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Leadership Development Solutions

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Peer Coaching

Studies indicate the “dearth of leaders at all levels in the corporate world”. Peer Coaching India provides the perfect solution as it lays down the foundation for

leadership development at all levels of the organization.

Our Core Objective is to widen and strengthen an organization’s leadership base as our

potential leaders accept more challenging and senior roles.

Our Learning & Development solutions are built around the following key areas: • Managers learning to Coach their team members • Peers at work Coaching each other on real-time challenges • Peer Group members Coaching in group settings • Coach-led Peer Group Coaching before they learn to be self-sufficient • Essential Coach Competencies as laid out by International Coach Federation • Executive Coaching for Executives for Professional and Personal Growth


Manager as a Coach

Managers have lasting impact on subordinates. While lines of authority are essential, an important aspect of a manager’s job is people development.

Managers learn to plug their preferential managerial styles with Coaching essentials like Being non-judgmental, Being Present, Active Listening and Asking Powerful

Questions, to name a few and experience the positive impact these create. They also learn to use Coaching- based Goal Setting, Planning, Commitment & Accountability

around Performace Evaluation processes and increase self-awareness and ownership among subordinates.

The Managers learn to use Human Values as Tools for Coaching effectiveness. This learning intervention has the potential to bring the following changes at workplace as Managers learn to :

• Challenge as against Threaten their Team-members’ Comfort- zones • Future Orientation rather than past • Encourage reflective practices for better decision making • Encourage solution generation rather than providing solutions • Create ownership culture • Higher level of trust at workplace

• Higher EQ among manager-subordinate relationships • Provide for Honest & Open Communication Channels

• Bring increased Focus on Commitment & Accountability on Goals.


Peer Coaching

In Peer Coaching “Everyone is a Coach and Everyone gets a Coach” It accelerates personal growth of all high-potential & emerging leaders and is the

most cost- effective way to provide quality coaching. It widens and strengthens an organization’s leadership base and adds huge value as the leaders accept more challenging and senior roles.

Peer Coaching provides for a conducive environment for honest, open hearted and genuine discussions about what is of interest to leaders, what their values are and

what will bring out the best in them. It offers opportunities for them to think, reflect and self-discover what is important to them. Most coaching discussions bring forth what may be holding these executives back in reaching their full potential. A few benefits of Peer-Coaching are: • Higher level of trust at workplace • Higher EQ among peers

• Honest and Open communication • Culture of comradeship as against being competitive • Inclusive decision making • Higher productivity • Being solution oriented

• • Higher clarity at work • Fewer Conflicts

• Higher sense of awareness • Openness to change

• Better work/life balance • Shared responsibility of People development with Managers


Peer Group Coaching

Peer Coaching Groups are set up with executives from cross functional teams. It is normally a group of 4-5 executives who meet periodically to coach in groups on

individual or common challenges. Each member gets equal time to address a current priority or a goal which is facilitated by other members by posing generative questions, supportive challenges and mentoring, if required.

Intructor- led Peer Group Coaching is facilitated by an experienced Coach for a group that is learning the Coaching process. The group starts with a brief training about selecting priorities, being coached and coaching others. Members agree to abide by Coaching standards and ethics like Setting the agenda, Ground rules, Confidentiality, Conflict of Interest and so on.

A few benefits of Peer Group Coaching at workplace are: • Cost effective solution to guarantee transfer of learning • Practical method to address workplace related issues in real-world environment • Access to a confidential network of peers outside their functional roles • Matched timings for Group Coaching schedules. • Individualized attention to Priorities and Goals • Self-designed, customized plans for learning and actions.

• Skill development on reflection and inquiry for continuous learning. • Opportunity to address day-to- day leadership challenges

• Breaks Silos within organisations • Executives get attuned to others’ challenges & encourage focus on others

Contact :; 91-9810205483, 0120-4372151


Executive Coaching

“Every successful person has/had a Coach.” “To discover what is holding you back you must have a Coach” Executive Coaching is essentially a three-way partnership between the Coach, the

Client and the sponsor organisation. It is an organizational intervention and is normally conducted within the context of the organization’s goals and objectives.

Executive Coaching is conducted through one- on-one and/or group interactions, the

background to which is essentially a Goal set out by the executive and/or the sponsor organisation. Many companies use a 360 degree feedback or an equally reliable tool to arrive at what could be the context for executive Coaching.

Senior Executives are brilliant leaders with potential to head and drive large

organisations even during challenging times. They need a sounding board to bounceoff ideas, someone who they can trust, who can challenge their thinking and help

them reflect on issues and challenges. Coaching conversations bring insights that fuel results and provide solutions. A Coach helps an executive stretch his/her boundaries or self-limiting beliefs in a manner that is not possible in the absence of a Coach. A few benefts of Executive Coaching are: • Builds self-Awareness • Explores Strengths, Self-belief and Confidence

• Helps Connect with Values • Identify Roadblocks such as Fears, Self-Limiting Beliefs • Brings Clarity around Goals • Facilitates Constructive Feedback

• Reduces Stress & Improves Work-Life Balance • Openness towards Change • Bilateral thinking and Decision making • Encourages Reflective practices


About us

Peer Group Coaching

Peer Coaching India is an initiative to introduce Leadership development through Coaching to the Mid-level-management Executives. It has been set-up by Professionally Qualified Executive Coach, Sukhvinder Mishra who has about two decades of Corporate experience. She is an Learning and Development profesional, an Author and Practioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming. Though our Corporate office is in Delhi-NCR, we have a network of Coaches in Pune, Mumbai, Hydrabad and Bangalore. Methodology Our Coaching solutions involve Needs Assessment jointly done by our Coach/es and the Client. The completion of Coaching project goes through many phases starting with Contracting and ending with ROI analysis. Code of Ethics and Standards Our Coaching Practices abide by ICF Coaching Ethics and Standards. We promise Confidentiality and Privacy in our dealing with Clients. We undertake Coaching asignments based on Coaching Agreement and Results.

Contact :; 91-9810205483, 0120-4372151


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Coaching services Brochure  

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