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Hearing the Heartbeat of the father


Simona Caba • P.O.Box 67, Beira, Mozambique •

May • 2012


ear friends,

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e are aware that God’s greatest desire is to know us more: closer and deeper. We have to surrender all to let Him know us. The more we meet to seek Him, the more the Gospel will be spread in power, changing lives wherever it goes. We find ourselves many times dry and empty, trying to accomplish so much and laboring to push doors that only God can open – all with a lot of human effort, forgetting that God can do more in one day than we can accomplish in 10 years. But it will happen only if we return to prayer. It is then when we receive His direction, strength and wisdom in abundance for everyday projects, challenges and needs. As we are together, running with the same vision, having the same goal: to see God’s Kingdom established among the tribes of Africa. We cannot afford to lose our lives in seeking our own will or to respond to the emergency of the need with human effort and wisdom. o, every project and every story written in this letter means to bring joy and glory to our God and of course encouragement to everyone involved in it. I am so grateful for all the prayers and all the giving invested in us. Seeking God together and personally will continue to open doors for the Gospel even in the darkest and most hidden places of this earth.


Youth Inhaminga Wa Yesu It is exploding! God is bringing forth a harvest in Inhaminga among youth. This is an answer to years of prayers and crying out to God. On Saturdays we have more than 60 youth coming on the mornings and we see the move of God in their lives. The majority of them went through “Spiritual Formation” and we had a Water Baptism, the first one at Afrika Wa Yesu church in the village. Jansen and Dora (missionary couple from Brazil) are giving their best and all they do is with great result for God’s Kingdom. In order to reach the youth with the Gospel we started Sunday night programs. The response is amazing! Many of them are coming to a point of emptiness and hunger for something they didn’t find in this world. Some of them I knew since they were teenagers; Even they didn’t want to listen, they knew, they heard the truth – so now, when they are going through hard circumstances, they remember what they heard and many of them are coming for help. One of them is Paulo, a young man from Inhaminga - with so much potential and talent but with a wrong perspective of life until now. A few years ago his father died and with him all his dreams and plans to climb high in the society. Like his mom, he gave himself into drinking and bad relationships. In the beginning of this year he came to the end of his solutions and plans. In a desperate time he found the Bible he had for a long time and realized that his only hope is with Jesus. There is so much confidence and future for the one that runs to Jesus for help and answers. We know that this is KAIROS time in Inhaminga for the youth and for all of us! God is awakening our spirits for His great wind that started to blow bringing revival. And

for sure we don’t want to miss anything. And we want to be prepared!

Above: Time of worhip on Saturday Below: Evangelism through movie on Sunday


Casa Esperanca - Real preschool and amazing teachers in Inhaminga

T h e big day! Preschool opening! The house is ready for the kids inside and outside! Snack time!

Flavia, teaching the 5 year old kids

Toys for each one!


ight years have already passed since we started caring for over 120 kids in Inhaminga at Casa Esperanca (House of Hope), a place where daily they are fed, taught and, more than anything, loved. arch has been a month of new things in Inhaminga. After so many weeks of hard work we could rejoice for the result was rewarding. On March 5th we had the opening of the preschool Casa Esperanca. More than 50 children from 3 to 6 years old are coming daily from Monday to Friday to be loved and taught in a special context - God’s love, and receive basic education that will help them to have a different start when they go to school. Since we started to rebuild the house, prepare the legal documents and get ready with the school material we saw many people in the village getting excited, expressing their desire to be part of this project. Therefore, we had the administrator of our district, the secretary of the area, the representative of the Social Work Department, many parents and of course our wonderful family from Afrika Wa Yesu participating at the opening of the preschool. he testimonies from the teachers are amazing! Since we started, Patricia and Flavia (missionaries from Brasil) are giving so much everyday, so these kids will receive the best. At the same time they are training Mussa, Maria, Benito and Paulo to be as great as they are as teachers. It is so beautiful to see these precious children sitting around the tables; the room is all decorated and it really looks




