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TIME IS PRESSING! The rental agreement (for the current children’s home) was recently terminated by the house owner. The 80 children will be forced to move in 2017. Building a new home for these children now becomes an urgent necessity so that they may have a permanent, safe and stable place.... a Shangrila Home. That way we can avoid similar situations in the future.Â

80 children, marked at a very young age by a hopeless life: alone and neglected, traumatized or addicted‌ Words that we, in our society, would never associate with children.


Kathmandu, Nepal.

Since 1995 Kids Shangrila Home Nepal offers these children a shelter in a former hotel where they receive the warmth, stability and love that every child is entitled to. This Belgian project in Nepal is supported by the npo Shangrila Home Antwerp who provides financial support for daily needs. The npo Sukhi Home in Louvain, founded in 2011, takes care of financial support for a new building. The need for a new, ecological and earthquake resistant building is substantial. The overall cost of the rented building is high and untenable in the long term. Moreover, Kathmandu is situated on a fault line and the possibility of an earthquake is real. With this building project the npo SUKHI HOME, established by Catherine Maes, ensures the future of the current and future Shangrila Kids.

Sukhi Home is building for Kids Shangrila Home

npo Shangrila Home Antwerp takes care of the daily maintenance of Kids Shangrila Home Nepal. For more info :

Kids Shangrila Home Nepal Kids house managed by Wim De Becker and Dinesh Bhandari


SHANGRILA HOME NEPAL Shangrila Home Nepal in Kathmandu provides a shelter for these children and gives them the warmth and love every child is entitled to.


The goal of Shangrila Home is: To help disadvantaged children by offering them a home where their basic needs are met, necessary for their further development: a nest, adequate food, medical care, education, etc. ‌

But there is more! Shangrila Home wants to provide more than urgent help, they also want to give the children a future so that they can stand on their own two legs and to take charge of their own lives as full human beings. By providing an education for these children, the person as well as the local community can benefit.

Kids in Shangrila Home with Wim De Becker, manager.




Street children, abandoned and often addicted , for example to sniffing glue. (photos by Kris Van Excel)

THE NEEDS Shangrila Home faces a number of challenges, the most important of which at this moment is accommodation. Today, Shangrila Home occupies a rented building. It is old and does no longer meet the actual needs. Moreover, Kathmandu is situated on a fault line and the possibility of an earthquake is real. The building is not earthquake resistant, what if it collapses? There is an urgent need for a new and adequate construction.

Together we can solve this problem!


The rented house which is not earthquake resistant.


The plot surrounded by the 80 Shangrila Kids.


First phase Thanks to the cooperation of all our sponsors and the proceeds of several activities, we already purchased a building plot in the village Sankhu, at sixteen km from Kathmandu. To realise a dream for so many abandoned children. A dream they never had, but can now cherish. A dream they can live for real. That’s why the npo “Sukhi Home” was established. Sukhi Home is looking for funds to finance the construction of a building where children can find a safe home.


Shangrila Kids with Wim De Becker and Dinesh Bhandari, responsible for the children’s home in Kathmandu.

Second phase The Ama Ghar project in Nepal was established in 2010. This initiative inspired us to create a pleasant home for our children. A visit to the project Ama Ghar in Godavari, at 15 km from Kathmandu, convinced us that this type of children’s home is ideal for the Shangrila Kids. The American Bonnie Ellison, responsible for Ama Ghar, shares all her experiences with Sukhi Home. Now we have to build!

THE NEW HOME IS IDEAL FOR CHILDREN: Earthquake resistant Ecological • Natural resources: solar panels, biogas • Use of local natural materials, avoiding the need to use plaster or paint • Capture of rain water Simple and practical • A minimalistic approach respecting Nepalese architecture

CONSTRUCTION: The Nepalese architects Pawan and Prabita Shrestha have drawn up the plans. The construction team is ready to start. This building project provides employment in a developing country whereby Sukhi Home contributes to the local economy. We intend to start the works in 2015, the year when Shangrila Home Nepal celebrates its twentieth anniversary. But before that, we still need a lot of support.

• Practical in maintenance • Spacious

A home where every child feels at home!


The Shangrila Home children deserve this!



VIRTUAL VISIT A virtual visit to the children’s home on our website shall undoubtedly inspire you to sponsor this project. Each item is priced according to everyone’s budget.



YOUR SUPPORT If this appeals to you, please know that all help – no matter how modest – is very welcome. If you wish to commit yourself together with us, we propose you to become one of the supporting sponsors of Sukhi Home. For example: if you finance one child’s room, this room will be given your name or that of your organization You can actually do a lot to help us succeed this project. In doing so, you will get to know and leave your mark on a “new world”, one that welcomes you and which you will never forget. A world that is only one “click” away. Together we make the difference. If you are interested, I will answer with great pleasure any questions you might have, and present our project in which you can participate as a partner. Thank you very much for your attention.

Namasté! - Kind Regards,

Catherine Maes Chairwoman npo Sukhi Home

Without tax certificate for payments from abroad



On the account of npo SUKHI HOME IBAN: BE 90 9730 2935 2032 BIC: ARS PBE 22 (ARGENTA) On behalf of npo SUKHI HOME, Please mention: ”Building Project”

PAYPAL : donations with credit card (

With tax certificate for payments from Belgium and the Netherlands On the account of npo SHANGRILA HOME in Belgium: IBAN: BE 89 0882 2234 2785 BIC: GKCC BE BB (BELFIUS) in The Netherlands: IBAN: NL 23 ABNA 058 18 19 144 BIC: ABNANL2A (ABN Amro) On behalf of npo SHANGRILA HOME, Please mention: ”Building Project”  For all donations above 40€/year, a tax certificate will be issued by npo Shangrila Home in Belgium

As soon as we collect the necessary amount to build, the money will be used to finance the construction of the new children’s home in Nepal.


Sukhi Home Belgium Mgr Van Waeyenberghlaan 54 B204 - 3000 Leuven 0032 (0) 16 74 75 29 0032 (0) 478 34 20 29

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