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Inhaminga, July 08th, 2013


ear friends, “What if we went through the village, close to the market, singing, dancing and celebrating the new life in Christ, all the way to the river, where we’ll baptized these eleven new brothers and sisters?” The idea would be ordinary in a normal Mozambican village, but this was no ordinary village, it was Magiga, Pebane district. The same region where years ago people had thrown stones when members

JUNE | 2013

of our team tried to show the Jesus film. The same village where until six years ago there wasn’t even one church; where two years ago parents beat their children right in front of us, for coming to our programs, trying to intimidate us; where faces were closed, people denied the traditional Mozambican hospitality when they heard we were Christians and every new member of the small congregation was threatened, despised and persecuted for their faith. But hearing the idea of worshiping in the market place, on the last day of our two-week visit there last month, no one was against... we’re living in a new season! Right from the day we arrived in Magiga, in June, we could feel the different spiritual atmosphere. As soon as our camp was set, we left to visit the people and, instead of closed countenances, we were greeted politely, by curious faces and even invited to sit and talk! That brings great hope to the hearts of those who work in God’s harvest! It is possible! Something is happening! Changes! Many times in the past, when we showed the Jesus film in Magiga, many came and watched from a distance, untrusting, laughing at Jesus’ suffering

... we’re living in a new season


and death. As soon as the film as over, even before we could say anything, most would leave and only the small congregation of believers stayed behind. There seem to be no result. What a difference we saw this time! Many told us their dissatisfaction with their religion. They said even though they have tried to understand what they are following they do not. And so they watched the film attentively this time. From 300 to 500 people watched each of the four times we showed it in different areas. They were captivated, interested, laughing at Jesus’ enemies, full of love for the one who died for their sins, angry at the ones killing him. That is a big change! Even though we shared the message in the beginning, most stayed at the end, listened, bowed their heads and prayed. It still isn’t the revival we expect! There is a breakthrough still to come, that will bring in the greatest harvest ever, but the difference from the past in that region rekindled our hope! Most still don’t have the courage to become part of the small local church. Some are afraid the church is temporary (though some of the Christians there have remained strong for six years already) and others are afraid of the social repercussion if they admitted they are Christians: family and mosque leaders’ persecution etc. They have seen the struggle that each new convert faces and they aren’t ready to face it themselves yet. Even so, we feel the time is coming; the breakthrough is close!

(See many other pictures on facebook!) major part of our time there was spent investing in the local leader, Julinho (on the picture bellow, he is the one smiling). He is young but has grown in authority and wisdom. He has gained the respect of all the community, including his father, a great leader of a big mosque and well known in the whole village. If the shepherd is not strong, the sheep are scattered. Our greatest need is always to raise up leaders who will lead God’s people with love and wisdom. Besides that, many of the men in the church had serious problems in their families! Satan hates families and tries to destroy them at all costs! But he is a looser! One lady decided to give her life to Jesus and was baptized while we were there, making her husband leap with joy! Another man was considering leaving his wife and six children. He repented and recommitted to his family. From Magiga, we also visited two villages close by, Ratata and Nwanula, where Magiga wa Yesu has started new churches. They are mainly Catholic villages, not strong Muslims; but the religion there is dead, very mixed with witchcraft! Praise Jesus for His light is also getting to these new areas! The sad part of the visit was to find out some former students of the Bible Schools couldn’t endure the persecution and temptations that came their way when they returned home and have gone back to their old ways of living! We spoke to a few of them and continue praying for change!




e had two missionaries in training with us in this trip: Paulo and Gabriel (both “muzungus”/ “white folk”, on the picture to the left). They did a wonderful job, always willing to help, from the simplest to the most meaningful tasks and shores! They shared the Word, evangelized, built latrines, baptized, cooked, carried boxes, prayed for the sick etc etc etc! Lifetime experiences!


Abdul (playing with the kids in the picture above) and Josias (preaching in the picture to the right), were also on our team and crucial for the success of the trip. Abdul was born Muslim, from the Makua Nahara tribe, one of the most closed tribes of the country. His testimony of salvation is strong and, in Muslim areas, everyone stops to listen to him. He is a newly wed and have received much training and counseling in the subject of family. With his very captivating personality he was a huge help to the married men and the church as a whole!

Josias works hard wherever he goes. He sees the need around and, when you notice, he is already there working. Having been trained by Simona and worked in the field for many years, he is very experienced and during this trip he was specially focused in the kids. He took every opportunity to plant eternal seeds in the little open hearts! Also it was a great joy for me to see how he has grown in sharing the Word! Every time he shared during this trip, his Word was anointed and hit the target! What a blessing!




e organized a Youth Conference in Magiga, where fifty young people from the three places we visited participated (see picture at the end of page 01). The theme was “Meeting God” and each of us spoke about different men who met God in the Bible. The Word came with power and the times of worship were also anointed! There was a breakthrough in worship for the whole church there! To seal our time, we had the water baptism in the river, as I mentioned in the beginning of the letter. (See picture at the end of page 02.) As we passed through the village, people looked curious: a bunch of crazy people dancing, singing, jumping and running with all their hearts! (Picture at the right top corner of page 02.) Some of the children followed us and, closer to the river, even some adults. Those eleven new believers were a beautiful testimony of faith in Jesus, in the midst of many obstacles! May God help them grow in their new life! We returned with full hearts and the feeling there was no sacrifice done, but rather an honor to serve the Lord in this manner!

We had two local Youth Conferences, close to Inhaminga: one in Nhansonswe (in which we participated - picture of Simo with girls from Nhansonswe youth group on the low left corner) and another one in Massandza (while we were in Magiga, other team members organized)! Dora and Jansen left to Brazil, where they will be for six months until the birth of their first daughter!


n the midst of all we do, we know the greatest work is happening inside our hearts and, therefore, we continue on towards the goal, until Christ is formed in us, for the glory of God! Thank you for walking with us in all this! At His service, With much joy,

JULY IS A VERY IMPORTANT MONTH! Please pray for what will happen: • Annual Conferences: General (for leaders of all churches); Afrika wa Yesu Leadership (for pastors and leaders of AWYesu churches around the country) and Team; • Inhaminga Bible School Graduation; • Annual Board Meeting, AGM; • And many other meetings for strategy, planning and seeking God!

2013 06 Suka News  

In This Issue: New Season in Magiga, Our Team; Youth Conference; other June news; July plans.

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