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MAY | 2013

many years ago and since then has been aflicted with demons. Querida was dedicated to these spirits since she was young, and because of that was never able to stay married, have kids who lived or be healthy herself. She was always oppressed and many times manifesting demons for entire days. During that visit she received Jesus, was baptised in water and was completely healed and set free. After a few weeks, though, she gave in to pressure and went back to the witchdoctor. Soon she started to experience the consequences; the first being that her sickness returned: her legs got swollen again and she couldn’t keep food in. She came to Inhaminga to go to the hospital but stayed at the church. It was then that a long proccess of deliverance started. In the beginning, it was a heavy fight, lasting hours every time, but after she confessed and repented for going back to the witchdoctor, it became much easier and she was again free and healed. Inhaminga, May 28th, 2013 Many times we are frustrated with how long the deliverance proccess takes. We start to understand ear friends, that the person doesn’t only need to be set free Before coming to Mozambique for the spiritualy, but also in their souls. If the soul isn’t first time in 2002, I had many doubts about how set free the person remains vulnerable to the evil to cast out demons. When I arrived at Inhaminga, spirits. We ask ourselves why it isn’t as easy as it was the demonic manifestations were very common. for the Gadarene in Jesus’ time. We get upset with Any evangelism outreach was a war in potential our limitations in moving in God’s unlimited power! and, in some villages, we got tired of praying for But one thing is sure, we will not give up! We know demon possessed people. The we are in a walk and God years passed and, for a while, is teaching us each step! it seemed like there weren’t so Querida spent a few much demon activity as before. If the soul isn’t set free weeks on campus, until Many witchdoctors who lived she was totally free. the person remains around campus got saved, She even went back to moved to other areas or died. vulnerable to the evil Ndoru with the student The envirolnment became outreach, being a living spirits. much lighter! testimony of God’s This past month was a power. She is now with flashback of those first years. family at Inhaminga. One of the cases was a lady called Querida, from She is strong, but still somewhat vulnerable. With Ndoru, a village about 25 miles from us. We first met the support of other christians, we know God will Querida when a team went to do evangelism at her complete the work He started in her life. There are village a few months ago. Her story, like many in the other similar cases I won’t be able to describe here, rural areas, is one of suffering and oppression. Her but I ask you to please pray for them, and for us to father is very involved in witchcraft. He killed a man have wisdom in how to help each person.



“The people who walked in darkness saw a great light...”


hundred and fifty people were sent out from both schools, students and team, to spend four nights in remote villages and be a light in the darkness, to preach where many have not heard the Gospel yet. Our group went to Penembe, a village about 20 miles from the base, deep into the jungle. How precious it was to see the students, who arrived a few months ago insecure and ignorant in the Word, now testifying with boldness and joy! Even more exciting it was to see them coming back, jumping with joy, having experienced first hand the power of the Gospel to transform lives and bring salvation! Miracle testimonies of people who couldn’t walk for months and were healed overnight! Testimonies of whole families geting saved and burning their witchcraft! Testimonies of churches meeting together on Sunday and pastors comitting to work together in unity! Our hearts overflow with joy in seeing God’s faithfulness when we simply obey and go... Penembe is a village based in hunting game, so the houses are VERY far from each other. You have to walk one hour to the first house and then 15 to 20 minutes to find their “neighbors”. We had a big team (14) and were determined, so during our time there we visited all the 30 houses of Penembe. Afrika wa Yesu is the only church in the area and we saw many lives come to Jesus (including four witchdoctor’s kids) and many others recomitting their lives to Jesus. Many had fallen back after a problem with the former leader of that church. Sunday all were together in a big celebration! (Check facebook for more pictures!) We also found out there are two villages further from Pemembe, where there isn’t even one church. People live in complete darkness! We visited and preached in both of them! Nhamatica, the furthest away really captured our hearts! Most youth and adults of Nhamatica are drunk and the kids live in complete neglect and poverty! Some work at a hunting camp closeby, but waist all their money in alcohol. Walking through the forest there we saw empty bottles everywhere. When we


arrived at the secretary house (the local government leader) we found him drunk with his six wives and many neighbors. They all gathered in their different states of drunkeness to hear the Gospel! They heard attentivelly, some times interrupting with their very honest and blunt comments! When we finished we asked who wanted prayer. All knelt down. We told them to pray what was in their hearts and they started to confess their sins and ask God for change! There were very honest and sincere prayers! We tried to show the Jesus film the following night, but our equipment refused to work! No one there had ever watched it, and they commented it hadn’t worked because they were cursed, they didn’t deserve it! Abdul preached the Gospel, though, and we prayed for them! On our way back to camp that night, we had a flat tire in the middle of the jungle, to complete a very adventurous day! But nothing could discourage us, for we knew they were little flies trying to mess up God’s perfect plan, without success! We went back to Nhamatica the following week (last weekend) and this time the film worked! On Sunday there was a service and 25 adults were eagerly present! A new church is starting to shine in that darkness!



abriel, a young man from Brazil, has just arrived to start the missionary training and has hit the ground running. Paulo, who arrived in the beginning of the year, is now also a part of the training and we have great expectations for the months ahead! I’d like to thank each of you who has supported and prayed for us. Time is flying! Needs are so many everywhere we look! But our faith in God and in his perfect plan is strong in our hearts! That’s why we continue at His service, with much joy, PLEASE PRAY, FOR IN JUNE WE WILL HAVE: • Youth Bush Conference at Nhansonswe • Two week visit to Magiga, an area of Muslim majority where our brothers and sisters face much persecution!

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In this Issue: Our fight is not against flesh and blood; The people who walked in darkness saw a great light; Latest news!

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