similar is tHougH tHere Will This year in predicted about Imtiaz Ali’s ‘The be ups anD DoWns, the month of she Ring’ to be released WHat is clear tHat February will be seen in August. By now botH sHaHruKH anD in Vishal one thing is for sure, that Katrina Have lost B h a r d w a j ’s Rangoon and shahrukh has lost tHeir Fans H a n s a l his glory that makes Mehta’s us reckon Rajesh simran. The Khanna’s journey. audiences are DeepiKa’s paDmavati not much enthralled about seeing the This New Year Deepika will remain top movie of both the directors. But most actress as her charisma will be certainly these two films will be manifest in her Hollywood debut XXX: milestone in Kangna’s acting career. Return of the Xander Age. Besides, she will be doing well in Bollywood too. priYanKa a branD The 20 crore business proved that Priyanka has gained a brand value after working in Hollywood movies. But it Padmavati will be her trump card. she is doing a challenging role of seems she is ignoring Bollywood Rani Padmavati, the fabled Rajput movies. Last year after Prakash Jha’s Queen of King Ratan sen of Chittor. In Jai Gangajal she was not seen in any this movie each advertisement will other movie. The sources say that soon she will make a Hindi film under her cost Rs 20 crore.

banner in which she will play a leading role. However, she earns good money through advertisements and Hollywood assignments. Kat & ranbir’s craZe over Last year’s major flop movies Fitoor and Baar Baar Dekho the actress Katrina Kaif has seen a major loss. Ranbir Kapoor’s Jagga Jasoos with Katrina is to be released in April this year and Ayan Mukerji’s Dragon will released in the end of year. Last year Ranbir’s Aye Dil Hai Mushkil somehow revived his lost glory. But most the critics believe that such movies won’t work for her. aJaY anD HritHiK Ashutosh Gowarikar’s much touted Mohenjo Daro, with Hrithik as the protagonist had a poor showing at the box office so this year Kabil, the story of two blind lovers, directed by sanjay Gupta, and which has will be a big challenge for Hrithik. On the other hand Ajay Devgan in Milan Luthria’s film Badshaho will be a big craze among people. No doubt both Hrithik and Ajay have their own stardom that draws audiences to them but it will not be fair to expect the same from heroes like like Varun Dhawan, siddharth Malhotra who have just begin their career. In this scenario it will only be fair to expect from Aamir, Deepika, salman, Akshay, Anushka, Kangna R anaut and Ranveer.



jANUARY 15, 2017

fairytales for Aashka


kaka at tussaud’s Madame Tussaud’s is setting up a permanent display museum of its famous wax creations at New Delhi. It will be the first Madame Tussaud’s wax museum in India. So late Bollywood heartthrob RAJESH KHANNA’S fans have petitioned for his wax figure at the Madame Tussaud’s.The petition says: “Rajesh Khanna made an outstanding contribution and impact on Indian cinema. It is imperative that today’s generation and generations to come know the part he played in the history of Indian cinema.” Rajesh Khanna acted in 163 feature films, out of which he was.

stellar modelling! Madonna’s daughter LOURDES LEON has made her modelling debut. She posed for her mother’s friend Stella McCartney. The 19-year-old, who has spent much of her life shying away from the public eye, agreed to take part in McCartney’s latest campaign for her new perfume - Pop. The positivity campaign, which promotes selfacceptance and positive mutual support, is a conscious counterbalance to the potentially negative world of social media.

Noted TV star AASHKA GORADIA who is seen in Nagin these days, is engaged to her American beau Brent Goble. She revealed about her engagement on social networking site. The couple got engaged when Aashka was celebrating Christmas in Breckenridge, Colorado, US, with Brent’s family.”Nothing but happy tears. Brent G, thank you for making me believe in fairytales. Found my prince. I love you. Best moment ever. Irreplaceable and priceless,” she captioned the image on Instagra.

khloe’s 200 Goggles Reality TV personality KHLOE KARDASHIAN’S addictions are always talk of the town. Now she is obsessed with sunglasses and owns 200 of them. In a new video shared on her app, the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star, while wearing a pair of Grey Ant glasses, reveals that she owns over 200 pairs of sunglasses and shares how she organises her massive collection of eyewear. Using flat cases found on Amazon, the 32-year-old has everything sorted out by specific styles like aviators, cat-eye and square-shaped lenses.

Dr shahrukh… Bollywood Badshah SHAHRUKH KHAN received an honorary doctorate from Maulana Azad National Urdu University for his extraordinary contribution in promotion of the Urdu language and culture through his films.Shahrukh dedicated this honour to his parents. He said they would have been happy to see the moment, especially since he was receiving the honour in the birthplace of his mother, Hyderabad. He said that his father spoke beautiful Urdu and Persian. “Whatever little knowledge I have about how to speak Urdu it is because of him,” he acknowledged.

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