like a real preschool with all the letters and their drawing hanging around. These kids have so many needs and they need special care, patience and education. It needs more than a good teacher – it needs a special child of God - who will have all the strength, love and knowledge to minister and help these children. Many of them receive no affection and care at home and we can see that now - when we have them daily with us in a close and different setting. We were able to bless them and even their little brothers and sisters with nice clothes. It is beautiful to see the joy, the change and the smile on their faces when they could throw away their rags and dress in new clothes. od has been so good to us! Besides the land where the building is, we were able to buy another piece of land just beside it. It is beautiful, with many mango trees to give shade, and perfect for a “recreational area” for the kids. Until we have time and resources to buy wood and steel to make a proper playground, we’ve started planting grass to make it a pleasant and beautiful area. e are planning now to build a fence all around the property, in order to keep the children safe, as well as protecting everything in the school patio such as toys etc. This project will cost almost as much as building a cement house here, but we know that all things are possible with our God. Our great desire is that these precious children will have a special, secure place where an exceptional team will bless, love and raise them up to be great leaders in their nation, all for God’s glory!



Sunday School with the children in Inhaminga


Kids Inhaminga Wa Yesu

n our first years we worked with all the little churches from our village Inhaminga. A little building with 3 classrooms was my first construction project in 2005. The rooms were full with kids during the week and especially on Sundays but the moment we started to go more into the bush, the less that specific church continued carrying for the children. One room is used now for Fear of death and sickness made the family leave their home! computer classes and some of the teenagers ear makes people run away even that are coming from the bush to study occupied the other 2 rooms. That doesn’t mean from their homes and never return. that there are no children in the village. And This family was living 70 km from Inhaso we changed strategies and one of them minga in a normal but secure hut. Death is to spend time training youth to minister came into family. A few of their children to this very young generation. They are trai- died and the mother got very sick. She ned to work at all levels and so we can open just gave birth to twins and she didn’t preschools and Children’s Centers for now. want to loose them. Tradition says that Close to our new church building we bought the spirit of death is going to destroy all more land where we are planning to build a family so they were advised by the wiYouth Center: 2 rooms of (6x8) m2 and a big tchdoctor to urgently leave everything one of (12x8) m2. God is raising up young behind and move to a far away land. Afmen that have a heart for preteen kids and ter almost a year of running and not setwe want to seriously reach them for Jesus. tling we found them in the bush, close to But also we are having, for the first time, a Inhaminga. Actually, they found us, and Children’s Pastor. Paulo Xavier is a faithful desperately asked for help. For a year young man, who loves children and actually will have one of his own soon. We celebrated they were not able to settle. The twins his official and in the church wedding last and the other kids, with a sick mom and a very insecure dad were all living under a year. Everything is a miracle! uring the week and Sunday mornings little shelter without any walls or protecthere are many children’s programs all tion. There was no job for the father and over Inhaminga and at our new church we nothing planted in the field. We prayed have already over 120 kids coming faithfully. against this awful spirit of death and fear And this time most of the work is done by and we lead them to Jesus – our peace Mozambicans. God keeps His promises always! ALEGRIA PROJECT

and secure place. With more visits, help and lots of compassion this precious family will stand up, build a strong house. No more death and no more sickness, the life of Jesus is enough for this great miracle!


Less witchdoctors in Penembe! And our lives were protected in the midle of the dark forest!

I want to thank everyone that faithfully is praying for us. We feel day and night God’s shield of protection. Our lives are spared and we know that actually there are many times when we even don’t realize from where or what God just saved us from. But we still have so many testimonies of great miracles and amazing rescue from big danger while we travel, while we sleep and actually as we walk and breathe here, far away from home in remote places.


he poor are always with us! And is so hard to identify which one is poorer and who is in more need, especially in a country devastated by war, spiritual darkness, drought and corruption. veryone is in need, but the ones that suffer the most are children and old people. ”Alegria” means joy in our language and that is what it brings to the kids and families in need when we don’t forget them. Because of so much sicknesses and death there are so many orphans and for them is the hardest to survive without help. Together with Abdul – one of our leaders, we are trying to reach to as many we can. It is so hard and it breaks our heart because our list gets bigger and bigger and we cannot do as much as we want to. Again one of the biggest needs in the field is laborers! Someone that takes time to touch with love these precious people!

