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SUKA NEWS january • 2011 • p.o. box 176 • Nacala Porto • Nampula • Mozambique



he burden had been in our hearts since the end of 2009. Simona and I were travelling promoting 3 to 4 days Youth Con-

ferences in far away villages in Mozambique and a desire started to grow in us: to bring some of the youth from each of those villages to one set place during a whole month for a time of total life transformation and building a new world view in them! These are young people who are still too young to come to the Bible Schools but with great potential in God, and facing imense struggles at

Nacala, February 5th, 2011


ear friends, Who was it that pushed FAST FORWARD on time? It seems like the days are not passing, they are flying! Two months have already gone since the last time I’ve written you and much has happened since. So without delay, let’s get down to the news!

november: graduation and inauguration


hirty four students graduated at the end of November and went back to their homes ready to serve the Lord through the Word or with their carpentry tools and skills! This was our last term of the four months Discipleship Training. Over the years, we’ve trained 248 students at the Discipleship School at Nacala (16 of which were women). Starting on 2011 we will use the same curriculum as the Inhaminga Bible Schoo and we’ll also have six months terms.

home. We could see they needed a greater impact in their lives, a total change of mind, a time for God to touch them in a new way. From this dream came the plans, soon shared by many other team members who also carry this Mozambican generation in their hearts and grab any opportunity there is to be part of preparing these young people to the front battle: Jansen, Jeosafá, Leidy, Diogo, Daena and Dora, completed with Simo and I the home team. Two Brazilian pastors, Tony and Samuel, spent some very valuable days with us sharing from the treasures in their hearts in an unforgettable and impacting way! Completing the foreign team was Cibele, a young lady I met in my last trip to Brazil, who donated her vacations to help us with her many gifts, ideas, good mood, love and hard work! The national teachers gave part of their vacations to help us in the first week of the trainning and six other national youth leaders came to help us through the whole time! The youth who participated came from 6 different provinces (States), 11 districts. Except for pastor Armando’s daughter, Debora, who is only 10, all the other participants were 14 to 25 years old. Some had never left their district, even less their province. More than half had never seen the sea and almost none had hopes of some day coming to Nacala! All came with an expectation. Some already had in mind what they wanted God to do in their lives, others couldn’t even imagine what He was able to do! As the Word started to be ministered we could see those in whom it could find place to penetrated and produce fruit.


After this we showed them “The Passion of Christ” movie. Some of them couldn’t take so much. Jansen met a girl on the varanda of the classroom crying and saying: “It makes sense! It all makes sense now! Jesus went through all of this, FOR ME!”

On the first days we layed the foundation of repentance, salvation, baptism in water, deliverance... around 20 of them decided to get baptized in waters! And then it was time for the baptism in the Holy Spirit. Almost all who hadn’t received already did receive! Aleluia! He is faithful! When pastors Tony and Samuel arrived the youth had just gone through this proccess and were, like sponges, ready to receive the Word! Pastor Tony (in the picture above) spoke about all that Jesus did on the cross, his suffering since Getsemany, through the via Dolorosa until Calvary. But he didn’t stop there, he went on to say how Jesus went to the lowest parts and then about his victorious ressurrection! As he explained each event it was as if we were being taken to that place and time in history and we could see through the youth’s faces that they were understanding what that meant for each one of them.

Futebol, boa hora para conhecer os jovens


Oh! The Gospel IS the Power of God to bring change, to transform us and take us to a life of complete surrender and worship! We saw the result of this in the lives of the youth during a daily meeting we called: “THE SEARCH”. Every day from 4 to 5:30 PM we sought God. We didn’t have a program or a set goal... except finding Him! Though it was extremely hot we saw each one really opening their hearts, seeking him, being healed in areas that they had never opened before, finding God in a new way and level! I can affirm without doubt that this little time in the afternoon was the best and most important time of the entire trainning! In the mornings they had classes about different biblical subjects and in the afternoons they were divided in small groups for different workshops: hand crafts (on the picture beside: Cibele, Daena and the crafty girls), dance, singing, drawing and children’s ministry. Some of these groups presented what they learned in the square at Muzuane before a soccer game we had organized. During the game, the ones that weren’t playing chatted with

the local youth who had come to watch the game. They shared about Jesus, what He had done in their lives and why they were there! For many who came from the central part of Mozambique, it was a new experience to share in an Islamic culture, but they enjoyed and learned much from it. It’s good to see how the younger generation is more opened to the Gospel, specially when approached by other young people like them.

We praise God for His faithfulness during this whole time! The vans we had reserved to take almost half of the youth back to their houses cancelled the night before their departure, making us almost go nuts! But praise God, new vans were arranged with pastor Armando’s help, and all the youth were “delivered home in one piece”, healthy and happy! All the conference’s expenses (that weren’t few: including transport and food for all the youth) were covered with our supporters’ offerings! God is faithful all the time! Thank you for being part of those who helped making all of it happen!

the following day to Mozambique, where I arrived a day after school started! What a race!

brasil - a quick jump


he youth left on December 27th and on the 29th I left for a very quick trip to Brazil. My older brother, Ezra, gave me the ticket so I could participate on a very close and dear cousin’s wedding, Rosane’s! Thank you so much Ezra! The day after I arrived in Brazil I went to the End of the Year Youth Conference we promote every year in Sorocaba/ SP! We spent New Year’s Eve crying out for our generation and for God’s purposes in our days! It was very special to reconnect with everyone, since on the previous year I hadn’t been there and I had really missed it! After that I spent four days with my parents and little brother, Samuel, and then continued on to Brasília and Goiás, where the wedding would be! Since I spent the week there, I was present at the civil wedding, the bridal shower and all of the last week preparations! I was one of the bride’s maids and it was so, sooo, soooo special! I can’t thank God enough for allowing me to be there!

