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biography Cause every dog will bite when tails light up...

Neufchâtel was spawned from the guts of Nelson Beumer NL/DE/BE

(guitar,lead vocal). Later joined by Colin Leroux FR/BE (guitar), David Temprano SP/BE (drums) and, the last victim, Man Nokowtow FR/BE (bass) to add a bit of thump and ‘shirtlessness’ to an already well synched rock clique. After many nights in ‘Brussels HQ ‘(Rue de Neufchâtel, St. Gilles), they managed to skillfully blend musical influences from miscellaneous genres including alty, metally-grunge, some raw noise and an occasional tab of LSD. In one listen you can hear so many influences form the ‘rock of underground history’ that it would bore you to list all. Neufchâtel has now played many gigs in and around Brussels and deep in the heart of Flanders (despite the FR name) including, among others, Het Kampionschap van Brussel and Maanrockrally. Fully geared or acoustically bare now and then -which says that even broken down to basics the sound still comes around. The first single “Peckfeck” (2011) and full demo including ”Gypsy” and “Cellar of Perfection” (2012) are down to date. They now released a 4-song EP “Glossolalia” (01/2014) which during its gestation period, has been surprising you with weekly video releases supporting and enhancing the experiences. Now we come to you, on stage, backing it up... live. Michel Preumont, concert critic from Brussels writes about the last gig in the KultuurKaffee (17/10/13) : “Ce jeune band a pas mal d’ atouts en main pour devenir énorme.(..) Le frontman, Nelson, est doté d’un timbre pas banal et dégage une forte aura attirant l’attention du public.(..) Les guitares te lacèrent le cerveau sur fond rythmique musclé.(..) Ce qui ne gâte rien, les gamins ne sont pas du style statique, ça remue sur scène!” ( That is French for:


is coming, ‘maak je borst maar nat’.

History Neufchâtel - Glossolalia EP - Soundcloud

(recorded in DADA Studios, Brussel) Concerts:

-Humo’s Rock Rally 2012 (1st concert) -Rock Classic Brussel -Live Music Cafe Brussel -Maanrockrally 2013 -Under Tower Festival, T.A.G. city -Het Kampioenschap van Brussel 2013 -Rock Classic Brussels January 31, 2014 with Mercelis -Corner Café Brussels March 7, 2014

Links Mental FM Brussel interview + airplay : van_brussel.aspx

Review in Kultuur kafe (Kampioenschap) ussel-voorronde-4-kultuurkaffee-vub-campus-etterbeek-le-17-octob-12 0672611.html VidĂŠo clips Gipsy EP Intro 1-Shadow Chase 2-Void 3-Internal monologue VantytQ 4-Pegasus Soon to be released



Be what you are, don’t let them out, keep to the script, love is a trip Just by yourself, get it move on, pain is a train, go in the deep

Neufchâtel Biography  
Neufchâtel Biography  

A complete biography of the Brussels based rock band. Complete with history, description, downloadable photos and links.