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Inhaminga, September 27th, 2012 ear friends, It is impossible to thank the Lord enough for all the opportunities He has given us to dive into his presence, to enjoy his great love, to know more of his character and, besides all that, share this life with other people! Since my last letter, much has happened, and it is my great joy to be able to write you all about it!




here are wars that can be fought individually. Victories that can be conquered through discipleship, counseling, and personal encouragement. Helping people on their spiritual journeys is very important! But for some time we have felt that there are strugles that go beyond that. They are against principalities and powers over regions; ways of thinking, cultural attitudes and spiritual forces that need joint effort to overcome! In December 2010, Tony, a pastor friend from Brazil came to speak at one of our Youth Intensive Training Conferences, and, since then, God put on our hearts to have another training seminar, different from our General Conferences, with a special target in mind. We would invite only a few selected youth: those who were already walking committed to the Lord, who had a good understanding of the Word, and we would plan a longer time to be together, developing in them concepts of life with God, family and church. Our goal would be to form the forerunners of a new time for the youth in this nation! This dream has finally came true this year, in the end of July. Tony came with his wife and two kids leading a team of 11 very lively young people from Brazil! Another missionary family from Quelimane also came with around 15 youth from different churches in that city. We invited those who have been working with youth in the Afrika wa Yesu churches and some potential young youth leaders, completing a total of around 90 people to spend a week together! And the result was that God fulfilled even above our expectations! On the last day, when I asked some of the guys what they thought of the trainning, most of them said something like: “This training was very different from all the conferences before! Those had been good, but these days were much better! Different than everything we have experienced until today! God changed the way I thought about many important subjects! Now I am beginning to understand what the Tony’s dynamic teachings kept the youth’s attention all the way Kingdom of God is all about!” I wondered: “What caused such impact? Was through! Above: Mussa, as the independent tree that has to become a branch in Jesus’ vine! it the group of Brazilian youth who really related to them? Was it the special moments of praise and worship? Maybe the Word ministered consistantly by Tony, building a Kingdom worldview? Or was it the evangelism and church outreach? The intercession times in the evenings? The girls and guys separate small groups? Or the life examples of the visiting families?” At the end I came to the conclusion that everything that happened played a role in the excellent result. Our prayer and desire for change, that was burning in our hearts long before the training actually started, prepared the envirolnment for God to work.


I believe that a great part of the result of those days can not be seen with our natural eyes. Something was shaken in the spiritual world over this nation! And even so, there are visible results, a new openness in the lives of people we had been praying for, for many years! And God knows how much we needed that encouragement. We believe we are in a new season with the youth here! There is a new grace released and fights that seemed impossible before, will be won! To close our time together, the Brazilian team organized an unforgettable morning, with a very special breakfast (with cake and scrambled eggs for everyone), the youth signing a committment to God, receiving a ring to remind them of their committment and a Bible! Before we finished we baptized the only two young men who were not yet baptized and even the bus driver who had participated in all the meetings and made a comittment to Jesus right there. And we wrapped it all up with a sweet time of Communion! (See pictures above!)



ith our hearts still warm from the Brazilian team’s visit and the youth training, we received yet another gift from God: my mom’s visit! She came to spend some time with me, while Simo would be in Romania and to see all the changes that have happened since her first visit four years ago! I say “we received”, because my mom’s visit not only brought me great joy, but was special for many in the team! Dora and Jansen spent most of the time with her, since they travelled North with us, but many other team members were encouraged, strengthened or simply cared for by my mom’s visit! Gifts from God like that are of huge significance for hearts living so far from our own land! Without much effort, my mom pastored all our hearts! :)



ny one who has travelled from Inhaminga to Nacala knows that the trip is anything but a quick jump! But for us, who take that stretch many times a year, that’s what it ends up becoming! We spent 15 days in the North. During that time I helped at the Women’s Conference in Nacala, teaching about Communion. I couldn’t participate more, because after everything we had been involved in during June and July, my mind couldn’t focus for a few days! :) It was very special to see the Mozambican women leading so much, with the help of Nicky and Deborah Maas. (See picture on the right!) When I had rested a bit, we checked on the church and the leaders in Rassim. My mom got the courage to cross the bay by boat (last time she was here, she didn’t go)! We spent a very pleasant day visiting the believers, encouraging their families and testifying to their unbelieving neighbors. The church also prepared a lovely lunch for us before we headed back! The day was so productive that we even recruited a few students for next year’s Bible School class. I realized we don’t need so much time to make a difference, when we are connected