new year, new teachers, new missionaries


n the day after the wedding I travelled back to São Paulo and on With most of the teachers

Now we are almost a month into classes and we have 23 students at the Bible School and 13 at the Vocational Centre! The new curriculum we worked so much on last year is being used on both Bible Schools, Inhaminga and here in Nacala! The teachers have really enjoyed the new format! It was a lot of work, but trully worth it! We have two new teachers in training: Lucas (who was a student at Inhaminga in 2007 and then worked 3 years as evangelist in the Cabo Delgado Province) and Santos (who was one of the kids I met running through the streets of Inhaminga when I had just arrived in Mozambique; he grew up at Simona’s youth group and has been through Bible School and Vocational Centre)! The responsibility to train and equip them to be teachers is great! I ask for prayer that God would give me strength and wisdom to do the best with this time to help them grow in the gift God has already given them! Besides these two, I invited two other former students to work with us: Sérgio and Gassite, both trained at Inhaminga. They came to work in Rassim, since for a long time we had seen the need for a closer pastoring of that church. We have been going to Rassim for two years in the weekends, but it is not enough for effectively evangelize, disciple, and train local leadership! So we praise God for these Gassite and Sérgio with men from Rassim

two young men who came full of desire to serve God in that place. The church had already built a house in faith that God would send someone to help them, so they received them with open hearts and open arms. We pray they will be good examples and spiritual fathers to the people! Gassite is gifted in teaching and in the future might be trained as a teacher for one of the bible schools or churches.

School is A place for street kids!


ome time ago I met a street kid in town that really captured my heart! I knew I didn’t meet him by chance and I stayed alert to see what the Holy Spirit wanted to do. In October last year, by a coinscidence (or a jesuscidence) I found out where he lived (a neighborhood called Ontupaia), met his mom and he famiy of some other street kids I knew. That took me and Rito (one of the teachers) in a new journey in ministry. We found out none of them had been to school, EVER! So we decided to help them get off the streets and into school! First step was to get all of them documents, since none of them had any sort of documents. Neither did their parents! It was a struggle at first, until we found out we could register them without their parenting, and when they got older, if their parents managed to get their own documents, they could ask to add their parents information in their documents. If we were to wait until each parent got their document, they might be very old and still not in school! So all that was accomplished until December last year. Students and their new notes!


families and communities and we feel a strong pulling of the Holy Spirit and His direction in this project! Rito, who has been helping me from the beginning is really excited and has a lot of iniciative in the project. He is now in charged of the Youth Ministry in Nacala! Please pray for him as well!

Good bye dora!! We thought the fight was over, and it was just a matter of registering them in school in January, but soon we found out Nacala’s education is in serious crisis. There isn’t nearly enough place in school for all the kids in the city, so hundreds and maybe thousands of kids don’t go to school every year because there just isn’t space for them. Besides that, each first grade class is packed full, with 60 or more kids. So it isn’t a matter of convincing someone to give you a place... there is none! Can you imagine trying to alphabetize 60+ kids who have never been to school before (or anything similar)? Then think how harder it is if most of them don’t even speak Portuguese!? So, as we talked with sister Carla, a Brazilian nun who recently got transfered from Maputo to be the director of one of the schools in Ontupaia, we figured the only way to help those kids would be to do an informal class, hiring an extra teacher, so they could start being alphabetized while they waited for a place in a public school. So now we have close to 15 kids in this “informal” class, including our “street kids” and a few of the many who didn’t get a place in school too. We don’t want a huge class because the teacher is not very experienced and he is teaching under a cashew tree besides the school. I praise God for the life of sister Carla, who has really made a huge effort to help in every possible way, even under such complicated circumstances! Please pray that the kids will learn, that they will be motivated to go to class every day and not run away back to the streets! We believe we will see many changes in their

Dora left to Brazil just a few days after I came back! She got engaged to Jansen in July last year and they plan to get married in Brazil in April or May this year. They’ll spend the rest of the year in Brazil, getting adjusted to the new married life and getting ready to come back as a couple to work at Inhaminga in 2012. Dora was a faithful partner and became a very close friend to me... leaving a big empty space with her departure! But I’m very happy for her in this new season of her life and I ask you to pray for them as they are getting everything ready for their wedding, for the time they’ll spend in Brazil and their return to the field! Though I’m living alone, I haven’t been lonely. As I wrote in the beginning of this letter, someone hit FASTFORWARD on time! :) From teacher training, school administration, care for the Rassim new “pastors”, and fighting to get the kids studying I have been so busy that when I get back home it is for a well deserved and needed rest! Silence is welcomed! Praise God He has been my faithful friend, besides all the other team members that are always inviting me to visit them, going with me to town (for shores and shopping) and getting me involved in any entertainment they go to! I also count on your prayers that God will continue giving me energy, physical, mental and emotional strength for each one of these activities and specially for the Holy Spirit’s direction for situations that lay ahead of me! Thank you so much! I feel supported by a great cloud of people who are not present physically but “holding the rope” so that I can be here! At His Service, With Much Joy,



Teacher Xavier and his pupils at his “Cashew Classroom”


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