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Inhaminga, May 6th, 2013


ear friends, These days I have been shocked with injustice and suffering in the world! Wherever we look it seems like oppression, corruption, everything evil is overflowing. It is true that this shouldn’t surprise me, as it was predicted in the Bible for the last days. But, seeing it so closely, makes me yearn even more for the manifestation of God’s children and for the

APRIL | 2013

church to shine bright in this present darkness! Something I have discovered is that suffering inflicted by people or circumstances is real and painful, but it cannot be compared to inner suffering, caused by ofenses kept, roots of bitterness and untreated soul wounds! I have seen people who have suffered much, and yet, healed by Jesus, they don’t dwell in their suffering. Others, on the other hand, were also hurt, but still carry darkness and oppression in them. These later ones’ suffering is so much worse! God annointed us to speak the good news to the poor and to set the oppressed free! This means to release people from inner suffering, set them free from Satan’s oppression so that they can shine like beacons in the world, in the midst of a crooked and perverse generation!

... shine like beacons in the midst of a crooked and perverse generation!




cashew trees! What a special time we had! ast year we promoted the first pre-teen camp at Inhaminga (Central Region). ThoThey arrived on Friday, and on Saturday se that took part in it were tremendly touched we spoke about salvation and forgiveness. by how open the kids are at this age (09 a 14 Though their concentration is short, they are anos) and how easier it is to reach them before easily captivated by stories and illustrations! their adolescence years! And they remember all they hear! This month we had our second camp, now in Having laid the foundation, on Sunday we saw the Northern region. It happened from April what we truly desired! Simona told a story and 5th until the 8th at a small village called Racine spoke about the baptism in the Holy Spirit, the (Rassim) and the theme was “FIREFLIES: outpouring of power to make us witnesses, shinning Jesus’ life!” the free and precious It was quite an adventure gift God wants to give to receive 50 kids in a his children. After remote village and with I’ll never let go of the story, those who different unpredictable wanted this gift got up Jesus! - declared events! The church and we started to pray building where we had Malorga at the end of for them. We could see planned for most of the that for some, what the meeting. youth to sleep at was full was happening was of big, red, angry ants! very different from The car bringing 10 kids anything they were from Nampula broke on the way and they had used to. While we prayed, God touched some, to wait until the next day to come by public but we still didn’t feel a real breakthrough. transportation. Some kids started to feel sick, Simona called forward those who were vomiting and there was no medical help in already baptized in the Holy Spirit. There were that village, nor easy car access (we get there around 10 of them. She explained how we are by boat). like a well with little water, and the need to dig In spite of these dificulties, we saw God’s hand deeper in God to overflow with water. Then she over us, with perfect weather; quick healing encouraged them to seek more of God, more of the sick kids only through prayer; and very of the Holy Spirit. The moment we started to good behavior in the kids no matter where pray for these, the whole atmosphere changed. they were put to sleep! We made more than 30 These open lives, ready to overflow again, girls fit in a small house and the boys were so broke through. They were speaking in tongues happy to sleep under mosquito nets hung on in a new way, without shame, without effort, full of boldness! Many of the others started to open up as well and receive the baptism! The ones in front started to pray for the others! It was so beautiful! A little girl called Malorga really touched my heart. She is very small and skinny, usually shy and very sweet. From the beginning I could see she had been touched by God, but when the breakthrough happened, she started to speak in tongues nonstop, crying with her eyes closed! She prayed for another girl by her side and didn’t stop speaking in tongues until the service was over. At the end Simo asked who wanted to tell SUKA NEWS / 02

the others what had happened to them and she was the first to raise her hand. She said she felt something new enter her life making her so happy and free! She ended by saying: “I’m never going to leave Jesus!” Later we found out this girl was very oppressed when witchdoctors had visited the village a few months earlier. She had been accused of being used by evil witches and the witchdoctors had cut her skin in “purification” rituals. She had always been shy, but she was even worse in the following months. But now, she is full of the Holy Spirit, full of power, freedom and joy! I’m writing you just one of the stories, so you have an idea of what happened there! That night, around the fire, many testified for the first time in public what God had done in their hearts! We also sat with girls and boys separately to talk about initiation rites and what must be their stand in this subject. Only one of the girls had gone through it and we prayed with her breaking any curses over her life. Most of the boys had gone through theirs and Jansen also listened and prayed with them! One of the girls from Muzuane testified that