to the Holy Spirit, using well every opportunity! He can do so much in very little time! We visited the School in Ontupaia, encouraged the nuns that take care of the project, visited a few of the pre-school classes that are held under the trees, and on people’s varandas. The project is going well and I am so thankful to all the faithful supporters who enable kids to start their education early and not spend all their days on the streets! On our way back from Nacala, we spent a few days in Nampula to keep up with my committment with pastor Armando and the leadership of Nampula wa Yesu. Every time I pass through there, whenever it is possible, I stop to teach another class to the leadership. This time we spoke about Character and it was a very profitable time!

Com mamãe fazendo visitas em Rassim (esquerda) e numa das turmas de pré-escola em Ontupaia (direita)!

Back in Inhaminga, we spent the last two days of my mom’s visit with the team, playing, baking, and fattening everyone! It was difficult to say goodbye to my mom, but I knew my dad was already missing her a lot, so she needed to go! Till next time...



eptember started with two weeks of Worship School for the Afrika wa Yesu team. As a ministry we have always given much emphasis to praise and worship, flowing in the gifts and prayer. But this was the first time we dedicated two weeks exclusivelly to this! And it was so worth it! We started our days with much freedom in worship, then we received strong teaching from Ellie, Leidy, Diogo and Nicky and in the afternoons we had different workshops (instruments, voice etc)! An amazing part of the program was a 14 hour nonstop worship time. Every group of three would worship for a bit over two hours, rotating through the entire night! I felt I was in Kansas City, at IHOP! But everything was in Portuguese! :) Our two hours passed so quickly, we didn’t even notice it! We saw the difference this time of intense worship made in the spiritual athmosphere, not only at the base, but in the village. People started to ask team members about Jesus! People they had never met, would stop them on the road to ask about Salvation! Worship trully is a powerful and wonderful weapon! Our desire is that worship will continue to flow Praise and Art: Diogo and something he drew during a time of worship!

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through us continuously, and that the spiritual world will be affected by it!



efore Simona returned, we received the visit of Leidy’s parents. Herivelton, her dad, had come last year and seen the great need in the area of marriages and families. He has much experience and gifting in this area, so he came back with his wife, Célia, to spend two months ministering, counseling and teaching couples. Right now they are in Nacala with Diogo and Leidy. They will still spend some more time ministering at Inhaminga again! Please pray that God will bring a breakthrough to many families during this time! We also have a South African helping Rod and Aaron with construction projects! His name is Shane and he travels around Africa helping different organizations in projects like that! Our needs in this area are so great, so it is a huge blessing to receive people so ready to work like him! Finally, last week Simo arrived... and I’m so happy! It is so good to have her back! Now we are planning the rest of our year and have already started dreaming about next year! Our hearts are so excited in serving God at this time, in this place! For October, our plans are: visit some churches to see how their youth programs are going; and prepare for the General Youth Conference in the last week of the month. In the middle of November I’ll be going to Brazil to visit family and churches, attend two of my cousins’ weddings and participate in the New Year’s Youth Retreat. I’ll return to Mozambique in the beginning of January with two pre-school teachers who will give a seminar to the pre-school teachers from the project in Ontupaia. At that time, we will also receive three new Brazilian team members: two teachers for the Inhaminga Bible School and one to help in practical projects. As you can see, our days have been full and wonderful! My heart is overflowing with gratitude to each of you, who has been part of our work here in so many ways! Thank you for everything! At His service, With much joy,

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2012 09 Suka News aug-sept  

In This Issue: Youth and Life in the Kingdom; Mom's Visit; A Quick Jump North; School of Worship; Coming and Going

2012 09 Suka News aug-sept  

In This Issue: Youth and Life in the Kingdom; Mom's Visit; A Quick Jump North; School of Worship; Coming and Going