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6 Months/Weeks Summer Training on Dot Net


Java PHP

6 week summer training Are you looking for an opportunity to do your 6 weeks summer Training in IT Company And IT training & development Centers offer Industrial Training Program on different technologies. SSDN Technologies will provide you an opportunity to work with the team of Software Developers, under the guidance of project managers.

The training includes both class room training and once you learn the language and database, you will put on the project

List of Available Training Programs  6 Months/weeks PHP Training with Live Project

 6 Months/Week Dot Net with Live Project

 6 Months/Week C language Training with Live Project  6 Months/Week Java Programming Training with Live Project Call us at 0124-4018080 / +91-9999509970

Training on JAVA What is Java ? An Object oriented programming language developed in the early „90s. The language itself takes much of its syntax from C and C++ but has a simpler object model and eliminates low-level tools. It is platform independent. Early implementations of Java had the slogan: “write once, run anywhere” It has a system of automatic memory management. Call us at 0124-4018080 / +91-9999509970

10 Reasons to learn Java          

Java is Easy to learn Java is an Object Oriented Programming Language Java has Rich API Powerful development tools e.g. Eclipse , Netbeans Great collection of Open Source libraries Wonderful community support Java is FREE Excellent documentation support – Javadocs Java is Platform Independent Java is Everywhere

Call us at 0124-4018080 / +91-9999509970

Training on Dot Net SSDN Technologies provides certification training Institute in all the Dot Net related topics/Framework, like:

        

ASP.Net Ado.NET C# SQL Server 2008/2012 WCF WPF LINQ MVC 4.0 Entity Framework

Call us at 0124-4018080 / +91-9999509970

Why learn Dot Net ??  ASP.Net allows programmers to create dynamic websites, web services and applications  ASP.Net is a web technology for generating web content.  ASP.Net, allow you to program in any language you choose, but has compilers for many different languages that generates a platform specific code.

Call us at 0124-4018080 / +91-9999509970

Training on PHP PHP is specialized programming language mainly focusing on web development featuring all the advance technologies for dynamic web application like e-commerce, discussion forums, portals and blog development. PHP is most popular development environment among various parallel technologies i.e. JSP(Oracle), ASP(Microsoft) as it is Open Source, thus no license agreement fee required to start developing with PHP and one of greatest advantage is Database tool MySQL is also Open Source which is strongly interrelated with PHP. And all powerful development tools and plugin available are free and open source.

Call us at 0124-4018080 / +91-9999509970

Why learn PHP ?? 1) Works Great with HTML - PHP and HTML are interchangeable within the page! While PHP might add some new features to your site 2) Interactive Features - PHP allows you to interact with your visitors in ways HTML alone can't. This can mean simple things like e-mail forms, or more elaborate things like shopping carts 3) Easy to Learn - PHP is a lot easier to get started with than you might think. By learning just a few simple functions, you are able to do a lot of things with your website

Call us at 0124-4018080 / +91-9999509970

Eligibility criteria

1. Pursing B Tech / MCA / Msc final year 2. Knowledge of Basic programming knowledge (Any language)

Training Duration Months/Weeks

Call us at 0124-4018080 / +91-9999509970

Training Include 1. 2. 3. 4.

2 weeks core programming concepts training You will be divided into teams and projects will be assigned. You will be starting with easier projects. Final project will be complex and will need to b completed in 2 months 5. For each project - you will be provided 1. Prerequisites of project 2. Study material related to project 3. SRS of project 6. Side by side - you will be going through all other topics. 7. To make sure that all students are placed after training, Placement Assistance will be started within the training period and not after its completion. Call us at 0124-4018080 / +91-9999509970

Benefits of Training

1. Increases Employability of the student 2. Working on Live Projects so real life problems are faced 3. Knowledge of 3rd party tools and integrated development environments is imparted 4. Working on latest technologies rather than old techniques Increase performance and capability. 5. Student gets a feel of corporate culture

Call us at 0124-4018080 / +91-9999509970

Benefits and Goals of Summer Training

Call us at 0124-4018080 / +91-9999509970

Summer Training pre-requisite        

Professional work Ethics Dedication Integrity High Standards Team work Punctuality Meeting deadlines Enthusiasm

Call us at 0124-4018080 / +91-9999509970

Call us at 0124-4018080 / +91-9999509970

6 weeks summer training Dot Net Java PHP  
6 weeks summer training Dot Net Java PHP  

SSDN Technologies offers best 6 week live project based summer training in Java PHP Dot Net in Delhi NCR, gurgaon.6 week Java summer trainin...