her family wanted her to go through this ritual a while back, but she already knew Jesus and had learned that was not the way to go. She faced much persecution from her family, many times running away from home, hiding in other Christians’ houses until the family gave up and stopped trying to force her. She told her testimony to the other girls and encouraged them to be strong and bold in their decision. Her family now sees that she is not like the other girls and accepted her decision to go to church. We know it is not possible to make a complete work in a child’s life in only four days. But we are sure that the marks God places in our lives in one day can bare eternal results! And so we believe that what happened at Racine was an important part of God’s plan in these kids’ lives! We encouraged the leaders to continue working with them and we believe there are future leaders in the making amongst these little ones! They will be fathers, mothers and leaders that will be example of a different life style in their communities! Even living surrounded by darkness, they will shine Jesus’ light, as fireflies in the night!



ight after the camp, 120 young people from three different provinces (Nampula, Cabo Delgado and Niassa), gathered in Nampula for our first Regional Youth Conference of the North. The new Nampula church building was a huge blessing and the church there served beyond we could have hoped or expected! Each of the participants paid the price to be there! They gave up their only week of break from school and paid part of their ticket to Nampula (some paid the complete price)! It SUKA NEWS / 03

was a well worth sacrifice and they came open to learn and to be transformed! Islam and imorality are a way of life in the Northern regions. They influence every aspect of society and greatly affect the young peoples’ lives. The theme of this conference was “From being influenced to becoming and influencer!” Changes started from the first day. Each message was as a brick, together laying a foundation. The heard about salvation, holiness and transformation. In the small groups we made sure everyone was understanding the message and there was time for questions! In two afternoons we divided the guys from the girls and heard of their struggles

(picture at the end of the first page). Many are persecuted and oppressed in their families and communities. God loves each of them and brought encouragement for them to continue strong. Many were healed in their hearts and restored in their souls. Some were also baptized in the Holy Spirit during the small group sessions. Pastor Armando and Mãe Lurdes Jo gave the testimony of their lives, how they started as many in that room, in poverty, oppression, facing fear, danger and persecution. But looking at where they are today, where God has planted them because they gave their lives to Him, we were all greatly encouraged by the reality of God’s power.



uring that week we also spent a good time with the Jo family! They are our family and we feel at home with them, also very encouraged! We were able to help them in the church as well. Jansen taught about worship in the days previous to the conference and I spoke about character to the leaders of the church right after the conference. In Nacala we spent time with the team! They are going through a difficult season, after two team members left the ministry. It is one of those seasons we wished we didn’t have to go through, but there is no detour! And as we allow God to work in us, he turns everything for our good, we are broken and molded into the image of His son Jesus! Back to Inhaminga, we found the team running the race with excellence! The teachers and new team members are adapted and productive, each serving in what they were called to do! The students are growing! SUKA NEWS / 04

I praise God for allowing me to be part of a team like this, a family of brothers and sisters who love Jesus and dedicate their lives to His work and to one another! We have so much to learn and, in some phases, we go through situations we don’t know if we’ll make it (in unity)... but He who started the good work in us is able to finish it, if we remain in Him! I’m so thankful to each of you who are part of this work, whether praying, writing or supporting us! God has great things to accomplish in our days and He seeks people who are willing to cooperate with Him in this work! We say: “Yes, LORD! At His service, With much joy and gratefulness,

FOR NEXT EDITION: • Our fight is not against flesh or blood! • Beginning of missionary training • Evangelism Outreach with the students (May 22nd-26th)

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2013 04 Suka Engl  

In This Issue: Thoughts about Suffering; Fireflies for Jesus; From Influenced to Influencers; Nacala, Nampula and back to Inhaminga.