Vitor getting new shoes! The same kids in different times. What a difference love and care can make!


The precious gift from God: Family


weeks ago in the dark, going to a “grass made”” toilet I almost stepped on a very poisonous snake. Praise God for the people around that killed him and smash his head. And thank you Jesus for the ones who are praying for us! Just driving safe all over the country is a miracle! On dirt roads or “no road at all” we get to places where no other car went before. It looks impossible most of the time to cross a forest or a bush but at the end it is God’s will that the Gospel will be carried even to the most remote places so every child and men will hear it and be saved. It is what happened one of the nights. We were coming from a little village in the bush, not very far from our base. But it took us hours to get there because of the thick bush, no road and few huge trees that blocked our road. When a fallen tree was on our way, the men from the car will get down with a machete and made another way around. Long before getting in the village, a small group of people were waiting for us with songs and dancing as usual. After we left the car close to a new mud church we started to walk hut to hut to let people know about Jesus and with the news about the Jesus film we will be showing that night. The huts were very far from each other but the tiredness was not in van. People were getting saved and free from the spiritual darkness. One group walked to the last hut in the forest where a very known and old witchdoctor was living. He and his wife were not willing to hear anything in the beggining but the team insisted showing a lot of love and compassion. The old man was almost blind and for sure tired of his tormented life. There was a great victory as he gave his life to Jesus and burned all the witchcraft and instruments he was using for his pagan ceremonies. His decision was so strong that he decided to burn even the money he just received from the last people that came to ask for his help. That night, his wife walked at least 7 km, got to the place where we were showing the film and after we finished, she picked up the microphone and with a determined voice she announced all the villagers about their decision to follow Jesus, letting them know that from now on no one could come to them to ask for any traditional ceremony or medicine. It was a testimony that strengthened the little church from there and made almost every person from the village to commit their life to Jesus. e left from Penembe full of joy proclaiming God’s great victory! It was dark; I was going slowly and I couldn’t see almost anything ahead because of the tall and thick grass. So, there was a brunch that was lose, hanging high enough to break my front shield, flip around and break 3 more windows on the left side. The car was full with people and in the middle of the night in the deep forest, when all I could see was broken glass around I was for a moment afraid. But our lives were precious before God and no one got hurt, we were able to travel back home, God helped and soon I was able to replace the windows (it is a great miracle to find them where we live) and today all that happened is just another testimony of God’s great favor and protection. Thank you my dear friends for not forgetting us in your prayers. Our victories and harvest is yours, too!



ozambique has become my home for the last 9 years. God enriched me with more family and more friends as He promised in His Word. I love my new family but I cannot ever forget to love, care and be part of my other family: the same blood and genes. Sometimes I wish I could fly and be in a blink of the eye on the other hemisphere where my dad, mom, brothers and sisters are. I feel them close as they are my closest supporters and my strongest intercessors. But sometimes God is surprising me even more and brings them here. It was Corina’s turn to come and visit me this year. As she is such a hard worker, she didn’t have a break for herself for the last 15 years. It was a treat for both of us. She was ready for anything, afraid of nothing and easy to flow in what was going on at that time. The children were her priority like always and for sure she had plenty to love and care for. Corina works with orphans and abandoned children in Romania for many years. For sure she could see that the need for love is everywhere the same. For 3 weeks we traveled by car, walking through the thick bush, visit huts and the hospitals, speak to the youth and students. What a gift from God!


bove all, God gave me one more gift: I was able to celebrate with all family - Andrei’s wedding (my youngest brother) at the end of April and I was able to see my youngest beautiful nice Hannah. What a precious treasure! I never take for granted any moment with them. Thank you Jesus for my family, from everywhere: Romania, Mozambique, United States and actually from all over the world. We are waiting for the day when we will be all together and there will be no more good byes! Serving together in Mozambique,

Simona Caba

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